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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 24 September 2023

DNAA, political leadership, regaining faith and trust, do as promised, prosecutorial evangelism and other issues.

1. Like the mp from pasir gudang, I too won't throw the pm under the bus. But we are discussing about zahid's DNAA, not whether the PM interfered with the judiciary or he didn't.

2. Where the pm erred, weakest or treat the DNAA lightly, I won't be shy to criticize him whether he listens or not, is irrelevant. He is someone appearing as someone who won't listen to anyone .

3. There is a universal condemnation that Zahid was given a DNAA. The public, by and large find it abhorrent and repulsive.

4. If the Judge ignores this universal public revulsion over the DNAA, his choice of decision is on his conscience.

5. Some so called technical experts have apologized, rationalised and exonerated the judge for his judicial insensitiveness and apathy. But who the hell are they? To the general public, the judge, sucks

6. The pm in addition, is not pristine either. You think by emphasising he does not interfere with the judiciary, all is well?

7. He has failed to provide leadership in this instance. Leadership in the sense of a motivation to right a wrong .

8. If he foresees that the junky eyed zahid's case will end in shambles, he must intervene.

9. Such Inglourious end to the case is foreseeable given the half past six brief prepared by the last minute replacement of a DPP.

10. The charge was prepared by AGC, investigation by sprm , decision by the judge. We know that , but was the DNAA justified?

11. Where can the pm interfere? Certainly not with the judge. We have established that. Independence of the judiciary must be preserved at all cost

12. In an earlier article, I have suggested that the pm can supply the judge with more Intel information. I spoke as a politician and with frustration at seeing crooks like Zahid, the proboscis monkey and other UMNO rouges get away with murder .

13. That's an absolute no no. Judicial independence must be protected at all cost. Any suggestions that it is amenable to influence, threats, inducements etc is legally and morally reprehensible. No way Jose!

14. But there is no law which says you cannot cause better Intel reports be given to SPRM and the AGC. So they can provide better report and the AGC prepare a solid brief.

15. I will write about the AG and the prosecution team in another article. For now the self congratulatory speech is too salivating to pass. Good show, old boy.

16. It's jolly good for the pasir gudang mp , saying he won't throw his boss under the bus. That was a pious but pompous statement and this is why.

17. He didn't give his boss truthful and plain advice of how to last long as the great leader.

18. No doubt, abang Non has the zest and enthusiasm to help people. He can Boria with them for he is an excellent communicator.

19. But he didn't tell the Sungai long Bolshevik, he must avoid 2 things, if he wants to stay long as leader .

20. First, PM Anwar must avoid breaking faith with the people . By somehow, causing the Javanese neanderthal be given a DNAA, Anwar loses some trust by the people. Some cannot believe him anymore.

21. He is just sending horrendous message. Which is, you can plunder and steal as much as you can. At the end of the day, if you can kautim the PM and he in turn whispers to the AG, you will have all 47 charges dropped.

22. It's extremely implausible to imagine the AG acting on his own in this very high profile case involving Zahid Hamidi of Bagan latoh.

23. The AG is lawyer to the government, his client. Probably, he received encrypted instructions via a messenger pigeon sent from Sungai long or Putrajaya.

24. The other thing, is that the pm must do what he has promised to do. He has said he wants to send the crooks and wrongdoers to jail. He wants to weed out corruption, eradicate abuse of power, exterminate wastage etc. Mana? Bu DUI, Mei you, gak ada dong!

25. What must Anwar do to redeem himself and regain the trust of the people? Don't be sentimental of Zahid. UMNO is just a paper tiger. Have the proceedings against Zahid, continue.

26. Supply better facts and evidence to AGC and SPRM. Reconstitute the prosecution team if necessary. Have it be composed of determined, resolute and pitbulish prosecutors to win the government's case

27. I am saying all these, because I want Anwar to last long as our leader. I want him to have political longevity. He is our best hope. Believe you me, look at the alternatives. Mahiadin, Hadi and others? You have Malay chauvinism and pas's Islamic chauvinism. Make multiracialism with Anwar work!


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