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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 26 November 2023

UMNOs chances in the kemaman by-election:slim and none

1. UMNO has 2 chances in the kemaman by election. Slim and none.

2. UMNO overestimates it's importance and it's relevance to any Malay interests .

3. The hard truth is , UMNO is no longer a mandatory requirement for the survival of the Malays in particular and Malaysia in general. UMNOs dismal results in the 2022 elections showed us that . UMNO is simply not relevant to Malaysia. A good government is and that minus UMNO.

4. The harder truth is, Malays and Malaysians picked themselves up, by pulling their own bootstraps.

5. This is UMNOs basic problem. It approaches the kemaman by election, as it does all elections and by elections.

The way UMNO approaches any elections has always been the same and characteristic of UMNO. It's the way of the arrogant, supercilious, pompous and conceited bastard. The embodiment of such attitude can be seen in the person of the UMNO youth chief. Such a character is only much loved by a degenerate like Tajuddin Rahman.

6. It's overall cocksure attitude, will prove to be UMNOs, to use the famous term used by F.A.Hayek, fatal conceit .

7. UMNO just can't shirk off its elitist and feudalistic psyche. As if affirming it's pompous attitude, it has to pick a brahmin candidate, a former defense chief

8. Well, like policeman, the general, upon retirement will discover, he has few civilian friends. And furthermore like Zahid once said, we will not support a candidate who enters our house, by jumping through the window.

9. So when the former army chief says he has a duty to serve, as a good soldier, he has it coming.

10. He is under a duty to serve alright, as a useful idiot and and as a sacrificial lamb.

11. Thus far, we have cited several reasons why UMNOs chances are slim and none. First, UMNO is not a determinant for the betterment of Malays and Malaysians. Second, people abhor UMNOs pomposity. 3rd, UMNO has chosen a wrong candidate, parachuted from somewhere .

12. Come to think of it, I too have a call of duty-to go to the toilet.

13. Do we see people dropping dead like flies because UMNO is not the government and the people not represented by UMNO MPs or ADUNs?

14. No is the answer which means that an UMNO government, MPs or ADUNs are NOT required. The betterment of the people is not dependent on UMNO. They need a good government.

15 . A good and an effective government under an effective leadership. Now the present terenganu government may not fit the bill 100%, maybe 60 to 70%, but that is enough for the people.

16. The pas government in Terengganu may be so so, but the people have demonstrated that they are willing to forgo the promise of meterial benefits sold by UMNO, in exchange for the promise of spiritual salvation sold by pas

17. Even though the promise of spiritual salvation is often ludicrous and absurd. Such as guaranteeing going to heaven or building an ecclesiastical government .

18. But compared to the crass materialism and the attendant widespread corruption which is taken as a normal characteristic of being a Malay, the kemaman voters are willing to forfeit them in favour of the promise of spiritual salvation.

19. What does PAS offer? A decent government acceptable enough, a promise of spiritual salvation and a generally universally accepted candidate

20. What does UMNO offer in return? A conceited, arrogant and hubristic attitude.

21. UMNO still thinks it's number one in Malaysian politics. So it offers the same stale stock in trade.

It thinks the Terengganu and kemaman people would succumb to its offer of material progress and development.

23.umno misses the point. The point is the people in kemaman attach lesser importance to material bribes than religious salvation, however absurd the latter may sound.

24. The kemaman voters can see through the farce and superficialities of the UMNO election machinery. There's nothing the cartoonic mat sabu or the big guns in PKR can do.

25. UMNO remains its usual self; an unrepentant, condemned and delusional creature. It's leaders exhibit the same obnoxious habits .

26. From the mindless diatribes of the UMNO youth chief, to the thuggish demeanor of wak jahid and to the comical Antic of lil' Lan, the pontian gnome, UMNO is its despicable self .

27. UMNOs campaigns are nothing more than political entertainment and storytelling about nothing. It can't campaign saying the DAP will control the government because it's not true. And also because it has been telling that lie all the while.

28. The most idiotic statement to come out from the mouth of the UMNO president took place when he said that PAS is in panic mode and has no candidate when it fielded the MB as its candidate .

29. The Javanese neanderthal is unaware of what sun Tzu said. Sun Tzu says, nothing is lost more than by doing things halfway. When confronting the enemy, destroy him in body and spirit.

30. PAS is more aware of the infidel sun Tzu's theory on war than Zahid. That's why they put up the MB as candidate. Destroy the body and spirit. They are out to win not to humour Zahid.

31. And poor lil' Lan, the pontian gnome was made to dress up to show UMNOs religiosity. Replete with skull cap and maybe sarong and robe, to show his Islamic credentials.

32. But the people of kemaman all know its all fake. And I know for a fact, that the UMNO people are allergic to mosques and suraus .

33. Which can only mean that the UMNO kemaman division under the leadership of the moron Mat Said has neglected the spiritual brainwashing, indoctrination and pontification aspects of local politics.

34. And now, UMNO will reap what it sowed. It's own laggardness and indolence are capitalised by PAS. Its a by election UMNO chooses to lose.

35. When push comes to shove, UMNO can't deliver the goods. It can only win in areas where the majority of voters are as bigotted as them.

36. It's inconceivable that the people of terenganu who had voted 100% for PAS would now give UMNO a beachhead. Furthermore, the decision of the election court was really faulting the kemaman voters for being 'cheap' enough to be bribed. They will now punish UMNO for this insolence.

37. For these reasons, I say UMNOs chances in the kemaman by-election are slim and none.


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