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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 2 April 2012

UMNO's Tangled Web of Deceit (2)

The UMNO leadership must be mad. It is going around the country senselessly spewing hate politics to stay in power. Everyone knows UMNO is the one sanctioning a forum in Johore on the threat of Christian missionary work in Malaysia. The faith of the ordinary Muslim is so fragile that they cannot defend themselves from the onslaught of Christian evangelizing. As expected, we have the farcical PM doing his good cop routine by asking people to be tolerant of each other’s religion. He should be asking the organizers in Johore to stop sowing the seeds of dissension and raising the specter of religious confrontation. You are so hollow Mr. PM.

This is UMNO’s emblem of shame sowing the seeds of divisiveness in our society. We have a PM hypocritically intoning his idea of 1Malaysia yet he is one who fiddles while the country is burning. (1) You allow the possibility of racial implosion in order to stay in power. (2) you allow continuing  the shaming of Anwar with sordid details of sexual trysts laying bare the sad truth that UMNO and BN can only stay in power on account on someone else’s arse and sexual adventures of your adversary. 

UMNO, it seems can only extend its miserable existence by depending on the band of liars consisting of messrs Umi Hafilda, Zulkifli Nordin, Ezam Mat Nor, Nallakarpan et al.  its devoid of mission and vision. 

The Malays ought to be ashamed of the non-Malays. Tales of sexual indiscretions are also carried out there, yet the non-Muslims appear to be more observant to the Islamic religious dictum of not publicly humiliating your fellow human. For the Malays, the last 13 years, they have been suffocated with no other headline grabbing news other that sexploits of Anwar. Your courts have acquitted him and the PM, if he is responsible would put a stop to UMNO’s predilection with political pornography. 

While others are competing with the world, Malays remain engrossed and transfixed over the ‘philosophical’ debates about the size of Anwar’s penis and his sexual preferences.  Surely this must be a characteristic of a race par excellence who make up the majority in the country, which the PM tells Obama, practises the best democracy. 

We the people of Malaysia who are committed to peace and stability and harmony so that we can all prosper together have only one option- to kick the people now inhabiting Putrajaya on a TOL tenure, out. We accuse you further of treasonous acts by bringing in the Myanmarese, Bangladeshis, Nepalese, Indonesians and other illegal immigrants and giving them mykad in return for the promise of voting you in power. It’s scandalous to watch these people jumping queue, elbowing polite Malaysians to get the RM 500 BR1M. 

UMNO is bald-facedly promoting its 3Rs to stay in power- Race, Religion and Royalty. That’s scrapping the bottom of the barrel. This is the new politics that’s forming the basis of the transforming agenda of Najib’s BN. it’s nothing other than agenda to reinforce the UMNO elite’s hegemony. It’s sad really- while the UMNO foot solders shout on top of their lungs Hidup Melayu here and there, the UMNO leader continue to pillage and plunder in the name of race, religion and Royalty. 

Your bothers and kin face litigation for delaying to pay the PTPTN, some people can use the RM250 million as they damn well pleased and haven’t paid a single sen. You have to pay all those loans in order for the government in turn pay the IPP operators and the toll operators. You shout yourselves coarse; the 113 marginal oilfields owned by PETRONAS are already earmarked for companies owned by the UMNO elites and their princelings. You have to pay up you know, so that pictures of the princelings get into the list of Malaysian billionaires. Then you are advised – that’s all right and acceptable because at least they ARE Malays.  It’s this kind of thinking that enslaves the Malay mind. Transgressions are forgivable if committed by your own kind. 

It’s their new mantra, adopted quickly as the new strategy to remain in power. It’s the new prayer said before the UMNO apparatchik goes to sleep replacing the customary invocation of Bismillah 21 times. Its UMNO’s last stand to prevent the nightmare of losing power. Happily, for most of us, kicking out the enslaving UMNO  is daily becoming a real possibility. 

At the top, presiding over the political apparatus that has gone mad is the poster boy Najib Razak. Yes, the man who got a 69% approval rating by way of a survey that asked very open ended and impractical questionnaires. Looked at from another angle, Najib is detaching himself from UMNO- a behavior that isn’t at odds with his real political self actually. He is a natural when looking out for himself first while those besides him will be left to slug it out among themselves. As long as his position and interest are preserved, he doesn’t care what’s happening to the political party claiming to look out for the interests of Malays. 

But that should be a boon to the opposition party- destroy Najib’s credibility and UMNO is no more. If UMNO think-tankers think they can get new insights on how to bamboozle the rakyat while spending time in Myanmar admiring the stupas, that’s no skin off our noses. 

