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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 28 April 2012

7 indicators of the homegrown imperialist or why we are not power crazy but must wrest power from crazy people.

The title of this article is fairly long. I have deliberately chosen it to reproduce the extended comments sent in by Walla. I present here his thoughts, verbatim. Sakmongkol.

UMNO was formed to fight imperialism. Yet its offspring called UMNO Baru has become even worse imperialists.  Worse because it wears the cloak of wolves to entice the flock of sheep that it wants to keep in its fold as meat for its own dinners.
 Even little Red Riding Hood can see through the scam, what more the millions in this land who are daily facing the new imperialist order that has already usurped the nationalism all had forged together over fifty years ago.
Because they are dullards, the new imperialists have also copied word-for-word the divide-and-rule tactic of the old foreign imperialists by pitting one brother against another.
 That is also why it is hard to understand how someone can say tomorrow's marchers are bad parents.  If they are bad, then UMNO is even worse to have produced UMNO Baru whose yellow-livered leaders have already decided to tear-gas and bludgeon the rakyat of Malaysia who are marching against imperialism inside the present government.
One is tempted to ask since these so-called leaders of the present government are yellow-livered, why are they so against those who wear yellow? It's just a colour, like blue. Is even colour subject to monopoly in this land?
Secondly, the same character tried to tar the leader of the Opposition by saying he is power-crazy. But what has that leader been doing so far other than to articulate for changes?
 So if UMNO is fighting against the Opposition on the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ground that their leader is power-crazy, how are the rakyat not to conclude that UMNO is therefore fighting against the changes that he has personified?
  Since those changes are also what the marchers are asking for, why has UMNO not realized the changes more honestly, for that matter protect the rights of the marchers instead of planning to harm them, starting with barricades at a place with the word 'Merdeka' that was first ever roared on the very night this nation was freed from imperialism?

You see this same contradiction in UMNO - it says it is for our Malays but it enchains them in the wrought iron of subservience to an imperialist order made sneaky by friendly pats on the shoulder and thin wads on the palm while it vacuum-cleans the entire national coffer behind their backs.
 That explains why today we have one humungous national debt which is growing faster than it can be reduced. Because the government we are presently having is neither clean nor fair and yet only good at flip-flopping and cheating.
 However a tiny doubt remains. Imperialists, it is asked? How does one recognize the imperialist in our midst?
(1)   How about the guy who invited the poor to his mansion of elephantine size built on low-cost land and then explained his generosity by saying, "if not here, how else can they taste this luxury?"
(2)   Or, the other guy who showed how good he was to be able to negotiate a mansion at below market rate despite having given up his dental practice?
(3)   Or, the chief of a state once caught laundering money overseas who now decides to monopolize the billboard business in a single company so that rates can be raised tenfold, purportedly to fund his favorite charity.
(4)   Or, the quantum leap from rearing cows to rent-collecting of expensive condos, with the rent paid by associate companies of the same beneficiaries funded in the first place by public money issued under dubious circumstances, money now gone up in smoke thicker than the haze from Kalimantan because it was really a huge amount....for a low-level appointee.
(5)   Or, the slush funds amounting to hundreds of millions deposited in offshore accounts but somehow only detected by a foreign anti-corruption agency while the local one sits silent awaiting higher orders from those yang mengikut perintah yang tak akan datang. Too shy, perhaps?
(6)   Or, the GLC honcho suspended for money politics but reinstated out of the blue, however best only for wisecracking on the one hand, and yet on the other hand losing his cool to tell poor farmers to get out if they cannot accept his boss, the one who already has enough problems of his own trying to explain why he had walked away from answering honest questions by the rakyat. Again, shy, perhaps?
(7)   Or, the super-rich shopping tastes, flying allowances, monarch-level accommodations, super-class limousine services, not to forget the entertainment allowances that smoothen bed sheets at discreet rendezvous three times a week, fifty two weeks a year.
 The only thing missing in the picture forming in your mind right now is a lowly servant from some kampung, standing behind the new brown mat salleh of this 21st century, fanning away with a large feather fan the draining heat of each day that starts with a late morning and ends with an early night, a day at best pushing paper on the table, speaking nonsense to the masses, and generally causing trouble and mess all over the place, and paid a gazetted salary that in a thousand years will never explain all the excesses the calculator has already collapsed from trying to compute.
 In such a situation, how are our Malays and other Malaysians ever to make real progress? How can real progress be made when the economy is as fake as the government leading it?     Meanwhile, despite all the machinations, bamboozling and chicaneries of UMNO layered like lard on the rakyat, the peoples of Malaysia are united more than ever.
 And the greatest hope for Malaysia was already shown in the singular action by so many millions of our Malays when in their finest hour in GE12 they had collectively rejected UMNO and turned enough of the popular vote in the peninsular to give the Opposition a simple tipping point majority.
 If UMNO thinks it can leap, why not the voters? They too can quantum leap to enlarge that majority even more in GE13 and in one stroke redefine the tired and jaded political landscape of Malaysia for the first time in the history of this nation.

