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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The say sorry game

The say sorry game.
Malaysians are learning a new political game- The Apology Game.  The apologizer- in- chief is of course Najib Razak. He has said sorry for those undefined UMNO wrongs. Maybe he is sorry he couldn’t plug the gaping hole that allowed RM 1.3 trillion to leave the country. Crooks associated with UMNO embezzled money belonging to this country. Its financial mayhem. Saying sorry is sufficient.
Sources of regret.
Maybe he is also sorry for the endless list of financial scandals that were caused by UMNO. He is sorry for dismembering up the iconic MAS. He is sorry, for destroying the future of Felda. 5 years from now, when Felda doesn’t have the funds to manage and operate the 112,000 settlers in the felda schemes, the government steps in making up for the loss in revenue. What was the cause of the loss in revenue in the first place?
The ravenous appetite of UMNO politician businessmen.
The BN government was stupid enough to agree to the FGV listing because the FGV CEO promises the larger portion of the IPO profits to the PM department and a portion of that profits earned by Felda will be used to pay the sudden windfall. The PMO and the unsuspecting settlers share the same standard- both forfeit long term interests for short term one.
The opposition told the truth.
That means what the opposition has been telling is the truth. That UMNO has been a real rogue. The truth is UMNO has buggered and sodomised the Malay race.  And pilfered the nation.
The sorry game of shahrizat.
Enter shahrizat. She is also sorry but her regret takes a different form. Her apology is acted out in the form of sacrificing herself by announcing her resignation from the cabinet. That will make her out as a victim of some nebulous plot hatched by the opposition led by Rafizi Ramli and the PKR lady leader, Zuraidah.
2 months ago, the Oracle told me it was a done deal- Najib has a written note that Shahrizat will go. Maybe Najib secured a promise from Shahrizat to quit and he jotted down her promise in writing.
A little melodrama for political effects.
In the meantime, for public consumption a little drama for the desired political effects is good. Shahrizat was not actually planning to resign. Why should she, when her colleagues are also plundering the nation?  Her mistake was not being clever enough to disguise the thievery that took place within NFC. Her colleagues demanded her head not because RM 50 million or so was siphoned or how the RM 250-million grant was used- they wanted her kicked out for being not clever at concealing the plundering. She did not pay attention in classroom, when they were taught the Art of the Steal.
It is just a shameless game.
But know this. To the BN people, saying sorry is just a game. The game starts when someone on the "other side" says or does something that might conceivably offend (though of course it never really does offend). UMNO and BN people have everything except honor and scruples.
What did the other side do?  In this case, Rafizi Ramli and his gang unearthed the many shenanigans that took place in NFC. The NFC- National Feedlot Corporation was granted a 250 million grant at 2% interest to import cattle and beef up the cattle rearing industry. Instead, the family of Shahrizat used the funds for non-related businesses such as buying high end condominiums, office buildings, expensive cars and paying astronomical salaries to directors. About these condominiums, Sahahrizat claimed ignorance and innocence- though the interior designers whom she engaged will tell you, every minutia of details have to be screened by her such as what bulbs and curtains to use. Yet, she says, she has nothing to do with the extra mural activities of NFC.
The shameless reponse.
Shahrizat’s response: publicly claim mortal offense -- this secures your position as a victim -- and then very publicly demand sympathy.  What she did privately with the connivance of family members, she now wants to make public. It’s the same game all UMNO people play – privatize the profits, make public bear the gult.
She will resign her post if Wan Azizah resigned hers , though how Wan Azizah is connected to the case in point baffled everyone except the UMNO herds grazing the pastures of PWTC.  I though UMNO will not repeat this inanity, yet Ahmad Maslan just did by linking Wan Azizah to Shahrizat’s refusal to relinquish her wanita UMNO post. The MCA has a porn actor as president, Wanita UMNO has a person who has nothing to do with what went on in NFC other that going to bed with its CEO.  How can she be involved?
Did she send the wanita baju kurung?
Shahrizat when a step farther- she sends the UMNO baju kurung uniform to Rafizi and threatened to sue Rafizi and gang. Whether she actually sent them, we don’t know. She made quite a spectacle when she rolled up the sleeves of her baju kurung- Pakatan naughty boys were actually waiting for her to do an Elizabeth Wong. The blogger Tukar Tiub has made public his regret and said how sorry he is, for not being able to see Shahrizat’s more daring revelation.
She has suffered mortal offense hasn’t she?  Then rope in the media and the new media. When the media machinery becomes engaged -- which is essential to her publicity success -- then the various reporters and commentators will pile on, supporting her demand, as the politically correct victim, for an apology and punishment for the offending party.  If we were to ask Ibrahim Ali, he would suggest that Rafizi be hanged.
She has been mortally wounded, she is nothing except the woman to the man she goes to bed with. She has nothing to do with his business dealings.
She overlooked one thing.  The media supporting her is an opportunist band of brothers- they will continue covering the "issue," they'll pressure the offending party until he or she caves in and issues an apology.  Then the media will decide if the apology is sufficiently sincere -- the media may require several rounds of apologies before these arbiters of PC finally accept it.
But if the offending party stands its ground, the opportunistic media practitioners will be ready to do an about turn. Shahrizat feigned anger and combative stance during the UMNO GA. She issued challenges and threats. She even tried to widen her defense by alluding to the real possibilities that her colleagues in the party are guilty of even bigger financial thievery. She does all that not because she was offended.  She played the game because demanding an apology and feigning the victim, generates as much media coverage as possible. Why? Because if the offending party caves in and public sympathy swells as a result of media massaging, the whole melodrama will prove you are stronger and more powerful than your opponent.
You see, that is already happening. UMNO leaders line up like peons, praising Shahrizat.


