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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Talking Malay on false premises

Let us demolish one pet belief of UMNO people and those who think they speak for UMNO. It's time for the real Malay to speak for the Malay. Where have the real Malays gone?
How can we force ourselves to suffer fools by allowing ourselves to consume the hate spewing writings of some bloggers whose Malay-ness are questionable? Why isn't the peddler of rancid curry speaking on behalf and for Kimma members? He looks more kitol-ish that the person he castigates as Kitol. Why isn't the gold nugget seller doing the same? We thank you but no thanks.
Jadi jadi lah kita orang Melayu kena tipu.
I find myself in strange territory listening to people like Reezal Merican, or Azeez speak for the Malays. I would have thought, Malays are better off if these people speak on behalf of KIMMA. I think Malays have got enough talented people to speak for ourselves.
Then we have those who pretend they speak for UMNO but are themselves not UMNO members. Can they have the same thinking dynamics of an UMNO member? And I am not even differentiating between good and bad thinking- just undifferentiated UMNO thinking. Why is this important? It's important because then, what we say can be leavened with realistic assessment. Then we can appreciate the UMNO spirit.
Without the UMNO spirit, what you write is mechanical.
The real UMNO man wouldn't speak of an imagined clash of Christians and Muslims or spun the story about Christians taking over this country. I think Malays are already suffering from an overdose of ghost stories and will NOT want to add to their consumption ,manufactured tales about DAP becoming PM or Christians taking over this country.
Does a Malay cease to be a Malay if he is not UMNO member? Being UMNO is not an absolute requirement to fight for a Malay cause. Even being Malay is not an absolute guarantee that Malay interests are taken care of. Both require the right Malay with the right values and the UMNO Malay with the right values.
Consider the record before us. From the day we got independence, most of our MBs are Malays. The top bosses in the Police and the army are Malays. The KSUs and TKSUs are almost invariably Malays. The top government officers are Malays. All the District officers are. All penghulus are Malays. All the Kings? All are Malays.
Now, one would be justified into assuming that given the fact that almost all the important office bearers are Malays and the governmental institutions we have are peopled by Malays, the lot of the Malays would be greatly improved or would have been vastly improved. Wouldn't it?
Well, in terms of control of the economy, Malay economic interest is just about 20%. That's 20% of the overall wealth being shared by 65% of the population. We would further imagine that Malays would own more land in this country. We would also imagine that Malays owned better housing. Their education would be of higher standard. With Malays in power, there would have been more rich Malays than rich non Malays. Yet in the top 20 richest in Malaysia, you would find probably one fellow. In the top 40, you start getting more Malays but you also get more non Malays.
So what conclusion can you deduce from these observations? The only valid and justifiable conclusion, is having Malays up there does not readily translate into Malay prominence in any of the fields we mentioned. It follows from here, that positioning Malays in strategic offices is not necessarily beneficial and advantageous to Malays.
The other conclusion is those Malays in power have not helped other Malays. So if UMNO insists that UMNO is Malay and Malay in UMNO, then by extension, Malays in power do not help the rest of Malays will also mean, UMNO in power does not help the rest of the Malays.
UMNO people must be realistic on this. One doesn't stop becoming Malay if one dismisses UMNO. People are already doing that if you still don't realize it. 1.5 million UMNO members protested by not voting in UMNO candidates. That should be interpreted as a rejection of not merely the candidates but perhaps more so of the policies and vision that UMNO projects. 1.5 million members didn't share in the vision of UMNO. 3.7 million Malay (including the 1.5 million) voters didn't subscribe to the UMNO ideals pedaled by UMNO leaders.
Yet the leadership is hyping themselves, aided by a pliant audio visual and print media into believing all is well. Ignorance is really bliss.


saravana 25 May 2011 at 03:10  

Hi Sak,

Am a frequent lurker here. Enjoy reading your articles.

There is a typo, office is wrongly spelled as orifice ...

