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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 5 April 2012

UMNO's Mortal Conceit

It’s just appalling. When I put up a point by point rebuttal disputing what Najib said in his monologue report, the only rejoinder that I got was to question my Malay-ness. Those diatribes and snide remarks came from the usual suspects of the dyed in the wool UMNO apparatchiks. They are entitled to their opinions. There is also this vermin who accused me of not being a gentleman for denying his comments. He can claim whatever he wants but the comments that he alluded to are not worth putting up in my blog. They are not up to standard. Do not insist this is an open forum- it’s not. It’s my blog and I do whatever pleases me. Opposing views if argued well are given due recognition. Moreover, a gentleman must identify himself or herself instead of hiding behind the notoriety of an anonymous commentator.
No one puts a stout defense to the gaping holes in Najib’s one way rendition of his own success. We were shown only the scene of the ground breaking ceremony in the rushed up job to start off the MRT project. On the other ETP projects, we were only shown artist’s impression.
When a person reports on himself, can we expect him to be critical? More so, if he is the UMNO president, whose mental horizon does not extend beyond calculations to ensure he remains president and put down all potential claimants to his presidency. In addition there are the usual invectives about my joining the DAP being the cause for Malay disunity.
Well, here is the problem. The accusation rests on the validity of the claim that only UMNO’s hegemony represents Malay unity. That is not the case. Malay unity is not the monopoly of UMNO nor does UMNO own the rights to Malay unity. Malays unite for causes and for ideals beyond what UMNO can muster.
The main cause of Malay disunity is UMNO’s culture of enslaving the minds of Malays. It’s a feudal party infusing the feudal mentality on the Malays. Malays are taught (1) UMNO is the deity to which Malays owe obeisance and unquestioning loyalty. (2) UMNO is the dispenser of glad tidings. Combining (1) and (2) what do you have? - UMNO confers upon itself the right to define who is and is not Malay.
A Malay is a Malay only when he is an UMNO Malay. Very sorry, most of us don’t subscribe to this moronic redundancy.  UMNO candidates got 2 million out of the 5.7 million Malay votes in 2008. If it got 2 million votes, it means also that 1 million UMNO members did not vote for UMNO candidates. It can’t even claim it represents Malays anymore.
UMNO and BN got only 49% of the popular votes. Putrajaya has a voting population of 10,000 while Puchong has a population of 80,000. You could have 8 parliamentary seats in Puchong won by the opposition than one by UMNO in Putrajaya. But for the artful gerrymandering by UMNO and BN, Najib should be the opposition leader now. BN has 14 member components. We failed to see that it has another component party in the form of the SPR.  
So what is to be done? UMNO unleashes the 3R School of political mayhem. That explains the scare mongering tactics of fast irrelevant UMNO. In order to herd the Malays back into their fold UMNO is using the imagined assaults on Malays by the non-Malays especially the Chinese. UMNO is accusing certain groups in Malaysia of evangelizing Christianity. UMNO accuses non Malays especially the DAP as being anti-monarchy.
UMNO thinks Malays are a herd of cows which they can herd into submission. How do my criticisms on what UMNO has done to Malays constitute a reason for Malay disunity? Why should we accept that Malay unity exists only when it’s under UMNO hegemony? The fact of the matter, UMNO has lost its moral right to the claim it represents Malay unity.  Is it because of this realization of being rejected that you have lost all sense of balance?  However you look at it, it will not change my view that UMNO has betrayed the Malay cause. So you better wipe away that nervous smirk on your face insisting that being Malay means being an UMNO Malay.
 Its plain simple for all to see. He was referring to his great ETPs and all he has got to show is the ground breaking ceremony for the rushed up job of the MRT project. The other projects that he spoke of were supported with artist’s impressions. None have taken off right?
When he spoke about FDI, he failed to mention that of the top 5 spots, three are governed by Pakatan states. He has also ignored the report by the AG that the Pakatan states are the best managed states. His boast about abolishing the draconian ISA ignored the fact that it’s being replaced with other equally repressive laws. The bill for the abolition of the ISA has not even been tabled. Its only a glint in Najib’s eye at the moment. Everything Najib said can be rebutted.
And I will repeat the same thing despite the fact that some people got wet in the pants so enamored and besotted they were with Najib’s monologue, that Najib is just a hustler trying to sell his snake oil recipe to a gullible public. We are directed by our efforts to expose his hollowness and empty promises. The quality of his promises pale in comparison to what Pakatan offers.
I am telling my Malay brethren, the demise of UMNO does not mean the end of Malays. Malays rise up and push themselves forward by stepping out of the mental enslavement imposed on us by UMNO. UMNO wants us to treat it as a deity to whom we pledged obeisance and unquestioning loyalty. UMNO wants us to treat and regard it as the dispenser of glad tidings. It’s time for Malays to realize, a government is just an instrument by and through which we achieve common objectives and not something above us imposing its will upon us. Let’s get rid of this enslaving apparatus which is now led by Najib.
Don’t tell me that he is as stupid as he looks- the object of the opposition is to secure political power so that they can form the next government to carry out their promises. Najib can speak as he is now doing because he holds the power of federal government. Take that away from the equation, all you have are his promises designed and written by consultants which we can compare with the development blueprint of Pakatan.
This is a stupid way of arguing to convince others to your cause. Please don’t try to impose your condescension on me. I am not less Malay than you. And most of the comments that were directed to me were written in poor Bahasa Melayu. To that I can always say, your Malayness is questionable.
The basic defect in the arguments of these people is the insistence that you are Malay only when you are an UMNO member. Malays who do not share what UMNO fights for (and it doesn’t have a vision that’s it fighting for) are judged responsible for splitting up Malay unity. The principle of unity trust and cooperation is a common struggle for the advancement of the common good and fortification of one’s faith. You don’t cooperate nor can you trust a party that has betrayed the cause of Malays and a party that is largely responsible for ruinous policies for this country.


