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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 10 March 2012

Zaid Ibrahim for Kota Bharu- Killing with a Borrowed Knife.

One interesting piece of news I read was the declaration by the president of Parti KITA, Zaid Ibrahim. He says he wants to contest in Kota Bharu.  Zaid is a native of KB and in fact served as its MP from 2004-2008.  He has a foundation there, committed to welfare work and of helping people.
Why can’t Zaid be considered as candidate material?  PAS needs a face to represent its inclusiveness. Zaid is eminently qualified to play that role. It’s not like having Zaid contest on PAS ticket will lead to the destruction of the jealously guarded founding and operating principles of PAS. PAS can in fact employ Zaid to destroy UMNO. It’s called killing off you enemy with a borrowed knife. Zaid isn’t of the same quality as Ibrahim Ali for example.
Zaid can win in KB if PAS supports him. It’s more important to defeat the UMNO candidate, Fatmi Salleh. Kelantanese should not even surrender an inch to UMNO and BN in the next elections. Mustapha Mohamad is only building castles in the air when he declared that UMNO can retake 28 state seats in Kelantan.
I implore the Kelantanese people, take the RM 500 BR1M- but never forget that it’s UMNO which has victimized and denied Kelantan from getting oil royalty. Translate this stand in the next elections by kicking out all the UMNO candidates including Mustapha Mohamad. Tok Pa isn’t the only person in Malaysia who can work hard. Mustapha Mohamad has been giving money to Kelantanese voters for years on end. That’s daylight bribing. If Mustapha is so pristine, why pay voters?
Back to Zaid Ibrahim. His declared intention has been met with some opposition. The current MP is from PAS and the incumbent says he is not worried about it. The more virulent opposition came from the self-declared KITA president- one Zamil Ibrahim. His outbursts however can be dismissed as one who has some personal issues with Zaid Ibrahim.
Let’s say something about KITA. What surprises most observers is the interest that UMNO shows in KITA. The MSM, TV and other media instruments were quick to expand and gloss over the internal troubles of KITA. Why was UMNO so perturbed and so interested in KITA?
At a recent meeting of the KITA office bearers, the majority of them are behind Zaid Ibrahim. So as far as the party constitution says, Zaid Ibrahim is still the president of KITA. Zamil Ibrahim and his supporters have used the ROS to advance their cause. But I think the ROS’s functions are to ensure all the technicalities concerning the administration of an organization which are under the purview of ROS are followed. It doesn’t include actually running a political party. The party has its constitution. The constitution spells our clearly, how one becomes its party president. It’s not the business of the ROS to impose its choice as to who becomes the KITA president. Zaid’s position has party constitutional legitimacy while Zamil’s is purely self-appointed. Zamil is what Murugiah is to PPP once until he elected to join the MIC and fades into oblivion.
When things started to go awry in KITA a few months back, the people most upset were from UMNO. How is this possible since KITA is of no interest to UMNO?  UMNO regards it as an nonstarter and does not threaten UMNO in the least. If so, why was UMNO so upset leading even the DPM to decry the intention of Zaid to stand down KITA? 
UMNO’s interest in KITA can only suggest one thing. That, it has bought over some KITA members and was planning to use them to stand as UMNO sponsored candidates in the next election. UMNO plans to use KITA members whom they have bought over in 3 cornered fights using its usual divide and conquer stratagem.
Talking about stratagems, we now come to Zaid’s declaration to contest in Kota Bharu.  We noticed that none of the PAS big guns- Nik Aziz, Haji Hadi, Mat Sabu have come out to reject Zaid’s offer to stand in KB.
I think their stand is wise. The possibility of having Zaid to contest in KB is therefore not discounted absolutely. There are strategic advantages in considering having Zaid contest in KB actually. What Zaid says about neither PAS nor UMNO carrying out substantive work in KB may be true.
I think PAS top leadership should consider Strategy number 3 in the 36 stratagems of the Art of War. 
Strategy 3 states that - Borrow one's hand to kill. (Kill with a borrowed knife.). it means, victory can be obtained by attacking  using the strength of another (because of lack of strength or do not want to use own strength).
The overriding objective of PAS and of PR is to overthrow the sons of bitches who are ruining the country at the moment. UMNO plans to put up Fatmi Salleh, the PM’s political secretary as the UMNO candidate in KB. Fatmi’s posters with the PM are all over KB with the headlines- Tolong Kami Untuk Menolong Anda or something to that effect, in KB schools and places of public viewing.
The advantage of using Zaid to contest in KB lies chiefly in the fact that Zaid knows how UMNO operates. He can detect their deception and expose them. Why not use a borrowed knife to kill off UMNO?


bruno,  10 March 2012 at 09:28  

Dato,yes why not used a borrowed knife to kill off Umno.PR needs all the help it can get.If Zaid can help in getting Umno/BN candidates to lose more seats,so much the better.

Umno has not only throw the kitchen sink at the opposition.Even the toilet and dishwashers are on the streets.The recent humongous pay rise of civil servants will help Umno a lot.When FGV is listed,Umno will have a few more billions to throw around.