Given the UMNO's obsession with one man's orifice... maybe its freudian? :)


saravana 25 May 2011 at 03:14  

Hi Sak,

Great article as usual. I am a frequent visitor to your site as I enjoy the well thought out arguments that you put forward.

There is a spelling mistake, orifice instead of office.

Given UMNO's obsession with Saiful's orifice, perhaps its a Freudian slip? :)


Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 03:56  

it is fact the rich (malay)are richer and poor are poorer .If one go down to the east coast ,coastal area one can see the real situati on ,alot of attap houses still exist and the living condition of the poor

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 04:25  

the problem i see, whether we have a chinese malay, an indian malay, a bengali malay, a south african malay, matsalleh malay or a malay malay .........we are short of having a LKY Malay, who has to have a broad vision for all malaysian rather than those mean whatever malays that prefer to see malaysia becoming saudi malaysia.

over the years, corruption has become deeply rooted into all malays from top to bottom....the earlier you see it and admit it, malaysia surelu going south.

black cats, white cats, as long as they catch mice, there are good cats.

in malaysia - to scold police, firemen, postmen, hospital, government - one is seen as scolding malays, so my fellow malaysian malays please help yourself to help us non malay malaysians.

from the bottom of my heart - malay boleh sumah boleh!!!!


Soonhock,  25 May 2011 at 04:51  

Dear Dato,Umno people only speak for themselves and their cronies.Then their cronies speak for their other cronies.The real Malays did not want to speak out for themselves because they don't want to get involved in Umno gutter politics.Besides the Umnoputra feel good politicans only listen to themselves and their cronies only.So why waste time.The real Malays,the well educated ones are either working in the private sector or they are part of the population of the brain drain.The educated Malays,especially the smart ones prefer the private sector because they feel that their experience and expertise are much more appreciated. They are frustrated working for the Government Ministries and Civil Service because,Malays even need to be a crony of some politician in order to be promoted.Those Malay radical extremists are not talking for all the Malays.They are talking only for themselves.By looking at the small crowd at their rallies,one would know that even the Malays shunned them.During the fifties, sixties and even the seventies,government servants worked for the people.They take pride in doing their work,whether they are the department head, clerical staff or office peon.During the time of Dr. Mahathir everything went down the drain.Cronism and corruption were the theme of the day.In actual fact Malays control about half of the economy.The only thing is that the other thirty percent is controlled by a minority of Umnoputras and their cronies.They sold off their illegally gained interest and siphoned the money out of the country.That is why Malays are behind the Chinese in many fields.The money allocated for them to used for investments, education and training sre gobbled up by people in power and their cronies.Right wing extremists like Abrahim Ali who are suppossed to fight for Malay rights are barking up the wrong tree.They should bark and bite at the hands that feed them.Their masters the 'Umnoputras".

Captain Obvious 25 May 2011 at 05:50  


Indeed! This is really the least attractive part of UMNO. They just assume they're the only choice and Malays or Malaysians as a whole just have to go along with them in government.

As you’ve mentioned, ignorance plays a big role, combined with arrogance - a noxious cocktail!


Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 06:53  

Tok Sak,
Lawak la kalam Tok kali nie. Tok dok kat Pahang mana la tau hal geng Mamak nie. Saya dok kat Penang dah habis meluat dah, nampak bayang pun klau ada ruang blah dulu la. Geng M.. nie dulu ada satu mamat (Ibrahim Saad-bekas TKM & pernah jaga bola(FAM) pernah berkata geng nie 'GEMPAQ SAJA LEBIH'. Dia kata bahasa 'gempaq' nie tidak ada pada lain2 kaum di Malaysia. He3...Lu fikir la sendiri.
-sender Rakyat Penang lo.