Anonymous,  13 March 2012 at 12:28  

Could she get away with all this?

If she could then for company the hubby will have sapi.

Anonymous,  13 March 2012 at 13:10  

You are so right. Nice reading your blog everyday. thanks

Anonymous,  13 March 2012 at 13:52  


This is really a joke, saying sorry without having to return the money stolen from the rakyat. Why not charge the others too? Only the husband is purportedly made the fall guy.

I strongly disagree with Elton John's serenade, "Sorry seems to be the hardest word to say". To Shahrizat and gang, it is the easiest word to say indeed!

Anonymous,  13 March 2012 at 14:03  

UMNO Baru is making a big deal of it. Did that distant relative of Samy Vellu resign? On April 8,2012 her term as a Senator up.Giving up the post is not enough. The stolen millions should be returned. Otherwise have the thieves hands cut off.What about those entrusted and responsible to ensure that the millions be put to proper use.Should not they be held accountable?

Anonymous,  13 March 2012 at 15:18  

Might as well have said, "I am sorry, I have taken too little."

Ned 13 March 2012 at 15:55  

"The MCA has a porn actor as president..." - Funny you mentioned this... i believe a certain so-called 'Justice' Party has a self-proclaimed leader with the same tendencies. But of course his loyal, albeit blinded, followers such as yourself would vehemently deny it!
Oh well... carry on with your dis-service...

Anonymous,  13 March 2012 at 15:58  

Your blog stimulates the intellect, educates the person, invigorates the senses and alerts the conscience.

Anyone who reads your posts and still supports UMNO/BN, then he must be a moron two times over.

Anonymous,  13 March 2012 at 16:44  


it's is very perplexing in boleh-land.

last week PM DS Najib publicly apologize for the squanders of BN/UMNO.

This week, he feels delighted that DS Sharizat Resigned as a sacrifice.

People will began to wonder how sincere is his Apologies or Delight?

The correct response is to feel remorse/shame. He just doesn't get it doesn't he?

One minute you apologize for the squanders of BN/UMNO's yesteryear's blunders and the next minute another hara-kiri committed by his minions and he feels delighted that she resigned.

Where did that remorse/shame/guilt goes? He appointed DS Sharizat and continued her tenure as a Minister as per her Senatorship.

Some people asked why she only resigned after April 2012? Simple! You can retain your pension as a senatorship lar.

With GE2013 coming; not reappointing her for the senatorship after 2 successive appointment is already telling that she was just stalling for her time to get the last milk of the money from her posts/senatorship before she bid the proverbial sayonara to her minister and senatorship.

apologies? my foot.

pardon for the anger dato' - how we wish we commoners and men has such audacity to commit such public sins and yet walk away with impunity or none !