The way UMNO preaches the siege on the Malay race destroys whatever semblance of sincerity and good intentions the PM may have had since he took over from Abdullah Badawi 2 years ago.  The very people who attacked the Malay rulers were UMNO people led by Dr Mahathir, the prince descended from Kerala. One would puke if one were to listen how Rais Yatim once described Dr Mahathir. 

As to the siege on Islam by the Christians, it must  have been the Christian threat to Islam that has contributed to the alarming rate of Muslim mothers abandoning new born infants at doorsetps, rubbish dumps etc. that despite having all sorts of imam muda, ask your ustaz and other Islamic evangelizing programs in the media, the state of Islam in Malaysia, is imperiled. 

The chickens have come home to roost baby. It shows finally that Najib is a maestro only when it comes to mouthing political nothings. He is what he really is- a hustler trying to sell snake oil politics to what he thought is a gullible and easily mesmerized society. He has leant that people are less enamored with poster boy image and are actually looking for substance. Hence as Daim once said- the age where you think you can just pay your  way through is over and the statement by Razaleigh Hamzah that the PM will not do anything new because I know this boy- are finally sinking into the minds of right thinking Malaysians. Those who aren’t thinking rightly include those zombie highly paid civil servants who continue maniacally preaching that Malays will be finished if UMNO goes. 

This is the UMNO idea that must be destroyed in order to liberate the Malay mind which has been kept subservient and docile for a long time. UMNO continues to thrive only if the minds of Malays are held captive. When Mahathir spoke of the need to have smart people inside UMNO with a view of putting them up as candidates- he is revealing the truth about UMNO. Smart people do not want to be in UMNO and unfortunately Mahathir is much to be blamed for this. But UMNO need not fear- if they want some smart people to contest- please refer to Dr Mahathir- he has a coterie of sycophantic brainy people to recommend. Why won’t UMNO try them out? Maybe one can stand in Masjid India constituency. Another can stand in Sungai Buloh. Put up another in Muar.


OneMalaysian,  2 April 2012 at 07:52  

Dear Sakmongkol

“This is the UMNO idea that must be destroyed in order to liberate the Malay mind which has been kept subservient and docile for a long time.”

And only liberated non-UMNO Malays can do it.

UMNO has quite successfully cast the Christians, the Chinese, and just about everyone and everything else as a threat to the Malays. In reality, of course, it is UMNO itself that is the real enemy of the free Malay.

I found this article in the Financial Times today, entitled “Groupthink is no match for solo genius”. And I thought how apt it was in understanding the Malay mind, why the Malays collectively under UMNO’s influence seem to fail to produce the individual geniuses so essential to their society. I will quote a particular section that talks about the results of a scientific experiment.

“If you lock a bunch of high-IQ people in a room and tell them to get on with a simple task, what will they emerge with? Lower IQs, for one thing. A pecking order formed. The low performers showed high responses in the part of the brain that regulates fear. Most of the men became “high performers”, most of the women “low performers”, but no one blossomed. The scientists concluded that “individuals express diminished cognitive capacity in small groups, an effect that is exacerbated by perceived lower status”. In other words, they get dumber.”

The Malays under UMNO operate not as a small group, but as a very large group, but the results are not dissimilar to what the scientists discovered. There is a ”dumbing down” effect of the masses because of the few vocal and dominant (but corrupt and self-serving) UMNO leaders. The ordinary Malays are gripped by fear (produced and instilled by UMNO) of the possible loss of their religion, their status, their culture, and their dignity. These feudal lords have induced fear in the Malays and thus kept them subservient.

It is indeed a pity that the party that claims to help the Malays is actually doing the exact opposite.

ordinary malaysian 2 April 2012 at 09:00  

Datuk, did you actually want to say that non-Malays should be ashamed of the Malays and not the other way round like you have put it?

Yeah, Najib Kor is at it again, singing beautiful refrains. We all know too well he does that often. Karaoke is fun what. Who cares if what you sing doesn't match the song?

What Mahathir probably meant by Umno not having smart Malays is smart in the sense that he thinks he is smart.

Do Malaysians want to have another smart Mahathir?

Krishna 2 April 2012 at 09:58  

It is about time that ALL MALAYS be told the truth. Mamathir, by pretending to be a Malay and with his glib tongue, fooled all Malays for 22 years as PM of this country. In course of it, he enriched himself, his family, his cronies and friends.