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 06:56  

There are too many pseudo Malays in prominent positions benefiting from that position by acting as the spoke persons for the Malays. You have just named two of them and there are many more who came from other shores such as across the straits.
Pak Tua

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 07:13  

I agree with you. I am a non-Malay but a fierce Malaysian nationalist. As a non-Malay who was raised in a Malay kampung setting, I can vouch that many UNMO members or bloggers do not act like a 'Malay'.
Malays, especially the kampung ones are very sincere in what they do. I was raised with money earned by my dad from the Malay society we lived in. Those Malays that I know of then and now are not like the ones that we read in the MSM. I hope those real Malays stand up and be counted

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 08:11  


The problem with UMNO is that they don't teach their members about human value & civilizations. They teach them how to rob and plunder.

You as UMNO member knows it better.

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 08:57  


The real malays have to face the fact that UMNO has failed them. UMNO has deteriorated to a party of elites whose only priority is to help themselves to be become rich and powerful at the expense of the real malays. Along came the KIMMA pseudo malays who were welcomed with open arms by the UMNO elites to boost the membership numbers, just so that the same UMNO elites can further hold on to their wealth and power. The strategy deployed by the UMNO elites, pseudo malays and the ultra malay NGOs to maintain their strangle hold over the real malays is to spread the fear that malays and Islam is under siege from non malays. Soon non UMNO malays will be blamed for the real malays predicament, if it has not already started.

The real malays have to speak out and make their stand that they can progress on their own initiative and determination without UMNO. I have malay friends who have shown themselves to be successful and extremely capable to compete with any ethnic group locally and globally on their own initiative. How did they do it? Simple, they work hard, did not whine and moan or blame others and they never ask for any handouts from UMNO or the government. I am proud to have them as my friends.

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 08:58  

dear sak
a real malay is not judged by the colour of the skin 'sawo matang' but by the values - malay-muslim values- which he/she portrays in life - jobs, socialization,family, interaction etc. the real problem is hypocracy...and there are a lot these among the malays (munafiks)and the number is biggest among umno.
any right-thinking malays would support umno whole-heartedly if umno can clean itself the tainted image of munafik.
umno leaders (at all levels) talk about the evils of corruption, upholding justice, good moral values but are all these evident in their daily lives?

JinHou,  25 May 2011 at 09:07  

"Well, in terms of control of the economy, Malay economic interest is just about 20%."

Another lie. Based on ASLI's study, Malay equity has exceeded 30% and very likely 40% too. These are based on transparent methodology which any economist worth their salt will agree with. Come on, 20% is calculated based on par value and not market value. Who in the world evaluates ownership based on par value?


Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 09:10  

This is another masterpiece from you. Thank you and well done.
In the 50s, some of my closest friends were Malays. We visit each other and also shared meals in our homes. I have even slept in a Malay friend's house.
At that time someone said "Malays are nature's gentlemen" or something like that... AND I AGREED.
But later on we started seeing Indians masquerading as Malays. They became more Malay than the 'original' Malay.
But then, why did the 'original' Malays choose that Indian Malay to be their President and PM? It was this that triggered the decline of Malay values!!!
He changed it all. This man turned the Malay values upside down - even publicly humiliating his second man and using words like masturbation and sodomy on prime TV for children's and women's consumption.
And the 'original Malays' started mimicking the Indian Malays.

By and large the Malays in UMNO, I repeat, the Malays in UMNO, have become ugly Malays, unrefined, racist, crude, abusive, greedy and utterly corrupt.
Thank God I have still have many refined Malay friends - and they are in PAS.

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 09:17  

"I think Malays have got enough talented people to speak for ourselves." Sak47

Yes, but where are they? And if they do step forward they write in English and UMNO is not bothered with the English readership.

If your articles are in BM and carried by the BM national dailies, I am sure you would be hounded and demonized by the UMNO and Perkasa dogs.

telur dua 25 May 2011 at 09:19  

God bless you, Datuk.

Unfortunately most of the UMNO leadership are only good at spewing nonsense, hate and bigotry. I've always wondered if they can hear themselves speak.