 In doing so, our voters will show the imperialists in our midst that our Malays are no different from any other human beings on this planet in their capacity to improve their lot. It is bad training which has impeded them. It is bad policies which have eroded all the goodwill so necessary for building networking and contacts for bigger markets and better exchanges. It is bad economics which have given to the imperialists a head start for a few at the expense of the many.
 And that is why there is a new wave of courage in this nation that says the rakyat will rather do the right thing and fail than continue to see the present government do the wrong thing and succeed.
 Avoid this sad tragedy. Bring about changes. Go beyond the tipping point. Make the quantum leap. After that, it gets easier. After all, the buck stops with us and not UMNO. If it stops with us, you will know it won’t be miss-spent; it’s your own money in the first place. But if it stops with UMNO, first hilang, then habis.
 Only a few more hours to wait before dawn breaks on a day where the same courage will be shown. The will of the rakyat cannot be weaker than the will of those who have chosen to do wrong because the riffraff in UMNO still think they can fool the rakyat when the only people they are fooling are the people they see in their own mirrors every day.
 walla, for all of you.


flyonthewall,  28 April 2012 at 03:53  

Well said! Change has already started on the streets around the Dataran. See you there!

Ministers:99%cow brain,1%human brain for stealing,  28 April 2012 at 04:45  

There is no democracy if it is 'managed' to serve only some hidden interests.There is no civil liberties if it is controlled and manipulated for preferred agendas of tyrants and autocratic regimes. For justice to flourish,civil liberties must be rightfully reinstated and fair- play general election re-ignited.Peace and prosperity will naturally returns to society where it rightfully belongs.
Never in Msia’s history has corruption been so high and rampant as now. Never too has national debt ballooned to RM460 billion and edging the country towards bankruptcy. And never in Malaysian election history has the government increased the number of voters by hundreds of thousands, openly and unashamedly using illegal immigrants.

Shadower 28 April 2012 at 05:20  

An extremely well written and thought provoking article, an article that minces no words but tells the truth like it is. The swell of anger I feel, starring at the abyss of such humongous waste due to blatant corruption, is unmistakable. See you guys at Bersih 3.0. Melbourne chapter. God Bless.

bruno,  28 April 2012 at 05:22  

Dato,if Umno does really do the expected and get their hands dirty against the Bersih 3.0 protestors,it will implode sooner rather then later.The people have had enough of their nonsense,that is the reason of having Bersih 3.0 less than a year after Bersih 2.0.

A few hours from now the rally will start.Lets keep our fingers crossed that the filthy goons of the ruling regime will sit on their fat asses for two long hours,and let it be a peaceful rally.

Anonymous,  28 April 2012 at 09:36  

kesiannya melayu di umno dan pas - nasib baik dato pilih yang terbaik - berada dalam DAP - di sana ramai tak pandai, jadi dato nampak pandailah sikit.

Comments in Malaysia today after Tunku Abdul Aziz said he did not support Bersih 3.0:

written by ElysianSteal, April 26, 2012 18:52:27
Yes f*ck all the Malays in DAP. They should not have an opinion different from the party. Let me tell you why:

1. DAP should not trust their Malay members, they are just trojans (per Rakyat rep @Concerned_Citizen, @ross, @BR8804).

2. They should all leave DAP if they want to think differently (per Rakyat rep @jimmy lim). We don't need people like you, go back to your hometown. Remember when you join DAP, this is not the freedom of speech allowed to you, Tunku, because the moment Malays in DAP open their mouths to talk about principles then they will begin to look stupid.

3. Anyway, Malays, based on their performance and past behavior in UMNO/BN have no principles, or doesn't understand laws. (per Rakyat rep @eloofk, @Saint, @prestonwa, @crookinparadise, @kokeeism)

4. When it comes to Rakyat, Malays in DAP who think they are law-makers should not stand by stupid principles and should always allow Rakyat to break the law. It's not your job to tell us we are wrong, see #3. Since we are your new masters, and you are our slave, we the Rakyat can kill, rape, destroy, pillage and plunder anything we want to. OK? Got that old man? (per Rakyat rep @Non sequitur, @Aku, @petman)

5. All DAP Malays (especially the ones who turn out to be stupid) please just shut the f*ck up... our Rakyat rep @crookinparadise is trying to think with his penis, you see, can't spell election anymore (spells them erection), because you're so loud.
Full article can be read here.

Source : The KL-Chronicle

Anonymous,  28 April 2012 at 11:00  

Walla's passion for Malaysia and Malaysians stands tall and true! Despite his 'age' if one can believe him on this point (haha!), he is the ultimate avenger, after truth and justice. I, and all of us, are so fortunate to read his articles that are testimony to his thoughts and soul. Very well done Walla.
I look forward to the day when you will 'unmask' your identify.

