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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Malays and cerita cerita hantu

There has been a sudden surge in Malay preference for ghost films recently. Perhaps the implications for this preference are more serious than just the indication of productivity of the artistic creativity that produced them.
Let's see the political implications.
When DS Najib addressed the UMNO hoi poloi, the UMNO lumpen-proletariat, the UMNO murba, I was sure he wanted his message to reach a wider audience. In particular the Malay masses who have deserted UMNO in the 2008 elections. Even more so, the 1.5 million UMNO members who did not vote for UMNO candidates for various reasons.
Najib's call for unity is not made to a vacuous audience, this he must know. I hope he doesn't underestimate the discerning capabilities of the rural folks and UMNO members.
UMNO members can no longer be divided into old and new UMNO. By old I mean those UMNO members who desire a return to the old UMNO. The UMNO that was founded on the principles of saving the Malay honor and wished honorable things for the Malays. By the new UMNO I mean the UMNO people who were seduced by the seemingly robustness of Dr Mahathir. Mahathir's UMNO is the UMNO that sees itself as the dispenser of life's sustenance. Mahathir's UMNO is the UMNO that sees itself as the indispensable life giver to UMNO and Malays. In the process UMNO members and Malays in general lost their dynamism. UMNO has become the father figure to dependent children.
So what kind of audience is Najib targeting? I am afraid, the audience that Najib is addressing is the pliant sections of the Malay community who are susceptible to horror stories that the future PM will be non-Malay and that Christians are taking over this country.
That brings me to a characterization of the Malays referred to frequently by the Oracle of Syed Putra. It's the section of the Malay community that's unfortunately the larger portion that is easily seduced by ghost stories, tales of the occult and of a world inhabited by creatures of the night and mythical beings. Although I understand many UMNO leaders are on intimate terms with certain creatures of the night.
Malays who are addicted to cerita2 hantu. For that reason, the periodical 'Mestika' achieved an envious circulation of more than 400,000. That's more than some of the Malay newspapers and the mainstream newspapers.
So Najib is perhaps appealing to the mestika reading public- those who are addicted to cerita cerita hantu and believed in them.
That reading public moreover represents the belief system of the Malays. This portion of the Malay people is easily taken in by far-fetched takes of Christians taking over this country, tales of non-Malays taking over the premiership.
If these are the Malays DS Najib are targeting at, then Malays have not really climbed up the ladder of social consciousness from the state in which they were in when Tun Razak wanted to free them from.
Consider the philosophical and political underpinnings when Tun Razak formed Felda. The transplant of whole sections of the Malay people forming the pioneers in Felda schemes were to be that section of Malays Tun Razak wanted to free from inhibitory thinking. The inhibitory thinking that was characterized mainly by beliefs in supernatural stories, fairy tales etc. Razak wanted to deliver Malays from the debilitating mindset that was trapped by cerita cerita hantu.
So as what the Oracle observed, if present day Malays are still stuck in cerita cerita hantu, then they have not achieved the deliverance that was intended by Tun Razak. The people chiefly responsible for that paralysis are the UMNO leaders themselves.
Think about this.


Anonymous,  15 May 2011 at 05:00  

The problem is the 'cerita hantus' they are dispensing are so unbelievable even by the standard of the rural Malays all the more so when told by story tellers known to be a constant liar.
Pak Tua