I will not be surprised that all those soft loans given to cronies have never been paid back. I hope it is true as this will enable the the PR government to take back the projects which the rakyat financed.

Anonymous,  2 April 2012 at 10:20  

I longed and wish that Malaysian has the courage to resort to the true and proven means to get rid of this bunch of devilish hypocrite crooks that is destroying the nation. Ballot box is no longer the only option.

Orang Fatani

Anonymous,  2 April 2012 at 10:21  


UMNO plays the old vinyl record over and over again. The Malays need to be unshackled from the 'fear' mentality to realize their fullest potential. The former Lord President's book titled 'Shit' best describes UMNO's predicament.

bruno,  2 April 2012 at 10:21  

Dato,when Umno is weak from the knees downwards,it usually pick on the weakest of the group to hit back,as the scrapegoat for their failures.In this case it is the Christians,whom is supposed to offer the right cheek if slapped on the left.

How can the Muslims a majority,be afraid of the Christians a minority.Is the Muslims actually so weak in their faith,or are their leaders trying to paint it that way,just to get them agitated or agravated.

Let us look at Indonesia,the largest Muslim nation on earth.When it comes down to religion,it is the peoples right to choose.There are Malays who are Christians.And they do not have to hide their religious belief.And they are still the largest Muslim nation.

The signs are there.Umno is on the edge of flipping over the cliff.And there is nobody at the side to stop them.When they go down they will go down alone.The majority will desert like rats on a sinking ship.

Maybe it is time to legalise porn.Since Umnoputras are so obsessed with sex.Be it coming from the front or at the back,to them anything goes.After they are kicked out the only thing they will be talking is sex,not politics anymore.

For Najib he is pulling out all the stops.He will keep trying whatever tricks he has up his sleeves and hope that one will eventually work for him.But the PR must not let down their guards,because they will be all out to cheat.Umno might import aliens from Zimbabwe and Somalia as a last resort.

Anonymous,  2 April 2012 at 10:25  

To Mr Krishna 09.58, Most Malays /Malaysian are aware of the truth.But the question could they pluck enough courage to do something to put a stop once and for all to all these?

Red Alfa 2 April 2012 at 10:38  

Salam Dato'

This piece is classic hard hitting Sakmongkol.

Didn't we have the gist of it yesterday in your say to why you have chosen DAP/to leave UMNO.

More Malays must especially know why you/we must leave UMNO. Say it again and again, hard and true it's UMNO that has failed us.

Do go far, strong and deep in your disclosures and free the enslaved Malay minds. So now UMNO will be looking for skeletons in your closet; you may have many but their predilictions/preoccupation with fitnah and making up fitnah will be of no consequence.

No more.. because the Malay minds you will have liberated will no more be distracted by sleights and political pornography.

Anonymous,  2 April 2012 at 11:07  

today is CHRISTIANITY- tomorrow is BUDDHISM n the next day- HINDUISM??why sow disunity n not harmony n unity??where is sound policies >malaysian unity

Anonymous,  2 April 2012 at 11:27  

Najib detached himself from UMNO because he knows how bad the people viewed UMNO. So, in order to be accepted by all people, he tried to distance himself from UMNO. So, why do we trust UMNO when even the PM himself does not trust them.

Anonymous,  2 April 2012 at 12:50  

That's why I can't see why the Indians are where they are today. After all, we had an Indian PM before in Kutty. What did he do for the Indians, apart from making Samy Vellu filthy rich? If anyone should be blamed today for the Indians predicament, it's him.

Malchindian,  2 April 2012 at 13:45  

A very no holds barred article!
One cannot assume that the grassroots already know about the ogre umno has mutated into. Reaching out has to be continuous and hard hitting with proof of wasted monies. The recent RM600million spent in just 11 weeks example should be mind boggling enough to start with.

It is interesting that Anon 11.27 suggested Jibby is distancing himself from umno. This is insurance for his self preservation in the event umno burns. Let's not forget he has his private "little" army of Rela ready to do his bidding....even ethnic cleansing if need be. The Rela outfit is sinister and the recent killing of a Nigerian who was purported to have raped a local should not be brushed aside lightly. The MO is to train the outfit then test out their skills. Was that a practise run? How many more have been conducted and kept from the public?Support must be given to the Bar council who are want Rela disbanded. Uphill a task but public sentiments will count if people are educated both urban and rural.

Is there a criminologist amongst your readers who can shed some light? Are we really prepared for all eventualities? This GE is going to be big and dirty.