Anonymous,  28 April 2012 at 11:06  

Dato Sak

Izinkan saya coret sedikit sebanyak
mengenai modus operandi UMNO Baru dalam usaha untuk mengabui mata orang-orang melayu agar terus menyokong mereka. Tektiknya sungguh licik. Tektik ini amat berkesan sejak 24 tahun lalu dan tidaklah kejam dan jahat jika kita katakan ia adalah satu penipuan besar-besaran yang berjaya.

2. Kita tahu adalah memang hasrat Mahathir untuk membiarkan/membunuh UMNO Lama selepas diharamkan oleh mahkamah tahun 1987 dulu dan menubuhkan "UMNO BARU" dimana dia boleh kontrol 200%.

Dari segi undang-undang, UMNO LAMA & UMNO BARU adalah 2 badan/entiti yang berbeza yang tidak ada kaitan antara satu sama lain. Kelulusan yang diberi oleh Pendaftar Pertubuhan kepada UMNO BARU ialah ia mesti menggunakan nama " UMNO BARU" sepanjang masa untuk mengekalkan perbezaan antara kedua-dua pertubuhan ini.

Ini bermakna, jika disebut perkataan UMNO" sahaja, dari segi legality akta, IA MERUJUK KEPADA " UMNO LAMA" yang dah mati. Kalau di sebut " UMNO BARU" ia akan bermaksud pertubuhan lain yang ditubuhkan oleh Mahathir dalam tahun 1988 dulu.

Berdasarkan legality yang begitu jelas, mengapa pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO BARU DARI DULU SAMPAI SEKARANG selalu mendendangkan UMNO dan menyorok serta menyembunyikan hakikat bahawa parti mereka bernama " UMNO BARU". Apakah pemimpin UMNO BARU sejak dari Mahathir tidak faham perkara ini? Mustahil !! ..Sebab perkara ini dijelaskan dengan jelas secara bertulispun semasa UMNO BARU hendak didaftarkan. Tetapi mengapa mereka terus mendendangkan "UMNO BUKAN UMNO BARU". DIsinilah letaknya pembohongan terbesar terhadap ahlinya dan orang melayu selama ini.

3. Pengharaman UMNO LAMA begitu menyayatkan hati orang melayu. Inilah titi tolak perpecahan orang melayu diluar PAS .Walaupun UMNO BARU ditubuhkan,pada peringkat awalnya ia tidak mendapat sambutan besar-besaran. Orang melayu agak konfius masa itu.

Disinilah bermulanya tektik kotor Mahathir dan konco-konconya. Sensing sambutan lukewarm kepada UMNO BARU, dia jaja bahawa UMNO BARU adalah kesinambungan kepada UMNO Lama. Dia bunuh UMNO LAMA dia sorot. Jadi dia mula bercakap guna nama UMNO sebuah parti yang dah tak wujud dan tidak pernah sebuah partinya bernama UMNO BARU !!!!


mat pendang

Anonymous,  28 April 2012 at 11:29  

Dato Sak


4. Sebelum saya sambung saya nak bagitau satu fakta penting. Saya katakan diatas bahawa pengharaman UMNO LAMA begitu menyayatkan hati orang melayu. Ia titik bermulanya perpecahan orang melayu di luar PAS yang selama ini bernaung dibawah UMNO LAMA.

Now, PRU 1990 adalah PRU PERTAMA selepas UMNO LAMA diharamkan dan UMNO BARU ditubuhkan. Keputusan undi melayu kepada UMNO BARU begitu merosot. Kalau tidak silap saya, LEBIH SEPARUH atau 54% undi melayu telah lari ke pembangkang. MAKNANYA LEBIH SEPARUH ORANG MELAYU MENOLAK UMNO BARU. PENOLAKAN INI KEKAL DALAM PRU-PRU BERIKUT SEHINGGA KINI.

Mengapa fakta ini penting. Ia penting kerana fakta penolakan ini dapat menjelaskan kepada kita 2 perkara pokok permainan politik pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO BARU dari dulu sampai sekarang.

a. Menjelaskan mengapa UMNO BARU masuk ke Sabah untuk membina fixed deposit baru hatta sanggup menukar dari menjadi PARTI BUMIPUTRA !!!

b. Mengapa pemimpin UMNO BARU terus menggunakan nama parti lain iaitu UMNO LAMA YANG DAH TAK WUJUD dan dalam masa yang sama menyorok kewujudan parti mereka yang bernama UMNO BARU ia itu sebuah parti bumiputra setiap kali bila ingin mendapat sokongan atau mengekalkan sokongan orang melayu.