Soonhock,  15 May 2011 at 08:48  

Dear Dato,Maybe you are right that more Malays are watching ghost movies.That's why Big Dog came up with the scoop of "Christians usurping Muslims and a Christian PM".It was not a ghost story but nevertheless it was real scary anyway.Whichever part of the masses Najib is targeting is going to be met with a lot of opposition.The recent events of the last few months are starting to effect Najib's support.The Christian bible incident was allowed to drag on for months, and was resolved just before the Sarawak state elections.The Anwar sex video tape was another dent too.Possesion and screening of pornographic material is a criminal offence in Malaysia.Instead of having the brunt of the law railing on the Datuk T trio,they zeroed in on the authenticity of the tape and actor.A criminal offence is a criminal offence.No two ways.The law is the law.But to Umno the law only applies to the opposition.The Datuk T trio is still roaming the streets of KL freely looking for kinky sex and porn like nobodys business.Anyway when is a bedroom matter a criminal offence.Then Big Dog and the other moronic blogger and racist editors of Utusan,blogging and publishing the Christian versus Muslims fantasy story.Only a moron would believe these baseless,unsubstantiated lies.Yet instead of letting these instigating,bigots and racists feel the brunt of the law,they have now come out to defend them.The Home Minister said that an ex Umno froggy has make a police report,and that there might be some truth in it.The PM had a meeting with some Christian pastors and after the meeting he had a press statement.In his press statement he make it seems like it was the fault of the Christians.All these incidents have gone on like these prepetrators are under the protection of the law.The PM must be seen by the people as strong and fair leader.A strong and fair leader must be able to lead and not to be led.Must act and react decisively if the situation warrants,that is on very sensitive issues.The people choose their leaders to lead,keep peace and security so that the country can prosper.Although these recent incidents,which I believe are caused by factions opposed to Najib to undermine his leadership.But because of his inability to react to curb down on these trouble makers,it has actually encouraged them more.The end result is, it is causing his support to detioriate.PKR's problems are caused by Anwar's leadership,so he cannot blame anyone.Najib's problems are caused by factions opposed to him.So if he doesn't react he has only himself to blame.

Anonymous,  15 May 2011 at 09:39  

It is only when the people believe in hantu can the bomohs make money. Hey, sometimes it is even easier to get them to undress and have free sex to exorcise the evil spirit in them.

Malays are gullible, naive and easily cheated by their own kind!!!

UMNO is the bomoh and it can exist because there are many Malays who are still stuck in the rut and believe in ghosts of Christianity.

OneMalaysian,  15 May 2011 at 11:31  

Dear Sakmongkol

“… if present day Malays are still stuck in cerita cerita hantu, then they have not achieved the deliverance that was intended by Tun Razak. The people chiefly responsible for that paralysis are the UMNO leaders themselves.”

Can UMNO or any Malay political organization truly free the Malay mind? Does UMNO really want to liberate the Malay mind and run the considerable risk of the liberated Malay rejecting it?

In the west, people are very individualistic. Sure, they share common values, which they think are moral and good. But no political party tries to enforce groupthink. It would simply be futile. Even the church cannot do that. Is this good or bad? The answer lies in whether open, individualistic societies are more progressive and happier; or are closed, controlled societies better. For a clue ask in which direction is migration moving.

The Chinese everywhere are famously independent and are not easily susceptible to groupthink. They will reject a political party that attempts to tell them how and what to think. It might work for a while, as in China during Mao’s time or in Singapore under LKY, but they soon tire of that and once again yearn for freedom, as we have seem in both countries.

The longer UMNO entraps and controls the Malay mind, the further away is the day when the Malays attain the individual liberty that is so essential to succeed in this modern world. However, most Malays might not see things this way. Some seek the fuzzy comfort of being “looked after” by big brother UMNO, which frightens them into conforming to groupthink and behavior by telling horror cerita hantu such as the Christianization of Malaysia.

Anonymous,  15 May 2011 at 17:41  

Ghost movies are cheap to make. they have run out of comedy when the atmostphere has been very depressing indeed everywhere in Malaysia. ThaT IS ABOUT all the kind of movie the local movie industry can hope to make... cheap ones.

You need to bring out what is wrong with any country in the world ... in Malaysia we do have one or more. It is going to the dogs as far as everyone knows where the rule of law is going bonkers .

They still allow Ibrahim Ali to walk free for all his rants is beyond believe and causes the present govt to fast losing its legitimacy to rule.

Ghadaffi lost his .. when he killed his own people.

It is going towards a confrontation where no side can ever dream to win and that is a fact. All wil suffer because a few want to cling on to power as Ghaddafi is doing now. His stupid life for the lives of the Libyans people.

Anonymous,  15 May 2011 at 19:39  

The 'cerita hantus' are at best entertaining and at worst made the Malays still seek a bomoh's remedy.

However, Umno's 'cerita hantus' are downright dangerous and can inflict a lasting damage to the unity of the country.