Umno/BN is going all out to buy the elections.The people should take whatever carrots the Umno/BN throw at them and vote PR anyway.They are really desperate as their freedom depends on winning the GE.Losing means prison or exile TO THEM.

Parang Hilang,  10 March 2012 at 09:46  

As long as the Parang is not tumpul! If too tajam he can cut his own fingers. He should use it on Chua Soi Lek and make him equal like all Malaysians with two legs.

Tapi, Parang Tajam Siapa Punye? ;) Cik Mamat?

Anonymous,  10 March 2012 at 10:04  


PAS may have no fight against Zaid...

Unfortunately Zaid has been seen as an unpredictable person who can turn around and bite the person that has helped him...

Anonymous,  10 March 2012 at 10:06  

Gue x caya lu Zaid..flip-flop!

Anonymous,  10 March 2012 at 13:15  

sak- u must be kidding to suggest a flipflop to contest under PR.
can we trust this type of material.
can u guarantee he will not join BN
after winning under PAS??
PAS should never consider him.


Anonymous,  10 March 2012 at 14:01  

Another Zahrain in d making, perhaps.
If he is sincere maybe as a start he can help Pas candidate to win the Kb seat and surely PR can consider him as future candidate in 14th GE.

Anonymous,  10 March 2012 at 14:15  

PAS Patut bagi jalan kat ZAID Lawan Ibrahim ALI di Pasir Mas

khairil,  10 March 2012 at 15:17  

According to his book(saya pun melayu) he is an advocate of secularism. I don't think pas will be too happy with that and umno will surely use this issue once again, just like when zaid contest in selangor once.

Kampong man,  10 March 2012 at 15:56  

Hi Bruno,
I like to believe you but the feeling good sentiment are in the air.Lets hope we seetle all this by June and move on for the better of all us. Have fun writing.Thanks.

Anonymous,  10 March 2012 at 17:35  

Dipersilakan! Kami orang KB sedang menunggu-nunggu untuk MEMANGKAH Zaid!!!

Anonymous,  10 March 2012 at 19:31  

Sorry... no trust a flip-flopper.

He should just help PAS win the KB seat if he is sincere.

If PAS retains the Kelantan state government, it can consider nominating him to a senatorship in return for his help.

Anonymous,  10 March 2012 at 19:33  

correct- the kelantanese gets peanuts n the coalition leaders take billions?? what an irony?? no royalty n no money but the kelantan folks have sound principles<< voters eslewhere should emulate the kelantan folks- money cannot buy them>>>

Kampong man,  10 March 2012 at 20:28  

I will not take Zaid seriously.As much as i wish my old boy(STAROBA)to succeed i will not recommend him.He left UMNO,left PKR and about to abolish KITA and whatever happen to him now finally.This is what we say mereka yang tidak punyai PERJUANGAN kental,mudah kecewa atau merajuk kerana sesuatu.
But that is his choice and lets see if the KB people really are behind him.Believe he will contest as independent and why not ?

The Kelantan Oil Royalty issue will continue to be one of the major issues.It is a non political issue if one understand the Petroleum Development Act (PDA)1974fully.This has been brought to Parliament and even to High court.I am hopeful that this will be resolved amicably if there are legal provisions for it.Otherwise ,it will continue to be Wang Ikhsan .The JDA (Joint Development Area) bordering Thailand and Malaysia hopefully will benefit Kelantan .But then it is not within the 3KM from the shore.I like to see highways to Kelantan be completed ASAP .Kelantan deserve this highway whoever is at Putrajaya.

Anonymous,  10 March 2012 at 20:39  

Ibrahim Ali used PAS' knife to kill Umno candidate in Pas' Mas in 2008GE. After winning Ibrahim dumped Pas & now goes round condemning Pas and Pakatan.
Zaid is quite a controversial character. He will not win KB under KITA. It is a waste of time and resources. I still feel that let it be a PAS man against Umno candidate. Bring in Mat Sabu to do the job. Mat Sabu will win hands down.

bruno,  10 March 2012 at 22:15  

Kampong man,

long time haven't heard from you,as you are so quiet.Must have stayed on the sidelines with QD analysing the political conditions of Umno,I guessed.

With fifty five years of mass corruption of the people's bank,public institutions and the country,full of rich natural resources,now debt ridden on their resume,all the signs of desperation are there.

Blindly supporting rightwing and extremist groups out to instigate racial and religious disharmony.The Umno GOM desperately pushing for the listing of FGV,a crooked business venture.And now the 8-13% wage increase for civil servants as a carrot for voting for the Umno/BN.

When an incumbent government acts the way Umno/BN is acting,playing games of money politics with the people's money,it is the first sign of a regime overstaying its welcome and is on the way out.The only way out is for Umnoputras to have the hundreds of billions stashed off shore back into the country and have a last hurrah.