bat8 5 April 2012 at 16:39  

Dato Sak,

Mengikut UMNO Baru, seseorang itu menjadi melayu apabila dia menjadi ahli UMNO Baru....betul sekali!

mamak-mamak kat penang yang dok buat huruhara kat penang tu memang melayu sebab mereka semua ahli UMNO Baru. Patutlah DJ Dave yang sah-sah dari keturunan punjabi sudah menjadi melayu sebab telah menjadi ahli UMNO Baru kat sabah.

yang paling best sekali ialah John Ambrose, ketua Bahagian UMNO Baru Penampang sekarang. John Amborose ni sah-sah bukan melayu dan bukan Islam TELAH MENJADI MELAYU SEBAB DIA ADALAH AHLI UMNO BARU DAN KETUA BAHAGIAN PULAK!

Atas prisip yang sama, jangan kita heran, mat bangla yang dapat IC dan akan menjadi pengundi UMNO Baru dalam PRU 13 nanti JUGA DITERIMA MENJADI MELAYUUUUUUU!

Adoiiiii......adoooiiiiiii...carca merba betoi. Tunggang langgang. Come 28 April, lets go down to Dataran Merdeka to support for clean election. Am going. Kita rakyat malaysia tak kira bangsa berhimpun untuk ambil balik negara kita yang tunggang langgang dari tangan-tangan jahat ini melalui PRU yang bersih dan telus!


Navi,  5 April 2012 at 16:40  


Najib reported that a few hundred pre-schools have been established under his ETP. As I see it, all pre-schools that existed in the form of Taska and Tadika under KEMAS have been converted into "Permatas' and counted in as new.

Mydin was granted RM40 million to set up Kedai Rakyat. Mydin could have done it for free and still made money seeing that he is a wholesaler, selling his goods at retail price. Any one who had been given half the amount can set up 40 such outlets and manage them profitably. Why choose Mydin? Why was the money not split and given to 80 entrepreneurs to start such stores? RM500K would have been sufficient to start a descent store.

So much for the success of the ETPs. Cronies making money and monkeys of the rakyat.

Anonymous,  5 April 2012 at 17:09  


What Najib has done or perceived to have done matters not. He can blow whatever trumpet he chooses but at the end of the day, his performance is received warmly by sycophants.

khairul 5 April 2012 at 18:02  

assalamualaikum dato',

I am a fan of you. your writing is a precise "autopsy" of dying UMNO. Coming from inside the belly of the beast yourself, you give us an insight of your former boss way of thinking and working. keep it up dato'.


p/s: the last time I say you in person was during the tomoi event at bt 12. dato still ada masa ke utk tgk tomoi lagi... tahun ni tak buat lagi kt kuantan. he he

Anonymous,  5 April 2012 at 19:49  

I was quite excited when I saw the picture of you and Kuli in MT.
But when I came here the picture was not to be seen.
That picture, to me, speaks a thousand words.
With your intelligence, concrete arguments, critical thoughts, analytical and persuasive mind, I urge you to convince Kuli to quit UMNO.
He will only devalue himself by staying in UMNO.
Why remain in the very party that has enslaved the Malay race. Honestly, the Malays are lagging behind in all fields. And UMNO did it.

