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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 27 May 2011

MIC: Big Chiefs and little Indians

Sometime ago, a leading member of the Chinese business community declared that the Chinese do not actually need Chinese politicians and Ministers to represent them. That statement sapped the smugness off the MCA. In one sense its true- Chinese businesspersons can always talk direct to Malay leaders. They have ingenious ways to convince their Malaysian Malay brethren.
That's an interesting topic to expand. We will do that perhaps later. In the meantime, maybe the Malaysian Indians should emulate their spirited Chinese brother. Indians don't require representation by the MIC really. They can do so through Nor Mohamad Yakob, Naina Merican, Azeez Rahim, Zambry Kadir et al. no?
They too can also talk direct to Malay leaders. Tony Fernandes knows how, Ananda Krishna knows how. So do Ravi Menon, Arumugam, Gnalingam. Even the one time driver keneth Eswaran knows how too. They ALL know how to. Forget MIC and forget Palani.
The Indians should have more reason to dismiss the near extinct MIC. MIC does not fight for the untouchables, for the Sentul people, for the Sungai way Indians. They should now demand to know what actually happen to the RM 100 million suit against Samy Vellu and the 7 seven trustees. How much money was actually lost? And how will the Indian community be compensated for the loss? Pandykutti!
High Court Judge Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim granted MIED's application for leave to withdraw its suit over alleged mismanagement which it claimed caused the education arm of the MIC to incur losses. The suit was withdrawn today after former MIC Youth chief A Vigneswaran, who initiated it, was appointed to sit on the MIED board as observer for one year from May 12.
Will the Indians now accept that their interest in the field of education has all this time been depending on the resolve of one Vigneswaran? And now that he has wilted, their hopes are also dashed?
Don't you want to graduate from being a seller of pirated CDs to owning Airlines, from advertising salesman to owning ports, airports, controlling the media? Vigneswaran agrees to withdraw because he is now appointed a board member as a mute observer. An observer is not allowed to talk you know, unless invited by the board chairman to speak.
I think public spirited Malaysian Indians must now check up the story behind Vigneswaran's capitulation and they should also check out who is behind Deloitte Corporate Solutions Sdn Bhd which has been appointed as the management consultants/management accountants for MIED.
MIED is now charged to adhere to full disclosure of major transactions and matters relating to MIED at board meetings. Come again? You mean all this time it hasn't and that must be one of the reasons why our friend VIgneswaran brought the suit in the first place. How is Vignes's personal constitution? Is he of unimpeachable character?
Vigi's withdrawal must have brought relief to Samy Vellu, his successor, G Palanivel, M Mahalingam, Dr T Marimuthu, Dr SK Ampikaipakam, Dr Karnail Singh Nijhar, K Kumaran and G Vadiveloo and audit firm Kumpulan Naga.
Counsel, Gurupatham told reporters that his client withdrew the suit in the best interests of the Indian community so that MIED would be run in a transparent manner. What about the RM 100 million?
The other counsel for MIED, Vasanthi said the judge was pleased that settlement had been reached for the benefit of MIED, and granted the application to withdraw the suit with no legal costs.
In the suit, MIED claimed the defendants had breached fiduciary and statutory duties, and failed to discharge their responsibilities as trustees and auditors, which caused the institute to suffer huge losses. How big was the loss to the Indian community?
Is Samy Vellu going to return all monies or profits made from MIED, either by himself or through family members and close friends? MIED also wanted a court order to make Samy Vellu compensate all the financial losses incurred by the institute in the time he had administered MIED as its chairman as well as special and general damages over the alleged losses, which it claimed totaled RM100 million.


donplaypuks 27 May 2011 at 16:19  

"Indians don't require representation by the MIC really."

Damn right too! Ever since Swensen's Wigs took over MIC, it has represented only Wigs, his family and his kakis.

"They should now demand to know what actually happened to the RM 100 million suit against Samy Vellu and the 7 seven trustees."

Numerous police reports have been made over the last 30 years about MIED and its shareholders' capital. But MACC's been too busy investigating cows and cars and sex video tapes. The reward for all this is that Wigs is employed to gaji buta on Rakyat and Taxpayers subsidy by Najib on a monthly salary of $25,000 over and above his pension. So, M'sian Indians are conned, robbed & truly fcuked!

So, enough is enough! M'sian Indians don't need Wigs, UMNO or crutches. They'll stand on their own two feet and progress even if they don't have a single Minister in Cabinet to represent them!

"Is Samy Vellu going to return all monies or profits made from MIED, either by himself or through family members and close friends?"

