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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Cheating Basterds. ( note the spelling please)

Once again I have borrowed the ideas of Walla quite liberally. He is that good. It’s an honor to be able to share his thinking. Readers owe him a great debt. By now I hope many will realize that he is an intellectual powerhouse.

However manner you describe your hallucinations of the BN win, glorious or otherwise, the rakyat who know have already concluded BN is going to cheat on polling day. You are free to describe Najib as our glorious leader. All the North Korean leaders- the Kim family were described in similar manner too.
As Edmund Blackadder says- we will win on issues, on personalities. But most important we will cheat.  Look at how an important bill concerning elections was pushed at such blitzkrieg speed recently. How apt to describe the speed by which it was pushed. It reminds you of Hitler-like machinations that are coming out from the innards of a bankrupt and reactionary BN party led by the UMNO lying machine. And they stink precisely because they are treasonous!
An important safeguard to cheating has been the ability of a candidate to position his or her election agent and polling agent. These respectively function to check on issuance of polling papers and to observe vote counting and tallies. Parliament sat up to the wee hours of the morning to evict these provisions. Why?
That is why I have been saying in my ceramah, BN has another component party in its stable- parti Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Malaysia (PSPM) to win the elections at all cost.
If a candidate's representatives cannot observe what is going on inside the polling and counting station, it will be like turning off the lights again in order to present opportunities to switch, discard, replace or spoil the votes.
In the last general elections, there were at least 35 marginal seats which could have gone either way. Who can tell today whether those that had gone to Barisan had actually been majority votes for Pakatan in which case the Opposition could have won such a number as to call for postponement in the passing of that election bill?
Add the other unfair tricks like gerrymandering the constituency borders, arm-twisting the civil service and armed forces, paying election inducements, blackmailing voters with promises of future development, double-tracked postal voting, polaroid citizenships for foreigners, moving voters en-masse from one site to another, persuading students to change their addresses, creating more phantom voters than even Aragon can take, and creating two different voter databases - has Google map replaced Malaysia with Zimbabwe?
UMNO and its newest running dog is planning to cheat the rakyat in this GE13. The chairman of PSPM says we have the cleanest voter database. Which database Tan Sri? Parliament passed the removal of provision for candidate agents. Why?
The answer: it’s cheating. And cheating is not fair.
That's why the students want free education. Because they saw with their own eyes how Umno is just breaking all the rules and erasing the debts of its own cronies, past and present, with a promissory note to those of the future as well.  And this same Umno has for its puppet the DBKL and Home Ministry which say they are just following the rules.
Yes, rules for me are not the same as rules for you.
The world has changed. Your mee goreng was selling at RM 3.60 a plate. It's now RM4.50 at least. Yet the CPI they go by, wraps you in comfort that inflation is minimal. Hello kitty, CPI is obsolete in Malababwe-land. Malaysia combined with Zimbabwe, courtesy of Ajib Gor.
Brother- the mee goreng is made of flour, oil, veges and egg. These form CPI items. These have all gone up in prices. So why is inflation still that low? The biggest ncrease is labour. A particular type of labour – one that is imported ahead of our minimum wage policy. So it is processing cost which has added inflation to household bills. Processing includes rental, ringgit weakening and social costs magnified by promises of high-income economies built on dubious data charted on powerpoints produced by those who wear Bally's who have never seen the inside of an empty paper-strewn factory before all their white-starched lives.
And that is the only apex the present government has to offer you. Construction pre-wired to cronies at inflated rates and hot-air balloons at your next jomheboh carnival.
What is beneath that apex? Ministers who are next to useless. They are racists and supremacists who break us up and polarize the society we and all subsequent generations must co-live in mutual harmony and cooperation. Simpletons and dullards who are so far down in their economic lives that the moment a wad of small-time cash is flashed before their eyes, they will gladly do any bidding of those who are already cashing out of this country.
And let's not forget the denialists who will say white when everything is already as black as the calculating pupils in their eyes. And on these six bunches of jokers the fate of the great Malaysian nation depends?


FMZam 26 April 2012 at 09:34  

If there's anything we want to see it happened in our lifetime of all things we long to see, the best thing to happen in our lifetime is the change of government. Why? Because we want to see all the BASTERDS get punished for their sins here on earth first, before they get their eternal redemption in hell.

