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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 27 April 2012

The UMNO Parenting Skills

In 1927, some 85 years ago, the Malay intellectual named Zainal Abidin Ahmad wrote:-
mereka telah di perabdikan dan kena picit dan perah dan ramas di tangan pemerintah2 yang pada zaman dahulu itu- iaitu pemerintah2 dari bangsa mereka sendiri…
It’s true. The biggest oppressors turned out to be the Malays who have power among them. The Malays are dehumanized under UMNO hegemony. How would you feel, to wake up every day to tell your sons and daughters that you can’t be as good as the Indians and Chinese because you were born Malay? You are less a person because you are Malay? That you are not able to compete because you are genetically and inherently deficient and lacking in so many things? What kind of Malay do your children grow up to become?
What do the Malays look for salvation?  In an absolutist UMNO very much similar to the absolute monarchy of old – that ruling system to which Zaaba came to ruefully write about.
And what will the Malays turned out to be? They will become the underdeveloped being- imprisoned by false characterization, dwarfed and stunted because each day, your UMNO parents tell you, you are not good enough. Your UMNO parents will tell you that you are what you are today, because the non-Malay forces are conspiring to decimate all things Malay.
What does UMNO offer as solution? Absolute dependence on UMNO. Therefore in order to level the playing field, give us UMNO absolute and unbridled power? Power to do what? To pillage and plunder this country and keep Malays forever enslaved?
This is the biggest lie and fallacy that UMNO has infused into the pliant minds of the Malays. Malays are a pliant putty, shaped and formed in any way UMNO deems suitable for the times.
When wishing UMNO be given absolute carte blanche to pillage and plunder, Malays are intimidated and terrorized with the idea that they will simply be overwhelmed by the non-Malays. That all things Malay- race, religion and emblematic institutions will be eliminated when non Malays take over.
The non-Malays combined do not make the bigger portion of the population. This fact alone is sufficient to demolish the UMNO web of deceit and lies. 

By the way, just so the linguist nationalist must know, Zainal Abidin whom the Malays know as Pendita Zaaba, wrote the original lines in English. He was writing about the Malays and the above passages loosely translate as follows;
they( the Malays) have been enslaved, suppressed, oppressed and abused at the hands of their own rulers who were then, the ruling classes from within their own kind…………
Zaaba was then 32 years old. He was the first Malay to sit for the senior Cambridge examinations who went on to become a teacher and later lecturer at the Sultan Idris Training College.
What is my point? My point is if the Malays were to now look for the real people who are holding them back, they don’t have to look beyond themselves. It’s almost universally true all over the world, that the worse oppressors of any race are their own race. That old school feudalism looked disdainfully at Malays is infamously captured through the eyes of a representative of that social class remarking that;
“....i do not like the idea of the children of rajas and chiefs sitting side by side with the children of people who were once our slaves.”
The old school feudalism has been replaced by new school feudalism. None practises it more expertly that UMNO. UMNO has never rid itself of this inherent belief in ascriptive leadership. By that we mean, leaders are chosen on account of who they are naturally.
To UMNO and this is what the UMNO leadership drums into the mind of the UMNO heartland- UMNO leaders are born and only the select few, with the right denominations such as by having the correct surnames and who operate within the right social milieu can lead UMNO and Malays.
New school feudalism may no longer have the social Berlin walls but the underlying characteristics of the old feudalism remains. By the underlying characteristic we mean the continued enslavement of the Malay mind perpetrated by the present day rulers of the Malays- UMNO.
UMNO has not only debased the rakyat, it has also debased our society. It is encouraging the thug-mindset of our 21st century while others have raced ahead to be more cultivated and critical in their thinking, more rational and moderate in their behavior, and more just and honest in their decisions.
Let us candidly ask ourselves. If such a situation continues, what will be the final result? Kleptocracy at one corner, hypocrisy at another, followed by a thuggish police state at another corner, and lastly an income-widening gap in a mythical high-income economy in the last corner. We'll be surrounded on all four corners by mediocrity and lunacy.
Is this how we want our Malaysia to become? Spins and lies, threats and blows, debasement and injustice, low standards and obsolescence, yawning debt and weakening performance propped by act-big spin?
Then it won't just be the end of the history of UMNO Baru. It'll be the end of the short-lived history of Negara Ku.
Bangkitlah bangsa Malaysia!