How are we going to move this beautiful country forward when the forces pulling it backward are greater?

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 09:49  

Dato, tak perasaan ke sejak zaman Madey, UMNO dah dikuasai oleh EEE, dari pelusuk mana pun dia je.

Hari tu kat PJ saya terserempak dengah mamat tu gelap sikit, pakai baju pemuda umno, dalam hati saya kata 'macamana umno boleh bertukar begini'. Mungkin inilah yang dikatakan "tranformasi" yg PM kita canangkan.

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 10:14  

Dear Dato', Thank you for another superb article. I am no Malay but one considered to be a Bumiputera. I totally agree that the "malay" in Malaysia has been hijacked by a group who would be termed "pendatangs" had it not been for their religion. That Pakistani guy who helped drafted the then Malayan Constitution has really done his many Indian muslims in Malysia a great favour.

Quantum Metal Consultant 25 May 2011 at 10:41  

Dato'..saya rasa Melayu yang Dato' cari dan tunggu tu sudah pupus, sudah dipijak pijak oleh bukan Melayu.

Yang cerdik dan pandai potensi jutawan, sudah dalam senarai muflis.

Yang berpengaruh dan hebat sudah diperosok dalam penjara setelah di ajar bagaimana nak terima rasuah.

Yang bagus2 sudah leka dengan chinadoll.

Yang hebat pidatonya, sudah lentok kat kedai mamak 24jam, pekena teh tarik.

Yang cemerlang, sedang buat kerja bendang, mak bapak tak dapat hantar ke U, biasiswa tiada lagi.

Yang tahfiz sudah mengangkat senjata untuk mati syahid mempertahankan parti.

Red Alfa 25 May 2011 at 11:53  

Salam Dato'

We are all probably agreed that the Malay as a race might just originaly numbered that small population in the wide expanse of the Malay Nusantara.

But so were the Romans and the Mongolians but they had leveraged their small populations with other races/peoples who were impressed and were taken in by their racial characteristics as were then popular in their respective times. These outside peoples/races strived and became "Romans" and "Mongolians" and history had them as having empires outside their nusantaras.

Didn't the Malays had their time in history too? Didn't they have the opportunities with so many Malaysian races but have wasted all that by making the UMNO Malays as too "wrongly exclusive Malays"? Now they have morbid fears of being overwhelmed and of losing the "ketuanan"?

Given the obvious wrong paths the UMNO Malays had taken, it will be historically deserving.

...if they could only have shared their imaginations and dreams of being Tuans in the World as Malaysians...

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 11:58  

The Malays are in a dilemma today cuz the alternative media has open up the eyes as to the actual intent of the ruling party i.e to rob and plunder the nation's coffers, divide and rule mentality etc etc. To choose to make a change would mean to go against their parents and forefathers wishes and to be a 'biadap' is simply not an option for most. Over time hopefully the new Malays will obtain a better retrospective view of the ruling party and make a good judgment as to who can protect and progress the Malays into a intelligent force to be reckon with. People like yourself and many others similarly have seen the light and will be the beacon for the rest to MAKE THAT CHANGE.

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 12:13  

A moment's thought will lead us to the conclusion that the root of all the problems is rooted in our obsession with race (pun intended).
If we view problems in terms of poverty,lack of opportunities,poor attitudes , justice , equality and so on there is no room for crooks to claim that they belong to a certain race and are their champions.After gaining their support they proceed to enrich themselves,their families and cronies.

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 12:51  

It seems clear to us, that in general the Malay mind goes this way,

"We must win and be first. It does not matter that we become first by lying, cheating, suppressing others, by brute force or shouting down others. As long as we are seen in the number one spot, we are ok. We are great!"

We see that in school exams, in TV talent contests, in bidding for govt contracts, promotion in government departments, etc etc.