Do pigs or old goats fly?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

donplaypuks 27 May 2011 at 16:38  

Or rancid curry sellers and Masjid India gold nugget peddlars declare their true profits to Income Tax? Muahaha!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

Anonymous,  27 May 2011 at 18:55  

Same sama la.

Indians screw over their own kind.

Chinese screw over their own kind.

Malays have it worst. They get screwed over twice : by their own kind, and by Indians masquerading as Malaya.

And the Malays think the Chinese are their enemies?

Anonymous,  27 May 2011 at 22:07  

True true. Look at the rich Foochows in Sarawak. They all have direct link to Taib. Supp are just beggars begging from both parties.

Anonymous,  27 May 2011 at 22:36  

besides all the mamaks that you have mentioned, there's one you forgot..

George Choo 27 May 2011 at 23:26  

Dear SAk, just ask Samy Toll where is the RM1.8 Million Sri Lanka tsunami fund?

Do you know who is the BIGGEST DOUBLE WINNERS in the Maika saga?

It is samy toll and his family and cronies.
The objective of Maika Holdings was to elevate the poor indians from poverty especially those from the rural estates.

When Maika was launched with its shares being open for subscription,I was a young man working for Hanafiah,Raslan & Mohd (HRM) who was the auditors of National Land Finance cooperatine society (NLFCS). At that time,I was auditing Blue Valley Tea Estate which is owned by NLFCS in Cameron Highlands.
During the audit,I found out that many of the poor indians estate workers who are conductor and tea leave pluckers invest in Maika by taking loans from United Asian Bank (UAB).
As we all know,Maika made heavy losses because of CORRUPTION by its top management especially the son of samy toll.
After many years without dividends,the poor estate workers who are the shareholders of Maika cannot "TAHAN" THE REPAYMENT AND INTEREST owe to UAB and decided to cut loss and sold the shares back to the CEO at a heavy loss.
One of them who suffer losses is a poor estate worker named Bala who is a friend of mine.
He told me that he invested in Maika because MR Samy said that the indians in Malaysia is very poor and Maika will help to improve the economic positions of all indians.He also said that in the end Mr Samy 'BUAT SAYA LAGI MATI" which means HE MADE ME VERY MUCH POORER.
In order to solve this MAIKA PROBLEMS,the PM give Gnalingam RM 150 million of the govt money to take over Maika.
Thus,the Ceo of Maika made a handsome gain from this exercise as he have earler bought back the shares from poor people like Bala at a very low price.
The family of SAMY TOLL MADE MILLIONS THROUGH CORRUPTION in Maika and the GAIN from the sale of shares to GT RESOURCES.
Until today my friend Bala is still very bitter and do you feel if Umno did this to you?

Anonymous,  28 May 2011 at 00:02  

What better words to describe Indians? Pariahs and its the truth and a fact of malaysian life.When they were so cheesed off by the author of the novel Interlock dont you think he was right? This small minded indians act like pariahs when given a piece of position in a Board.It was bags of money inclusive or else this indian MF would still be yelling cheats....This is the sad stage that this pariah stigma is here to stay....gosh we can't even find an upright indian except from the opposing end.No wonder the indians from India has this aversion of the locals indians in such behaVIOUR!

Anonymous,  28 May 2011 at 00:59  

If we look into biz perspective, these Reps are kind of middleman and the cost of getting a job done is much higher than the original cost..

Just like if we can buy fish direct from the fisherman which is much much chepar by the time we bought it from the retail.

After all when come the times for "Buy Election" the end user (COMMITTES)can go direct to the Supplier (political Taiko) where the chances of getting their request fulfilled is much greater.

In a sense it's a win-win situation whereby without the REP , Unnecessary cost being avoided and the Supplier (political) got the credit and they too can claim that they are prihatin- Rakyat didahulukan.

You help me , I help you WITHOUT BOUNDARIES , Fast & Easy is the SLOGAN.

Anonymous,  28 May 2011 at 01:10  

Never trust a malay or a chinese when they talk about helping(kononya) the indians,it's all an act.Especially , the chinese ,when it comes to shedding "croc tears" towards the indians ,they are number 1! .selepas tu, kutuk-kutuk macam -macam terhadap orang india tapi tak berani cakap depan diorang,lebih teruk dari orang melayu.hidup mesti ikhlas!