Anonymous,  5 April 2012 at 20:14  

Salam Dato,

I love this write-up of yours...succinct and to the point.

Syabas! You have floored the bangsat2 in UMNO with your mighty pen and agile mind.

I have enough of UMNO's daylight robbery ....250Million RM....lagi tak cukup....lembu betina tu.


Anonymous,  5 April 2012 at 20:27  

I agree that Najib will make a good Opposition leader.

Anonymous,  5 April 2012 at 21:13  

Since we were young, we were taught to respect the elders, our parents, out teachers and our leaders of the country ... many many years ago.

But .... bila zaman Rock Kapak ... we see that someting is wrong with this UMNO@BN led leaders macam haprak.

Some sort like ... ada bau busuk keluar dari lingkaran UMNO baru ini.

Until now, semakin busuk kata-kata pimpinan sekarang.

1. Lihat apa yang kerajaan sudah capai sekarang ...
2. Tengoklah nanti ...
3. Semakin ramai sokong BN sekarang ...
4. Jangan letak jawatan ... beri sokongan penuh kepada dia ...
5. Kita aka pastikan tidak ada rakyat ketinggalan ...
6. Itu tidak perlu ...
7. Bukaannn...
8. Ha ... itu rahsia .. tunggulah masa sesuai ...
8. dll

he ... he ..menyakitkan hati saja, kata-kata yang suka putar-belit dan berlipat-lipat, penuh muslihat, mengelirukan rakyat.

Tidak pernah ada kata-kata yang specific dan straight to the point.

The leadership now are full of lies and create a lot of confusion among Malaysians.

Is this the kind of leader that we want to lead towards developed nation in the future?

Remember, wahai penyokong kuat UMNO ... your kids later will face the scenario created by UMO Baru leaders.

sickput 5 April 2012 at 21:28  

I say,
titles such as Dato, Tan Sri and Tuns should be abolished if we want malays to evolve and leave the serfdom of UMNO and elite influence forever.

Anonymous,  5 April 2012 at 21:55  

Dato,this vermint you are talking about.Is it a rat or a creature.It do not happen to be QD,is it?Hahaha

lebaikudin 5 April 2012 at 21:58  

In a two party system,the opposition's role is to weed out & highlight corrupt practices to make sure the ruling party tiptoeing the rule of law. Often the ruling government took mandate given by the people to oppress and suppress the differing and dissenting public to clinch on to power. It's the voters decision to take matters to the street when,instead of protecting the weak,they collude with the political masters,hence the need of separating the executive,judiciary and legislative bodies ~ Lebaikudin

lebaikudin 5 April 2012 at 21:59  

In a two party system,the opposition's role is to weed out & highlight corrupt practices to make sure the ruling party tiptoeing the rule of law. Often the ruling government took mandate given by the people to oppress and suppress the differing and dissenting public to clinch on to power. It's the voters decision to take matters to the street when,instead of protecting the weak,they collude with the political masters,hence the need of separating the executive,judiciary and legislative bodies ~ Lebaikudin

bruno,  5 April 2012 at 22:35  

Dato,it has been a full two years plus a few days since Najib inherited his PM'ship from Badawi.Najib and his ball carriers have been trumpeting his cannot be seen partitioned achievements.Since Najib has achieved so much,let us see what he has done so far.

Since Najib became the PM,he has let out the dogs of racial and religious provokers/instigators in the likes of Abrahim and Hassan Ali.He has send his cousin Hishammudin and the IGP with his whole police force out chasing the six PSRM activists.

He has let Hishammudin and the IGP set loose the thugs in blue against his own peace loving citizens,as seen in Bersih 2.0Under Najib's regime we have seen the attacks on a maternity hospital.Under the Geneva Convention,attacks on hospitals is a war crime,lest to say on your own hospitals.

