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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Captain Ahab( Dr Mahathir), Piquod( UMNO )vs Moby Dick( The People)

We like it when Dr Mahathir speaks as often as he wants to. While I have often described him as the man who can walk on water, in this article he is Captain Ahab to Najib’s Starbuck as far as the UMNO mother ship is concerned. UMNO ship is the Pequod which sails out under Captain Ahab seeking revenge on the sperm whale Moby Dick. Captain Ahab is completely consumed by revenge to seek out and kill off Moby Dick. Because Moby Dick has bitten off a portion of one of his legs.
What’s with Dr Mahathir really? The ghosts of misdeeds past are haunting him?  Have we the people bitten off part of his left leg? Right leg? Well, we know eventually the ship went down bringing along Ahab to his watery grave.
Please don’t stop him. We want Dr Mahathir to speak more about Malaysian politics. The more he says, the faster is the demise of UMNO. Apparently he has forgotten why Pak Lah in 2004, got the largest majority in the history of BN. Dr Mahathir and NOT Pak Lah was the main factor giving BN the largest mandate.
Not that the people thought Pak lah would be a good PM. He turned out to be a sleepy head on the many issues facing the country. History will probably remember him as the PM we got as a result of a mistake.
The main reason why Pak Lah got the biggest majority was that the people were rejoicing at the exit of Mahathir, the man who started Malaysia on the road of destruction. Malaysia is today what Africa was 20 years ago. Malaysia is fast becoming a frontier town with gunslingers around. You have a minister who abducted a man and had him beaten mercilessly. We also have a son of a minister who may have instructed his minder to beat up a security guard. More recently, we read about the case of a member of the Johor Royal House beating another person ruthlessly.
Since 1981 to be exact, UMNO has changed in character completely. It has evolved into an evil empire devouring the wealth of the country through a complex network of cronies and a labyrinth of shady deals leading back eventually to the upper reaches of the UMNO leadership. The buck does indeed stop there.
How does the Malay man react to the unending list of felonious acts? I find it distressing when grown up men, intelligent ones at that, justifying and rationalizing all the evil that UMNO has done as forgivable because they are committed by Malays. When a Malay rapes and pillages, that is all right and forgivable because he is one of us? Has UMNO since 1981, evolve into an old boy network of thieves and murderers?
When a Malay contractor gets a project at an UMNO price, it’s ok because at least a Malay got it. The Malay gets 20-30%, the rest goes to his Chinese subcontractor. The UMNO Malay is a profiteering parasitic intellectual gnome.
Where will UMNO and BN get their  votes? From the over 60s which are not that large number? Those who have crossed over to the other GOOD side are not likely to come back to BN. UMNO and BN will also get votes from the instant Malaysians- the immigrants who came and were given mykads.
Perhaps privy to the biggest electoral scam ever in our history, Captain Ahab wants to help steer the UMNO ship to its ocean grave.  We must encourage Dr Mahathir to seek out Moby Dick. Moreover, we have a lame duck PM who has declared war on its people. The PM is also forgetful that the people, who made the mistake of wrongly voting in the last elections, were in the 49% group of popular voters. The 51% group must have gotten it right. Stick to it people.


Anonymous,  18 April 2012 at 19:08  

Salam Dato,

In the early part of the 1980s, we saw the future great leader appears in the political arena. Well, at that time we are just young students in high school.

Then we hear this great leader create Look East Policy. Wow! What a speech. What a leader.

At that time and before that we use to hear Grade 1 SPM students easily sent to overseas especially to US and UK. (not me, but my fellow classmates/schoolmate were), but with Look East Policy, more students were sent to Japan.

This PM, as we see was such a futurictic minded leader. Malaysia became industrialised nation. Proton, Electronic sector etc. etc.

But .. at one time, "peristiwa di Baling" happened in mid 80s.

Suddenly we have mixed feelings. Why a Malaysian was killed by the police. Some say government is right, some say shouldn't happened that way.