That is now the ingrained culture. "If someone is really better than us, shove him out, unless he declares himself a Malay, so that we will feel good". And so Indons, Indians and Mamaks and Cinakui who can become Malays and make fools of the Malay people, while enriching themselves.

donplaypuks 25 May 2011 at 12:57  

It's really strange is it not that Indian Muslims in M'sia have taken to advising Malays on culture, customs, language and religion? Even those IM's who speak Tamil at home do this like a certain gloom and doom blogger!

Of course there are, like Maha Firaun, many Constitutional Malay Indian Muslims, regardless of which, they should all know that religion and culture can never, never change DNA no matter how much one tweaks the Constitution!

In the meantine in M'sia, semua bolih!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 13:03  

To many non-Malay Malaysians, including school children, the impression of the Malay race is:

"We want to win. People must see us as No.1. We will use abuse our power to put ourselves as no. 1. We will lie, cheat, drop standards, put up barriers to others so that we will be no. 1. If does not matter if we are not really no. 1 in substance"

This is clearly seen in the marking of school exam papers, in university placements, in promotions, in business, and the whole works! Why even TV talent competitions are rigged, maybe even corporate lucky draws! Even my young children can see that. And the Malays pretend not to understand why others look down on them and scream injustice!

Am I wrong or did you create the wrong impression for yourselves?

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 14:02  

Salam Dato' SAK,

Unlike true Malays who are courteous, peace-loving, and God-fearing, UMNO turns out to be hubristic race-based hijackers who in the end consummated in mendacity as lowly as sex tapes and sodomy.

It's hard to now accept that UMNO represent the Malays, although I have no qualms if they are "genuinely Malay" and truthful in their ways in doing so.

- melayu taiping -

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 14:11  

You estimate of 20% share of the economic wealth needs to be verified. The basic issue is "control". In Malaysia the Malays dont just control the economy but they "monopolize" the economy. The artificial facade that non-Malays are domininant is just that! First the Malay wealth, their ownership of the land is not taken into account.Secondly, Malay ownership of corporate wealth is hidden by proxies and shell companies. The Malays who were given the "lost" 52 billion thro the corporate restructuring exercise were not your kampong kids or some country bumpkins crawling out from the coconut shell! These were the Malay rulers, their families, the corporated Malays, top-level and medium level government officials who definitely did not "burn" all the 52 billions. They are all stashed away somewhere, hidden, concealed but owned by the Malays! Then what about the few hundred billions corruption money. Assuming that 50% of these go to the Malays..well you go figure.
It is convenient for UMNO to use special calculators, ignore certain criteria for Malays while employing the same for calculating non-Malay wealth. Notice how Perkasa start to threaten Dr Lim T Ghee when he questioned the methodologies. Keep the figures down so that they can continue with whatever they are doing.

Let us try another senario. Would UMNO or the Malays be happy if they are in possession of 50% of the economy? And then would they be happy if they have 70% of the economy? Surely not too ambitious?

But really Dato which would you prefer, control or possession or both?

So could Dato kindly recheck the figures please.

OneMalaysian,  25 May 2011 at 14:11  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Now, one would be justified into assuming that given the fact that almost all the important office bearers are Malays and the governmental institutions we have are peopled by Malays, the lot of the Malays would be greatly improved or would have been vastly improved. Wouldn't it?”

Therein lies a major fallacy, that is, power automatically equates to wealth or well-being. Power merely confers on the holder a means to get something done. That is to say, the holder (the Malays) must still want to do something to improve his lot. He must match power with ambition and effort. The missing bits are ambition and effort. The non-Malays, especially the Chinese, have plenty of that. But they have no power.

So how did the Chinese succeed? As the strangle hold of Malay power got tighter, the Chinese bribed his way through or offer sleeping partnerships to the Malays. What choice has he got? So the Malay in power, almost all from UMNO, sold rights and privileges that cost him nothing. It was power that he had as long as he held that position. So why not enrich himself while he could. And for 99.99% of the time there was no punishment. How could they punish Malays who are important UMNO warlords who take something from the Chinese? And these corrupt people can justify that some of the money was needed for “political work”, that is, the politicking that is needed to keep UMNO in power, that is, the Malays in power. The upshot is the Chinese succeeded despite having no power, and the Malays – the vast majority - who have all of it remains relatively poor.

