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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Dont cry for me Argentina- Shahrizat resigns!

The other night, as I was surfing the ASTRO channels, I came upon an interview with a crying lady. She was crying because Shahrizat has announced she will resign her cabinet post. The poor crying lady was also saying- if Shahrizat resigns, then Nik Aziz must also resign. I suppose she was alluding to the case involving Nik Aziz’s son in law. The SIL was cleared.
The woman need not worry. If it’s a case involving opposition politicians and those related to them is in question, the government machinery will leave no stones unturned to get to the bottom of the case. Its only in the case of Sahrizat’s bottom, the government has suddenly developed Parkinson’s disease.
Let me share with you, the thoughts of a frequent visitor to my blog. This person shows he is a concerned Malaysian mindful of the future of our country. He comments under the penname of OneMalaysian.
Here is a woman, whose husband clearly got RM250 million in very soft loans from the government to rear cows to meet 40% of beef demand, but who instead took that money, spent a little bit on the actual project, and used the rest to invest in properties in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and to pay astronomical, and undeserved salaries to her family.
Her husband has no background in rearing cows or producing meat. So why give him RM250 million when Felda actually has a subsidiary that does? Why does the government give RM250 million to a well-to-do Bumiputra family when there are thousands of Malays living in rural Malaysia who clearly deserve just such a loan?
It is obvious, therefore, that Salleh, the husband, would not have got the loan if not for his wife’s position in the cabinet and in UMNO. Did she have no knowledge that that loan was given to her husband? Do we believe that she did not lobby for it? If it is true that she had nothing to do with the NFC project, are we to assume that the cabinet and Muhyiddin drew lots from a big hat containing about 10 million Malay names and out popped Salleh’s name. He was the lucky Malay who got the loan. It could well have been Ariff Sabri, but sorry, Sakmongkol.

This is outright abuse of power by those who gave her family the loan. It is corruption because she had abused her position in the cabinet. It is morally wrong because RM250 million could have been used to help the poor Malays, who deserve such help more than Shahrizat and her wealthy family.
And now, listen to what the PM and DPM say when she finally “resigns”. It was a sacrifice! Give me a RM250 million soft loan that may never be repaid and I will resign from any position! “Magnanimous”, that’s the word Muhyiddin used to describe her resignation. Hah? You abuse RM250 million of public money, resigns reluctantly, and that is magnanimous?
And look how weak and immoral the PM is. Cabinet members serve at his pleasure. And if they don’t resign when they should, he has absolute power to sack them. But Najib seems powerless. He has to wait for her senatorship to expire, and then leave, that is, at her pleasure, not his. We cannot have such a weak, powerless, immoral PM governing this country. It is not good for the ordinary Malays, and not good for anyone else, except the Shahrizats of Malaysia.
If this sad NFC episode does not shake the ordinary Malays out of their stupor and see their leaders as thieves and not their benefactors and protectors, then nothing else would.
Res ipsa loquitur?


Anonymous,  14 March 2012 at 15:59  

Well, I guess Sak, it's just too bad that guys like you and me don't belong to the inner circles of BN. Otherwise, we would have been billionaires without raising a sweat! I guess the Forbes list of world's 100 wealthiest persons would blush if compared to the wealth of our public office holders.

"Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely".

adie 14 March 2012 at 16:32  

Well said OneMalaysian!

Donplaypuks® 14 March 2012 at 16:57  

Where's the beef? CLICK HERE



we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

temavista 14 March 2012 at 17:09  

These people are really sucks...! Start from PM right down to the bottom...

Anonymous,  14 March 2012 at 17:41  

Great post. That commentator spoke the the many of us who are not eloquent enough to write such a piece.
I can still remember an article by RPK in Malaysia Today about the award of this loan right at the time when it was awarded. How nice it would be if we get that article reproduced to show how he had perceived this fiasco at that time of the award itself before the Auditor General has even a smell of it.

Anonymous,  14 March 2012 at 18:46  

First, I salute Sakmongkol AK47 for having an interesting blog like this.

For me, it's not a matter whether this person UMNO supporters or PKR supporters or other political parties concerned. We can choose whomever we like.

The thing is, whether we have do some homework in analysing the performance and behaviour of the politicians. We do not need PhD in Political Science to understand the work results of the politicians.