Anonymous,  13 March 2012 at 17:46  

...this shahjilat's-mad-cow disease is very contentious indeed...demi ugama,bangsa,negara , mana pigi itu doktor2-vaccine : ibrahim ali, hasan ali, harussani, zul nordin, chandra muzafar dll ???...sudah mati kah ???

OneMalaysian,  13 March 2012 at 17:59  

Dear Sakmongkol

“The Deputy Prime Minister and I and all of us in the Government would like to express our appreciation for her sacrifices.” Najib Razak, in Pekan on 12 March 2012.

"Her decision to relinquish her (ministerial) post on that date is a magnanimous act driven by her responsibility to discharge the task and trust placed on her to lead the ministry during the period specified.” Muhyiddin Yassin, on 12 March 2012.

I am absolutely flabbergasted. If this real, coming from the Number 1 and Number 2 public officials in our corruption-ravaged country?

Here is a woman, whose husband clearly got RM250 million in very soft loans from the government to rear cows to meet 40% of beef demand, but who instead took that money, spend a little bit on the actual project, and used the rest to invest in properties in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and to pay astronomical, and undeserved salaries to her family.

Her husband has no background in rearing cows or producing meat. So why give him RM250 million when Felda actually has a subsidiary that does? Why does the government give RM250 million to a well-to-do Bumiputra family when there are thousands of Malays living in rural Malaysia who clearly deserve just such a loan?

It is obvious, therefore, that Salleh, the husband, would not have got the loan if not for his wife’s position in the cabinet and in UMNO. Did she have no knowledge that that loan was given to her husband? Do we believe that she did not lobby for it? If it is true that she had nothing to do with the NFC project, are we to assume that the cabinet and Muhyiddin drew lots from a big hat containing about 10 million Malay names and out popped Salleh’s name. He was the lucky Malay who got the loan. It could well have been Ariff Sabri, but sorry, Sakmongkol.

This is outright abuse of power by those who gave her family the loan. It is corruption because she had abused her position in the cabinet. It is morally wrong because RM250 million could have been used to help the poor Malays, who deserve such help more than Shahrizat and her wealthy family.

And now, listen to what the PM and DPM say when she finally “resigns”. It was a sacrifice! Give me a RM250 million soft loan that may never be repaid and I will resign from any position! “Magnanimous”, that’s the word Muhyiddin used to describe her resignation. Hah? You abuse RM250 million of public money, resigns reluctantly, and that is magnanimous?

And look how weak and immoral the PM is. Cabinet members serve at his pleasure. And if they don’t resign when they should, he has absolute power to sack them. But Najib seems powerless. He has to wait for her senatorship to expire, and then leave, that is, at her pleasure, not his. We cannot have such a weak, powerless, immoral PM governing this country. It is not good for the ordinary Malays, and not good for anyone else, except the Shahrizats of Malaysia.

If this sad NFC episode does not shake the ordinary Malays out of their stupor and see their leaders as thieves and not their benefactors and protectors, then nothing else would.

walla 13 March 2012 at 19:24  

Felda GV bought beef-producer AAco at one seventy aud per share and now wants to sell its stake at one thirty per share.

Only a capital gain from forex will save that deal, something you can't depend on in the future when Felda GV itself lists and trades here because, to be quoted in ringgit this time, its shares will not have any forex earnings.

The AAco share divestment presages the FGV listing, and clearly shows the FGV management is only opportunistic at best as it is willing to sell at a trading loss but for a fortuitous forex gain.

If the aud has not been strengthening against the ringgit, the sale will sink FGV's bottom-line even more.

Therefore, taking this AAco deal as a sign, the rakyat must wake up on the FGV listing. In recent global turmoils, the stock markets had in fact depleted asset values even of the blue-chips. And this proposed listing is different from your so-called value-unlocking maneuvers. Instead, it will be like hawking the lifeline of our poor settlers.

We need to ask ourselves honestly - what else can they do with their lives if they lose their title to their own land by trusting it to a management which has been losing millions all along until Felda has had to call upon your EPF for an opaque RM6 Billion handout?

And has Najib and his Umno forgotten what Nor Yakcob had once said of the financial crisis - that the share markets are just electronically run on numbers crunched by people divorced from the realities faced by many in hardships? The market is just about punting in a den of gamblers.

Our Felda settlers are already facing internal challenges. Their family structure is disintegrating. And even as planters, they have little say on commodities, such as currently faced by our oil palm farmers with certification and pricing issues. If even the big fellas are not having it easy as listed companies under the watch of Putrajaya, what can the small settlers expect?