Soonhock,  28 May 2011 at 02:04  

Dear Dato,Who needs the Chinese Ministers and politicians from Mca to represent the Chinese.Most of these Chinese,Malay and Indian Ministers are there for the perks that comes with the job and to fill their personal bank account.I said most because I am not one hundred percent sure that all of them are corrupted.These ministers from Mca,when they have cabinet meetings with the Umnoputras they are like mice.Just look at the clown Abrahim Ali.Abrahim Ali make the Mca ministers looked like chicken fodder.When "Toady" quacks the Mca ministers turned chicken and hightailed back to "Mamma Hen".The only thing they are good at is teaching Umnoputras how to turn tricks.Just look at the Datuk T clowns and the Anwar sex video(act2).It is a copycat of Mca's porno king CSL in action(act1).That is the only thing Mca's ministers are good at,besides been good lapdogs.The Indians are in worst shape than the Malays or Chinese.Since Samy Vellu became Mic's president he has been screwing the Indian community left,right and centre.Look at Mica Holdings and MIED.They have been sucked dry by Sammy and his band of gangster cronies.Then one of his disgruntled former youth head initiated a corruption court case against Sammy and gang.All Samy had to do was to bribe his way out.He offered his former youth head A. Vigneswaran a low paying job as board observer.Thambi Oh Thambi Vig,a board observer's position is worse than a janitor's job.The duties of a board observer is to act dumb and go down on all fours at your master's begging.Thambi Vig you sold out your pride,dignity and the Indian community for a few pennies.Thambi Vig do you not know that many of your fellow poor Indians,those slogging in the plantations almost lost their live savings in Mica Holdings.When the day of justice dawned near,you went down on all fours and begged to be a traitor.You will forever lived a cursed life Thambi Vic.The Indians and Malays do not bash their leaders as much as their Chinese counterparts do.Maybe the phsycological warfare waged by BN do have an effect on some of them.Maybe they think that they still need these politicans to uplift them.But the Indian community as a whole have not make much progress. Except for a minority,the more educated ones and Samy's band of cronies.Malays and Indians should demand much more from their leaders or show them that "no represantation is better then any representation".

Soonhock,  28 May 2011 at 03:30  

Dear Dato,The government's allortment of TMB'shares to Maica/Mic was also gobbled up.'Sammy Ulu Ulu" and his band of gangster cronies took ninety percent and left the other ten percent to Maica/Mic.When the cat jumped out of the bag,his lame excuse was that Maica/Mic did not have the funds to take up the full allortment of the TMB shares.So when queried he told his buddy Dr. Mahathir that since he is the president of Mic he thought that he has the personal right to the shares.No money.What a lame excuse.All it needs is a phone call from Dr. M to the bank.Dr. M let Sam Ulu off for old times sake.All the robbing of the Indian community,left,right and centre and Sam Ulu still think that he is a saint.What happened to the money Sammy earned illegally from corruption.Most of the money are parked in foreign bank accounts.Some of the money is squandered by that useless son of his,the one shaped like an ape.This useless ape is the one running Maica Holdings.He squandered Sam's hard earned corrupted money by splashing expensive gifts on ladies.This married skirt chasing, cheating useless ape son of Sam's was involved in a scandal.During one of his skirt chasing bedroom romps one of his mistresses died.Rumors have it that his being drunk was the caused of death.But "Sam ulu" being a Minister and Mic president's son involved in a scandal.No way.Sam's master got his useless son of the hook.In the end it was certified as suicide.Consumption of pesticides was the reasons given.A second autopsy was refused by the authorities.As usual a coverup.

Geronimo 28 May 2011 at 15:36  

Now you know why no other groups have been formed to represent the Chinese community because the Chinese will never tolerate sub groups the like of Hindraf, IPF and Makkal Sathi to MIC. Even an all Chinese party like the SUPP in far away Sarawak has been shown the door. The Chinese know, so long as UMNO call the shots, MCA and its ilk, will be living off the tax payers money. So why should they?

Anonymous,  28 May 2011 at 15:47  

dear dato'.

since kesultanan melaka, the malays were screwed by the thambys, kuttys and so on that resemble them.

but we never learn and still giving space to them to crawl and climb faster then rocket to the top.

but to sad to say i also have a distant friend. failed in a diploma course and certainly a real thamby fucktard. now because of relatives in the kampung's umno politic he is already a pengarah attach to a dept under kem penerangan with 48 ranking. he is a real living kutty fucktard how on earth this thing can happened. whenever he gave speech, only fucktards in the kampung are listener consisting of kebajikan handout receivers.

our land is sure a bolehland and everything boleh. i may be in a nightmare.