In the year after year later up to the end of 20th century, I began to wonder what is the true characteristic of this PM, as what folks in the kampung idolised him too much as a great leader.

So, when AI was sacked in the late 90s, I realised the truth of our PM. Well Malaysia became modern nation (but ... RAKYAT is the actual contributor)

As the Internet took the world by storm in the 21st century, UMNO@BN now can no more fool the RAKYAT anymore.

As they say something stupid in the mainstream media, the more RAKYAT hate them.

Anonymous,  18 April 2012 at 19:27  


Sebelum terlambat, lebih baik Dato, Tamrin Ghaffar, Ku Li, Kadir Sheikh Fadzil, hand in hand with PAS/DAP go to Sarawak/Sabah to inform in full detail about BN problem and also CM Type Mammoth of S'wk activities.

We don't want again and again, the rural folks in these two states being fooled and fooled again.

Enough is enough of these corrutped S/S polticians.

Patrick 18 April 2012 at 20:26  

The biggest problem in Malaysia to date has been that our Cabinet ministers in BN/UMNO continue to live in the 80's era. That was the era of population subservient to the government; master-servant relationship. Afterall, government should know best. Hence, with the same set of personalities in our goverment from the 80's till date, they continue with the same domineering and patronising attitude of governance. While the rest of Malaysia has fast forward into the wired world of the 21st century, with more economic and social empowerment, the left over kleptausaurus in Cabinet never grew anymore brain cells. They were very shrewdly led by a single individual whose sheer force of personality and ruthlessness all these while that these kleptausaurus stop thinking completely and became the embodiment of fat Nero.

These kletausaurus Nero's in Cabinet have become so comfy and cushy in plundering the nation, that they forego all else. It is no wonder that every word they utter now reflect their ineptitude to current affairs or actual Malaysian experiences. One after another, they just grab their media-controlled spotlight to castigate the nation on small issues that slight them. They are void of logic, common sense or compassion. Malaysians find this revolting and nauseating. What can we do? These Nero kleptausauruses control the archaic security apparatus, mass media and educational institutions. Everything in the govt is archaic, ancient and dinosaurish, while the private sector tries its best to move with the world.

The herd mentality of the Cabinet Nero kleptausaureses will just follow the leader in saying or repeating emotional statements just to show the constituents they are at least active. Remember the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs overnight? Its about to hit Malaysia soon but these Nero-type Kleptausaruses are slowly going about their own business-as-usual.

Its interesting that throughout history, ONE man can build and then destroy that very nation. Humanity seems to be stuck in a historical loop.

OneMalaysian,  18 April 2012 at 20:34  

Dear Sakmongkol

“I find it distressing when grown up men, intelligent ones at that, justifying and rationalizing all the evil that UMNO has done as forgivable because they are committed by Malays.”

I find that distressing too. What could explain this except plain racism – that’s Ketuanan Melayu for you. If we wrong someone and he is of a different race, that’s Ok? If we steal or take from someone else but he is of a different race, that’s OK too? This sort of thing happens in tribal Africa, but we had always prided ourselves as being “civilized” and “cultured”. Are we? Remember Rwanda and how the Hutus killed 1 million Tutsis? If we are not careful, such a fate could befall us too. Race cannot be used to justify violence, crime, corruption and evil.

Anonymous,  18 April 2012 at 21:39  

What I see is the karma is working on its own to the evil they have accumulated.
The more they talk now is the worse will become.
Lets leave our hatred in our mind on them and karma will speed faster

IbnAbdHalim 18 April 2012 at 21:53  


The article should be in Malay so that it can reach the rural populace who have been misled for umpteen years.

zianajib,  18 April 2012 at 22:07  

come to think of it, maybe the ol' captn is pissed off because the mob bit off his dick

bruno,  18 April 2012 at 22:13  

Dato,well Dr Mahathir sure can walk on water.He is after all one of the smartest,shrewdest,dirtiest and most powerful politician in Malaysia.And he still is,as he wields more power than even PM Najib could.