It happens that something is wrong going on in UMNO political circles. Case after case, and still no realistic response from government (who should be responsible). We feel pity to hardcore UMNO supporters (also BN in general), who can't even have the time to think for a second when they hear many cases among UMNO politicians problem, etc, bribery, lavish lifestyle.

We don't force people to believe, but if something wrong happens to someone who we idolised as great leaders, then can't we excercise our rights as citizen of Malaysia who can change government?

Be they BN or PKR or other political parties, if they perform with good ethical practice and up to the expactation of the rakyats, then we have the power and rights to decide.

The rakyat is not only normal folks in the kampong, but also civil servants should excercise their rights as truly Malaysian Citizens, NOT hamba yes man UMNO BN or PKR in the future.

Anonymous,  14 March 2012 at 19:44  

I think when Muhyiddin said she's magnanimous, he meant that Shahrizat will take the fall without pulling the DPM and PM down with her.

Suci Dalam Debu 14 March 2012 at 19:47  


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

So please go interview Kak Pidah AsaP and publish the whole story verbatim.

Remember must batu api sikit during the interview so that all the shit and detritus will hit the fan.

Anonymous,  14 March 2012 at 19:53  

The crying lady in the interview already shows that the ordinary Malays are still in stupor and see their leaders (in UMNO) as their benefactors and protectors.

Ahhh... unless that lady is the typical Wanita Umno-type. When Shahrizat is replaced, she will be licking crumbs from the palms of her new boss. When asked about Shahrizat then; she will ask back, "Shahrizat who?"

"Melayu mudah lupa", intoned the great Mahathir.

Larasepi 14 March 2012 at 20:20  

My thoughts exactly...but then the country have been > the dogs long2 ago..ever since the mamak took over..n so the rot started..

Anonymous,  14 March 2012 at 21:06  

it's so obvious the BN govt is corrupted, but how do we make voters vote with their conscience? I m sure they aren't blind or deaf or too dimwitted. Of course pakatan is not the best thing since sliced bread

bruno,  14 March 2012 at 21:14  

Dato,first we have to ask ourselves why the lady is crying.The reason the lady is crying is the reason Umno/BN is the ruling elite and in power.Some people are just blindly supporting the Umno/BN,irrespective of what they have done to the country.Or it is because they believed that there is no other alternative to the Umno/BN government.

It could also be that the lady has obtained assistance before by Shahrizat.Although we do not like the way her family has abused the system through their connections,it cannot be denied that Shahrizat was a better and harder working minister than many of her chair warming collegues.

It is the corrupted system of the Umno/BN that is the problem for the last three decades.Corruption and cronyism.Racial,religious and fear politics are also used to divide the people to help the ruling elite stay in power and enrich their foreign bank accounts.As long as the Umno/BN is in power it is business as usual.

Quiet Despair,  14 March 2012 at 21:55  

Dont cry for me Malaysia
The truth is I never left you
All through my wild days
My mad existence
I kept my promise
Dont keep your distance

She's like Evita Peron, ya. Flee in indignity, in disgrace. Leave her and Doktor Pokok hubby to find comfort in each other. Let's wait for the court case.

I am more interested in your ceramah at Sungai Tiang, Pekan tonight. Once your stomping ground.
How did it go? Was the reception good? And did you and Mat Sabu entice the crowd?
Please write about it. I understand Pahang people are calling you the dragon slayer. Some said even MB Datuk Nan fears you.

joehancl/PRAY, it works,  14 March 2012 at 22:38  

There is a tide in the affairs of man which taken at the head leads on to fortune. The tide is GE13

Anonymous,  14 March 2012 at 22:39  

Mata saya dah terbuka masa PRU12 lagi,kawasan saya dijajah bukan dari BN. Mungkin 1 undi dari saya membawa perubahan ini. PRU 13 doa pd ALLAH, tetap yg sama.

Anonymous,  14 March 2012 at 23:20  

Harun Idris case seem really small by todays std. Enough is enough! The costs of corruption is going to kill us all starting with the Melayus, then Indians and finally the chinese. Cases in points today; petty thefts like snatch thefts have balooned, robberies at homes and office premises are bolder and on the rise, cheating cases also getting more, and smuggling of people in and out of country also making us famous, and lately car thefts record daily occurence. And you know what? Not many get caught because of corruption!!!build a house, get a CF, see what you have to go go thru? We are lawless and almost reaching an anarchy and bankrupt state. You want to keep writing and talking, still? Melayu bukan sebarang Melayu, Dendam Melayu pada yang salah, Kalau berani kerana benar, biar sampai berdarah untuk pertahan tanah

bruno,  14 March 2012 at 23:53  

The idiotic fools just do not get it.Her term as minister automatically expired the same day her senatorship expired.That is why we have expiration dates on goods sold in shops and supermarkets.That is called the shelf life.