Anonymous,  28 May 2011 at 16:25  


I would not worry too much for the indians. They have a much better chance than the chinese in becoming a "malay" and UMNO member. All they need is to convert to Islam and take on a muslim/malay name. And hey presto, they become a mamak overnight and KIMMA or UMNO will welcome them with open arms. If they are unsuccessful, Perkasa and Pembela will surely accept them as members.

umar,  28 May 2011 at 18:58  

Indians with money and power get everything arranged for them at every corner.Hence , you have Anandha and Tony Fernandaz getting every deal on their terms from political patronage.
It is also true for Vincent Tan, Francis Yeo, Sunway Jeffry and the ilk.
They approach the powers that be directly.
They don't have to go to MIC , MCA or Chambers of Commerce to get any business deal.If you want a lot to trade in pasar malam, you must apply through MIC/MCA so that UMNO allocate them through DBKL or local councils. This route is for the ordinary man.
Why is Samy retained with ministrial and diplomatic status ?
What benefit to the country ?
K.V.S of PPP is also untouchable. His wife is appointed Ambassador to somewhere on earth.They are not career diplomats.Whatever happened to Wisma Putra's role ?
Diplomat job and Senatorship are at hand for rejected politicians.So that they still enjoy every comfort they had been enjoying while in power.
Indians generally are moving no where. They are fast moving on a treadmill and yet stay put at the same spot.More exhausted and tired at the end of the day !
No wonder many indians vote opposition candidates.

Soonhock,  29 May 2011 at 03:33  

Dear Dato,The title just suit what is happening in Mic.Sam Ulu as Mic President has outlived his welcome in BN and the Indian community.Najib being PM and BN chairman sent out feelers to Sammy that it is time for him to go.Even Dr. Mahathir,Sammy's former master came out publicly and told to go into hibernation.Sammy being thick skinned refused to buldged.This guy Sammy who not only rob the government's coffers but he also rob his poor fellow Indians working in the plantations.He and his cronies rob these poor Indians of their hard earned life savings and left them hanging high and dry.Only a "Pariah" would do that to his own community.Najib's knows that BN will totally lose all Indian support if Sammy stays in government.So Najib offered Sammy a newly created position.Ambassador.Ambassador to where?, Sammy asked.Ambassador to nowhere, Najib replied.Nowhere, why nowhere, Sam asked again.Nowhere means everywhere, Najib replied.Really says Sammy.Really replied Najib.So Sammy accepted his new post,"AMBASSADOR TO NOWHERE".So Sammy came from "Big Chief To Little Indian".

Khun Pana aka johanssm 29 May 2011 at 05:18  

It is not just about Mic .
Glad that there are more and more Malaysians shying away from race base political parties.
It is a positive sign of maturity.

Pundits predicted that parties such as mca , ppp , gerakan and mic will reach the same fate as the dinosaurs faced by the next election.
Lets not banks on pundits , lets ask our own self.
Will you give your vote to such political parties?

umno will survives a bit longer.
As umno not just play around with Malay issues but religion as well.
Therefore umno is the most messy of all. Not an easy task to clean up such mess.

The opposition PAS got it right and straight to the point by only concentrating on Islamic values instead of being Malay.

OneMalaysian,  29 May 2011 at 10:39  

Dear Sakmongkol

“As Umno not just play around with Malay issues but religion as well. Therefore Umno is the most messy of all …..The opposition PAS got it right and straight to the point by only concentrating on Islamic values instead of being Malay”. @Khun Pana 05:18

I have sometimes wondered how it will all pan out in the end: we have a Malay dominated country, paying lip service to multiculturalism and multiracialism (that is Umno’s political philosophy), or one in which Islam plays a central and pervasive role in economic, political and cultural life (PAS’ political objective), or one which is a messy, undefined mélange of the two.

Which of these two or three is the likely outcome? What might happen to our multiracial society as a result? Will we lead to a more prosperous, more economically developed, more culturally sophisticated, more peaceful, more tolerant, and happier country?

I look forward to a discussion of this topic in the near future.

Krishna 29 May 2011 at 12:01  

Dato you are great fun to read. Keep em coming.

You must also write a story about Chua Soi Lek his talk about that MCA has integrity and will not accept government posts if the Chinese again reject them in the next election. Tell them that integrity does not start with the next election. It started from yesterday. Since they did not have it yesterday, they can today. NOW.

Anonymous,  29 May 2011 at 12:44  

george choo,

and bala votes for BN. ha2

Anonymous,  30 May 2011 at 10:21  


Sometimes the politicians be it MP or YB didn't set the rules (at least officially) for say lot allocation for pasar malam, housing lots, gerai makan,TEKUN's the little napoleon at the Majlis Daerah, Pejabat Daerah who does this.

Yang rugi Melayu jugak. This is the one that Dato' Najib has not dealt with.

Why can't any of the PM's advisor tell this to the him? I think because the advisor's are well to do yuppies who are more in tune with the corporate world than the relationship and trust based environment the district level.

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