Why put them to greater risk of losing what they have worked so hard for just so some people in Putrajaya can satisfy their own financial ambitions?

And when the proxy sells the settlers' share pools, there will be no more dividends to allay the reality check.

Just like the ponzi schemes around which have killed the savings of many retirees, all early gains can be wiped out by later losses.

Additionally, a sharp settler has asked a pompous but clueless Isa an important question - what if Najib is no longer PM? Who then will be the guarantor for our Felda settlers? The same people who suddenly cooked up a special-purpose vehicle when surprised by the question of who can independently protect the interest of the settlers?

All of Umno's reactions are just afterthoughts. That's a hallmark of Umno's half-baked policy-making. You know that. Because you have been seeing it for yourselves everyday in Umno's helter-skelter run to GE13.

Just look at the past record of Umno in schemes to create and manage various GLCs as well as special purpose vehicles including Danaharta, and in the manipulation of GLC share prices. It's all red and F.

You can be excused for wanting to line up those jokers against the wall when you tote up all the deals they had signed up which had caused so many losses to the national coffer. And yet they joget in an applause architected by their own hands. That garland should have been a rope, no?

walla 13 March 2012 at 19:24  


Which comes to Najib's surveyed ascent in popularity. Surely Umno is not about Najib alone?

Why was there no survey on the rest of the Cabinet? Where are the survey results on Muhyiddin and Hishammudin? How about some public opinion on Mahathir and Mukhriz, Shahrizat and Khairy, Apdal, Noh, Nong and Zahidi? What about people holding today's posts of Attorney-General, Inspector General of Police, Speaker of the House, Chairman of the Election Commission? How about the two Ali's and those opportunists in Penang Umno?

Since Najib couldn't have been running the country and its international reputation into the ground all on his own so far, where are their survey results?

What Umno is trying to project through its MSM is Najib as some white knight acting the role of Robin Hood by taking from the rich to give to the poor.

But with only a moment's thought, you will have to ask yourself - how can that be? A white knight is a rescuer. If Umno has been causing all the problems and headaches in this country, how can its President be the rescuer? If he is rescuer, what has he been doing all along as PM of the country whose federal government is primarily composed of his Umno people?

Next. Najib was trained in economics from Nottingham. That's Robin Hood country. Take from the rich, give to the poor. So, explain Muhyiddin-Shahrizat. Are they the poor? So who are the rich?

The money misused by NPC was taken from the rakyat pool in the national treasury. Are the rakyat rich, if one can still remember how Umno leaders have been exhorting them to change their lifestyle?

In fact, ask another simple question - when was it that the rakyat who were asked to change their lifestyle have become suddenly rich enough for their pool of money to be taken so that Umno leaders can flaunt and fritter away what was not theirs?

Somewhere last year, or year before? When, exactly? Was it before or after the annual grand sales of birkin handbags, so appealing to ex-journalists married to premiers whose gazetted salaries are only four percent of the price of one?

There, the minds have cleared. It has all along been spin, and only spin.

And that is why Najib is now made up to be the Umno locomotive which will single-handedly pull Barisan up. That's the only desperate thing Umno can do.

But that locomotive is just an expensively maintained carriage, probably borrowed from the Orient Express. What about the other carriages? Are they in the workshop under repair? Who are today's Umno's winnable candidates? All present, please remain seated. There is no applause or acceptance of their performance. Every single one of them.

This is a survey you needn't have to do. It's too much of a bother. After all, Muhyiddin will say no survey on him doesn't mean he doesn't have standard, and Hishammudin will say no survey on him means he needn't take action.

And, last one checked, the only time Umno was glorified was when Badawi gained a thumping victory. But that was because the voters felt elated at the exit of Mahathir which was primarily the only thing that happened during that transition, considering how anonymous Badawi was even as a foreign minister.