If they wanted to save face,they should have Cows Mama to resign as minister,even one day before her senatorship expired.A resignation is a resignation.An expiration is an expiration.It doesn't matter if it is a day or a year earlier.With these no brains bodekers,it is a miracle the water is just up to their noses.

Anti Pembelit,  15 March 2012 at 01:15  

Sekiranya duit2 rakyat yang menteri2 BN dari UMNO BARU sampai kini curi,ditukarkan kpd kuboid2 emas sebesar batu bata,berapa buah kapal agaknya diperlukan utk dibawa belayar?Mungkin perlu menyewa kesemua kapal2 pengangkut pesawat dari U.S.

Dulu,kini,sekarang dan selama-lamanya,DNA mencuri dan menipu tetap kekal dalam jasad BN.Hanya kematian BN di PRU13 dapat mengeluarkan DNA2 jahat dari jasad2 mereka.

Ministers:99%cow brain,1%human brain for stealing,  15 March 2012 at 02:15  

Mamak Sherry should let the cat out of the bag.Surely,other cabinet members were involved and received few pieces of the big cake.

nick 15 March 2012 at 08:26  

It's obvious that no one and I mean no one in UMNO especially their leaders and "The Minister in charge of education" even have the slightest idea what "magnanimous" means. Not the so called 1Malaysia PM who claims to be the no 1 leader of Malaysia but brainlessly giggles upon the news that a state in his 1Malaysia (under the rule of the opposition) is poor because of his mistreatment and economic discrimination. Not the education minister who is his deputy, who ignorantly and proudly claim that he serves his race first above the call of his country. And especially NOT the UMNO zombie masses who still believe that their existence is to serve their feudal master and the fall of their master no matter how corrupt or how incompetent their masters maybe, that loss shall be mourned and lamented to, wholeheartedly.

BUT then again what can we expect from a bunch of people totally detached from realities and the facts of life here in Malaysia. Najib surrounds himself in a bubble of "feelgood" goo (that's goo is made out of RM and is billions thick and still growing) that insulate him from the plight of the people. UMNO insulated themselves against the pulse of the people by, what else, buying themselves glowing approval and rave reviews of their "sacrifice and struggles for the sake of Aliff, Ba, Ta" from their thousands of cyber hoodlums, mercenary journalist and "cowed" (pun???) government machinery and information outlet. The UMNO zombie masses insulate themselves from their poor and downtrodden neighbors by just being themselves -zombies, devoid of life and of course when you have no life, you certainly have no conscience. Despair O' ye Zombies! Despair cos you have no life and zero conscience!

With total detachment from the real world and the real life in Malaysia, can we really depend on Najib and his delusional band of insular followers to help us and be the pillar of strength for us to weather the oncoming storm of economic uncertainty? Even from the first day of Najib tenure and even from the time of the great maha sloganeering PM cum the doctor bearing the cure all tonic for the Malays, it is obvious that UMNO and its leaders are simply useless. Useless either because they are too greedy and selfish to even think and help other people (just like the Maha sloganeering PM) or totally clueless to the responsibility of a leader and brainlessly ball-less to act for the good of other people except for his significant other (here, significant is much too an understatement in my opinion).

And unfortunately it is WE who put those useless vermin (UMNO and BN) in charge of our affairs and our lives, and dare I say it, that makes us the most useless lot as compared to them simply because we lack the will and the resolve to kick those useless people out! Come to think of it, kicking them out is just as simple as putting them in charge. All we have to do is just ..... Well? If I have to S.P.E.L.L it out for you at this point then all of us are truly useless as a parent, citizen and especially a human being. So what are we waiting for? You know what you have to do. So just do it in the next GE!


shashikaru 15 March 2012 at 08:41  

Dear Sak,
You've been talking mostly about the views of others and commenting on news surrounding Malaysian politics and business. And rightly so. It is all very good. I'm interested to know though your views (you being an economic graduate): what economic policies would you set out to steer the country forward? and also, whats the best policy to reduce income disparities between ethnic communities (while also encouraging income growth)? what are your thoughts on falling real income over the past years and increasing costs of living? do you believe Pakatan's buku jingga is sufficient for the improving the country's economic health?