Jadi itulah yang depa dok buat sekarang untuk menipu orang melayu agar terus menyokong mereka, parti bumiputra. Mereka guna hantu yang bernama "UMNO LAMA" untuk menipu orang melayu. Itulah yang mereka buat sejak tahun 1988 dulu.

Dengan cara yang sama, UMNO BARU menakut-nakutkan orang melayu tentang ancaman terhadap Islam dan raja-raja melayu. Depa guna hantu "UMNO LAMA". Mereka sorok tentang parti mereka UMNO BARU sesulit-sulitnya.

mat pendang

Anonymous,  28 April 2012 at 13:52  


UMNO/BN will meet their Waterloo effective today as the echoes of BERSIH reverberate across the nation.

God willing, we shall bury them in the coming GE.

Anonymous,  28 April 2012 at 15:30  

Dato Sak

1. Kita telah tahu bahawa UMNO BARU hari ini tidak ada kaitan langsungpun dengan ketuanan melayu. UMNO BARU adalah parti bumiputra. Sepatutnyalah kita mendengar UMNO BARU melaungkan isu KETUANAN BUMIPUTRA.

Amat tidak masuk akal UMNO BARU melaungkan ketuanan melayu. Lagi tidak masuk akal,selama 24 tahun kewujudannya dia dok laungkan slogan parti yang pengasasnya telah bunuh ia itu UMNO LAMA.

2. Pelik dan tak masuk akalkan. Pengaruh yang UMNO BARU ada hari ini adalah mainan putar belit dengan menggunakan perjuangan parti lain yang tidak ada kaitan apapun dengannya. Apatah lagi parti tersebut dibunuh agar ia ( UMNO BARU) boleh wujud.

Permainan putar belit ini wajib kita sebar luaskan kepada orang melayu agar mereka tidak terus dibelenggu oleh putarbelit ini. Mereka ditipu memberi sokongan kepada parti yang menggunakan hantu parti lain untuk menjajah mereka.

mat pendang

Anonymous,  28 April 2012 at 17:08

Anonymous,  29 April 2012 at 16:01  

anning away with a large feather fan the draining heat of each day that starts with a late morning and ends with an early night, (* a day at best pushing paper on the table, ) speaking nonsense to the masses, and generally causing trouble and mess all over the place, and paid a gazetted salary that in a thousand years will never explain.....

all the excesses the calculator has already collapsed from trying to compute. * These are incredibly brilliantly described.

Anonymous,  29 April 2012 at 20:50  

Salam Tuan,

UMNO main taik. Macam polis rahsia di Mesir bawah regim Mubarak.

Taktik UMNO membuat provokasi untuk perangkap PR dan Bersih 3.0.

Tapi RAKYAT MALAYSIA tidak sebodoh itu.

Anonymous,  29 April 2012 at 21:57  

A common cause brought the Malaysian citizens to the streets to show their stand for free and fair elections. So, all the thanks to Bersih 3.0.
No other political party could have done as much.

Anonymous,  30 April 2012 at 12:26  

"The will of the rakyat cannot be weaker than the will of those who have chosen to do wrong because the riffraff in UMNO still think they can fool the rakyat when the only people they are fooling are the people they see in their own mirrors every day"
Bersih 3.0 has proven to be a watershed. It has proven that the rakyat cannot be bullied and cowed, as if they are the NFC cows, by the evil BN any longer.But will BN ever learn. But the nerds and retarded BN Ministers,leaders , those failed institutions and in TV1 and TV2 who are being paid by taxpayers do not seem to get into their thick skull and are still busy with their moronic propaganda.

Patrick 30 April 2012 at 12:55  

Its important to note what is/was not said by UMNO/BN after BERSIH event over the weekend. What has been in the mass media is/was generally expected. The mass media has become so predictable, it is boring.

What was not said, what was not shown, what was not analysed is what the rest of the country is asking. This action alone is reverberating underground loudly all over the country, in mamak stalls, in kopitiams, in starbucks, in every gathering place, small and large. BERSIH has been a success in this respect; to stir the curiosity and discussions far and wide. At ground level. This will supplement the many other events and scandals in the media on govt scandals, corruptions and their unanswered queries.

The extremists in PERKASA, PERKIM, Hasan Ali, Khairy and the 'Patriots' and gang, were visibly missing in BERSIH or the run up to BERSIH or after BERSIH. This silence is deafening and crucially missing in the daily UMNO media. Why were/are these 'defenders' of Malay, Islam, UMNO not at BERSIH, before, during, after? Especially when UMNO spins overturned police car, tear gas on 'unruly protestors' in the media? Havent these extremists been positioning themselves to support UMNO, Islam, BN causes, at all costs? So, the obvious questions not asked but boggles the minds of the rest of the voters and viewers of BERSIH 3, will be the demise of UMNO/BN. UMNO/BN just lost the 'silent majority' or 'middle ground' and also a chunk of the rural voters.