So, if Mahathir is now praising Najib, won't the voters of GE11 who were fedup with Mahathir object in GE13 in much the same way they had shown their ire in GE12?

walla 13 March 2012 at 19:25  


It remains to ask how did the report card on Najib suddenly show promising grades? It couldn't have been for his display of economics prowess. Our Nottingham Forest is now half a trillion ringgit in federal debt and with hidden items like PTPTN's RM17 Billion owed and other strange government projects like Silterra, that's 65 percent of GDP, way beyond the red-line and in an economy that is now only at 4.5 percent growth rate when the basic and must-have assumption for reaching high-income economy is a 6 percent year after year all the way to 2020. Not taking into account inflation, minimum wage, GST, depleting O&G, capital and brain flight, desubsidization and the subpar private investments in the ETP projects that Pemandu is keeping quiet about.

Some economists still say this half a trillion ringgit of debts is quite alright because the money is owed mostly to domestic banks. Does that mean if one doesn't owe to a-long's half a trillion ringgit, one's children will be alright in the future, especially when they want to take loans from the same banks which will soon have to impose punitive conditions because they themselves have big overhangs?

Najib's economic administration is not about being people-centric. That's an easy thing to do - all you need to do is to appear in the short-term to undo the things done to the people in the long-term. The premise is people have flighty memories and the simpler they are, the easier to manipulate their emotions. Umno has had half a century honing this tactic until Umno has become only Umno-centric. The niat is to get past GE13 and then it's back to business. Umno kind of business.

Najib's economic administration is actually about being credit-eccentric because it is in reality only Umno-centric. Borrow and spend today like there's no tomorrow. Let the idiots of the future worry about it. Ponzi scheme masters practice this device.

Ask Najib's mentor pleniplotentiary, Mahathir. In the two weeks after he announced his step-down, he approved a flurry of projects. What for, if it was just an Umno internal transition?

walla 13 March 2012 at 19:25  


Credit financing is like changing your car tyre. The mechanic will ask cash or card. If card, add two point five percent. That's because the card company charges commission for the ease of payment by card holders. Similarly with retailers like supermarkets and hypermarts, hotels and restaurants, what have you. If they don't collect for card use, those extra charges are already built into the price of things. Ergo, there's no free lunch.

Likewise, all this so-called 'people-centric' dispensations. Five hundred ringgit today is two billion ringgit less from the rakyat pool - so how to repeat it next year if income streams cannot absorb financing charges? Thirteen percent increment today will be billions cascaded up each salary scale year on year in the next ten years. If Najib's government is really so caring, why create the civil service salary problem in the first place until it has to back down? If it is so sensitive to the plight of the poor, where will it find the same amount to do the same again next year when even TNB has to soon import its own natural gas?

So voters must wake up. Because of five hundred ringgit, you vote for another fifty NPCs in the next five years?

Remember what Shahrizat had blurted. Didn't she say other Umno leaders have bigger problems as well?
What meaneth that woman who would carry a baby to curry sympathy? Lack of cow's milk, perhaps?

Just ABU Umno out of the game in GE13 for one term. If Pakatan fumbles, apply ABP. If Pakatan lives up to its performance, Umno and its Barisan members stay on in the opposition bench after GE14 until they really know the meaning of sorry. It's such a lonely word.

See long term. Five hundred ringgit will only last one month. Of thirteen percent, ten will be absorbed by inflation.

We have all been through this before. The ETPs of today are merely the Malaysia Plans of the past. Only the media houses make money out of the slogans.

Your money.

CYC,  13 March 2012 at 21:12  

Wa... lu ingat ini Kangaroo land ke? Semua ala kangaroo aje. Lu ingat betul betul ada 69% sokong u ka. Lutut saya pun tak caya sokongan kaum cina lebih daripada 50%. Itu kaki bodek punya survey tipu u, tapi u sudah tak sedar diri. Betul betul IQ tahap taska.

The Realist,  13 March 2012 at 21:59  

I will continue supporting UMNO/ BN whatever you or anyone say.Thanks to all the good 55 years of achievements, development,unity and stability.What else can i say please continue the good work.All this slanders and accusations are the work of corrupt PR mind who has nothing good to say of their good work because they have nothing.

See you loosing in PR 13 as your hatred here does not help your cause.PR has little to offer the Rakyat.

Anonymous,  13 March 2012 at 22:07  

selangor is falling back to umno!!

please volunteer to help pakatan rakyat parties.

election funds needs replenishing too.

folks, please help. volunteer. donate. dont just talk and write.


bruno,  13 March 2012 at 22:24  

Dato,even a fool would know that Shahrizat had no other alternatives but to stepped down as minister.Did she get any credit for stepping down as minister.Yes,but only from the trumpeting moronic Umnoputras and their bodekers.