We deserve to see the history of our country is written in the epitome of good fighting over evil and that history must be written by the people in our time for the sake of future generations. We cannot prolong our future generations to continue living under the claws of UMNO's siblings, spawns and mutants!

Anonymous,  26 April 2012 at 09:43  

Salam Dato,

Ini pak ustaz UMNO kalau cakap, macam Islam merekalah paling hebat di dunia, mengalahkan Pusat Islam Amerika, Pusat Islam UK, pusat Islam di Arab Saudi, Pusat islam Australia dll.

Walhal, disebalik mendabik dada mereka itu, mereka sudah lari dari mesej Quran sebenarnya.

Contoh : Rasuah, kroni-kroni, membazir negara wang rakyat dll. Mana mereka?

Kita harap Bersih 3.0, bukan hanya anak muda, tapi juga semua agama seperti Islam, sami Buddha, paderi Kristian, dll, turut di barisan hadapan untuk menentang LANUN UMNO/BN yang sudah juah dari etika kemanusiaan dan ajaran Quran sebenarnya.

Anonymous,  26 April 2012 at 09:51  

Umno now knows that the majority of Malaysian people no longer supports them. How long can Umno keeps their illegitimate hegemony without any form of reprisal from the people?Do they really believe that the Malaysian people will sit down and do nothing when they win by means of cheating. I always wonder what's going on inside the mind of an Umno members especially the top echelon. What rational reasoning that they come up with it that gives them flexible moral to cheat?

Anonymous,  26 April 2012 at 09:58  

fuhh.. still keep telling the same things without the strong fact..

Anonymous,  26 April 2012 at 10:56  

Pak Sak, your spelling is still wrong. It should be spelled BASTURDS!

evilcooler 26 April 2012 at 11:28  

Dear Dato' Ariff @ sakmongkol AK47,

Splendid article as usual. However it rankles me to know that the average Malay speaking masses will not be able to comprehend fully its wisdom until it is translated to Bahasa Melayu. May I honour you with such services? It's pro bono so nothing to worry about. :)

bruno,  26 April 2012 at 11:47  

Dato,it is a shame that the BastErds are able to get away with rampant corruption.It is a sickier sight for the BastErds to be able to get away with cheating at the polls.The majority of Malaysians were pretty confident that Umno/BN were going to get a real spanking this GE13 naked in people's square with their pants off.

But with allegations of huge phantom and dubious voters,in the hundred of thousands if not millions on the electoral rolls,how is the PR going to beat them.Well,I guessed we have to keep our fingers crossed and wait after Saturday's Bersih 3.0.

A huge turnout of a couple hundred thousand protestors upwards maybe might change the public's perception that Umno might get away with stealing the elections.With the ruling regime pulling out all the stops and changing the election rules in their favour does not spell good for the PR.

That can only meant one thing.That the allegations of the upsurge of phantoms are true.So what are the opposition going to do to counter this Umno/BN outright cheating if Bersih 3.0 have the same effects of Bersih 2.0?Recruit all the Makchiks,armed them with broomsticks,have them stormed Putrajaya and chased out the Umnoputras.

About inflation,Central bankers around the world have been cooking the books about inflation.When it comes down to inflation they have two sets of laws just like our Umnoputras.Just look at gold,crude oil,grains,copper,palm oil, coffee,cocoa,foodstuffs etc.Their prices have all shot up through the roof.And inflation is stuck in the 2-3 percent range.It is the Umnoputras teaching their grannies how to suck eggs.

Anonymous,  26 April 2012 at 12:13  

Anon 09:58,

start your own blog and shows us what is a facts laden blog is...else go suck ur UMNO BARU balls real gud!

Anonymous,  26 April 2012 at 12:39  


Why so worry to use the word bastard?.

Did UMNO BN and their leaders have made illegal immigrants is comparable with other Malaysians?

Is not that the same party and the leaders always legalize "haram" as "halal". See their practices and way of life. It's very appropriate that we had described the pimps leader as "bastards" because they are already immune with "haram" and illegal things!

Illegal immigrants "halal" on them as voters. BERSIH "illegal" and "dirty" in the eyes and hearts of them. Dato also can witness this right ? So they can be considered a bastard! A true bastard. This at least softer than accuse them as "kafir".

Pattani Warrior

Anonymous,  26 April 2012 at 12:58  


RAKYAT MALAYSIA sudah bosan dengan parti UMNO baru ......