The achievements under Najib's watch are the failures of all the 1Malaysia everything except 1st Malaysia supermarkets,which sells overpriced tainted goods.The notoriously infamous shopping sprees of Mama Rosmah and the engagement party of daughter's engagement party.

Anonymous,  5 April 2012 at 22:50  

Mr Sakmongkol,
Umno is so chaotic it can't even accept other person's intellectual perspective on our history.Umno was so gelabah when people begun to critically analysed the Bukit kepong incident that one of it's Professor (kangkong)Sejarah analled (the posterior anatomy) the people by saying that Tanah Melayu was never colonised ! How about that!!

bruno,  5 April 2012 at 22:59  

Dato,when a ruling regime plays the blamegame it is usually the beginning of the end.Blaming it on the Christians who are a minority,painting to the whole world that the Malays are weak in their faith.Now blaming it on the poor DAP,which up till months ago are laughed off by Umnoputras as an irrelevant pain in the butt party.

What it has failed to recongized is that the rot has spread from the head to almost the tail.Failure or refusal to acknowleded the rot when it first occured,has stop the doctor from writing a prescription for a medicinal cure.Therefore Umno is on the last lap before the last hurrah.

Donplaypuks® 5 April 2012 at 23:16  

"It’s just appalling. When I put up a point by point rebuttal disputing what Najib said in his monologue report, the only rejoinder that I got was to question my Malay-ness." Sak.

Welcome to the globally leading nation in education (as per DPM MuhyAmatDopeyDin which I rebutted at, where when these BUMNO goons can't debate, they will resort to personal and racial attacks.

But there's nothing for you to worry about Sak. Do what's right and everything will fall in place, for the eternal better.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  5 April 2012 at 23:27  

I have reccomended sometime a go that commentators should identify themselves in fairness.I too note that you have been selective on not putting up some of those comments that are not favorable to you.Granted that this is your blog and it is your prerogative to display those comments or not.But it will not give a true and a balance picture on the issues you put forward.Some are just no longer interested to comment and even offer any opinion and even not interested to visit the blog again.We need to get the pro Government opinion be heard as well even though it is painful for you to swallow.Hence you see one sided comments most of the time here.

Umar Khair,  6 April 2012 at 02:13  

Not just appalling, sir. It's downright pathetic.

ordinary malaysian 6 April 2012 at 02:30  

Datuk, what difference lah between a cult and Umno? They both have their own creed and the creed is blind obedience. I set the lines and you toe it, right or wrong. Why don't we go one step further. Stop talking of Malay unity, Chinese unity, Indian unity or whatever. Why not talk about Malaysian unity. This way, this divide and rule nonsense will fall flat on its face.

Ministers:99%cow brain,1%human brain for stealing,  6 April 2012 at 03:40  

The only way to free the Malays from the clutches of the poisonous and evil UMNO is to kick those bastards out of Putrajaya in the GE13.

Anonymous,  6 April 2012 at 04:21  

I am not Malay but my children and spouse are. Thank you for speaking up for my family & relatives, Malay and non-Malay. This pseudo Malayness malady is a mockery of almost everything - Polluting our whole being. Thank you for articulating what I achingly feel. We truly deserve better Leadership - and a change towards one.

Anonymous,  6 April 2012 at 07:28  

Dato Sak,

It is no-brainer that Malays need to believe that DAP is sincere for agenda Malaysia. I think it is hard for such belief to come from the Malay hinterland however if you could recruit more and more young Malay professionals out there maybe it is a possibility.

Practically speaking DAP needs a Malay face so if there's no Malay leadership in the DAP echelon..DAP would not have Malay advantage.

Anyways who am I to give advice to a senior political strategist like you. But I tell you what, most young Malays professionals I know are willing to be involved with DAP but there's no truly Malay figure in DAP until now. Putting agenda Melayu in DAP manifesto is a gamble but agenda Bumiputra would be a safer, more politically correct term that would also interest our kins in Sabah n Sarawak.

