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Saturday 18 November 2023

The Washington PC and the Revealing Flotilla issue

1. Someone sent me this video clip. This prompted me to give a few comments.

2. I am very disappointed with the quality of the reply. I hope I am not alone feeling disappointed.

3. The answer was confusing and very very off tangent. Very off the mark.

4. The pm was ill prepared. The research officers at the PM's department did not brief the pm on a very current topic and must have been scratching their balls . Hey, be ready at my typical colourful description .

5. The pm was asked on the Gaza flotilla issue. Why did Malaysia regard it as an important issue. It's just inconceivable that the research officers at the PM's department do not stay abreast on this issue. You suckers telah menjatuhkan kemaluan Pak Nana. sungguh kurang sopan!

6. Before we go discussing as to why Malaysia regarded the issue as important, let's discuss what the episode reveals about the PM. This is based solely on the conduct of the PM at the Washington interview . Remember that

7. The few things we can discerned of the pm is follows.
A. The pm is incapable of giving a direct answer.
B. The pm isn't witty enough to give an impromptu answer
C. Different question asked, different answer given. It shows that the PM cannot stick to one theme and his mind meanders.
D. More damaging, it can mean you can't hold the PM on his words. Anything in his mind is ephemeral . Or to put it more bluntly, you can't trust him.

8. The last observation comes at no surprise. Promises given were a thing of the past, promises broken are a thing of the present.

9. What's the impact? The impact is, it affects your political longevity. You can't stay long as a leader, if you keep reneging on your promises. If you promised something, you'd better carry them out.

10. So far we have little done in the way of weeding out corruption, wastage, abuse of power, ensuring the country is run on law and order. There is law, but order is sacrificed.
The DNAA given to Zahid, shows that order has been thrown out of the window.

11. Law and order requires that stiffer and proportionate sentences be given to law breakers and not watered down sentences. If powerful law breakers do not mind commiting crimes knowing they would possibly get discharged, they would happily commit them. The powerless and voiceless will be at the mercy of the full extent of the law.

12. The slippery answer given by the PM, reveals that he is a person driven more by what is more convenient and advantageous to him. Shifting from answering the flotilla issue and rambling on the Allah issue, shows that he will avoid answering an inconvenient issue and talked about unrelated issue .

13. To me, that means we can't hold on to his words. He will avoid tackling the hard issue and would rather move on to subjects over which he has rhetorical mastery .

14. Which leads us to believe that most of what he spoke and speaks on stage, were and are all empty rhetoric. He will probably allow the exact opposite to happen.

15. Then it will be more of the same. More and widespread corruption, more wastage, more abuse of power, more embezzlement and sakau.

16. He will encourage us to forget and stay muted on Zahid DNAA issue, brushed aside the issue of the purchase of expired vaccine and probably 'fondle' the issue of giving Ali babavum Najib a royal pardon.

17.its obvious, the pm can't give a direct answer. This can mean he doesn't know this subject, ill advised by his research officers. Sack them because their lethargy and deficiencies all all borne by the PM.

18. Unlike Mahathir, the PM showed he isn't worthy enough to give an ascerbic rejoinder. An opportunity to condemn Israel and its chief benefactor, the apple pie imperialist

19. Just so, why is the flotilla issue important? Chiefly because it's simply against human decency and must be roundly condemned .

20. First what right has a well armed country to put up a blockade against an emaciated people? It's the same like starving the Gazians, 'austhwitzing' them.

21. On 31st May 2023, a flotilla of 6 ships carrying much needed aid were to arrive at a port in gaza.they were attacked by Israeli ships and resulted in the death of 10 volunteer, mostly Turkish people .

22. In the first place, the blockade cannot be justified on any grounds. It should be condemned as armed bullying .

23. But it's the muted response by the west, especially USA, Europe and UK that is despicable. Malaysian condemns the farce and duplicity .

24. Their common response reveals:-
A. The hypocrisy of western diplomacy
B. The western supremacy complex
C. Islamahobic and anti Islam
D. Residual racism of the west.

25. The representation of these elements makes the flotilla issue important to Malaysia and other countries .

26. The flotilla issue reveals the hypocrisy of western/white diplomacy. They bend backwards to excuse Israel of doing every unconscionable atrocities . Using their 'white' diplomacy they confer upon Israel the right of defending itself while refusing the same right for coloured Palestinians. Theirs is a lollipop diplomacy, licked by a tongue not unlike that of a chameleon's, a tongue that curls backwards .

27. Western, especially USA diplomacy really consists of subterfuge pitting off one party against another, but actually benefiting their choice party. While comforting the Palestinian with false promises, they applaud the Israelis for removing the stones in their Shoes.

28. Thinking about it seriously, you will realise that western and especially US diplomacy is an extension of supremacism in various forms, in their political intercourse. The Palestinians are really screwed.

29. Supremacism,being the belief by one particular group(read the west) that it is and will always be superior than non west culture.

30. The supremacism of the west is it almost always, based on its belief that the west is superior in terms of:-
A. Culture
C. Morality
D. Ethnicity and racial. This refers to the the residual racism encoded in the deep recesses of their emotional constitution. But it's always there and resurfaces under the name, diplomacy.

31. Now , there is new form of supremacist thinking, espounded by people like sueElla Braverman of the world, which is that the Palestinians are like that, because it's their life choice.

32. It's the fault of the Palestinians. They chose a life of the homeless, living in squalor and smeared in holy camel dung.

33. Correspondingly, the west does a service to humanity, by worsening the situation of the Palestinians. Lets hasten the ethnic cleansing because the west can't stand the sight of them.

34. The flotilla issue is important to Malaysia because aggression cannot be tolerated. The blockade is wrong

35. The issue is also important because western response is essentially, disguised bigotry hiding all the supremacist values we mentioned above.

36. Hence, the PC in Washington was important because it revealed some hard truths .

37. It certainly showed the shallowness and infirmativeness of the PM's political constitution. It revealed the the PM has the tendency to sweep the principal issue and veered to pontificating on issues he is comfortable with, but people in the audience know nuts of

38. Nearer to home, we can certainly deduce, the PM will sweep the major issues under the thick Putrajaya carpets .We most likely won't be hearing about the LCS scandal, the OPV issue, the howitzer cannon issue , purchase of unusable ventilators, purchase of expired vaccines etc. But we will be hearing more of his personal vendetta issues about him settling old scores.

39. The Washington PC certainly exposed the West's hypocrisy in more ways than one.

40. Many friends find it hard to believe that my continuous harsh criticisms of the PM, I still am supportive of him. Yes I do, for the reasons I have said in previous articles. He remains the best hope for Malaysia, provided he's willing to listen

41. No, I won't throw him under the bus but I won't stay silent either. The PM requires guard rails to help him walk on the slippery road of the country's leadership.


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