Fakta-fakta UMNO baru sudah tidak relevan ....

Quiet Despair,  26 April 2012 at 13:22  

I prefer to be cheated by the basterd (LOL) Ah Jib Gor rather than Ah Jub Bor. And I am serious, brother.
Have a nice day. See ya tonight. Muahs.

Mr Bojangles 26 April 2012 at 14:02  

I thought it was busturds...

These thieving BN politicians and their civil service runners from the turd world.

Patrick 26 April 2012 at 14:17  

The time is ripe now for the Malaysian masses to rise in the form of People Power. We are now getting pounded daily by arrogance, deceits, abuses, etc by the opposition's exposes. How long can the mass media cap these news from the rural voter base? How many legislative changes can the govt enact to skew the rules of survival to their favor? How long will the country's security and legal apparatus obey their political masters before realising that they are protecting cheaters, corruptors, thieves, rapists, etc, etc? How long will these security and legal apparatus allow their political masters to continue while these lowly paid enforcers suffer the same fate as the majority?

Malaysia will need to undergo the painful transition now and civil unrest seems to be the option the govt is forcing onto itself. The people want change, peaceful change, and view People Power as the only form they can knowingly manifest. Phillipines had People Power aided with mobile phones. It was low tech, but damn effective. Malaysians now have a multitude of instant electronic platforms to aid in People Power. Let the govt do what it does best and intentionally create civil strive to justify their own use of force. The people seems hardened to this fact and are openly ready for it to happen, just so that its messages of change is heard.

The urbanites are getting hourly doses of exposes via emails and its snowballing. Time to switch to lower tech mass tools like sms and text messages. Are these exposes reaching the rural masses so that they are made aware? Political ignorants must now be sieged daily to act. Government and civil servants must be made to realise they cannot go on supporting their crooked bosses at their own expense. We are pretty sure these civil servants are also privy to the ministers corruption without any benefit to themselves personally. Dont these lowly paid civil servants realise that the 2 million instant citizen is going to create havoc for their children's future? These instant citizens will work for pittance, with no education requirement, cutting off opportunities for their debt-ridden educated children. Does the rural voters understand this simple implication to one part of their future at all?

The opposition must continue to find that magic catalyst or trigger to enable a massive mindset change. And do it quickly, they must. People Power will either be peaceful or bloody....

Anonymous,  26 April 2012 at 14:22  

Wow!! Walla what a superb write up! Extremely interesting to read such truthful facts. Thank you...keep it up.

Unknown 26 April 2012 at 14:36  

The EC is UMNO's running dog and an enemy to all decent people in this country.

Anonymous,  26 April 2012 at 16:58  

Sak & Bloggers,

who is this M. Veera Pandiyan ?? ( Along the Watchtower, the Star, Thurs, 4/26 )Nation pg 28 to allege Bersih 3.0 supporters, and others as ... Quote, " especially the public discourse, especially in cyberspace and on social networking sites has come down to this state. " This state of diagnosed as Oppositional Defiant Disorder ( ODD ) - a mental condition of anger, antagonistic, vindictive behavior, blah ?? He must come down from his cozy seductive watchtower to ground zero and suffer like his own community in neglects , and all of us, the common rakyat ? !

Surrogate writer of Utusan. Must be paid by some Indian capitalists from MIC.

Anonymous,  26 April 2012 at 17:26  

It is really sad that those so-called Muslims (in the ec, judiciary, police, macc, ag etc) are willing to serve the devil (UMNO) and make themselves accountable to Allah for their unjust and evil acts. Yes, we Malaysians will try our best to stop their evil acts but the chances of success are slim indeed. However, let us not get angry, frustrated or take things into our own hands. These UMNO devils and their henchmen are actually on trial by Allah - soon they will suffer the consequence of their evil acts in the Hereafter. It is frightening to imagine the consequence of a person who has Islam as guidance (as compared with those who have not) and yet still want to do evil acts. If one were to reflect on this, life is indeed fair. It's like all of us being put into a room full of money. It is our choice as to whether we want to steal the money or not. Thank Allah that most Malaysians refrain from doing so unlike the UMNO devils. If they strive hard to go to Hell in exchange for some temporary enjoyment, let them be. If their henchmen wants to help them to carry out their evil schemes, let them be. Soon, all of them will face the Day that they will fervently wish that they were not born at all. Such miserable and pitiful creatures - screaming of intense pain till eternity. Is life not just and fair? Salam.