Rakyat biasa 27 April 2012 at 09:59  

This I pray would be considered as amongst the articles used as reference and quoted again and again in future Malaysia - when UMNO (and the current opressive era) has long been forgotten.

Imagine this... that's the era when the Germans are scared of us because we produce better cars than them, we would be advising some Americans on financial strategies, discussing with the Japanese on earthquake early warning system, acting as peacemaker involving the Gulf nations, devising a system leading a consortium of Southeast Asian Nations to develop its own industry cartel, the Russians on space program,.... championing clean and alternative energy, mengagungkan Islam, winning soccer matches against the Koreans are routine, our arlines being the envy of other nations, advising others on engineering, law, medicine, social and art, etc., etc.,.... yet with all this and more we remain the humble Malaysian - without having to thump our chests by declaring we're a developed nation...

All this can happen within our children's lifetime but the buck stops here and today.... Malaysians let's move by getting the right Government in place... with the US, US, US instead of ME, ME, ME mentality...

Unknown 27 April 2012 at 10:24  

Salam tuan

Mohon kebenaran untuk translate

terima kasih

Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 11:10  

Good article and the privilege under 153 in the constitution must be transparent to help those who needed or “poor” people regardless any race. This clause will be abused or take advantage by the top few elite including imported Mamak, Malay and non-Malay. (cronies)

This will eventually make the country bankrupt with billions of money has been siphoned out from the Country.

When the country goes bankrupt. IMF will come in to take over all the GLC’s company (korea, Thailand as a good example) and all the non competitive employee will be sacked and replace with the capable good employee. This event will happen very soon if the Umno still in power for another 10 years and will be too late to help the majority Malay in this country.

Hope the awareness able to help the Bumiputera :
(i) to change their mind set for their future children or
(ii) Become “surplus” that need handout all the times and make the country goes bankrupt very soon.( No country able to provide free lunch forever)

Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 11:25  

Salam Dato,

Saya sendiri anak Melayu.

Tapi saya kasihan .... malu dengan sikap UMNO Baru yang terlampau ekstrem nafsu nafsi dalam hukum-hakam mereka sehingga tidak dihormati oleh bangsa lain. Umat Melayu non-UMNO pun sudah meluat.

Minta maaf : kes buang bayi siapa yang banyak? kes mati mat rempit siapa yang terbanyak? kes wanita yang tertipu dengan Awang Hitam siapa yang terbanyak? dll.

Orang bukan Melayu, tidak minta jadi pemimpin tertinggi. Contoh : orang Cina, mereka hendak maju dalam bisnes dengan saksama dan keadilan. Itu saja. Orang India mereka hendak jadi doktor/lawyer dalam keadaan adil. Itu saja. Apatah lagi umat Melayu yang terbanyak ini hendak juga sebahagian ekonomi yang mantap. (Ini tidak, sebahagian kroni Melayu membolot cekik darah semua harta negara)

Asalkan .... pimpinan Melayu berlaku adil, saksama dan prihatin kepada semua kaum. Sahabat saya orang Kristian, Buddha dll apa yang mereka inginkan pimpinan Melayu ikut ajaran Quran. Itu kata mereka dengan hati ikhlas. Sebab mereka tahu, isi Quran mengandungi mesej keadilan sejagat, lebih lagi kaum terpelajar boleh cari isi Quran bahasa English dalam internet. Mereka tidak bodoh. Ustaz UMNO tidak ada isu lain. Isu guna nama Allah. Isu kes cerai. Isu menterjemah kata-kata keramat pimpinan UMNO. Macam itu saja.