Is it really worth it for Umno?

I guess for self-preservation, nothing is sacred anymore for Umno.

Quantum Metal Consultant 15 May 2011 at 21:17  

Cina buat cerita hantu untuk takutkan bangsa Melayu.
Melayu buat cerita hantu untuk takutkan bangsa sendiri.
Cina buat cerita hantu untuk balas dendam.
Melayu buat cerita hantu toyol untuk kebas duit jadi kaya raya.

Hari ini, bloggers dah jadi hantu politik untuk lepas perasaan.

Anonymous,  15 May 2011 at 23:01  


May I suggest you write in Bahasa Malaysia if you really want to reach out to your brethrens. There are the Malay masses who are more fluent in the Malay language that you can influence.

By writing in English, you are preaching to mostly the converts ... they don't need to hear your views as much as your Malay brethrens ... unless of course this is just wayang kulit to show the non-UMNO how moderate you are when in fact you are just a typical UMNO warlord.

Anonymous,  16 May 2011 at 09:00  


Do u know that the most productive/money-maker of the current Malay movies scene in M'sia is a Chinaman from Johore?

His Malay movies tops all the box office intakes, second only to that of transformer2.

This situation is almost the same reflection of P Ramlee's time. Without the pendatand's support & money, would P Ramlee be ever discovered & natured?

It's even more pathetic when one considers that r now mil/billionaires among the Malay M'sians. 40+ yrs of NEP-induced 'achievement' indeed.

There r now all these shoutings of the Malays support Malays & yet deep down it's still the 'pendatang' that create opportunities for all these Malays artisans.

Alif Ba Ta - ha! Talk is REALLY cheap.

Oh, btw QD, eats yr heart out. There is NO conspiracy in this Chinaman's effort. It's purely economic, period.

Soonhock,  16 May 2011 at 10:48  

Dear Dato,Abrahim Ali is one sure fan of " Malays and cerita cerita hantu ".After watching ghost movies,he is having scary nightmares during his sleep.Thats when he gets so frightened that he barks like a crazy dog,that he deprived his wife and neighbours from their sleep.For such a selfish and crazy animal,the only solution is to bring him to the animal clinic,and have him " NEUTERED ".We will be doing Malaysia a favor.Once neutered he won't be able to bark no more.Then hopefully there will be peace again,because all those trouble makers will migrate to third world countries.Maybe because in third they don't have that many animal clinics.

zakwan 16 May 2011 at 12:17  

Salam, Datuk
I always thought that one of the keys to UMNO/BN's survival is to keep the rakyat particularly the Malays dumb, dumber and dumber-er

Hence, the continuous propagation of the hedonism culture and constant influence of the western culture

I mean, just look at all those Jom Heboh concerts, shows like Akademi Fantasia to make all those crazy singing youths drunk in entertainment etc
What about all those Merdeka and New Year concerts where Malays in their teens or even pre teens loitering around the streets of KL, boys showing of their bling while girls showing off the figure while smoking, getting drunk with alcohol or even getting high with some funky substances
And the UMNO government turn a blind eye on it
No wonder the Chinese are producing more intellects and better economists than us bumis

Red Alfa 16 May 2011 at 12:44  

Salam Dato'

As the Malay will and can read but only the ghost stories, sex exposes and artistes gossips as provided by if not the essential fares of the Malay dailies, periodicals, etc and together with the overwhelming doses of the political spins and general lies, one can see how much damage has been caused to the Malay intellect and thinking populace when the leadership usually gets to address what important issues of the day to them.

In other countries, such Ministers would have been howled off for the stupid remarks and surmises they make with gay abandon. But only in Malaysia, they are getting away with irresponsible and careless if not purile analyses. Like the wise leaders they have become to those Malays such wisdoms are being lapped up wholesale.

@anon 23.01, really,.. had Sakmongkol written this piece in Malay, it sure would be quite lost on those/most Malays anyway.

Anonymous,  16 May 2011 at 14:27  

Ha ha ha..ainon 9:00 am.