Anonymous,  26 April 2012 at 17:49  

Anon 26 April 2012 09:58,

Strong fact kepala kotak kau ! Dah berguni kes korup pemimpin UMNO BN ni yang dibakul sampahkan oleh EG selepas SPRM siasat.

Nak dedah kepala jadah apa kalau sistem perundang huru hara dan judge asyik beri alasan "tak relevan" jer. Sampai mati pun tak boleh lihat fact.

Better you ask Dato Syukri Abdul ( ACC Deputy Director ) and digg the real facts !. Itu pun kalau Nazri Aziz tak suruh dia tutup mulut.

Malaysian,  26 April 2012 at 18:14  

Anon 09:58

Still want to be spoon-fed as though you are still in Primary? We should be thankful to Dato for his time and effort in opening our eyes to the many wrongs doing by UMNO/BN. He is a credible blogger who doesn’t spin just stated facts as it is! So, you want more detail, LOOK for it.

Anyway, just to make you happy, read this link:

Now for those who like to scream “Cina B*”, looks like MCA (on behalf of your Master?) is ‘prostituting’ itself to those you loathe !!! For your sake, I hope that the above article is not true but I can’t help grinning! Hahaha! Ironic, isn’t it?

Anon 09:58, you want more proof, read this link and scroll down to the end part which reads

“Why don’t you do what I did….here are some names and their service #. Hit the DOA on my right sidebar to enter the SPR search engine and have fun:”

Christopher Bengga 1099804
Ahmad Fakharuddin bin Zainol Abidin 1066227
Md Nor Abd Rahman 3002169
Md Nazrim Md Hussein 3009658
Othman Bahadon 3005777
Mohd Haizdar Arshad 3009045

Someone did and I just copy and paste it for you (to spoon-fed you)

Md Nor Abd Rahman 3002169 @ Sharifah Zainah Binti Salim (born 1930)
Md Nazrim Md Hussein 3009658 @ Lee Ah Kew @ Lee Ah Moi (born 1936)
Mohd Haizdar Arshad 3009045 @ Lim Bak Leng (born 1934)

Be a sport, why don’t you do the rest and let us know what you find!

Here’s the link:

Before you say “That’s al!?” FYI, this is just the tip of the iceberg!
Ever occurs to you to LOOK for information instead of being spoon-fed???

Mind you, I do read reports from Bernama, STAR online too just to have some balance view.

I really don’t know about the rest of the readers but my patience with the govt has reached its limit to the boiling point, the straw that broke the camel back, so to say, is the Amendment Bills
rushed through Parliament last week!!!! I’m now more than determined to attend BERSIH 3 and I know there will be many FIRST timers too. ENOUGH is ENOUGH !!!

Anon 09:58, just in case you are unaware of it:

Sorry Dato, for the many links otherwise this Anon 09:58 will say “without the strong fact”.

Anonymous,  26 April 2012 at 19:52  


Walla is indeed a powerhouse intellectual, he writes with the precision of words, sharpness and keen observation of the mind, such eloquence and Elegance, for political writing, that is remarkable incredible. I've never read any political writing as such. A rare intellectual gem and he has this gracious humility.

He should consider saving all his writing along with yours, and other bloggers' and compile them into a great book. I'll buy a few as gifts.

Now, what the facts i've missed, got to read again ... ha ha ha

Anonymous,  26 April 2012 at 20:13  


Quote : If a candidate's representatives cannot observe what is going on inside the polling and counting station, it will be like turning off the lights again in order to present opportunities to switch, discard, replace or spoil the votes. Unquote.

* The Rakyat Holds the Trump Card

i recall one of our fellow confidant bloggers here, recommended that the civil servants spoil their votes as backlash against votes from polaroid citizens - a phrase coined by Walla. Let's mind-map and consider how this will cause the domino effects that end the plunderers’ systematic manipulations and cheating.

* Hence, we have to think more strategies and unleash them and expose their schemes ( as shared by a few bloggers here ) to the civilians, the rakyat through the alternative media and ceramah.

Furthermore, we need to think what could be their strategies to this and counter- attack and self - guard our votes to form a new government.

Sarawakians, Sabahans and their respective alternative leaders must be aware of this, by a few of us visiting their sites and inviting them to visit Sak's and Sdr Aspan's blogs.