Yang bodohnya .... sebahagian umat Melayu yang sudah lupa mesej Quran yang hanya disimpan dengan berdebu dalam almari mereka.

Yang kasihannya ... mereka ini hanya berpandukan kitab karangan UMNO baru yang sesat lagi menyesatkan dan menyusahkan semua RAKYAT MALAYSIA.

Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 11:31  

How do we disperse your massage to the masses? Don't get me wrong?Your writing is enlightening but most of the people that come to your website has come to the same conclusion as you, Dato. How do we convince the Malays especially the ignorant one that it is their best interest to vote out Umno?What form of communication should we use to reach them?

Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 11:39  

I suggest you all read this

Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 11:43  

kesimpulannya ia lebih baik dri menyerah diri sendiri kepada bangsa lain, penganut lain untuk diperbodoh, diperalat, dipijak dan mrnjadi bangsat akhirnya menghina bangsa sendiri.

Ariff Sabri 27 April 2012 at 11:45  

karmic wheel,

walaupun en zaidi selalu melakukan alih bahasa, tuan juga boleh melakukan nya.
saya tidak keberatan menyiarkan versi alih bahasa semua yang melakukan usaha baik ini.

t kasih- sakmongkol

bruno,  27 April 2012 at 12:31  

Dato,before Umno could play the race card and have all the Malays come running to the Umnoputras and calling them bang and bapak,please save us from being oppressed from the Chinese.But times have change and people's mentality have changed.Only the Umnoputras are stuck in their moronic cavelike basTerdly mentality.

With the internet,the ruling regime with their hold over the mainstream newspapers,cannot control the negatives about them coming out.Playing the race and religion cards do not work anymore.

The Malays have now awoken as to who have been oppressing them all this time.It is their own Malay leaders called Umnoputras who have been robbing them dry and keeping them enslaved.Enslaved to be poor and helpless and dependent to the crumbs to be thrown to them come election time.

Now the Malays,Chinese,Indians,Seranis and the other minorities can see for themselves the Umnoputras,their lackeys and offsprings flaunting their wealth and power.

We have ministers accused of corruption,rape and even murder.And just recently a son of Najib's minister's openly assaulting a security guard.And this useless son of a minister can afford to drive around in very expensive cars.

And a present Umno cabinet minister can afford to pay his mistress 100/200 thousand ringgit(not rupiah) a pop.How many people in this world can afford to pay 100-200k for an orgasm.Only Umnoputras,I guessed.Like people used to say,easy come easy go.

And who are the people out smacking around the students,chasing and arresting them in people's square.It is the Umno affilated goons.And just a few months ago students in Perak protesting were beaten up too.

It is becoming a dangerous trend if the ruling regime kept sending hooligans and thugs to assault and intimidate protestors.Usually it is only dictators of third world countries,who used hired thugs to intimidate their opponents.Now it is the Umno which is sending the thugs to beat their own people up.

Come this Saturday April 28th,the ruling regime will be sending out thugs and the men in blue to do their dirty work.And these cowardly weaklings will be warming their sad asses in their cozy offices in Putrajaya or at home,laughing and cheering everytime their goons teargassed and baton charged the protesters.

Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 12:54  


I salute you for being a true Malaysian.


yum,  27 April 2012 at 13:16  

Bangkitlah bangsa Malaysia!

Now wouldn't that make a perfect T Shirt slogan for everyone?

OneMalaysian,  27 April 2012 at 14:04  

Dear Sakmongkol

“What is my point? My point is if the Malays were to now look for the real people who are holding them back, they don’t have to look beyond themselves.”

This might seem obvious to the minority of Malays who are liberated, who have escape from the clutch of UMNO, and who can now say “I am a free person”.