You totaly out, There is conspiracy in this Chinaman's effort. Try ask Soi Lek..ha ha ha..or some MCA politician...which more Ketuanan Chukong or kapitalis masters..ha ha ha..

BTW, QD...where are u bro ..ha ha ha

Anonymous,  16 May 2011 at 15:17  

tok sak,
minta izin keluar tajuk sikit. Saya kenal tok sak ni. Seingat saya kita dah tak berjumpa lebih 5 tahun. Saya sentiasa ikuti perkembangan tok sak. saya tgk tok sak terlalu di pinggirkan dalam umno. saya kenal tok sak masa berjuang habis2an di pekan dulu lepas ds najib dapat 221 undi. masa tok sak jadi ketua penerangan umno pekan dulu seingat saya tak sunyi dewan, surau dan masjid hatta rumah indidvidu jadi medan menghidupkan sokongan umno. Tapi malangnya tok sak ni punya dua ke tiga org musuh yg betul2 jadi kepercayaan ds najib. Biar beribu org kata tok sak bagus pun tapi kalo dua tiga org ni kata tak, maka ds najib mcm kene cucuk idung jer. Org2 ni jugaklah yg heret ds najib dapat 221 undi dulu. Pelik nya ds najib masih bela lagi org2 ni.
Cukup cukup lah tok sak. Rase nya elok la tok sak pilih haluan baru je. Org berotak dan kuat kerje mcm tok sak ni dah tak ada tempat dalam umno dah. Umno dah jauh menyimpang. Umno ni utk org yg kejar projek dan utk isi perut masing2 jer. Carilah wadah perjuangan lain tok sak. Itu lah yg terbaik utk tok sak sekarang ni. Saya dan rakan2 yg sama2 berjuang dulu sedia tersungkur dan bangun untuk tok sak kalo tok sak sedia berubah haluan.
Pemuda pantai.

Fooart 16 May 2011 at 15:40  

"Although I understand many UMNO leaders are on intimate terms with certain creatures of the night."
Dato'...I love this sentence. Anyway I tak kisahlah Dato' siapa nak perintah Malaysia. Bagi kat Melayu pun lingkup...nak buat apa!!!

bumi-non-malay 16 May 2011 at 19:31  

Wonder if cerita hantu is halal or not?? Need Fatwa or Jakim Approval?? Ini Malaysia banyak undang2 untuk macam2 jenis orang dan munafik....they call this progress by laws and decrees for certain people only.....

Anonymous,  16 May 2011 at 19:32  

Ada juga melayu yang berlagak pandai tapi rupanya hantu raya macam si Anuwar dan pengikut nya termasuk yang mengaku jadi pemimpin UMNO dan konon nya nak jaga UMNO. Mereka ni lebih bahaya dari ahli UMNO yang bodoh sebab mereka ni duduk dalam UMNO kerana nak merosakkan UMNO dengan jadi tali barut. Mereka ni lebih bahaya sebab mereka ni munafik.

Quiet Despair,  16 May 2011 at 22:02  

Anon 14.27

I am here bro. Busy tying up my work before I leave for a working trip to the States soon.
Yes that Anon 9.00 am. Don't try to drag my name into your praise of the Chinese film-maker.
That is Chinatocray for you. Always greedy for money. Always want to be one-up.
But they hate it when it's Malay supremacy.
Look back at all my postings. I never mentioned anything about conspiracy or such paranoia.
To me it is a dirty word. That is a favorite word of the DAP and of course Anu-war Ibrahim who see conspiracy everywhere.
See his remarks after the court case today. Again the conspiracy theory crops up.
UMNO is on a higher plane where we are more confident of ourselves that we never fear conspiracy.
Conspiracy is for LOSERS.


You sure you are a Malay? I dont think so. If not, you wont be belittling our race.
We have so many intellectual Malays and economists. Now who controls Bank Negara, MIDF, MIDA and the think-tanks etc. isnt Sak the economist turned politican a Malay. (Or you thought he's Thai).
Maybe you are not one and that is why you are bitter and feeling inferior.
The teen lepaking culture is not confined to the Malays. Have you been to Sg. Wang, Petaling Street, Sunway and other Chinese majority areas, the Chinese teens are it too.
The Chinese young are not like their eldest who slogged hard.They are also wastrels with no aim but to waste their father's money.
You only see Jom heboh and Akademi Fantasi as a bad influence because it is widely shown on our TV networks.