Terima kasih.

Zaidi,  26 April 2012 at 20:25  

Dato' Sak, terjemahannya (Zaidi)

SI BARU-AH MENIPU! (Ejaannya berbeza)

Sekali lagi saya meminjam idea daripada Walla secara bebas. Dia ini memang bagus. Menjadi satu kemuliaan untuk berkongsi pemikirannya. Saya rasa khalayak pembaca terhutang budi kepadanya. Sehingga kini saya berharap ramai yang sedar bahawa beliau merupakan seorang intelek yang hebat

Walau apa gaya sekalipun anda menggambarkan khayalan kemenangan BN, gemilang atau sebaliknya, rakyat yang tahu sudahpun membuat kesimpulan bahawa BN akan menipu pada hari mengundi kelak. Anda bebas untuk mengatakan Najib adalah pemimpin agung kita. Kesemua pemimpin Korea Utara daripada keluarga Kim juga dikatakan sedemikian juga. Memetik kata Edmund Blackadder – “Kita akan menang menerusi isu, mengenai personaliti. Tetapi yang paling penting kita akan main tipu”. Perhatikan bagaimana Rang Undang-Undang berkenaan pilihanraya di luluskan dengan begitu pantas. Ini mengingatkan kita tentang kempen seperti dilakukan Hitler yang datang dari perut busuk sebuah parti BN yang bangkrap dan hanya bertindak balas diketuai oleh mesin penipuan UMNO. Kesemua ini menghasilkan bau busuk kerana ianya satu pengkhianatan!

Satu kaedah penting untuk menghalang penipuan ialah kebenaran untuk calon meletakkan agen atau wakil pilihanraya atau wakil undi. Mereka ini bertugas untuk memeriksa pengeluaran kertas undi dan memerhatikan pengiraan undi dan penjumlahan undi. Parlimen telah bersidang sehingga ke awal pagi untuk mengeluarkan peruntukan ini daripada undang-undang. Kenapa?
Inilah sebabnya saya mengatakan di dalam ceramah saya bahawa BN mempunyai satu lagi parti komponen iaitu Parti Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Malaysia (PSPM) untuk memenangi pilihanraya dengan apa cara sekalipun.
Jika wakil calon tidak boleh memerhatikan apa yang berlaku di dalam pusat-pusat mengundi dan pusat penjumlahan, ianya adalah seperti menyala dan memadamkan lampu untuk menukar, membuang, menggantikan atau merosakkan undi.
Di dalam pilihanraya yang lepas, terdapat 35 kerusi marginal yang boleh dimenangi oleh mana-mana pihak. Siapa yang boleh mengatakan hari ini bahawa kerusi-kerusi yang dimenangi BN sebenarnya adalah kawasan dengan undi majoriti untuk Pakatan yang mungkin telah memenangi sejumlah besar kerusi-kerusi tersebut dan boleh bertindak untuk menangguhkan daripada lulusnya rang undang-undang pilihanraya baru-baru ini?
Ditambah pula dengan muslihat dan tipudaya seperti pensempadanan semula, ugutan kepada pejawat awam dan tentera, bayaran wang suapan untuk pilihanraya, mengugut pengundi tentang pembangunan masa depan, taraf warganegara segera untuk pendatang asing, memindahkan pengundi secara besar-besaran dari satu tempat ke tempat yang lain, menggalakkan pelajar menukar alamat, menghasilkan pengundi-pengundi hantu yang lebih ramai daripada asalnya dan mewujudkan dua pengkalan data pengundi – mungkinkah Google map sudahpun menggantikan Malaysia dengan Zimbabwe?

UMNO dan anjing-anjing barunya sedang merancang untuk menipu rakyat didalam PRU13 ini. Pengerusi PSPM mengatakan kita mempunyai pengkalan data pengundi yang paling bersih. Pengkalan data yang mana Tan Sri? Parlimen meluluskan peruntukan untuk wakil-wakil calon. Kenapa?
Jawabannya : Ini satu penipuan. Dan penipuan memang tidak adil.
Itulah sebabnya mengapa pelajar mahukan pendidikan percuma. Kerana mereka nampak dengan mata kepala mereka sendiri bagaimana UMNO melanggar kesemua peraturan dan menghapuskan hutang-hutang kroni, yang dahulu dan sekarang. UMNO yang sama juga mempunyai patong DBKL dan