So long as we have racial discrimination, we will have corruption that benefits a few and impoverishes the majority. In the meantime, more and more people would want to claim to be Malay even though they, or their parents, have only arrived from India a generation ago. Through their “Malayness” they quickly gained power, and through their innate industry and ambition they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. These people have fooled the Malays into giving them power, whereas the Chinese bought the privileges/rights that power conferred. It is time to change. Let us stop racism and the monopoly of power. Power gained through racism did not and will not work for the real Malays.

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 14:29  

salam dato',

this time u are totally correct, correct, correct.

malays are selling malays for profit. because malays consist of so many more group of people who wanted to become malays even though they know themselves are not malays.

malays are busy selling each others and along the way selling their own pride, land and properties to anybody. alas living on tree tops.

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 15:06  


Surely the top 10 list are what can be gained from public knowledge. Fact is that a lot more UMNO "Malay" richness goes unreported nor traceable.

Tribubu,  25 May 2011 at 15:54  

Only one Malay in recent history stood for what the "UMNO Malays" crave for but don't have - Arnie Arop. He quit as TNB Chairman and was defeated by Matir. Now those goons who got the IPPs can crash the economy in the next 15 minutes ! Didn't they make that clear to Arnie when it did crash?

WTF are 'UMNO "Malays" ' apart from what Sak is trying to say, think they're doing???

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 16:01  


I have been following the political scene in Malaysia since I left Malaysia 35 years ago.

It is true that the real Malay had been sidelined by the "new" Malay whose root can be traced to the Indian continent.

Non-Malay have no issue helping the poor Malay via affirmative policies. But we know how the NEP was hijacked by the ruling elite and the rest is history.

As you mentioned all the control and policies are managed by Malay for over 50 years. If the situation had not improved, why continue with the failed setup. The simple answer is the fact that corruption and greed among the elite is like opium addicts.

I am glad I left Malaysia and settled in UK and my kids are no longer associated with Malaysia. It is the same with Malaysians I know who reside outside Malaysia.

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 16:32  

Personally I believe that certain things are best left unlegislated.

Certain aspect of religion is between a person and god. 2 adult screwing each other in private is just that - their private matter, that of them & their immediate partner/family/god. Why in god's name shld the authority go knock on their door?

Similarly race. Besides your "kitol", we get Riduan Tee who unshamely speak on national tv proclaiming "Kita orang melayu ..."

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 16:52  

Whether 20% or 30% or 40%, the gist is that UMNO is using the malays to benefit themselves, so to speak. As mentioned, when all if not most of the top position is taken up by malays, why perkasa keeps on scaring the malays about losing their special rights? Unless the malays who are in these top position is not protecting their own race, I don't think the malays have anything to be worried about. Even if some of these top position is not held by malays, their special rights is already enshrined in article 153. Thus malaysia still have to provide such provision or benefit to them. The problem now is not that their special right under article 153 is in threat but is not enough to feed their cronies and they want more. The average true malay could feed themselves by doing honest work but these group of people is just trying to make fast money by trying to look like they are protecting the malays but in fact they are fleecing the malays. The truth is even the average malays find it hard to get a job with the government unless you are related to.... So Perkasa, stop looking foolish thinking your race was as ignorant as you.