But as we have all noticed,the last few months the Doctor has come up with his enhancment prescription for Najib and Umno/BN.As we can see there was no enthuthism and reaction,not even from his loyal and hardcore supporters.Even Dr M's prescribing of the enhancment drug Viagra has lost its effect.

It is true that when one says not in the mood,even the best drugs would not work.That is the mood in Umno.This is first time the ruling regime is in desperation and fear of losing federal power.The panic mood is on in Umno/BN.The ship is sinking and the abandon ship sign is on.All the rats aboard are waiting for the next available rescue vessel to jump ship.

That is the reason Umno is bulldozing the Felda listing.It is like having the last hurrah of a going away party before the fat lady sing's.

Now Umnoputras has finally learned a lesson the hard way.Even if you are the 'tai kor' ruling regime,corruption is also a double edged sword.If the corruption pie is being eaten by the privileged few,leaving the rest with ant feed crumbs,dissapointed and angry.That is a whole army fighting over a goat.Then you will have a rebellion.

That is the reason that Umno is so weak.All the warlords are fighting for whatever positions that are left,just to get at the goat.What they did not know is that the goat is wired to a timebomb and primed to go off.

Anonymous,  18 April 2012 at 22:36  

Anon 17 April,2012 22:38 from previous article.

Even the rats are out in full force.Coming out of the filthy severs,imposing as humans of one particular race,critisising their own race.Hahaha.How low can one go.

Go back to your masters,hiding in the dirty sewers and tell them that the exterminators are laying in waiting.Go back to your nestling,have your population imploded and wait for another five years to have another shot.Happy nestling and better luck next time.

G7,  18 April 2012 at 23:05  

What an excellent article Dato! Bravo! Ur article so easy to digest and that wan zuri fella really not into ur level. He hv to use ur name again n again to attract reader to view his blog hahaha what a shallow and cheap minded fella he is.

G7 :-)

Anonymous,  18 April 2012 at 23:17  

Ybhg Dato Sak,
You must check dan siasat sampai kelubang cacing,kes-kes yang saya ingin nyatakan baik untuk mamak kutty dan yg lain:-
1.Penjualan dan pengambil alihan Merriot Hotel,Starhill dan Lot 10 oleh YTL semasa mamak kutty jadi PM, tanah dijalan Bukit Bintang adalah rezab melayu dan Dato Sulaiman Manan adalah puppet sahaja,begitu juga Syed Dollah proxy anak mamak kutty.
2.Rumah mamak kutty tinggal diThe Mine adakah dia beli atau sebaliknya.
3.MB Pahang.telah meluluskan tanah beribu-ribu ekar diFelda Sg Temau,Jln Lipis -Merapoh kepada adiknya Dato Hasnur dan menggunakkan nama orang lain dulu begitu juga nama YM.Tg.Abdullah sebagai orang tengah akan tetapi Tg Abdullah tidak mendapat apa-apa hasil sehingga sekarang,modus operandinya lulus diatas nama KSG bagi megelap mata exco lepas satu tahun diambil oleh adinya tanpa tukar nama dan pentadbiran KSG ditendang keluar.
4.Siapa itu Syed Moktar dan apa hubungannya dengan TPM dan Mamak Kutty,Sebelum mamak kutty pencen Syed Mokhtar telah membeli satu buah jet peribadi yang baru untuk kegunaan mamak kutty dan selepas ianya tamat menjadi PM dia dilantik sebagai penasihat kepaya Yayasan Syed Mokhtar,isu adalah sebelum dia dilantik sebagai penasihat dan masih lagi sebagi PM dia telah dihadiahkan jet tersebut,Tak percaya pergi keSubang tanya mana jet Mamak Kutty.

