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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 3 December 2023

Who let the dogs out


It seems, now is the season when crooked UMNO lawbreakers get off the hook. They are tried but eventually, acquitted. Bung Mokhtar joins the long list of UMNO rogues to be exculpated. They are now whiter than a white piece of cloth. Many of them got full acquittal. Bung Mokhtar, Azeez Rahim, Musa aman.others like Zahid got a partial acquittal. Enough to cause his supporters to celebrate. That has emboldened the UMNO hoi poloi. They are asking for a royal pardon for Ali babavum Najib. The behavior of the UMNO Malays in particular, God forbid other Malays is perplexing and personally to me, shameful. Because they are Malays and Muslims and as a bonus, UMNO they are by nature, entitled to special privileges and concessions. If they break the law they can be excused. They expect some leniency. That goes for being bumiPutra what. Notice that the phrase bumiPutra, has Bumi at the back, Putra at the front . All other citizens take a backseat to the bumiPutras and within the Malay race, the Putras come first. The Putra of the royalty, elite and the folks on the hill.
People like Najib, because he is bumiPutra and a member of the aristocracy is entitled to special concessions. If he is jailed for 12 years now, he should get a 30% discount and because the king is seen as king to UMNO people only, he deserves complete freedom. To plunder more. The king is king to 32 million Malaysians less Najib. But you may wonder, who let these dogs and mongrels out? It's the Sungai long Bolshevik, the LV liberal, the latte socialist. He has accumulated a team of useful idiots now headed by the jawa penorogo.

1. Just a short commentary. What's our reaction upon hearing that the uncouth and unciviliized sorry excuse of a man, bung Mokhtar is acquitted!

2. Like my Chinese colleagues in shell used to say,' niama pukluk and tiu nia Seng

3. Don't ask me what they meant. I am not even whether the terms in the Chinese language exist .

4. But I am pretty sure that they were some pejorative terms said, when somethings are disagreeable with you.

5. I think that's what many of us, I included want to say upon hearing the oaf Bung Mokhtar got acquitted. Niama pukluk, niama kahai , tiu nia Seng and puki lu punya ama

6. That last derisive term was actually said to me. Many years ago, when I was 12, I think, at a very impressionable age, where somethings you remember for life. I was cycling from the market-yes I was doing market chores. My mother would write on a piece of paper, what to buy and I would buy them at the market .

7. I was cycling on a narrow lane ,when I knocked a Chinese man. Well not knocked but brushed him at the elbows with the handle of my bicycle. As I cycled past him, I turned around and said, sorry towkay

8. Instead of accepting my apologies, he barked at me and said, ' puki lu punya ama.'

9. My sentiments exactly, upon hearing the proboscis monkey got acquitted. He is mp of kebinatangan right?

10. Well, kinabitangan actually, but who effing cares .

11. Who let the dogs out,?. Ultimately, it's mamu Anwar. Through his pious but pompous, I tak campur urusan kehakiman .

12. Sure, those immediately responsible include the not so clever prosecution team, the cleverer defense team, the compliant judge and the bomohs in attendance. But ultimately it's papa Non and I will tell you why.

13. At this juncture, let me tell you about the paradox of the idle bystander and the drowning man.

14. A person standing idle, does nothing but watches another person drown, so the shyster lawyer says, is not liable in law. But as soon as he helps, but does not help properly, below the standard duty of care, he maybe liable in law .

15. That sounds a bit shitty to me. Your proximity to the drowning man, either physically or in terms of relationship between civilised people, precludes you from saying you are not legally responsible or that you owe no duty of care. You do .

16. Secondly, your behavior is not the behavior of the fabled reasonable man. A reasonable man would do anything to help. Extend a branch, throw a rope, a life ring, do something

17. So standing idle, doing nothing is unconscionable.

18. Regrettably, Anwar is like the idle bystander. He declares piously but pompously, that he does not interfere with the judiciary and law. That declaration only reveals the hypocrisy of the man.

19. As pm , he owes us all a duty to prevent a travesty of justice. Just as the idle bystander owes a duty to help the drowning man.

20. He is briefed, reads the Intel reports-he knows the proboscis monkey is guilty as hell. By doing nothing, he perpetuates a travesty of justice .

21. A good manager does his job right. A good leader does the right thing. By not doing anything, he is just a 2 bit manager .

22. Perhaps my DAP colleagues will rethink about Anwar. Whether he is just a 2 bit manager, or the leader we want .

23. So who let the dogs out? Papa Non be is the answer. Who shot the Robin?I said the sparrow. With my bow and arrow, I shot the Robin.


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