Quiet Despair,  16 May 2011 at 22:28  

Dear bro Sak

Your Mr Oracle is indeed Sanusi Junid.
In your recent posting of the oracle I did say the oracle sounds and talk like Sanusi and it is him.
(Sad my long posting on it was automatically deleted because of the technical glictch that day). Sanusi always shares the same opinion as Mahathir and Daim. They are the troika.
He is of the same opinion as Tun M who don't like Malays to watch ghost stories.
Remember Tun M telling film producers not to come up with films on superstitions, myths and ghosts to create scared Malays.
But now the film producers are jumping on the band-wagon of the Thais, Koreans, Taiwanese and Chinese films which are mostly of the ghost genre.
It's like Tom Yam syndrome where one sells tomyam, the whole row of footstalls sell the same. Just see the trunk-road from KL to KKB.
Mahathir do not want us to still believe our great-grandma who like to say ghosts like hantu kopek lurking in the twilight and night so as to scare the kids into coming home before dark.

Anon 19.32

Betul tu. Ramai Hantu Raya dalam UMNO.
Suka mengata UMNO bodoh dan kononnya UMNO tak betul sokmo.
Kononnya kalau menjadi ahli UMNO itu orang bodoh.
Tapi hari ini saya bahagia akhirnya Chief Hantu Raya kena bela diri. Taklah lagi kita tertunggu-tunggu delay after delay.
At least Saiful can have some justice. That boy's life has been put on hold for too long.
And as usual there was a ruckus at the court-house when his supporters throw bottles at the entrance of the courthouse.The sweepers had to clear the debris like broken tiles and window-panes.
Oh my they are hooligans who do not respect the law.

Soonhock,  17 May 2011 at 00:13  

Dear Dato,Being a former Adun from Pahang,surely you know TLK a former Adun from Mca.If you happen to talk to him,please ask him where his party stands on the current sensitive issues.Even his blog is so quiet,maybe stopped blogging begause OTK lost to CSL.Talking about CSL,where is he when the people need him.Don't tell me he is as usual hiding under a lady's skirt.Haven't heard him open his big mouth since the Sarawak elections.Why go to all the trouble to unseat OTK,when its time to stand up for himself,and himself only he is "M.I.A.".Maybe Abrahim Ali can help us figure it out.Best Regards.

Anonymous,  17 May 2011 at 00:19  

kebodohan terserlah termasulah anon 16 May 2011 19:32, hujah yang layak jadi pengesat lubang jubo.

Anonymous,  17 May 2011 at 09:40  

Quiet Despair,

Let's goes for LIFO for GIGO (a computer term).

‘Conspiracy is for LOSERS.’

Talk about inconsistency. What do u called yr irrational rants about the DAP, ‘Chinatocray’(an educated plagiarism!), Chinese M'sian scholarship etc etc ?

‘UMNO is on a higher plane where we are more confident of ourselves that we never fear conspiracy.’

U do make me laugh, umno court jester on show? Take a look at the current headlines doing the round in town – what r they implied?

Oh.. I forget, u people only read about ‘ghost stories, sex exposes and artistes gossips as provided by if not the essential fares of the Malay dailies, periodicals, etc and together with the overwhelming doses of the political spins and general lies, one can see how much damage has been caused to the Malay intellect and thinking populace when the leadership usually gets to address what important issues of the day to them.’ (quote Read Alfa).

Conspiracy is inbuilt into yr 2nd best siege mentality as a 2nd nature (or is it 1st?). Yr r just been unable to compete without yr godfather’s handout, simple izzn’t it?

That show yr intellectuality (is there such word for u?)! Ha, educated in US! Doing ‘business’ all over the ‘world’? Sure, Bush junior is a Yale graduate too. & deep down u know too well that without the godfather’s handout, u would most likely handing out just like the Mat Rempit. The only difference is that MR has no umno connections like u. & deep down the MR doesn’t pretend to be the 2nd best, they just fit into his ‘level’, unlike u – a pure pretender.