Jamal,  2 April 2012 at 14:34  

Jews, Christians, Chinese, Americans are being used to spook the minds of the ordinary Malays. Now with more Malays being liberated in their thinkings, a new tag; 'liberal Muslims' has been added to the list of boogeymen.

Just read some of the articles in the Malay mainstream media churned out by UMNO operatives masquerading as religious columnists. Even sermons churned out by UMNO-controlled religious departments during Friday prayers, are used to lambast these 'liberal Muslims'.

The 3Rs (including sex tall-tales) are definitely being used in the widest sense to demonize anyone who UMNO perceived as its enemies.

Malaysians need to come to their senses and instead put UMNO-BN to sleep (like euthanizing) to relieve the pain suffered by the nation.

Anonymous,  2 April 2012 at 15:51  

Oh Wise one the corruption and sapu of rm250 million and a write off of RM500 million worse are not real Malay lah when UMNO Untuk Melayu Not Original. when ptptn loans is chase with a poor kampung boys sued to their arse.
Tq wise one and i fully agree with you when the put those clowns and liars like those names you mention it makes the rakyat even more angry at their stupid and desperate actions esp the kulim monkey who was a nobody until he became an ape via PKR ticket and now using religion to make a kingly living. Please keep on writing about them and sorry i am a bit lembab i surely owed this blog the appropriate contribution via CIMB. syabas syabas

Anonymous,  2 April 2012 at 16:19  

In very few pale shades difference, UMNO's Malaysia is no different than Zion Israel. It's probably in cahoots though the pretences belie all.

But hey! Since when has UMNO told any truth but lies. Even APCO is more less Israel. The so-called anti-semitism is no less than the Tuan Melayu spins in slightly different hues.

We would do well to whip up their panic with kuda kepang and chuck off that Zion Hasan to Hell.

Anonymous,  2 April 2012 at 16:33  


This UMNO BN is playing with the sentiment of the Malays almost Muslims.

For some Malays (not all), perkara seks, anak luar nikah ini are very dark matter and can mencemar nama baik keluarga sampai ke anak cucu.

Tapi ...... when comes to rasuah, benci membenci, umpat mengumpat, jealous sana jelaous sini, it seems almost nothing to them. NOTHING!!!

That's why UMNO BN, play "sexual" title for political assasination.

The problem again, some kampung folks DON'T EVEN CARE if UMNO leaders main RASUAH SANA RASUAH SINI.

I just don't understand the hardcore UMNO supporters seeing the UMNO leaders playing RASUAH in broad daylight ..... haiiyaaaaa, macam angin berlalu begitu saja ...... "Awak tolong saya, saya tolong awak" Nak muntah saya with that statement.

Just imagine, when the term comes to the end, ada ada saja tolong sana tolong sini, beri duit sana beri duit sini.

Maybe the old folks in kampong don't really care about this, but then they say "... kita makan garam dulu ...." Geleng kepala saya, kalau makan garam dulu sudah tentu nampak hitam putih nya.

Generasi Y, if still hardcore UMNO supporters, well .......

If 200 years, white men became president of USA, but the new generation dare to change it to dark skin in 2008 ... how come some people not even dare to change from UMNO BN to PR just for 5 years term.

He ... He .... some Malays even think UMNO ini macam sultanlah...

Anonymous,  2 April 2012 at 17:28  

It is time the rakyat unite to banish this regime who has declared war on its people.

Anonymous,  2 April 2012 at 17:48  

After the jews, communists,chinese, now the christians have become convenient bogeyman to these crafty,greedy warlord politicians.Why in the world so many groups want to threaten the malays-islam-amno in less than 6 months period?!And the super silence from bn allies is world class really.

FMZam 2 April 2012 at 21:39  

YBhg Dato',

We have a situation where the non-Malays are as divided as the Malays in not voting for Pakatan. Whilst there are Malays willing to vote for Pakatan with the possibility of forgoing their special previleges and live as equal citizen, the nons who grieved and grudged the specialized Malays are never united to vote BN out. In as much as the Malay minds are not liberated, to me it' more the captive minds of the nons that need to be explored as to why they are not supporting the change that they have been harping on all these while.