Anonymous,  19 April 2012 at 08:26  

1.Bottom pincher becomes ambassador.
2.One who likes under aged girls becomes RISDA chairman.
3.One guy dismissed for corruption becomes Felda boss.
4.Another, barred from contesting in party polls becomes Chief Minister.
5.The one who tears and burns his marriage certificate becomes CJ.
6.Underworld chief becomes IGP.
7.The one who shares his Mongolian girlfriend become PM.
8. The protector and defender of criminals become AG.

Well, this is UMNO, the defender of religion and race.

walla 19 April 2012 at 09:52  

The present PM sucks. He has indeed declared war on the rakyat. Win at all costs, he said.

That would explain why thugs in the wee hours of the morning and in the presence of our blues went ahead without fear to attack our students camping to ask for free education, a natural enough request but a sore point for Umno because it saw their grouping as a new lightning rod for mass revolt against its rule by double standards.

For the same question we can still ask why those two UTK bodyguards of Najib would want to kill off the Mongolian lady, we can also ask what reason did those thugs have to attack our students who are only asking for their PTPTN loan repayments to be waived in much the same way Najib's government has waived Tajuddin's debt of half a billion ringgit in order to save Captain Ahab himself from having to be hauled to court and exposed for what he is, a rascal with faulty polyps for talking through his nose.

The thugs have no reason whatsoever to attack our students. Except pocket money. And that says something. It says they, being also youths, are facing hard times, so hard that they have to sell themselves to attack other youths who are themselves facing difficulties in finding jobs to repay their loans. It is a tragedy at both ends but one end is innocent and the other end has been corrupted by UTC (Umno the Corrupt).

So it remains to ask - is Captain Ahab's legacy to Malaysia today reduced to creating a convenient coexistence between a police state and thugs evidenced by copgate to protect the cowgate's and amangate's of the land? Meanwhile another gate has opened. Apdalgate this time. Soon there will be a floodgate of Umnogate's.

Let every Umno general member ask himself and herself today what is your comment on these revelations? Will you be joining Captain Ahab in the same hospital? He goes to Nose, you go to Eye?

Meanwhile every single one of our students must ask himself or herself what is to be done about this attack on our students at the behest of the powers. They may deny but you already know. There is wisdom in the young too.

walla 19 April 2012 at 09:52  


If you are in a family that has consistently voted for Umno for some cowardly and greedy reason, it is time to tell your parents to wake up, remove the mask, and do the right thing for once. Because what they do at GE13 will affect your life, your future and the well-being of your brothers and sisters. For one thing, if they vote for Umno again, they will be voting for thugs to bully people like you again. Remind them of the movie Planet Of The Apes. That's what our society is fast becoming.

Engage your Almighty-given brains. Umno hands over two hundred here, five hundred there. Your parents go down on their knees deep in thanks. And then one of Umno's own leaders, if that's the right word to use, blows one point five million of your parents' pooled funds on activities which would have been censured by those who ban ballet uniforms.

Similarly, another in the land next to the hornbills takes a cut from each virgin timber cut so much so a foreign anti-corruption house has to reveal how he has USD30 million in his own account in Switzerland's UBS bank. If you have a parent working in Tenaga, ask him or her what Tenaga still thinks of UBS in its role as syndicated loan bleeder.

Every single one of the millions of our students must now rise to the challenge. Convince your respective voting members to create the most massive swing in votes. Move enblock to Pakatan. Vote Umno and its cronies out in GE13. Make ABU a reality.

Take this message home with you, wherever your family be. Enough of all the nonsense and corruption. Change the government. After all, it is just a reprehensible two-headed snake speaking to you with a forked-tongue to protect its own personal interest while you and your family languish in despair drowning in debts with few openings to climb up to a better future. Meanwhile other countries smaller and with fewer resources than ours are today richer and more thriving; their youths have confidence and hope; their achievements real and not spun.

But us? Deep inside, what are we all? What has your Umno made us all today to be? Real or fakes?