BTW, with the godfather's handouts, what have u brought to the continuing saga of umnoputra's development? Beside syok-sendiri & bodek yr paid masters, red ink at the expense of the pendatang's tax money? & Pls-lah, don't say u r working on yr 'own' money & business, ok?

BTW. fan of QD (anon@16 May 2011 14:27), pls show some proof-lah, about the Chinese conspiracy. A two-lines is the best u can give? Or is it the best that yr inferiority complex can graft with the infos at hand?

TBH (not the MACC death), I rather doubt this Chinese conspiracy, since P Ramlee’s time. There r many of an occasion that one heard about this sour-grape reasoning. & yet, these sour-grape pushers could show NOTHING, zilch, about their ‘efforts’ – some more after 40+ yrs of hitting-below-the-belt ranting. At most they could only produced some dumb starlets, just for the pleasure of the creature of the night as mentioned by Sak.

If ever the local Malay artisans have to depend on them, there would never be a true film industry in bolihland, except some sexual hiatus for some politicians.

Could this people be born stupid, they r hereditary to act stupid, too?

Quiet Despair,  17 May 2011 at 13:02  

Anon 09.40

Happy Wesak Day. May the light shine upon you.
You need it badly. You sounded like a bitter old man awaiting retirement, working in a dimly-lit office. Switch on to a higher voltage to illuminate your being.
Grandpa hand-outs or UMNO hand-outs?
Oh no, never guilty of that. It's my mom and pop who financed our (my siblings and I) education.
We have lived and studied in many parts of the world.
Not proud of having a US education. Happened to be born there and took advantage of a fraction of the price for education like other American citizens.
We don't take scholarships just because we qualify for it and because Malays got it.
We are not shameless to deprive other deserving poor all because of affirmative action envy.
Mr Anon, if you can send your child for tuition, piano, ballet, music class, etc and living in a big bungalow and a Beemer, why should you take the scholarship?
Haha with only 8 As you get JPA scholarship now. Thank you Najib.
Hope Najib honor the promise to grant scholarships to the poor for example in Kampung Bantal, in Tembeling, Pahang. Scholarship is for the poor.
Eight As and you say you can compete with world-class students.Malulah.
It is not wrong to bodek DAP yeah? So it is not wrong too to bodek UMNO. It's not bodek, just being appreciative that everyone gets fair treatment unlike racist DAP.
What I get, you get too. I am very sure Malays will get zilch if DAP rules.

walla 17 May 2011 at 13:35  

It's like the horror movie Poncong Keliling; opportunists capitalizing on fear in rural places.

Meanwhile it's damning on Umno. People talk when the PDRM in Melaka set up roadblocks along the entire stretch to Paja Rumput. They make a show of taking their time looking into each car. The jam is forty five minutes just to reach the sleepy city. All because the opposition chief was trying to get to that rural place to give a talk.

Those who are trying to raise the dead are themselves afraid of the living. Afraid enough to ignore that their biogtry causes grave trouble to the very people they are supposed to serve. The PDRM has betrayed the trust of the rakyat. It is not independent.

And why the need for eight outriders to escort one car?

The whole situation in this country under the thumb of an Umno we cannot recognize anymore has become execrable.

The Opposition and any right-minded rakyat better wake up.

a. what has the PDRM done with the millions in summons collection? If the PDRM is no longer independent, then that collection needs to be accounted for now;

b. what is the Opposition doing to get international watchdog services to audit the proceedings of the next General Elections?

If the PDRM is not independent, the EC won't be as well where the voting will be critical. The movement of the ballot bags and the ballot counting must be in full public view at all times in all places.

Otherwise the Opposition will only have the ghost of a chance of making a bigger impact than the last GE.

Anonymous,  19 May 2011 at 12:03  

if Christians were in control, they would need 3 PMs.
btw, most of u with the long comments should write your own blog

Anonymous,  22 May 2011 at 17:29  

cerita hantu is cheap ...
as "talk is cheap" (from the Rolling Stone)....

berbahasa untuk hidup
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