To be nice and fair to gutsy Shahrizat,she did not get the pink slip.Nobody had the bolas to fire her as she was screaming for Umnoputras blood if she goes down.Cows Mama left because her contract with NFC(umnoputras) had expired and not renewed,because her hubby(Jibby) was afraid that she will drag him down too.It is just as simple as that.

ordinary malaysian 13 March 2012 at 23:54  

Shame? Is the word still in the dictionary? I doubt it. UMNO and gang have long obliterated the word from their living memory. If I am not mistaken, Aliran magazine had long years ago (in reference to a certain great leader of ours) said that once a leader lost any sense of shame only cows and dung remained. Okay, maybe not in such colourful terms. And sorry, cows and dung are more noble that one who has lost his sense of shame really. But today, only money is understood in capital terms. And where money is concerned, you don't want to talk about shame - if you want a lot of money i.e. Only poor sods like us talk about shame and see where it has landed us? I rather have cows and more so condos than vague ideas of righteousness that only keep you thin and emaciated. Money is the juice of life brader! Come join me. Don't be a spoiled-sport!

Anti Pembelit,  14 March 2012 at 03:59  

Jeep The Creep should thanked the rakyat for sacrificing their money for Sharizat The Hipocrite and family.Resignation date coincides with her senator-ship expiry date,and all the UMNOs' pirates still left on the ship patted her make the drama looks real,her Hubby The Pencuri was charged by the court.But......the rakyat who can think intelligently always knew the conclusion of the story.The same old story being repeated many times,only a full-blown stupidity will be deceived and
fooled.Anyway.......1st class acting by UMNOs' actors and actresses.

Anonymous,  14 March 2012 at 05:33  

Huh,give PR a term in the coming PRU 13 ? ,no way ! Shahrizat decision to quit was a novelty and Najib apology for not fulfilling most of the needs of the RAKYAT ,if any ,must be taken as positive gesture from a leader and is not something to be ashamed of .Many great world leaders do this ,a sincerity.Give Najib the mandate,he will bring Malaysia to a greater height like Mahathir did.All thanks to BN.

Shahrizat quitting was a right decision at the right time.She was being responsible for not continuing to be
a minister while the NFC case is being charged. Remember,this is not corruption it is a soft loan .She continue to get the full support of the Wanita .Let Salleh
answer the allegations in court.The country has a bigger agenda and let's move on rather than speculating and fishing for votes the slanderous way.BN,continue the good work for the people.

Anonymous,  14 March 2012 at 07:24  

From all the scandals and stealing that amounts to trillion of dollars, the poor Malays would have benefited a lot even if some of these money are used to help them. In fact, these UMNO scums of the Earth are stealing from the Malays. I hope that the Malays finally realise that their real enemy is actually the lying and devilish UMNO who make sure they remain backward...just because they like to steal. Secondly, UMNO has made the Muslims "jointly accountable" for giving them to power to continue to steal even knowing about their constant stealing. Conclusion: UMNO do not care a bit for the Malays...only themselves. They only use the Malays to retain power for making more money. The enemy of Malays is UMNO!

Anonymous,  14 March 2012 at 09:00  

Dear Dato,

why should you drag Elizabeth Wong into this piece of your writing ?
What is the relevance ? its disgusting of you to do this.

JimmyL. 14 March 2012 at 10:18  

I really curious asking this The Realist person
He will continue supporting UMNO/ BN whatever you or anyone say= Blindly support.

Thanks to all the good 55 years of achievements, development,unity and stability = we lose behind south korea which we were better than them b4( an achivement????)Unity mean everyone support it...then what PR people??? stability,ermm did u look at the economy now or do u know what is economy at all??

What else can i say please continue the good work= continue the corruption and cover up media????.

All this slanders and accusations are the work of corrupt PR mind who has nothing good to say of their good work because they have nothing..they have people support and what give u a point to support they are corrupt mind

I'm not blaming you supporting BN but can u at least talk with are not blind and please take some moment to think what is actually happen around..this is your country too...

JimmyL. 14 March 2012 at 10:22  

I really curious asking this The Realist person
He will continue supporting UMNO/ BN whatever you or anyone say= Blindly support.