Anonymous,  19 April 2012 at 10:44  

Hallelujah man. The more the old man say, the more damage he'll do. Just like the gangsterism that Umno is now perpetrating even on poor students including girls. I say let them rot.

Quiet Despair,  19 April 2012 at 11:35  

Hullo bro Sak and friends

I understand bro, your bitterness and vengeance towards Najib. Knowing where you're coming from, its understandable. Faham sangat.
But Tun M, why?? Isn't he our idol, the best ever PM we have ever had. Next to Tun Razak in our annals of history.
Let's pray for his speedy recovery. I pray Allah will grant him to see the GE next month and help Najib win back the 2/3 majority.
Pray tell why is Mahathir seeking vengeance and out to kill the people?
Didn't he retire on a high and a smirk that he has laid the foundation of Malaysia's 2020 developed nation.
He's got his way that whatever he set out to do is now continued by Najib.
I don't know whether Allah will grant him to see Malaysia's success in 8 years time. But he will die happy.
The only mistake is annointing Anu-war as his deputy and its a BIIIIG mistake. Hope he will apologize one day.
For us, when we open our eyes to the world, we see only Dr M. We don't know of any other PM.
Wish he will be our PM NOW. He knows how to put in line the so many detractors that are now turning our nation topsy-turvy. Too many heroes now and most are fakes.
From what I understand, Abdullah Badawi's name is in the list of contenders in the coming GE. Heehee. Why not Dr M, not???
And pray tell what do you mean Najib is waging a war on us, the rakyat?
And in the same breath, you dubbed him Starbucks. Hey, we love Starbucks - the place we lepak and enjoy latte and cappuccino.
Najib is on the way to becoming a great PM with the mandate we the younger set will be giving him.
He's engaging (his fave word) and communicating well with us. He connects with us on FB, twitter and also attend all the concerts we have. Very in with us on all things young.
Sorry Sak, its your age group of 48 to 59 that has gripes with UMNO and the government.
And that's the voters who are on your side. Maybe it's got to do your pre- or post-menopausal hormones that are raging inside you old men.
And your menopausal boss Anu-war knows this. That's why he's bringing youth issues like PTPTN to boost his flagging and downward spiralling support.
(NB: It was when he was acting PM in 1977 that the PTPTN was passed by parliament and received thumping support by LKS and beloved son LGE).
With nothing in his pea-brain to introduce, he's now trying to dismantle what he himself did. Hahaha, what a loser.
And that explains the students protesting and their rude behavior of stamping their feet on Najib's picture.Siapa lagi dalang kan?

I leave you with a poem:

Satu dua tiga empat
Lima enam tujuh lapan
Selangor BN tentu dapat
Anu-War dan Azmin di tahap gaban.

Bro Najib bro Sakmongkol
Sama pandai sama tampan
Dengan DAP Sakmongkol sekongkol
Adakah cerah masa depan??

I remain sincerely your youngness Quiet Despair. Despairing quietly, why Sak like that one. LOL.

stk,  19 April 2012 at 14:21  

Quiet Despair orang pandai tapi cakap besar,I'm still waiting for your "peanuts"donation of RM2,000.00 for Sak's blog mana dia?All I can say orang pandai cakap besar only kuat temberang orang2 kampung dan blog2 proumno boleh lah .Graduated from the world top uni konon.

Ariff Sabri 19 April 2012 at 14:40  

Quiet despair....maybe u need to read moby dick..i said starbuck ,no s at the end. Its the name of acharacter in that novel. While i accept certain things positive abt d m...i cant be two xtremes sumultaneously. It is of strategic interest to attack dr mahathir n najib now.

Anonymous,  19 April 2012 at 16:49  


It was once said that the Titanic, gigantic and majestic as it once was, was unsinkable. But you and I know very well it did sink on its maiden voyage.

ABU tetap ABU.

Quiet Despair,  19 April 2012 at 17:29  

Got it Sak, about that strategic attack.Duly noted.
I did Moby Dick in Elementary 5. Acted as the protagonist Ishamel. Remember his introduction: "Call me Ishmael."