It is not at all obvious to the majority of Malays, who seek protection under the enormous hulk of UMNO, from some bogeyman that UMNO tells them is out there. The Malays are fond of, are captivated by, and are terrified by ghost stories. So it doesn’t take much genius on the part of UMNO to instill a deep sense of fear and insecurity into the Malays.

This subject that you have written about is perhaps the most important. It touches on the most basic fears of the Malays - fears so successfully induced by UMNO. I am afraid only enlightened Malay leaders – not from UMNO – can change the Malay mindset.

I don’t know how the message can get through, but they must convince the Malays about these:
1. The Malays will never lose political power to non-Malays simply because there are more Malays than the others put together. This guarantees the position of the Malay Rulers and Islam.
2. The Malays must join the economic race with the rest of the world, not just the Chinese in Malaysia. There are no real losers. Yes, some people will gain more and some less, but everyone is better off. The problem becomes intractable when the Malays – UMNO, that is – say, we have political power, so we can cut the cake as we see fit, irrespective of what our contribution is. Everyone should get what one deserves.
3. Racism, encapsulated in “Ketuanan Melayu”, is destroying national unity. This, we must lay at the door of UMNO. Until we see each other as Malaysians, success will always have race attached to it, and so would failure. Look at how the Thais have transcended race. We can learn from them.

Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 14:30  

Majority of malays are not lomg as their own succeeded.

Empowering and liberating them will hurt BN and compete equally with others, including orang putih.

Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 16:10  

A very good message for those students lepaking at dataran.
Free education?
Compete lah. Throw out the subsidy mentality.
Oops. We were promised what? Petrol prices down when he gets to putrajaya? Highway toll decreased. Can't even remember what else but it sure sounds like UTOPIA. Can't wait to live in there where we will love one another and we are all happy and everyone is completely and blissfully satisfied.

Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 17:38  

good lah- at last malaysians n all realised they have been conned by the powers of the coalition- so arise all malaysians n change so we all can have abetter future??

Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 17:38  

Print those T shirts and will make a lot of money -honest money
If you can't give the ideas to the pas people who have FB pages selling T shirts -era pasca is one

Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 18:34  

well said

Quiet Despair,  27 April 2012 at 22:05  

Why shift the bad parenting skills to UMNO. It's the parents who are to blame for poor nurturing.
They allow their kids to fight with the powers that be on the venue for a so-called peaceful Bersih protest.
And we have a lawyer who is not lawyerly allowing herself to be a stooge for a power manic man.
And they think the government is stupid. The authorities quickly got a court order declaring Dataran Merdeka a no-go. Hahaha, two can play at the game.
If tgere is a repeat of another man dead of a heart attack, who will take the blame. Not Ambiga of course.
Then we have a love fest of Mahasiswa tua who shoukd be working having a love fest at the Dataran on the pretext of abolishing PTPTN loan.
And a supposed best father and hubby icon visiting them and putting his signature ofvapproval to the sit-in.
We also havea grandfather hippie relic endorsing Bersih demo penning poems that stir emotions in his capacity as nobel laureate.
From what I heard he was also carma when he was in Balai Berita under the aegis of that infamous one.
I love TV 3 news parting shot tonight whic said daripada buat kerja tak berfaedah, baik kita bersama jom heboh.
Knowing my People's penchant for hiburan, they will be flocking to Ipoh to meet the celebs. Woot.

Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 22:29  

I think Umno's grass roots must rise to the occasion. Hero worship of past founding fathers and leaders should not automatically extend to their sons or daughters.

Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 22:46  

Actually when Malays talk about Malays it's like meludah ke muka sendiri.Kalau kita lihat bangsa yang mana yang mundur sekali kalauu bukan bangsa Melayu.Biarlah kita sekarang yamg meludah ke muka sendiri jangan lah biar anak anak kita berbuat demikian dimasa hadapan.The rot must stop.kita orang melayu selama ini diberi ikan selama 50 tahun akibat strategi umno.Sekarang ini sejak kebelakangan ni diberi pancing dan agak kekok nak berbuat demikian.The gap between orang melayu dan bangsa lain has been created by no other than the Malays themselves with the help of umno. Kalau tengok siapa yang mempunyai masalah sosial kalau tak bukan orang melayu dengan mat rempit, dadah,bosia dll.The other races are advancing whereas we malays are sliding down thereby increasing the gap.So don't blame the other races.It's our own doing.So the rot has to stop and for damage control let's CHANGE!

izzy 28 April 2012 at 00:35  

beautifully written...wish i can write half as good as you....

yum,  28 April 2012 at 01:33  

Seriously, Quiet Despair, I understand and accept your right to say your piece.

But, some things I cannot quite get my head around are these :

Do you not see Umno is leading this nation down a spiral?

Do you not see there are valid dissenting voices?

Never mind, you actually don't see it.

walla 28 April 2012 at 02:57  

Umno was formed to fight imperialism. Yet its offspring called Umno Baru has become even worse imperialists.

Worse because it wears the cloak of wolves to entice the flock of sheep that it wants to keep in its fold as meat for its own dinners.

Even little Red Riding Hood can see through the scam, what more the millions in this land who are daily facing the new imperialist order that has already usurped the nationalism all had forged together over fifty years ago.

Because they are dullards, the new imperialists have also copied word-for-word the divide-and-rule tactic of the old foreign imperialists by pitting one brother against another.

That is also why it is hard to understand how someone can say tomorrow's marchers are bad parents.

If they are bad, then Umno is even worse to have produced Umno Baru whose yellow-livered leaders have already decided to tear-gas and bludgeon the rakyat of Malaysia who are marching against imperialism inside the present government.

One is tempted to ask since these so-called leaders of the present government are yellow-livered, why are they so against those who wear yellow? It's just a colour, like blue. Is even colour subject to monopoly in this land?

Secondly, the same character tried to tar the leader of the Opposition by saying he is power-crazy. But what has that leader been doing so far other than to articulate for changes?

So if Umno is fighting against the Opposition on the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ground that their leader is power-crazy, how are the rakyat not to conclude that Umno is therefore fighting against the changes that he has personified?

Since those changes are also what the marchers are asking for, why has Umno not realized the changes more honestly, for that matter protect the rights of the marchers instead of planning to harm them, starting with barricades at a place with the word 'Merdeka' that was first ever roared on the very night this nation was freed from imperialism?

You see this same contradiction in Umno - it says it is for our Malays but it enchains them in the wrought iron of subservience to an imperialist order made sneaky by friendly pats on the shoulder and thin wads on the palm while it vacuum-cleans the entire national coffer behind their backs.

That explains why today we have one humungous national debt which is growing faster than it can be reduced. Because the government we are presently having is neither clean nor fair and yet only good at flip-flopping and cheating.

However a tiny doubt remains. Imperialists, it is asked? How does one recognize the imperialist in our midst?

How about the guy who invited the poor to his mansion of elephantine size built on low-cost land and then explained his generosity by saying, "if not here, how else can they taste this luxury?"

Or, the other guy who showed how good he was to be able to negotiate a mansion at below market rate despite having given up his dental practice?

Or, the chief of a state once caught laundering money overseas who now decides to monopolize the billboard business in a single company so that rates can be raised tenfold, purportedly to fund his favorite charity.

Or, the quantum leap from rearing cows to rent-collecting of expensive condos, with the rent paid by associate companies of the same beneficiaries funded in the first place by public money issued under dubious circumstances, money now gone up in smoke thicker than the haze from Kalimantan because it was really a huge amount....for a low-level appointee.