No matter how great is the tenacity of attacks on UMNO every now and then,

Quiet Despair,  2 April 2012 at 23:20  

Happy 3rd anniversary as PM, DS Najib.
And tonight, he commemorated his auspicious day by presenting the report of the government's transformation programme.
Potong pulut kuning lagi, girls and boys.
Our poster-boy wowed a packed audience, young and old, who were beaming like him and who applauded him many times.
I am impressed. Najib looked so confident and upbeat about the programmes which he described as on the right track to 2020.
Not at all like the do nothing or soon-to-defeated PM as portrayed by our blog owner.
I see tonight as the mother of all election campaign.
A grand presage to a GE which can be held in a month or two. We can take the cue from the EC boss who said those who registered last Sunday can vote by June.
He enumerated the successes of BN government from the DEB till now which has come a long way, baby.
A looooong story of success. BN has come home again to roost, baby.
Najib bravely said that BN is a welfare giver for the rakyat, a responsible government which is upfront with the people and will not bankrupt the nation as the doom sayers thinks.
The clincher which received the biggest applause was when he said that we have a competent driver in him and we must not change driver mid-stream.
And the wanna be-driver he described as a person who promised the sun, the moon and the galaxy but nothing to show.
A "dangerous' person to quote him. Hahaha.
Given the upbeat scenario tonight, we are poised for another term of BN rule.
Looks like the happy predictions of Pakatan victory is just bluster, bang and bash.
A forlorn hope, a blind hope, my friends.
Bro Sak, like my people in Temerloh said gonae melawen nya!
This is just to kick-start your take on tonight's show which you will rebut point-by-point.
Bring it on, bro.

apanama pun boleh,  3 April 2012 at 02:45  

Melayu tak akan mati tanpa sokongan UMNO,tapi UMNO akan mati terbeliak tanpa sokongan Melayu.

Thats why Jibby The Takut Bini spewing the hatred propaganda amongst the races of Msia.But he forgot that,not only Msia has UMNO Baru,but Melayu Baru too,who are not afraid to kick UMNO hard this coming GE13.

Geronimo 3 April 2012 at 06:37  

Dato', one thing I must give credit to this Najib fella. By now, every one knows that he is nothing more than a bare faced liar. Despite this, he still have the guts to stand in front of a crowd and repeat those lies over and over again without so much as twitching a muscle on his face. Amazing, simply amazing.

Anonymous,  3 April 2012 at 07:53  

Everything is wrong in Malaysia and it is not UMNO alone that is the cause of it. The macc, police, ag, ec, parliament speaker (they don't deserve capital letters here) and other institutions are equally responsible. It is impossible that umno is all powerful unless its collaborators work hand in hand with them or have NO BALLS to do what they are paid and responsible for.Its like a policeman working hand in hand with thieves which they are suppose to catch. One thing for sure is that the UMNO govt (MCA, MIC, Gerakanj & others are only slaves in the govt)cannot last forever and when the new govt do takes over, I'm hope they will investigate EVERY corruption and crime so that all those involved will either go to jail or get HANGED and the money stolen from the country be repatriated back to Malaysia. Such actions should also be targeted at the officers in the macc, police, ag, ec etc. It will be justice time!

Anonymous,  3 April 2012 at 18:11  

["...Blogger Geronimo said...

Dato', one thing I must give credit to this Najib fella. By now, every one knows that he is nothing more than a bare faced liar. Despite this, he still have the guts to stand in front of a crowd and repeat those lies over and over again without so much as twitching a muscle on his face. Amazing, simply amazing. ..."]

Another non-ironic meaning by "amazing". A complimentary intent is most always mistaken for everything is done right in Malaysia...governance is there, people are responsible and accountable etc.

This BELIES the true but always missed reality ... of fascism in Malaysia! We are a Police State!

"Polis RAJA di Malaysia" !!!

Without that people will shit in their pants by the very unspoken thought of it!

Anonymous,  6 April 2012 at 09:58  

2 April 2012 12:50

If anyone should be blamed today for the Indians predicament, it's him.

Samy alone ? What about the whole band of plunderers in mic & dancing queens of mic wanita leaders. And the powerful, status conscious wealthy Indians aligned to mic, too busy doing correct, correct, correct for UMNO leaders ?

And the common Indians being candied repeatedly to vote for MIC. Just watch how the MIC leaders and die-hard supporters will belly dance and sing the tune, taking photo shots with Najib and his queen for UMNo, serenading the overnight vip Indian laborers, and imported citizens come GE 13.

If all the thousands of unemployed Malay youths and middle age group are engaged personally by PKR leaders, pro PK bloggers and supporters to vote for PKR, ABU, umno is euthanized / euthanasia-ed.

I reckon it is good for some to start praying and fasting for God to move the hearts and mind to right the wrongs. And individuals, personally determine to eradicate the gap of suspicion and close the race division right from wherever we are.

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