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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 2 October 2023

How the PM can last long -i am not talking about taking ubat kuat, drinking kopi jantan, tongkat Ali or Viagra.

1. Other people may be indifferent as to whether the PM stays long as leader of this county. If some are interested to see the PM last long, they are not being brutally frank to him. The temporal and ecclesiastical dictators in PN want the PM out asap.

2. It's good that some people will not throw the PM under the bus or throw him to the wolves. It's comforting to know that some people won't abandon him .

3. But what is the use of staying loyal and being steadfast to him, if doesn't last long as leader? The wolves will devour him.

4. Right now, his longevity as leader is threatened by zahid's DNAA issue. Don't whitewash it. People are angry that Zahid got a DNAA.

5. I may be critical of him at times, but I support him and want him to last. As do many others. He is our best hope at the moment. Just look at the alternatives, mahiadin, Hadi et all? Our future will be depressing. They are not tenable except to Malay and pas's Islamic chauvinists.

6. So, tell the PM, do not take this DNAA issue lightly. It's the albatross hanging around his neck. Or to use a phrase much loved by Lokman 'goebbels' Adam, the PM is carrying a body of a live monitor lizard.

7. It's not enough saying the PM doesn't interfere with the judiciary, the investigation was done by SPRM, the charge by AGC, the verdict by the judge. Despite these palliatives people still believed the PM interfered and therefore, is accountable.

8. If the judiciary is strictly off limits and the PM does indeed and in fact, not interfere with the judiciary, the same cannot be said of the SPRM and AGC

9. These 2 entities are not on the same level as the judiciary. There are just government departments subject to oversight by the PM's office. So, we can bitch about them to our hearts content. There are many inferences and assumptions we can impute on them.

10. It can possibly mean that Azam baki's boys have done a shoddy job. The report they made can be mutilated mercilessly by the defence lawyer. Rather than endure the ignominy, the DNAA was a godsend.
Perhaps the boys were too engrossed over their mistresses and kept women.

11. It's time for the pm to reassess the competence of these boys with sijil pengampu rendah Malaysia. Whatever happened to the loud promises to retire Azam baki? That's the first sign that PKR has reneged on their many promises .

12. But I think the more bizzare and unexplainable behavior, was the conduct of the DPP. After listening to the 11 reasons contained in the representation of Herr Zahid, he meekly surrendered and waved the white flag .

13. It's as though the DPP was intimidated by zahid's representation and rather than arguing his brief vigorously, he took the face saving route of discontinuing the proceedings.

14. It's shameful, isn't it? The DPP is cowed by the representation of a rich and powerful person like Zahid, but legal high-handedness was readily apparent in the case of a Terengganu mother who was jailed for 14 months , for stealing 2 packets of Milo!

15. The DPP has suddenly caught the dreaded foot and mouth disease. He'd rather walk down the hall of shame and the cat has bitten off his tongue

16. He didn't show a Ballsy attitude did he, not as did his counterpart in Terengganu. Perhaps he didn't eat enough keropok lekor . Guane mu Awang?

17. The same deferential and black to minstrel attitude is generally shown to the rich and powerful elsewhere. I didn't hear any howls from the legal fraternity when Ali babavum Najib is escorted like a VIP to court instead as like a convict that he is. And wearing his Zegna or Hugo bossku suit to court instead of the standard issue prison garb emblazoned on the shirt, 'I love kajang Hilton'.

18. Hence , there seems to exist a social apartheid in our legal system brought about by fee chaser lawyers. That makes the proposal by Mr Dick the butcher, in Henry 6, 'the first thing we do, is kill all the lawyers', sounds sensible

19. Possibly the current DPP was part of the prosecution team once headed by Raja rozela. If he was, he wasn't paying attention,was sleeping or only acted as passenger. When it comes to him helming the prosecution team, he doesn't know what to do or is ill prepared.

20. That's a serious dereliction of duty or bald incompetence. Sufficient reasons to have him cashiered.

21. The PM can appear before parliament and asked where's the proof that he interfered in the DNAA case . That's like asking show me the air that we breathe. Of course nobody can show the air, but we know it's there. We are alive aren't we? Similarly nobody in parliament has proof, but you can't obliterate the public view that the PM interfered in some ways .

22. Engaging in verbal fisticuffs in parliament will not solve the trust deficit with the public. It's not verbal joustings in parliament that are important, but regaining public trust.

23. Rather than arguing until you are blue in the face about the DNAA which is actually defending Zahid and looked at as being on the side of the oppressor, it's better to dedicate efforts at regaining public trust . By default, it shows that Zahid is a liability.

24. Don't be sentimental about Zahid. He is expendable. The damage to people's faith, far outweighs the political advantages of saving Zahid.

25. The overriding task now is to cause zahid's subsequent proceedings to resume asap. The government must have an impregnable case .

26. In order to have an unassailable case, the pm must precede the case by reforming the 2 institutions which he in practice, can influence. SPRM and the AGC

27. Perhaps it's time to terminate the services of Azam baki and other deadwood in SPRM. That's fulfilling some of the promises made in the last election. The institution does not exactly inspire confidence, when you have some officials having publicised relationships with their mistresses and their comfort women and some people allowing their brothers using their accounts to buy shares. It's reflects their belief that being in SPRM makes them invincible to any forms of disciplining.

28. It's also time to restructure the prosecution team. It must be a crack team comprising of very competent lawyers, Messianic and pit bullish in attitude desiring a win in their case. Isn't it a shame to see the government loses its case? The prosecution team members ought to commit seppuku, if they do .

29. Many of us are puzzled as to why the government must claim ownership of the DNAA. It's a decision by the court. Claiming ' ownership over the DNAA means it has to defend the DNAAs legitimacy at all cost. It actually means the government is defending a crook.

30. Having to defend the legitimacy of the DNAA only strengthens public belief that there was indeed unconscionable interference in the case. Otherwise why defend it?

31. Unashamedly, the government is arguing about the DNAA, many of the speakers going blue in their faces and veins in the necks bulging . For what?

32. Better to divert and focus efforts to regain public faith and confidence. Announce that zahid's case will continue asap. Reform SPRM. Reconstitute AGC. Stop claiming ownership over DNAA. Zahid's not worth it

33. The many promises the PM makes on stage and at many occasions, start fulfilling many of them. There are many things promised-jailing crooks, weeding out corruption and sakau, eradicating abuse of power, stoping wastage, enforcing good governance. If the pm is serious about the last, create a minister for the civil service or minister of good governance. Start fulfilling, otherwise people say the pm is a hypocrite!

34. The pious but pompous declaration that I won't throw the pm under the bus, can be raised a notch higher by advising the PM how to last long- and I am not talking about ubat kuat or Viagra.

35. By advising the PM, in a brutally frank manner, don't break faith with the people and do the things you promised!

36. To achieve the 2 things, the PM must use the kitchen sink politics. Do everything politically practical to achieve the objectives. If the institutions I mentioned are formed by Royal charter, interfere with them if you must. Removing the mischief is the most important thing. I don't care if the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice!

Next article, "Is zahid's DNAA PM's Waterloo?"


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