Or, the slush funds amounting to hundreds of millions deposited in offshore accounts but somehow only detected by a foreign anti-corruption agency while the local one sits silent awaiting higher orders from those yang mengikut perintah yang tak akan datang. Too shy, perhaps?

walla 28 April 2012 at 02:57  


Or, the GLC honcho suspended for money politics but reinstated out of the blue, however best only for wisecracking on the one hand, and yet on the other hand losing his cool to tell poor farmers to get out if they cannot accept his boss, the one who already has enough problems of his own trying to explain why he had walked away from answering honest questions by the rakyat. Again, shy, perhaps?

Or, the super-rich shopping tastes, flying allowances, monarch-level accommodations, super-class limousine services, not to forget the entertainment allowances that smoothen bed sheets at discreet rendezvous three times a week, fifty two weeks a year.

The only thing missing in the picture forming in your mind right now is a lowly servant from some kampung, standing behind the new brown mat salleh of this 21st century, fanning away with a large feather fan the draining heat of each day that starts with a late morning and ends with an early night, a day at best pushing paper on the table, speaking nonsense to the masses, and generally causing trouble and mess all over the place, and paid a gazetted salary that in a thousand years will never explain all the excesses the calculator has already collapsed from trying to compute.


In such a situation, how are our Malays and other Malaysians ever to make real progress? How can real progress be made when the economy is as fake as the government leading it?

Meanwhile, despite all the machinations, bamboozling and chicaneries of Umno layered like lard on the rakyat, the peoples of Malaysia are united more than ever.

And the greatest hope for Malaysia was already shown in the singular action by so many millions of our Malays when in their finest hour in GE12 they had collectively rejected Umno and turned enough of the popular vote in the peninsular to give the Opposition a simple tipping point majority.

If Umno thinks it can leap, why not the voters? They too can quantum leap to enlarge that majority even more in GE13 and in one stroke redefine the tired and jaded political landscape of Malaysia for the first time in the history of this nation.

In doing so, our voters will show the imperialists in our midst that our Malays are no different from any other human beings on this planet in their capacity to improve their lot. It is bad training which has impeded them. It is bad policies which has eroded all the goodwill so necessary for building networking and contacts for bigger markets and better exchanges. It is bad economics which have given to the imperialists a head start for a few at the expense of the many.

And that is why there is a new wave of courage in this nation that says the rakyat will rather do the right thing and fail than continue to see the present government do the wrong thing and succeed.

Avoid this sad tragedy. Bring about changes. Go beyond the tipping point. Make the quantum leap. After that, it gets easier. After all, the buck stops with us and not Umno. If it stops with us, you will know it won’t be miss-spent; it’s your own money in the first place. But if it stops with Umno, first hilang, then habis.

Only a few more hours to wait before dawn breaks on a day where the same courage will be shown.

The will of the rakyat cannot be weaker than the will of those who have chosen to do wrong because the riffraff in Umno still think they can fool the rakyat when the only people they are fooling are the people they see in their own mirrors every day.

walla, for all of you.

ordinary malaysian 28 April 2012 at 08:33  

I don't think any race is genetically wired to fail. In fact, the whole logic of genetics is survival advancement.

It is Umno's engineering that has contributed to a complaint and apparently reliant and dependent Malay community for easy control. If you can make someone dependent on you then you have him under your thumbs.

Of course it is not nice to wake up everyday and be told that you are less than a human being who need protection, otherwise a specie out there apparently more superior to you will just eat up up for breakfast.

I think if you take away the crutches and throw our Malay brothers and sisters to fend for themselves you will be surprised that they can do as well as others, if not better! But if you constantly make them believe that they can't survive without Umno crutches of course you are going to make them look less capable than others.

I think our Malay brothers and sisters have to wise up to Umno's devices. And I believe that many now can see through Umno's deviousness.

For Umno, of course, this is not good news. So, they (Umno) have to work doubly hard to cari makan.

But you can't keep selling snake oil. Nobody believes in snake oil anymore.

So, it does seem that Umno's days of "genetic engineering" is neigh.

That will be the day the myth of Malay inferiority dies.

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