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 17:37  

quite a good analysis and observation. its very sound and logical. whats interesting is that UMNO has created a culture where corrption is acceptable, heck, even a part of MALAYsian culture. UMNO only wants to keep their power to continue access to the piggy bank and ATM called GOVERNMENT. they are not serious on everyday issues of country, only their own self interest. some how UMNO has perfected the art of bluffing other MALAYS. we need a wholesale change of govt to nurse our country back to greatness that it is, regrdless of race or politics. can other MALAYS see this? will other MALAYS have the political will to affect this? if no, how? dont forget that MALAYS are 70% of population. anything UMNO does affects them most. but if they dont want to change govt, all this rhetoric is just an exercise in futility. so can you blame other races for not caring about the govt, coz if even the MALAYS cant change their own MALAY UNMO govt, why bother.

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 17:41  

You have malays and you have FAKED malays and constitutional malays and you even have frauduleny malays. What is so great about malays. Look at egypt and tunisia. wake up before you fall. malays are so full of themselves. look at the exam results all the forms and no substance.

punk5terung,  25 May 2011 at 18:17  

Salam Dato',

I am touched when an Anon wrote about 'Malays' selling other Malays. How true and how true. The former is definitely not the same as the latter.

You could not have penned it much better, Dato'.

This article and all its comments have opened my eyes even wider, but I have to admit that my eyes rolled over the pages with a tinge of sadness.

sam/PRAY, it works,  25 May 2011 at 19:25  

You are like a voice in the wilderness. I wish (and pray) there were more like you speaking for the malays. The malays in the kampongs need uplifting from their poverty, mindset etc. But they are being fooled by the elite malays.

Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 19:33  

Sebenarnya Dato'.. Mereka itu semua RASUAH... Kalu tak percaya cuba tengok MB.KSU dan semua pegawai kerajaan ..Kemewahan belebihan dari PENDAPATAN..90%.....Cuma pegawai rendah kurang sedikit ...Yang ada kuasa semua buat duit..

Mana ada istilah nak tolong MELAYU..pada mereka jika tak masuuuk.

MPS Selayang.
pun banayk rasuah


Anonymous,  25 May 2011 at 20:38  

Salam Dato,

Hampir tiap hari lawat blog SakAK47. Selalu juga bagi cadangan pada kawan2 lain supaya lawat blog ini, terutama x-shell staff.

Terus kan dato, banyak info saya dapat.


Anonymous,  26 May 2011 at 00:20  

Dato Sak,
Masalah semasa ialah;
Feudal Lords dalam UMNO menanggap diri mereka tuan kepada orang Melayu dan bukan Wakil Melayu dalam pemerintahan negara.Mereka mmerintah untuk kepentingan mereka dan kroni mereka termasuk bukan Melayu.Untuk menang mereka akan pujuk dan pengarohi Melayu lepas itu mereka buat langkah langkah yang merugikan Melayu dan Negara asalkan yang dapat untung mereka dan kroni mereka.
Dengan perangai ini tiada Polisi Pertanian Negara yang kekal kerana di ubah mengikut selera dan matlamat mereka. Petronas di gunakan bukan untuk kepentingan rakyat tetapi banyak untuk projek mega yang tidak memberi kesan terus kepada rakyat.Mana mana organisasi yang ada cash akan di serang dengan menggunakan proksi tertentu untuk mengeluarkan cash tersebut. Mereka di katakan pindahkan billions selama ini adakah untuk kepentingan rakyat.
Di tangan rakyat Melayu lah terletak masa depan negara ini .UMNO mesti di reformasikan dari dalam dengan seberapa segera oleh mereka yang sedar dan bertanggongjawab dalam UMNO jika ingin mengembalikan undi lebih dari 1.5 juta ahli UMNO yang tidak mengundi untuk nya.
Jika tidak bersedialah untuk menuju ke arah negara dengan sistem dua parti.

vinnan,  26 May 2011 at 10:53  

If the mamaks are not real Malays then who are they? The problem with the 'Malayness' of the Malays is that it is something defined by the constitution. As a biological entity the Malays the Dato refers to do not exist.