Thanks to all the good 55 years of achievements, development,unity and stability = we lose behind south korea which we were better than them b4( an achivement????)Unity mean everyone support it...then what PR people??? stability,ermm did u look at the economy now or do u know what is economy at all??

What else can i say please continue the good work= continue the corruption and cover up media????.

All this slanders and accusations are the work of corrupt PR mind who has nothing good to say of their good work because they have nothing..they have people support and what give u a point to support they are corrupt mind

I'm not blaming you supporting BN but can u at least talk with are not blind and please take some moment to think what is actually happen around..this is your country too...

Kampong man,  14 March 2012 at 10:36  

No, the enemy of the Malays are they themselves for not taking up opprtunites given to them by the government.If wealth is a measurement of success they should get themselves into business and not overly dependant on govt job offers. The malays need this paradigm shift and even compete globally.It is the malay themselves are killing the malays by creating this PERPECAHAN UMMAH.No thanks to Anwar for all these havocs and political upheavals and this instabilty.

I wish i have those facts of the supposedly trillion lost somewhere or was it ?.I have no evidence of these apart from the spinning here and other anti govt blogs who suggest so.Take it up and make police reports if you may.Let the culprits be accountable !The malays have to decide themselves who they are going with the UMNO or the PKR/ PAS to take care of them soon.See ,independant of political affliation for own livelihood makes it easier to accept whoever rule.Our fellow chinese friends have been at it for years and years.They know only the dominant malays will rule this land because of the number game.They want justice and fairness,thats all.There is so much to learn from the chinese in BUSINESS.Business is the way for the malays! Thank you.

Anonymous,  14 March 2012 at 10:54  

Rakyat must vote in Pakatan to end this Sham.
Since the helm of mamak M. umno is in control of the A-G, Police, Macc,
Sultans.Now add in E-C.

Quiet Despair,  14 March 2012 at 11:05  

Hi Sak, we are indeed living in interesting times. Forget the apology. Goodbye for good, Shahrizat.
The most interesting news is Achi Ambiga may hold a high position, possibly VP, in PAS. Huhu.
This was revealed by none other than Anuar Sham, Anu-War's ex private secretary.
So PAS's Supreme Council member, Zulkfily Ahmad's previous statement that PAS is willing to accept non-Muslims as VP, holds true.
All this while I thought Ambiga will contest in the coming GE as a DAP dandidate.
Aiya, why is LKS and son, so slow in wooing our beloved heroine.
Good show PAS. You throw out your ulamaks. Now you can change your party to PISS. Parti Se India SeMalaysia.
And bro, I now want to believe your assertions of the fall of the DArk Empire.(Still sceptical, though.)
The wanna-be great leader has got a manual book written by a branch from The National Endownment For Democracy (NED) for winning the GE.
NED is a Jewish link organisation.
Anu-War regards it as a holy book to topple the Federal Government by using dirty techniques.
So the love affair with the Israeli regime sure reaps benefits.
Long may it thrive.
Wow, I am so upbeat about the GE. Roll on, Najib. May is such a long-long time.
Now on to my fave subject. BRIM.
Najib announced yesterday that Kelantan and Selangor bave the highest BRIM recipients.
Ovey, just can't believe this. Our Silicon Vally, the richest state, which promised to give so many benefits to its people, are taking the BRIM.
And the sombong bodoh Kelantanese who said Oghe Kelate tok seh pitih RM500 are getting it in droves.
So Anwar's ridicule of the BRIM is being blatantly ignored.
BTW, I visited Paatti last night who is hospitalized for hypertension.
Oh my, she's warded in an ultra deluxe room with an annexe for two maids. Great to be hospitalized in super comfort.
And she told me her BRIM money is for her diapers.And that is not enough.
Compare her to a factory girl who said her father died before receiving th aid. She's using the money to buy batu nisan (tomb-stone) for his grave.
And a wife said her bed-ridden hubby who is on the brink of death has yet to receive the money.
She hopes he gets to see it before he closes his eyes.
And Najib has promised that the BRIM will be an annual affair if the nations' revenue permits.
Paatti will sure pray for a longer life!
Why Naib. What's wrong with the disbursing system?