I think you can tell from my interests, I am an economist, I've followed you for a long time (not as long as other I'm sure) and I'm quite interested in your views.

Anonymous,  15 March 2012 at 09:58  

Yes, just kick the PR out who are good for nothing for slandering and belittling our malay leaders who are working for the rakyat of various races and religion.Where else you get such heaven like Malaysia.For sure you will regret migrating if you try.Now you are complaining about the BN achievement for all these years.Try it if you can.PR will never make it.

Kampong Kerinchi garden

Anonymous,  15 March 2012 at 12:23  

PR will definately make it....Just watch and see!

Anonymous,  15 March 2012 at 14:09  

Res ipsa loquitur??? Negligence!

No, No, No, Not at all. That would be to belittle the intent and purpose of the NFC loan scam.

It is a simple criminal act to approve such a loan, with criminal intention and purpose in mind.


Anonymous,  15 March 2012 at 15:18  

These type of leaders will remain in power come GE13.Malaysians are weak to purge them unlike the Thais,Philippinos,Indonesian, Tunisian or Egyptian.These thiefs know that.

Anonymous,  15 March 2012 at 17:23  

If this sad NFC episode does not shake the ordinary Malays out of their stupor and see their leaders as thieves and not their benefactors and protectors, then nothing else would

Sadly though , NFC /doesnt mean much to most ordinary people in malaysia.IT doesnt bother them because it doesnt concern." selagi tak kena batang hidung sendiri selagi itulah semua tak peduli"

A week ago i attended a talk about management for graduates.The speaker delivered a very simple but effective talk.The impact was great, everyone was abuzz with the new information.The speaker being an observent fella, got a few of the participants to share their views.All spoke alike , they thanked the speaker for teaching them something 'new".The speaker shook his head in disbelief and said" Semua yang saya ajar tu common sense tuan-tuan dan puan-puan,kalau baru sekarang sedar yang apa yang saya sampaikan itu perkara yang sebenarnya, maksudnya selama ini minda tuan-tuan telah di tanam dengan maklumat/informasi yang salah tapi di perceive sebagai the gospel truth!
A lady stood up and asked" apa yang tuan maksudkan?

I just "tepuk my "dahi" and cried out loud "NAY HIIIIIIIIIIII"

May the force be with us dato sak!

umar,  15 March 2012 at 18:05  

Larceny is the name of the game. You master the art of stealing and invest the fortunes elsewhere.

When politicians do it, it is always back to back. Everybody covers the other. You can not trace any audit-trail.So there must be something for others too in the scheme.
When an ordinary man does the same, it is termed money-laundering , hence the long arm of the law will soon be activated to track the offender.
UMNO BN has been in power for more than 50 years.How much money has evaporated ?

walla 15 March 2012 at 18:09  

It's all to save Umno Wanita.

But how is Shahrizat now to go campaigning for Umno in GE13? Her sidekicks have no leadership traits. She can't dish out the usual white packets because the voters will ask why not more since your family has already taken two hundred and fifty million ringgit of ours.

And if the really testy ones are to ask her whether she has ever visited the Penan women she said she would comfort, she can't give any excuse. Ingat, tak?

So what exactly has Shahrizat, her sidekicks and the rest of Umno Wanita done for Malaysia that will make voters want to listen to them again?

Likewise, Khairy is cooked. He came out defending her with one of the stupidest reasons ever. The money was used for investment. Yet it's a clear CBT. So how can he as Umno Youth leader handle what he has said if the voters were to ask? The voters will also remember how wellfed and arrogant his gang was at Bersih 2.0. Similarly the Umno gang in Penang.

Both Umno Wanita and Umno Youth have been gored by Cowgate. Voters who have opened their eyes and thought for themselves about all these exposures will ask them to go fly kites. Enough is enough.

So macam mana for Umno in GE13 campaigning with a mauled Umno Wanita and Umno Youth?

They can't ask the Umno men to walk around. How to answer all these clear-as-day criminal activities plundering the rakyat money? How to answer voters why a PM with twenty three thousand a month in salary can host two lavish functions at four hundred thousand and eighty thousand for the account of his official department? He can't wriggle out of these revelations. Even if the hotel bends back to protect him. The rakyat know.