After all agenda Bumiputra is being hijacked by Melayu UMNO. We don't hear our eastern Malaysian kins championing ketuanan Bumiputra.

winston,  6 April 2012 at 07:42  

Salam Dato', in the upcoming Invest Malaysia KL event organised by Bursa (with Maybank I think), there is a slot on ETP/GTP assessment. Was informed that the original plan was to do a critical assessment - Idris Jalan presents, then there's a panel of discussant - perhaps including reps from NGOs, private sector economists, corporates, think tank. But this was watered down to beneficiary companies of ETP/GTP!!! Latest heard, this was watered down again into Idris Jala one-man show monologue. Mana ada telor nak discuss openly, when like what u said, there's not enough meat to talk about - macam NFC.

Anonymous,  6 April 2012 at 07:44  

Dato, once the Malays are 'free', do join hands with other Malaysians and take on the world. We have the means and resources to be a great country. It will be a shame if BN lead in the next five years to more stagnation and disunity.

Anonymous,  6 April 2012 at 10:23  

Dear Sir,

This is a well-argued piece.

Is there any way you can have it translated to Malay so I can share it with my Malay friends?


Anonymous,  6 April 2012 at 10:24  

Now UMNO has even made foreigners like the Thais, Indo, Philippinos bumiputras, who will not be loyal to the country. They are interested to make money and sent back to their own country. Whereas, the chinese and Indians who are here long time ago and contributed so much to the economy and taxes are being pushed down. These chinese and indians have already made their homes here and have nowhere else to go, but not given bumi status. Where the inequal treatment by the present govt.

OneMalaysian,  6 April 2012 at 10:30  

Dear Sakmongkol

UMNO is the only Malay party that talks incessantly about Malay unity. The MCA is the only Chinese (or Chinese-based) party that talks about Chinese unity. Who or what are the Malays uniting against? And who or what are the Chinese uniting against? Are the Chinese uniting to confront the Malays, or vice versa? If that is it, then this nation, after 55 years of independence, is in mortal danger of disuniting and unraveling. Forget nation building. These racial parties are urging their respective races to build fences and barriers. We should instead be breaking them down.

The DAP has been accused by UMNO as being chauvinistic, although it has never advocated Chinese unity. PAS might have an Islamic agenda, but it has never called for Malay unity. UMNO has invited PAS to join them in uniting under a Malay umbrella. We might recall that a year or so ago, UMNO leaders even got the Agong into the act by asking the King to arrange for a dinner at the Istana with PAS leaders, including Nik Aziz. But the Tok Guru saw through the ruse, and went away straight after the dinner and refused to be drawn into any such divisive talk.

And this thing about “Malayness”. What is it? If you are born Malay, you are Malay. You may bleach your skin, speak English and assume western mannerisms, but that does not make you less Malay. The Tunku probably spoke more English than Malay, and he certainly had western habits. But he was always Malay, and the Malays had been proud of him as the independence hero. Now suddenly Malays have to prove their bona fide. If we really apply this on a strict basis a large section of the Malays might fail. Instead, many constitutional Malays might pass. These are the types who are actually trying to be more Malay than the Malays. And why not, when such effort brings disproportionate benefits?

Article 153 certain had unintended consequences. And this “Malayness” and Malay unity nonsense must be laid at its door. But isn’t it time to move on to a national identity – the true 1Malaysian – and direct our national effort to nation building and to ensure that all Malaysians benefit from economic development irrespective of race, but proportionate to how much each contribute to making the cake.

Anonymous,  6 April 2012 at 10:31  

Thank you for most of the articles you present so far.I think you should ignore those anons to be fair.I notice comments are mostly from the same commentators from the Pakatan supporters and some of the points they raised are nothing new and more of political propaganda.
As expected as the election draws near the comments are getting more weird and substandard.I think You should comments not just on UMNO but also MCA,MIC and Gerakan after all they are part of Barisan.Do you think PKR and PAS will improve on their seats and who do you suggest as PM if our PR secure Putrajaya?

mamat Raub

Anonymous,  6 April 2012 at 10:36  

Dear Dato,
Great. You are now busy hitting the rural heartland in the company of PAS. That is the remaining bastion of the evil UMNO Baru that must be demolish. I am myself hail from a village deep inside the rural north.PAS need to drop its tagline" jalan Ka PURAJAYA" or" Tawan PUTRAJAYA".Rural folk do not care about PUTRAJAYA- that where the elites live. The battle cry againts the UMNO Baru leader who has delared war against its people for the rural folk should direct-" TUMBANGKAN/HAPUSKAN UMNO Baru"