Zaidi,  30 April 2012 at 14:07  

Dato; terjemahan, maaf outstation

Pandainya UMNO menjaga anak

Pada tahun 1927, kira-kira 85 tahun yang lalu seorang cendekiawan Melayu bernama Zainal Abidin Ahmad menulis :-

mereka telah di perabdikan dan kena picit dan perah dan ramas di tangan pemerintah2 yang pada zaman dahulu itu- iaitu pemerintah2 dari bangsa mereka sendiri…

Ini perkara sebenar. Penindas yang paling besar adalah orang-orang berkuasa di dalam masyarakat Melayu itu sendiri. Di bawah penguasaan UMNO orang Melayu hilang ciri kemanusiaan. Cuba bayangkan jika anda memberitahu anak-anak anda yang mereka tidak boleh menjadi sebaik anak-anak India dan Cina kerana mereka dilahirkan Melayu? Bahawa mereka tidak boleh bersaing kerana factor keturunan yang lemah yang mempunyai ciri dalaman yang serba kekurangan di dalam segala hal? Jenis Melayu apa yang akan mereka jadi bila besar kelak?
Jika demikianlah, apa yang akan menyelamatkan orang Melayu? Pemerintahan totok UMNO yang menyerupai pemerintahan raja berkuasa mutlak seperti di zaman dahulu kala – sistem pemerintahan yang dirujuk oleh Zaaba di dalam nukilannya seperti di atas.

Jadi “anak-anak” Melayu ini membesar menjadi apa? Mereka membesar menjadi manusia yang bantut – dikekang dengan cirri-ciri palsu yang ditanam di dalam kepala mereka, kerdil dan pendek kerana setiap hari ibubapa UMNO memberitahu mereka bahawa mereka semua tidak cukup bagus. Ibubapa UMNO ini akan memberitahu bahawa engkau menjadi begini pada hari ini adalah kerana kuasa bukan-Melayu sedang berpakat untuk menghancurkan kesemua yang berkaitan dengan Melayu.
Apa penyelesaian UMNO? Kebergantungan sepenuhnya kepada UMNO.
Jadi untuk membolehkan persaingan yang adil, berikan kami UMNO kuasa yang mutlak dan tidak terbatas. Kuasa untuk apa? Untuk merompak dan melanun Negara ini dan menjadikan orang Melayu hamba untuk selama-lamanyakah?

Zaidi,  30 April 2012 at 14:07  

Inilah pembohongan terbesar dan kepalsuan yang UMNO serapkan di dalam akal fikir orang Melayu yang mudah dipengaruhi itu. Melayu itu umpama adunan tepung yang mudah untuk dibentuk dan dilenyek kepada apajua bentuk yang dikehendaki oleh UMNO pada ketika itu.

Sewaktu UMNO mengidam diberikan cek kosong untuk merompak dan melanin, orang Melayu dimomokkan dan ditakut-takutkan dengan idea bahawa mereka akan ditenggelami oleh orang bukan Melayu. Segala-galanya yang berkatian dengan Melayu – bangsa, agama dan institusi yang melambangkan keMelayuan itu akan dilenyapkan apabila bukan Melayu mengambil alih kuasa. Orang bukan Melayu jika digabungkan semuanya tidak akan menjadi kelompok majoriti. Hal ini sahaja sudah memadai untuk menghancurkan jaringan tipu daya dan pembohongan UMNO itu.

Lagipun untuk makluman ahli-ahli bahasa yang nasionalis, Zainal Abidin yang lebih dikenali sebagai Pendita Zaaba menulis rangkap di atas itu di dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Dia menulis mengenai orang Melayu dan perenggan di atas itu bolehlah diterjemahkan kepada secara mudah seperti berikut;

they( the Malays) have been enslaved, suppressed, oppressed and abused at the hands of their own rulers who were then, the ruling classes from within their own kind…………

Zaaba ketika itu berusia 32 tahun. Dia Melayu pertama yang menduduki peperiksaan senior Cambridge dan menjadi seorang guru dan kemudiannya pensyarah di Maktab Perguruan Sultan Idris. Apa sebenarnya yang saya maksudkan di sini? Yang sebenarnya ialah jika orang Melayu ingin mencari orang yang menghalang kemajuan mereka, mereka tidak perlu melihat jauh. Menjadi pengetahuan umum lumrah alam bahawa penindas yang paling teruk di dalam sesuatu bangsa adalah daripada bangsa itu sendiri. Jeleknya pandangan daripada sistem feudal yang lama yang melihat orang Melayu itu sendiri diabadikan menerusi kacamata mereka yang mewakili kelas feudal itu yang mengatakan;
“….saya tidak suka dengan fikiran bahawa anak-anak raja dan ketua duduk bersama-sama dengan anak-anak orang yang dahulunya adalah hamba sahaya kita”
Mazhab fikiran feudal lama kini digantikan dengan mazhab fikiran feudal yang baru. Tiada yang mengamalkan hal ini dengan lebih pakar selain UMNO. UMNO tidak membuang kepercayaan kepada pemimpin yang diwariskan. Maksudnya pemimpin yang dipilih di atas dasar siapa mereka asalnya.