What's with your sarcasm? I did not promise the RM2,000 for Sak's blog. He does not need my money.
I was replying to you then who said:"Takyahlah pergi function Ku Li tu bukannya dapat duit minyak RM200." "Bukan function UMNO yang dapat duit,"you said.
You were insulting me like I am such a cheapskate to want RM200. Thus I replied that I can even donate RM2,00O that day.
And envious of my education? It's not funded by scholarship, okay.

Anonymous,  19 April 2012 at 17:33  

Salam Dato,

Satu masa dulu, orang bukan melayu anggap PAS parti ekstremis macam Taliban.

Satu masa dulu orang melayu anggap DAp parti macam komunis.

Rupa-rupanya baru kita tahu, UMNO parti yang sangat ekstremis dan lebih teruk dari komunis .. .dalam segala tindak tandu mereka.

Contoh :

1. Bila mahasiswa di serang di Dataran merdeka, apa kata menteri pengajian tinggi? "Mereka buat mereka tanggunlah!?" Apa punya menteri buat anak banga sendiri macam ni. Bukan mahasiswa tu menagih dadah, rompak harta awam, tapi hanya mintak...mintak... PTPTN di hapuskan. Itu sahaja.

2. Parti PR tidak boleh kacau budak universiti, sebab mereka masih belajar. Ha ... yang puteri umno masuk kolej apa cerita? Yang ada Kelab UKMNO pelajar di luar negeri? Apa cerita?

Inilah kerajaan sekrang yang sangat memalukan.

Anonymous,  19 April 2012 at 19:14  

“I find it distressing when grown up men, intelligent ones at that, justifying and rationalizing all the evil that UMNO has done as forgivable because they are committed by Malays.”

Fot these Malays, holding on to power supersedes all other considerations.

They give away My Kads to foreigners like giving away sweets.
The are emptying the nation's coffers.
Acting as sugar daddies to actresses and courtesans while Religious Departments look the other way.
They beat up, rape and kill people but are protected by the law.

I think almost ever UMNO cabinet ministers and Mentri Besars - current and past - as multi millionaires.

And the Malays are proud of their achievements.

Anonymous,  19 April 2012 at 19:22  

dr M destroyed this nation nall the institutions- sacking of the LORD PRESIDENT SALLEH ABBAS N 5 judges??corruption is the best legacy he left behind after 22 years as PM. what sad history for all malaysians n malaysia> cry for me - malaysia

troubadour 19 April 2012 at 21:18  

The Quiet Despair bloke is a "bangsawan", on "fama" scholarship ma... Not a mere underling.. Blue blood & silver spoon chap... May also have "stiff upper lips"... If Dato' Sak expects him to understand heartbeats of the downtrodden, you can wait a thousand fruitless years. A practising Muslim? His pompous remarks prove otherwise... What a shame..

Anonymous,  20 April 2012 at 01:17  

He he...syiok dapat 1Malaysia buku voucher RM200 hari ini! I got the feel good factor now....hope the elections can be announced soon!

idrisfaizal 20 April 2012 at 06:01  

Quiet Despair is funny,he writes without research then try to ridicule someone else.To you is all about Anwar eh,your way of thinking is so simple.I think BTN did a good job on you.You still believe that our leaders is high up on tree that they had better views or see the bigger picture than us eh.I envy your brain sir,may be the cells are not dying because you did not use it that much.The most you use it I think is when you write to this blog.Keep on writing sir,it will keep Alzheimer away.Starbuck cafe..hehe.That is a funny.

machang cowboy,  20 April 2012 at 22:43  

QD, you really lighten up this blog together with all other debaters who point out their views intelligently. BTW where is your sidekick Kampong Man.Really miss him.
But still the best is Walla. Love to know this lovely lass who I'am sure is the classic case of beauty with brains.
Cik Walla, please don't even dare to walk away.

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