TST 6 April 2012 at 10:57  

"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism" - [Historian] Howard Zinn

Kampong man,  6 April 2012 at 11:42  

Hi Sak,
Just miss you at Cawan Bangsar two days back.Appear like that man Tamrin and friends with you will be a new convert for DAP.Tamrin's days is over and Tin Mine is no longer like it used to be.But that simple man Ghafar Baba of UMNO from my kampong did a lot for Melaka but not Tamrin.
Hope you have made up your mind to contest.Why dont you forget Raub and try Wilayah or Selangor .It is not good to be an opposition in Pahang.Bukit Bintang will be good.My buddy Aspan appear set to contest in Seremban !.Let Mat Hassan contest in Rantau and N9 need a new MB i hope .I will advise Najib to get Hasan into federal.I will continue to be with BN nevertheless.Cheerio !

wongty robert 6 April 2012 at 11:47  

Malaysia needs more Malaysian Malays to speak up to move the country forward and achieve oneness, a country of Malaysians. Thank you Dato.

Anonymous,  6 April 2012 at 14:46  

Dato Sak,

"..UMNO is the only Malay party that talks incessantly about Malay unity..."



kesian..kesian kat penyokong-penyokong totok UMNO Baru kena tipu hidup-hidup! Pemimpin mereka hidup senang lenang dalam kemewahan, ahli-ahli totok pulak sama susah dengan orang PAS. Padan muka kat melayu-melayu bodoh ni

mat pendang

faizaltaj,  6 April 2012 at 22:55  


While I agree with everything you say of the role UMNO play in perpetuating acquiescence to consolidate power from the Malays since independence, I don't really understand why the need of using the term "Malay Unity" over and over again. In fact, I don't quite get the necessity of that term.

For one- unity against (or for) what exactly? People come together and unite for causes, so what's the purpose of this particular Malay Unity? Our Malayness? The term came implied with 'us vs them' meaning to it. And if there is 'Malay Unity' and whatever the term may mean- surely, 'White People Unity', 'Chinese Unity' or 'Indian Unity' are perfectly legitimate rallying calls that all other ethnicity can happily bandy about? Since the term doesn't come with any cause or objective attach to it- eg. 'Malay Unity to stop Lynas' for example. The unity that is proclaimed is only due to our Malay-ness. And that is just unnecessary.

Another problem, the term also came with intended or unintended expectation of the Malays to fall in line and acquiesce to consolidate our unity, and the term itself sounded defensive. The notion of being under siege is built into that term. I can perfectly understand why UMNO would do (or say) it, it totally serves their purpose. But I don't understand why the rest of us would use it when we do try to break away from ethnic politics shackle prevalent in this country. Malays, like every other human being in this planet, are capable of reason, analysis and independence of thoughts. There is no need to accept the ethnic unity rallying call that only perpetuate what UMNO has been doing for decades.

Obviously, this is not an attack on you. And I applaud you for joining DAP. I only wish more malays would.


Nik 7 April 2012 at 05:58  

So analytically and intelligently written. You would make a great Statesman if ever Malaysians are ready to become truly Malaysian. It was truly a pleasure reading your article. You give hope to a Malaysia who needs it so much. Keep up the good fight and more will follow. MInds need to be freed from the shackles of UMNO-BN

Anonymous,  7 April 2012 at 09:15  

Dear Sak,

No problem, the Chinese in Bukit Bintang will vote for you as you stand up against corruption, injustice and plunderers.

Anonymous,  7 April 2012 at 13:42  

Donplaypuks said, " We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. "

Aptly said ! The brotherhood.

Anonymous,  8 April 2012 at 00:20  

UMNO is afraid of Malay intellectuals like you, Datuk!

Anonymous,  8 April 2012 at 19:24  

If you can show me just 35% malay membership i will join.For now i stick to my party because DAP is still a chinese party and not yet mulracial as claimed.May be pru 14 or 15.Good luck !

Nancy B,  13 May 2012 at 00:54  

Dato Sak,

I hv been sharing your writings in fb thru the Notes function cos I want more Malays to undertand and realize the mental prison tht they're in thanks to umno. Would love it if I could share it directly so tht my connections can go directly to ur blog.Pls hv a share button. ta

Hv always loved ur critical mind, even when u were still on the "other" side!!

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