Bagi UMNO dan inilah apa yang saban hari Cuma diterapkan di dalam fikiran watan UMNO – pemimpin UMNO dilahirkan dan hanya sebahagian kecil, dengan gelaran-gelaran tertentu dan hidup di dalam kelas tertentu boleh memimpin UMNO dan Melayu.
Mazhab baru feudalisma mungkin tidak mempunyai tembok pemisah Berlin tetapi ciri-ciri feudalisma yang lama masih jelas terpampang. Maksud ciri-ciri feudalisma lama ialah terus-menerus menghambakan akal fikiran Melayu oleh kerajaan Melayu-UMNO hari ini.

UMNO bukan sahaja menghina rakyat malah menghina masyarakat kita. Ia menggalakkan samseng dan kaki pukul abad ke 21 sedangkan masyarakat lain sedang giat berusaha untuk menjadi lebih beradab dan kritikal didalam pemikiran , lebih rasional dan sederhana di dalam perlakuan dan lebih adil dan jujur di dalam keputusan mereka.
Cuba tanya diri kita dengan jujur. Jika keadaan sebegini berterusan apakah hasil akhirnya nanti? Kleptokrasi (kerajaan haloba dan perasuah) disatu sudut dan hipokrasi (kemunafikan) di sudut yang lain disusuli dengan Negara kepolisan yang membul di satu sudut yang lain dan akhirnya jurang pendapatan yang semakin melebar di dalam mitos ekonomi berpendapatan tinggi. Kita akan di kepung di ke empat-empat penjuru oleh pencapaian yang lebih kurang dan kegilaan.
Inikah apa yang kita mahukan untuk Malaysia? Tipu daya, ancaman dan tumbukan, penghinaan dan ketidakadilan, mutu yang rendah dan lapuk, hutang yang semakin membesar. Disokong oleh tipu daya dengan lakonan-gah oleh pembuat-pembuat berita.
Ini bukannya penghujung sejarah untuk UMNO Baru. Ianya akan berakhir dengan sejarah-ringkas Negara kita.
Bangkitlah bangsa Malaysia!

Anonymous,  30 April 2012 at 17:06  


UMNO BN dan PM Najib bukan gila kuasa. Polis polis yang bertindak di BERSIH 3.0 juga tidak guna kuasa menggila.

Buat PM Najib,

Katakan pada Malaysia bahawa puan Faridah Abdullah yang pengsan dan terburai usus di himpunan BERSIH 3.0 dan kini dirawat di hospital itu adalah gara gara dia memijak perutnya sendiri. Jelaskan pada rakyat wahai PM bahawa semua mereka mereka yang cedera semasa himpunan BERSIH 3.0 itu adalah hasil perbuatan mereka sendiri.

Katakan Dato Sri pada seluruh dunia bahawa kecederaan serius Puan Faridah Abdullah itu adalah kerana beliau memijak perutnya sendiri. Saya percaya mentor Dato Sri, Mahathir Kutty juga melihat perbuatan Puan Faridah itu. Saya yakin Mahathir akan bersetuju dengan Dato Sri dan bersedia menjadi saksi.

Dato Sri perlu nyatakan segera kepada seluruh Malaysia bahawa tuduhan Puan Faridah serta pembangkang itu cuma fitnah. Tak mungkin pihak polis yang lakukan itu kerana polis Malaysia dibawah BN pimpinan Dato Sri sangat berhemah dan sopan santun kerana menteri yang kemudikan kementerian berkenaan juga lemah lembut dan sopan santun. Saya juga percaya bekas KPN Rahim Noor akan bersetuju dengan Dato Sri. Bukankah telah terbukti kes mata lebam Anwar Ibrahim dulu adalah gara gara Anwar menumbuk mata sendiri. Tidakkah begitu Dato Sri ?.

Jadi saya mohon sangat sangat Dato Sri buat pengumuman segera. Dato Sri harus berani seperti mentor Dato Sri dulu sebelum rakyat menuduh Dato Sri, UMNO BN dan pihak polis melakukan kegananasan kerana gila kuasa. Saya tak percaya Dato Sri gila kuasa dan saya tak percaya pihak polis mengguna kuasa menggila di perhimpunan BERSIH itu. Tak mungkin Puan Faridah Abdullah pengsan, usus terburai disebabkan tindakan polis. Ini mesti kes mencederakan diri sendiri seperti kes mata lebam Anwar dulu.