Anonymous,  14 March 2012 at 11:20  

Salleh is nothing more than a brash opportunist and a wheeler and dealer. A man who used and rode on the Mahatir name during that era and so did Sharizat. There has to be skeletons at Technology Park, which was the first Killing Field. Any whistle blowers here??? On retirement he moved on to become chairman of IJN and wasn't Sime Darby to take over IJN then. Wow! if only that had to happen what a killing to be made. RM250M++++++

Anonymous,  14 March 2012 at 11:57  

One morning at Kak Ijat's residence during breakfast.
Kak Ijat : " Dahling, you seems to be in a hurry, aren't you going to have breakfast with me "
Husband :" No dear, I have an early morning meeting at NFC "
Kak Ijat : " NFC? What's that?
Husband : " It has nothing to do with you, really "
Kak Ijat : " OK, btw, there's a copy of Sales & Purchase Agreement from a Spore lawyer on the table. Are you hiding something from me? "
Husband : " I know you are a lawyer but believe me, you don't want to know "
Kak Ijat : " OK, and one more thing, there's a RM500k Merce CLS 360 parked in my driveway. Could you get your driver to move it. Whoever owned this car should not parked his car in our house compound, it's trespassing and obstructing traffic. I can sue, you know "
Husband : " Sorry dahling, don't worry I'll move it myself "
Kak Ijat : " Can we do lunch today dear, say 12.30?
Husband : " Very unlikely, I have to meet our real estate agent for renewal of One Menerung lease, dinner perhaps, maybe we can have steak if you fancy "
Kak Ijat : " One Menerung, what's that?
Husband : Believe me, you don't want to know "
Kak Ijat : " Holy Cow, I am Minister of Women and Family Affairs and I don't know a thing what you guys are up to " walking to her official Proton Perdana car glancing at a brand new Merc parked in the driveway.

Abang pIjat

Anonymous,  14 March 2012 at 13:21  

Mr Realist,

Good for you. Keep on supporting UMNO/BN until the country becomes bankrupt. Then you can go round begging for food or move to Vietnam as a hotel waiter.

Mr Realist, unless the corruption and plundering stops, that prospect is REAL in not too distant future. And corruption, leakages, plundering will not stop under the current UMNO/BN government as it has become their culture. The leaders are all suffering from chronic addiction to money through abuse of power. Examples are plenty.

Pls study/learn a bit of economics and the experience of countries known as PIIGS. Then you will know.

Anonymous,  14 March 2012 at 15:20  

just say sorry n apologised??all is forgiven n forgotten?? any honest man n woman left here??

The Realist,  14 March 2012 at 22:26  

Dear friends,
I have no problem with you supporting DAP/PR and i hope you too have no problem me supporting the ruling party.I have no confidence that this PR coalition will ever work in the long term.PAS will leave PR down the road. The many PR defectors speak volume of the lack of confidence in this coalition.Chandra Muzaffar,Zaid ,Zulkifli Nordin,Ibrahim Ali,Hasan Ali,Zamrin,Ezam Noor,some Indians from PKR,certain Perak MPs and the list go on and on.What does this means ?It means something is seriously WRONG with Pakatan !These are REAL people.They certainly are not dumb stooge.They do not believe in PR struggle especially the DAP which is clearly anti Islam and anti Malay.I hope Ariff will change this perception.

If you think i am supporting UMNO/BN blindly those people must also be dumb but they are REAL people denoucing PR.No worries !we will vote for you in droves.I dont think we should try our luck on that Anwar PM wannabe,That will be major catastrope for this nation.I feel sorry for PR who is fighting a loosing battle.

Anonymous,  15 March 2012 at 03:31  

Go on supporting the PR you will get nowhere.What bankcruptcy ?Malaysian economy is doing fine and there is no use to scare us the exposed Malaysians. Malaysia now has become the hub for education for Asia.You must be the Pak Lebai katak bawah tempurung.
We must have faith in what the govetnment is doing for us Malaysians.Look at the increased FDI despite the world economic slowdown.An econmic growth of excerding 5% and a good fiscal policy will drive Malaysia achieving vision 2020 as expected.The change in government will only worsen the economic achievement of the country as the PR are filled with fools from PAS,PKR and racist DAP.This poor coalition for political convenience is merely interested to wrestle power but lack vision.Even the stupid buku jingga is not accepted in Kedah.Your PM to be Anwar is working against the country and he is full of hatred and revenge.Malaysians do not need PR at all.

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