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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

The folly prosecution of LGE.

1. How do we see the prosecution of Lim Guan Eng? I am not going to say this is political persecution or the consequence of other people fanning the smoke vigorously. Nobody is a sacred cow.

2. The arrest of LGE parallels the conviction of Najib. But that's where the similarities end.

3. In Najib's case, he is already convicted. In LGE's case, he still has to be produced in court.

4. If LGE is guilty he can be friends with Najib at Sungai Buloh.

5. It depends on whether SPRM and the government have a strong case. It also depends on the quality of the prosecution team.

6. If they don't, they better get ready to be sued for a wrongful arrest and possible defamation.

7. Let's assume they think they have. Let the hearing therefore begins.

8. First the politics behind it. The prosecution seemed to be driven by the need to be seen fair. A Malayman did it, now a Chinaman must be prosecuted. Only then it's fair.

9. That seems irrational, but at the moment I have to suspend my judgment.

10. Prosecute a Malaysian Indian too, then the fairness circle is complete. We are non-racial.!

11. If they don't have a strong case be damn ready to pay for it. It may also bring the PN government down. If PH can bring the BN government down, it can also do the same to the unelected government of puffy faced Muhyiddin.

12. I hope SPRM doesn't play the role of a useful idiot to do the bidding of the PN government or appease the Malay crowd.

13. Is LGE a tax evading schemer? Do we find any money in his account? Did he go on a shopping spree in Hawaii and Rome? Check his credit cards.

14. If he doesn't have all these then any moron can see he is not the same as the gorgon Najib. Don't be a Chinese uncle Tom and say LGE is the same as Najib.

15. We would be forgiven for thinking that the case against LGE is because SPRM found 42 million or USD 2.6 billion in his account. Instead, it's based on an allegation that LGE demanded 10 percent commission.

16. Without more SPRM has handed the prosecution a weak case from the start. LGE is said to have demanded not paid yet. So he is not equal to Najib in any way.

17. When monies actually went to Najib' s account they say it's a malicious lie or fitnah. But when LGE is alleged to have demanded only, that is an indisputable fact.
Forgive me, do our SPRM officers have standard 6 qualifications?

18. So SPRM just want to play the racial equaliser and the case is just wind catching straw.

19. Then what is the aim of the prosecution of LGE? It's an exercise in futility right?

20. The aim is to tarnish the image of LGE. See the length they go to achieve this. Find something, anything to nail this LGE.

21. So the powers that-be-can say-look at this China man - he's got warts too. He's kong kalikong too.

22. Its just throw enough mud hope some will stick. Its a new game called Malaysian roulette.

23. But then we don't know what SPRM has. Let them produce the evidence.

24. So hold on to our moral high horse and see where this is going.

25. LGE has to fight this in court. If hes not guilty he walks free and sue the pants off all. If he's guilty then he can say he gave the monies to single mothers, OKU or flood victims in Penang.

26. See if we find these excuses cartoonish. Najib did these.


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