Zaidi,  26 April 2012 at 20:25  

Kementerian Dalam Negeri yang mengatakan mereka hanyalah menurut undang-undang.
Benar, undang-undang untuk saya tidak sama dengan undang-undang untuk mereka.
Dunia sudah berubah. Dulu mee goreng dijual pada RM3.60 sepinggan. Sekarang sudah RM4.50 sepinggan. Mereka tetap mengatakan Indeks Harga Pengguna (merujuk kepada inflasi-penterjemah) adalah rendah menyebabkan kita diselimuti dengan perasaan selesa. Sedarlah adik, Indeks Harga Pengguna sudah tidak ada maknanya di Malabawe-land (iaitu gabungan Malaysia dan Zimbabwe – ihsan Ajib Gor).

Abang – mee goreng dibuat daripada tepung, minyak, sayur dan tepung. Ini barang-barang tersenarai di dalam Indeks Harga Pengguna. Kenapa inflasi masih rendah? Kenaikan paling tinggi adalah kos buruh. Satu jenis buruh yang ‘khusus’ – yang diimport terlebih dahulu dari polisi gaji minimum. Ianya kos memproses yang telah menambah inflasi kepada harga barang keperluan. Memproses melibatkan sewaan, kejatuhan nilai ringgit dan kos sosial yang diterukkan lagi dengan janji-janji ekonomi berpendapatan tinggi yang dibina di atas rajah-rajah yang meragukan di dalam power point oleh mereka yang memakai barang berjenama dan tidak pernah melihat keadaan kilang yang berterabur dan kosong kerana kehidupan mereka yang senang lenang itu.
Itu hanya puncak yang ternampak oleh kita yang ditawarkan oleh kerajaan kepada kita. Dibina semua ini dengan keuntungan tetap kepada kroni pada kadar yang tinggi – setinggi belon panas di karnival Jom Heboh itu. Apa pula di bawah puncak tersebut? Menteri-menteri yang hampas dan tidak berguna satu senpun. Mereka itu sangat bersifat perkauman dan taksub yang memecahbelahkan masyarakat dan meyebabkan masyarakat terpisah dan terasing di mana kita dan generasi akan datang mesti hidup bersama dengan harmoni dan berkerjasama.
Rakyat marhaen yang terkebawah sekali di dalam kehidupan ekonomi apabila dihamburkan wang kepada mereka maka akan segera berpusu-pusu melakukan apa sahaja untuk orang yang telahpun menjual Negara.
Jangan kita lupa orang yang sering menafikan yang akan mengatakan putih sedangkan segalanya adalah hitam seperti hitamnya biji mata mereka. Adakah masa hadapan Malaysia tercinta ini akan bergantung kepada kumpulan enam badut jahaman ini?

Donplaypuks® 26 April 2012 at 20:56  

Inglorious Basterds? cheating is in their blood now.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  26 April 2012 at 22:09  

to describe the coalition achievements in 50 years_ plundering- stealing - robbing- HYPOCRITES are running this nation??

Quiet Despair,  26 April 2012 at 22:38  

Hello Anon 16.58

Watchotower columnist is a Star journalist. He's on the Star payroll and not an Utusan surrogate.
I am an avid reader of MSM and I follow all their writings.
What he wrote was precisely my thoughts too.
What cause is Bersih fighting for? NO CAUSE.
The EC has published a booklet on the true facts of the election conduct. And today the chairman has answered clearly the mechanics of delineation of electoral constituencies and boundaries.
CASE CLOSED. Read the papers tomorrow.
It's clear as day Bersih is not Bersih. Just a platform to further a certain leader's agenda.
If they are really sincere, they won't be fighting the authorities on the venue.
A peaceful demo can be held anywhere, no matter the venue.
But Bersih is only a kes nak tunjuk Siapa Besar, a P.Ramlee's film.
Achi Ambiga is not behaving lawyerly at all. She's like a frustrated politician or like a spoilt kid who must have her way.
ADD, like.
And if you see last night's debate, she lost big time to my brother KJ.
She was truculent, hostile, combative and unwilling to accept facts.
KJ was right to say that she's so immature.
And I see DAP hot around the collar now that Senator Tunku Aziz stated categorically that he's against Bersih.
He's right in ASKING who is responsible to the stupid (my word) protestors if anything untoward happens.
What if the ring-leaders did not turn up and the poor gullible oneS were left in the lurch to fend for themselves.
And Tunku Aziz said the police have the legal authority in taking action against the occupying of Dataran Merdeka which is declared out of bounds.
My bro Sak won't be there. So is Aspan and other DAP leaders right? They know how to make better use of their time like speaking at ceramahs.
What do you get except for tear gas and water cannons. And you know who's repeat performance of drama minggu of I am beaten by the police. Cheap political stunt.
Get a life. Let's all go jalan, jalan cari makan in peace this Saturday.