Anonymous,  10 March 2012 at 23:47  

I used to respect ZI a lot after he resigned from his senior cabinet ministerial post on principle ground to protest the abuse of human rights via ISA.

I feel sorry for him that from a man of great honor , integrity and principle , he can become a man of no principle and flip-flopping in such a short span of time.

Quiet Despair,  11 March 2012 at 00:52  

There's something about Kelantanese which I admire. They dare to announce that they are contesting. Kudos.
Ibrahim Ali, Zaid Ibrahim and granny Maimum have all announced they are our candidates for the GE. Gran Maimum is standing in Terengganu but she is a Kelanntanese. That explains her bravery.
It must have something to do with their water. Dirty water. Heeheehee.
They are so unlike us outside of the negeri Che Siti Wan Kembang, a brave heroin herself
We want to contest but we sheepishly nudge, nudge, wink, wink to say choose me please. Or we go back-stabbing if we are not chosen.
And it's in their DNA to look after their own kind. In kelatespeak Kito belo oghe kito. Toksei oghe lain.
So it's no surprise that St Nick is mum on Zaid. Remmember he gave his blessings to Braim to contest as independent but under his umbrage.
Maybe Tok Guru Nicky wants Zaid as a candidate but he's wary of Anu-war since Zaid has issues with Keadilan.
Of course, opportunist Zaid will want to kill with a borrowed knife anytime. Guno kapak kecikpun boleh gok. (Is the kapak kecil, which we fear long-long ago, extinct?)
He will be most glad if it is UMNO's knife he can use to win. But UMNO is no longer interested in him.
I think any rational party will not want a frog in their midst. If not, DAP will be laying out the read carpet for him. If he is credible, surely LKS and LGE will welcome him like the special treatment to Sak and Aspan.
It is good if Zaid contests in KB, because Fatmi can win.
Voters will reject Zaid because of his ambivalency. On again, off again in Kita. You step down as president and quit Kita and before the ink is dry, you come back again. Shameless.
I do not think UMNO is courting Kita. But it is Kita who is latching on to UMNO in the hope of winning one or two token seats. That is why even Zaid when he was in Kita was showing preferences to UMNO. And the new president is doing the same.
Bro, Zaid or Braim is irrelevant. We want your take on Ku Li's position. Is he contesting again or he is only concentrating on leading the Kelantan UMNO campaign. Or will Najib his ex nephew-in-law will leave him out in the cold? Or will he drop a bombshell that his new political vehicle has been registered as a political party and will be contesting. Possibly in alliance with PAS.
That I think is what everyone wants to know especially Kelantanese.
You mentioned about the BR1M. My Kelate colleague was fuming mad. "Najid kecek Kelate neghori termiskin. Gapo cakap lagu tu. Oghe Kelate tokseipun pitih RM500 tu. Mache mano kecek kito oghe miskin."


Over to you our resident old wise sage. You are acknowledged as Sak's equal.
Thanks for calling me a leaded brain boy, in your previous posting, whose green ears may lead to me joining PAS. Hahaha I am not green, but wet,wet, wet behind the ears.
Seriously I don't mind becoming a PAS member if they can convert me. Tok guru may even welcome me as a member of the Ulamak council.
I too don't mind becoming DAP red. Its the light blue flag which I will not go near. Hahaha.
Oh Walla, you talk about me and gardening.
I want to be like like Mary Contrary.
Mary, Mary quite contrary/ How does your garden grow/ With silver-bells and cockle-shells? And pretty maids all in a row.
Do they teach this nursery rhyme in Malaysian schools?

ordinary malaysian 11 March 2012 at 03:09  

Datuk, are you not certain it is dejavu?

awang batuburok,  11 March 2012 at 08:20  

Salam sejahtera semua,

Rakyat telah memberikan banyak peluang kpd Dato Zaid tetapi telah di sia-siakan oleh beliau.

Berlaku adil lah kpd rakyat dgn memberi peluang kpd "winnable candidate" untuk bertanding di KB dlm PRU 13 nanti.

Apakah setiap misi perjuangan utk rakyat dimestikan dgn menjadi calun
dlm PRU or PRK?

Pak Pandai 11 March 2012 at 13:18  

Clever ploy by Zaid.

He did all these nonsense.

Say he wants to win for opposition.

So he masuk tanding!

When he loses, he will have one seat fot UMNO !

That's very clever!

Anonymous,  11 March 2012 at 18:56  

I just wonder why you are supporting this unsopportable katak and opptunist ?!

Anonymous,  13 March 2012 at 05:43  

For an astute man, you are not making sense here. Of course zaid does have a chance to win, but surely you can guess what will happen next

homemaker,  17 March 2012 at 18:39  

Greetings Dato,
I am a regular visitor to your blog but have never commented. Just couldn't resist this time. Thank you for explaining to simple me what has been going on within Barisan National. Folks like me will pass on the extra knowledge for sure. Seremban/Port Dickson has a VIP Scumbag and I pray he will be completely wiped out this coming General Election. Until then have a nice weekend Dato :-)

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