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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 28 August 2020

Najib's faux pas

1. Rather than making oaths that he did not steal money which is already proven in court, Najib should be making oaths about his promiscuity.

2. For God's sake - He's convicted for his thievery not his generosity. Now he's criss-crossing the country evoking sympathy.

3. In a sense that's a cruel indictment on his defence lawyers. Implicitly he has no confidence in the due process of The law.

4. The Malays have a saying-the fish flips in the water, we know its male or female. Similarly, we know what Najib is up to.

5. Asking for sympathy he's trying to politicize the issue. He's trying to make public a private gain. The benefits he sapu the liability he wants to share. It's an offer we will politely decline.

6. Making use of people is second nature to him. He once told me what the Malays like most is getting free money. The minions around him are regrettably corruptible.

7. To him they are just digits to be manipulated by superior born like him.

8. That's why he wants to supplant his faulty legal defence with mass support from the people.

9. Give him enough rope and he' ll hang himself. So let him open his 7-eleven mouth. The more he opens it the more offence the courts get.

10. He's arm twisting the courts to arrive at a conclusion amenable to him. The courts which are independent will find this strategy offensive and unpalatable.

11. That's like bullying the courts into capitulation. A judiciary made of sterner stuff will not tolerate that. Hence, a more likely outcome, is the courts affirming the findings of the high court. Amirulmusyrik will be a special guest of the government.

12. It confirms that Najib is a selfish fellow. Asking people to overturn a legal decision, he's asking people to not respect the law.

13. Najib thinks he's a law unto himself. He can violate it with impunity. If he does regard himself as such then he doesn't need the people. Does he?

14. By asking the people to something in the PRU if they sympathise with him, he's asking people to do extra judicial means to overturn a judicial decision. That in itself, is unconscionable.

15. Also, he assumes the people will vote UMNO. Then UMNO overturns legal decisions against UMNO leaders? Don't let him make an ass of u and me.

16. By asking the people to do something he's asking people to throw religion out the window.

17. The principle of helping others as enunciated in the Holy Quran, is to help others further goodness and increase piety and not otherwise. To do so would be to invite the wrath of God.

18. Helping Najib is to fortify transgressions and surely that would invite the wrath of God.

19. But what does selfish Najib care? As long as he saves his neck? The people can go to hell.

20. After the baptism of Allah will the people smear themselves with Najib's filth?

[And say, "Ours is] the religion of Allah. And who is better than Allah in [ordaining] religion? And we are worshippers of Him." - Al Baqarah 138

21. The people may not be as sophisticated as sly Najib, but they know their religion.

22. The blasphemous and transgressors among the children of Israel were cursed by Allah through David and Jesus because they were transgressors and violators.

23. When they see among them those who commit crimes and corruption they keep quiet.

"Cursed were those who disbelieved among the Children of Israel by the tongue of David and of Jesus, the son of Mary. That was because they disobeyed and [habitually] transgressed.

They used not to prevent one another from wrongdoing that they did. How wretched was that which they were doing.

You see many of them becoming allies of those who disbelieved. How wretched is that which they have put forth for themselves in that Allah has become angry with them, and in the punishment they will abide eternally."

- Al Maidah 78-80

24. The people have a choice as how to deal with Najib. Let's deal him and UMNO a death blow.

25. Heed the sayings of our holy Prophet(pbuh). Societies before you self-destruct. The same fate can befall you. Why? Because they have 2 sets of laws. One for the rich and one for the poor.

26. When the rich violate the law they keep will quiet. When the poor break the law the authorities become vicious and oppressive.

27. Najib can also act stupid by asking the rhetorical question did I steal your father's money?

28. Of course not. That's when the state steps in. It assumes the identity of the aggrieved. Ada faham?

29. It's the state vs Najib. Najib is no saint but a lousy politician.


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