That's a PM who has just said sorry. What kind of sorry is that? A sorry that he is going to misuse the word 'sacrifice'? A sorry that his deputy is going to misuse the word 'magnanimous'?

walla 15 March 2012 at 18:09  


So if the PM, DPM, Shahrizat and Khairy are now nailed by just two exposures, which rakyat can trust ever again any word they or any other Umno leader will say from now on or what they had said in the past? Ned, Realist, Dino, Kampung Kerinchi Garden, Kampungman, QD and a few others, perhaps?

Certainly not Daim now that he has suddenly reversed the A++ he had just given Najib last week. Now it's win more or be gone. Anyone care to explain such flip-flop opinions?

Now, how does saying what you want in a general election make it happen? Unless - the brazen blatant bullshit these weeks is done because the machinery to cheat in GE13 is already in place. If even Khalid's constituency can be changed without his knowing, what less can one expect for the ordinary voters? What has our Umno supporters to say about this? That it is necessary to bring stability? Why not admit it is just blackmail instead? It goes nicely with CBT and misusing public funds for personal uses. In some countries, such jokers would have been dragged in the streets, lynched and hung with piano wires. Here, seemingly educated people just whitewash crimes against the rakyat. Sheer hypocrisy, no?

Two months ago the Roubini outfit forecasted Malaysia's GDP rate. This year 3.1 percent, next year 2.8 percent. Where's the 6 percent we must have? The way Umno has been squandering your money, those rates are going to go even faster. Those in the civil service who know are not going to admit it. Their periuks are at stake.

Furthermore, some have said Anwar is vengeful. Please show proof otherwise people will think it is just fear from guilt as accessory to culpability. And others have said peace will be gone if Pakatan takes over. Is there some war going on right now in Kelantan, Kedah, Penang, Selangor and FT?

Notice how they have also systematically evaded any comments on the outright exposures.

As we go into GE13, let us remind ourselves of some key matters: Umno lies, cheats and steals; Umno is happiest when our Malays remain simple-minded because only then can their minds be controlled and their emotions stirred to be loyal to only Umno, the longest self-serving criminal organization in this country.

Ask Patail and Musa.

Anonymous,  15 March 2012 at 22:30  

Watch his ceramah at Pekan :

Anonymous,  15 March 2012 at 23:50  

I don't care if Shahrizat resigns or retire. What I care about is getting the RM250million back.

So, what's been done about that?

Anonymous,  16 March 2012 at 05:14  

The vicious cycle in BN is not a matter of dice. Everything is clear. The pleasure of corruption is more than anything can offer. Such sordid and pathetic acts of shahrizat sucking up the honey and let the bees hunt the people down. This is an unforgivable matter.

PM wants us, the rakyat, is to accept that UMNO is godlike and willingly to do any sacrifices necessary for the sake of people?

This money supposedly to do better things for the people who need it most during these hard timem. Dont bribe us with BR1M, book vouchers, subsidies, because all of these things are not making our life any better.

Applaud to none because even the blind and deaf people can actually see and listen to these leaking of the satanic accountancy.

I am a proud Malaysian. Work hard for the money to give me foods on the plate, pillow to put my head on, roof to protect me from sun and rain. I work hard to help my country to develop better just to see the leaders of my country arrogantly and blatantly put this country of mine to the ground of hell.

Am speaking on the behalf of no parties. Just myself. And for the sake of parents, brothers and sisters, friends and foes, and for you.

Your tears, dissatisfaction, sadness, and despair must be repaid. Like a Vendetta once said;
"People should not be afraid to the government, it's the government should be afraid to the people"


Anonymous,  16 March 2012 at 08:26  

Dear Datuk

Another razor sharp analysis to the point. Datuk I know you can't respond to all the comments by your readers. But with the mainstream media portraying the opposition as agents of Christianisation and Sino-Chaunvinists, usurpers of rulers' power , etc folk like this lady who teared up are drinking the Kool-Aid given to them.
My question is naive-Do we stand a chance now or ever?

I wish you all the very best

Anonymous,  16 March 2012 at 15:05  

do you know that the UMNOOO goons will not believe what you had said, they are deaf and blind. How good is the PR UMNO will still win GE13. Believe me.

Anonymous,  16 March 2012 at 15:10  

Hello! Ini hari you sudah cium muntut LKS?

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