Anonymous,  26 May 2011 at 11:09  

Main politik perkauman untuk
membodohkan rakyat & memperkayakan sendiri --- pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO (Baru), MCA (lama),MIC (tidak tukar sedikit pun)

Phua Kai Lit

Aljazeera TV:

Anonymous,  26 May 2011 at 12:38  

Your best political opinion thus far.
How refreshing was that! Great!

Anonymous,  26 May 2011 at 16:45  

I am crying for my country.
Idris Jala will destroy it.His track record at MAS is hidden by the same jargon and PR exercise but reality is from a positive cum earnings in 2005 i.e after he had done extensive kitchen sinking i.e. write offs etc it is now a huge 5.6 billion cumulative losses.Simply since he took over and did his turnaround the company have lost more than 5.6 billion ringgit.
And he is using the same techniques n consultants to do a turnaround for Malaysia.
Thus far he has managed to convince PM to sink 50 billions to MRT,River of Death.And Petronas 52 billions for half baked projects.
Where is the 8% only public funding.
Private sector projects are just round ups of investments that hv zero contribution by will be there even if idris is not born.
Someone must wake up Najib.The ETP will be the final nail.Even in their rosy projections 70% will be earning less than 3k per month in 2020.Thats like earning 1.5 k today with inflation.So,who are the real beneficiaries?>its the owners of capital n assets n myb some of the skilled n connected workforce.
This is the EGYPTIAN recipe.And only a foolish PM can buy it.
Please save our country n my children.

Anonymous,  26 May 2011 at 21:47  

Ibrahim Ali is a true malay in a raw sense.Just lacking finesse in bringing up the Malay issues. Probably he can pick up a few tips from you Dato Sak .....keep it up brother Ibrahim. Don't let them deter you...just keep it coming

Anonymous,  26 May 2011 at 22:26  

Dengan mengaku melayu mereka bolehlah menolong diri sendiri atas quota melayu. Kalau cepat boleh jual pada Ah Chong, kalau dah pandai bolehlah ambil lagi...... anak k/tangan masuk U hutang 20 tahun anak MB masuk U pandu Merc Sport..... yang jenis teduh tu.... rampas kuasa dari yang kulit sawo matang...

Anonymous,  27 May 2011 at 02:08  

I just don't know if you guys believe what I am going to post.

The MAIN REASONS for the backwardness of the Malays and failures to achieve are not that they did not try but rather the NEP policies.


If you give the best jobs to the best people and lock them into permanent employees how the cows can they improve their own well being? The best they can achieve are to be head of a GLC while many failed because there is only ONE head in ONe GLCs.

Even the main strength of the Malays in the restaurant trade is being taken over by the Mamaks. Chinese and all races do eat Malay food while Malays do not eat Chinese food. ..yet the Chinese restaurants are doing better.

Now you expect 2nd or 3rd rate Malays who cannot get employed by the govt or GLCs to compete with the non Malays? You must be joking.

You can all talk and get puzzled until the cows come home. The main reasons have been you guys locked up the best brains to be govt servants ( Easy money way too).

When he/she retires ,... that employment cannot be passed to their children where else the non Malays forced to be in business can do so and their children start off from the position their parents left off.

So it has been really beneficial that many non Malays refused to work in Govt or GLCs but prefer to join the private sectors and then be self employed.

Another thing. .. you think this PNB thing is good? Now how much can they earn? 5% ? Do you know that a small time business man with just say 10,000 can make RM10,000 a month or more in business? That is more than 100% increase in capital.

So essentially by providing an easy path to park Malay capital in PNB .. these small Malays who want to venture into business are discouraged.

So dont blame others ...blame yourselves.

Still think NEP is good?
The worst part of NEP is to drive even more talented overseas thus resulting in less high paying industries here in the country and less jobs.

These all are happening right in front of our eyes.

Anonymous,  27 May 2011 at 08:39  

The future of this most blessed country is in the hand of the malay. The sooner they wake up and realised that they have been misled by their so called protector, the better. Otherwise we will all be led into a very bleak future, where everyone will suffer.

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