Kepada rakyat Malaysia. Percayalah bahawa PM Najib tidak zalim. Polis Malaysia tidak mengguna kuasa cara menggila. Hanya orang orang gila saja yang menuduh UMNO BN dan polis gila guna kuasa.

Tidak kah begitu Dato Sak dan pembaca blog ?

Anonymous,  30 April 2012 at 17:40  

Salam Dato,

1.Pembesar umno hari ini menggalakkan rakyat bercakap bohong- bercakap lain buat lain.

2.Pembesar umno hari ini menggalakkan rakyat dan kakitangan kerajaan untuk mengambil komisyen untuk setiap urusan yang boleh mendatangkan duit pada mereka.

3. Pembesar umno hari ini menggalakkan rakyat mengamalkan rasuah.

4. Pembesar umno hari ini menggalakkan rakyat menipu walaupun melanggari undang-undang termasuk membunuh.

5. Pembesar umno hari ini menggalakkan rakyat untuk tidak bertanggungjawab dan tidak perlu amanah.

Pembesar umno menjadikan ahli-ahli umno sebagai tunggangan untuk mempertahankan perbuatan keji mereka.

drp: zuki ahmad

Zaidi,  30 April 2012 at 23:48  

7 tanda-tanda penjajah tempatan atau kenapa kita bukan gila kuasa tetapi kita kena ambil kuasa dari orang gila

Tajuk artikel ini agak panjang. Saya sengaja memilih untuk menghasilkan semula komen panjang yang dhantar oleh Walla. Saya persembahkan di sini pemikirannya menurut kata-kata beliau. Sakmongkol.

UMNO diwujudkan untuk melawan penjajahan. Tetapi anaknya yang bernama UMNO Baru adalah penjajah yang lebih teruk. Teruk kerana ianya memakai bulu musang untuk memperdayakan ayam yang akan disimpannya untuk makan malamnya.
Sehinggakan Pak Pandir (sukar untuk menterjemah little Red Riding Hood ke alam Melayu – penterjemah) pun boleh melihat tipu muslihat mereka, sehinggakan berjuta penduduk tanahair yang menghadapi perintah penjajah setiap hari yang telah menyapu habis apa yang dibina oleh nasionalisma semenjak lima puluh tahun lalu.
Oleh kerana mereka itu bangang, penjajah baru ini telah menyalin perkataan-demi-perkataan taktik pecah dan perintah oleh penjajah Inggeris dahulu dengan melagakan sesama saudara.

Inilah sebabnya sukar untuk memahami bagaimana ada orang mengatakan peserta BERSIH 3.0 adalah ibubapa yang tidak elok. Jika peserta ini tidak elok maka UMNO adalah jauh lebih tidak elok kerana pemimpin mereka yang tidak berhati perut sudahpun membuat keputusan untuk melepaskan gas pemedih mata dan memukul rakyat Malaysia yang berarak menentang penjajahan oleh kerajaan hari ini.
Kita hendak sangat bertanya kepada ‘pemimpin’ kerajaan hari ini apa yang mereka bencikan sangat dengan mereka yang memakai baju kuning? Ianya hanyalah satu warna seperti biru. Adakah warna juga di monopoli oleh satu pihak sahaja di negara ini?

Kedua ialah orang yang sama juga memburukkan pemimpin pembangkang dengan mengatakan mereka gila kuasa. Tetapi apakah yang dilakukan oleh pemimpin ini sehingga kini melainkan bercakap-cakap tentang perubahan. Jadi jika UMNO sedang melawan Pembangkang dengan alasan kegilaantalakkuasalembugila bahawa pemimpin pembangkaang adalah gila kuasa, maka tidakkah boleh dibuat kesimpulan bahawa UMNO dengan ini menentang pembaharuan yang cuba dibawa oleh pemimpin ini.
Oleh kerana perubahan ini jugalah yang dituntut oleh mereka yang berarak di dalam BERSIH 3.0, kenapa UMNO tidak menjadikan ini sebagai kenyataan, justru melindungi mereka yang berarak dan tidak melakukan sebaliknya iaitu mencederakan mereka, bermula dengan kawat berduri di tempat di mana “Merdeka” dilaungkan buat pertama kalinya di malam negara ini dibebaskan dari cengkaman penjajahan?

Anda sendiri melihat kekacauan logik di dalam UMNO – ia mendakwa membela Melayu tetapi merantai mereka di dalam besi waja yang tunduk kepada perintah penjajah yang dikeluarkan secara sembunyi dengan tepukan mesra di bahu dan hulur salam berlapik duit sementara mereka menyedut habis kekayaan negara dibelakang orang Melayu.
Ini menjelaskan kenapa kita mempunyai hutang negara yang bertambah dengan pantas dan tidak berkurangan. Kerana kerajaan hari ini tidak bersih dan tidak adil dan hanya tahu berdolak-dalik bila membuat keputusan dan pandai membuat ‘auta’.

Anonymous,  1 May 2012 at 05:08  

Salam Sak & Bloggers,

Anon 28 April 2012 09:36

decided not to further the publicity to the sites, so they are not referred to, here.

did a quick check out on @crookinparadise , his namesake already implies who he is, anyway, it hurts any good mindfulness to skim beyond his revolting heading. The sites you shared with us only imply they are bigots, narcissus - worldwide - birds of a feather flock together, to incite hatred, lies and manipulations to cause disintegration to our societies and communities.

All these are bigots in masquerades from their categorical lewdness, nastiness and hostility, let's ponder, there is this similarities ( isn't it obvious ?) identical to the goons' mercenaries - definitely paid by an order to spew the expectations.

And if there are real, they are sick; again many of us have never encountered such illness from any well- educated Chinese akin to well- educated Malays amongst our multiracial friends. Precisely, the said mad racists do not want to learn from their own elders, if they claim they are real Chinese, how to build bridges with fellow Malaysian Malays and Indians.

Bet the same people harbor such disrespect toward fellow Malaysian Indians as well. Could they be irresponsible aliens to divide the nation ? And as for the middle income Chinese and the poor Chinese, they are pragmatically too busy slogging to make ends meet the high inflation and their rice dwindle akin to fellow common Malays and Indians' livelihood. Hence, who are the said persons behind the sites ?

During Bersih 3 rally, with my two lawyer friends, we witnessed such phenomenal niceness and unity among us Malaysians that is really heartwarming ( in the present tense ) and will remain entrench in our hearts. We will cherish what we had beheld, experienced how fellow Malays showed such care for each other, inclusiveness, when they waited patiently for each other to courageously walked across the titi ( ? ) over the huge monsoon drain ( ? ) to get to the other side.

In another incident, how a few poor Chinese chaps - from their worn out hands ( yet so rich in their hearts ) were trying to fan a Malay man who was suffering from sun-stroke, quite likely.

Hence, these racist idiots are rejects of their own, with that kind of intensity of hatred, racism, bigotry and disrespect, will they be going far ? It suffices to say within their personal relationship and acceptance, they will never be at peace in their soul and spirit. They need treatment and help.

When Pakatan wins in the coming election, the new leaders will certainly need to bring in very mindful, sincere religion leaders of every community, established ngos, our own renowned motivational speaker, Datuk Dr Fadzilah Kamsah, renowned psychologists Dr Goh of HELP University; and Dr Paul Jambunathan to impact the rakyat through meaningful engagement, interactive activities, sports, soft skills and positive behavioral change to equip our youths and university students through the tv channels and radio stations, workshops to bring the healing process.

Fast forward five years, we can proudly showcase to the world," Behold, the jewels of the nation, its beautiful united, progressive people. "

We have been immensely captivated, ( m humbled ) by this fantastic beauty of unity as we have seen during the Bersih sit-in rally on the historical day, April 28.

Thanks, Anon for keeping us informed, it is noted, but we must move on taking a few quicker baby steps, steadier, surely and more united, as quoted by our dear Sak, " to wrest power from crazy people " and as quoted by Walla, " Only a few more hours to wait before dawn breaks on a day where the same courage will be shown. "

Thank you, Salam & Good morning.

Anonymous,  1 May 2012 at 08:34  

Umno Lama & Baru are the same.

There are differences in their narrow approach....but the ultimate " aim " is the same.

Anonymous,  1 May 2012 at 11:37  

Either UMNO, UMNO lama or UMNO Baru, both are not relevan now !

This is a pirate ship going to sink soon. All the pirates and their leader will be buried in the seabed. This ship is no longer able to face big waves and tsunamis.

Come on we accelerated the sinking of this pirate Titanic in the next GE 13!

Malaysian,  2 May 2012 at 20:44  

Anon 28 April 2012 09:36,

There will always be racists, extremists, zealots, and bigots in all communities. I really 'kesian' these people who feel so unsecured to rant such racists, demeaning and degrading remarks. But these people don’t represent the majority of us, the right-thinking Malaysians who seek the middle path. The Nons are NOT anti-Islam NOR anti-Malay and we are not demanding for DPM post !!! We are just against corruptions, abuses and wastages by our govt. And it so happens that our govt is under BN, control by UMNO.

I thank Dato for the courage to join DAP instead of playing it safe to join PKR or PAS. DAP needs more candidates like him, someone who stand by his principles and not afraid of those chauvinists in DAP who give DAP a bad name. I feel sad for people chiding Tunku Abdul Aziz for not supporting BERSIH. These people are not matured enough to accept difference of opinion.

So, Anon 28 April 2012 09:36, don’t give up hope that our country will return to the middle path again!

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