laxmana sri wanajib,  26 April 2012 at 22:48  

"I prefer to be cheated by the basterd..." - qd. after > 50 years of independence, you are talking like a real dick head. talk about translation. here's one for mr/ms/whatever qd:
dick head = kepala b***h
see ya all in DBKL 2012

Anonymous,  26 April 2012 at 23:32  

Quiet Despair 26 April 2012
You are a rusty replica of your boss siapa nama ... kj ! Bloggers from alternative sites used to call him the 1st class upper egoist, a spoilt brat trapped in an adult body, but refusing to grow up as a man. He thinks a hell of himself from which u ? A disgrace to his alma mater. How he mocked LGE's son, now Ambiga, in the past letting himself spinning rampant like a kera looking for victims !! Not surprising as the leader of jomheboh monyet and you, his PA, or trumpeter like Squealer in a political satire.

Enough is enough of him, all the bs ! Outright No to him, an intellectual, elite mafia as a leader for another term. We don't need you to teach us how to live - a life that has no dignity.

Ours is based on integrity, dignity, intelligence, diligence, compassion, fairness to all and in fear to HIM to do all that has value on earth and in eternity.

So QD hit for the septic tank, fast, swift !

Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 00:33  

Boy QD

Pak Chik dah baca banyak tulisan awak. Awak memang smart. Kalaulah anak pak Chik boleh tulis dan berdebat dalam Englis macam awak.
Tapi awak kebudak-budakan. Dah khatan ke belum? Circumcised, if don't understand Malay.
Binatang apa muahs tu? Orang Melayu tak cakap muahs. Kepala bapak awaklah.
Ini bukan FB atau twitter nak tulis muahs. Ada faham?

loveMyKris,  27 April 2012 at 02:07  

QD kaki cucuk lah. Let him be. He doesnt mean what he says.

Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 05:46  

Quiet Despair,
Watchotower columnist is a Star journalist. He's on the Star payroll and not an Utusan surrogate. Terima kasih for Only this info. The rest, you can publish it on FB. The trouble with you is you date, dance with and kiss the evils, then promote it to us and an antagonist to good people. Actually you have been misled, deceived, and by allowing yourself into the webs of deceits as you are sincere, to answer my question about this surrogate writer. i prayed only once for you, that you choose to be good or at least, stop doing what you've been doing. You are English educated, how come, you can't think deep, not to be deceived. Or you have only been studying romance novels as your main subject.

Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 10:33  

Greetings from Gold Coast QLD!
My question to you sir, is that is the ATM that neutral?
YB Nazir got himself into a spot linking the PM to ATM recently. But ATM has been one of the biggest abusers of the yearly budget, right? ATM postal votes also one of the most dubious and secretive, right?
For some ATM generals to come out and want to charge YB Nazir with sedition is a bit rich, isn't it?

loveMyKris,  27 April 2012 at 10:36  

congrats QD. i know u r enjoying all this. hahaha.

Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 11:49  


Salam Sak & Bloggers,

Once Pakatan wins the election, could we do something really meaningfully tangible for Walla in recognition of his great contribution to us, and directly impacting the nation.

- A high profile university teaching post ( different lecturing as teaching is close encounter which impacts more students, the creativity and excellence, the passion to inspire students to learn beyond the course matrerials, to apply, besides conveying the nuts and bolts of the discipline. In fact there is close involvement of active discussion and participation, imputing fascination and loads of humor.

Walla should be given that opportunity to teach (if that is also what he wants and happy as well )at the political science department of our local and foreign universities ; ON his term and availability, with an excellent paycheck, car loan without interest, a free most canggih laptop, all teaching tools that he needs and strictly no political inference. We can’t afford to lose Walla like we have lost Jomo.

Perhaps, Sak, you could set the ball rolling, but after the election, as we are grateful to you, to him, to every blogger, anon and your fans here - all are needed here, at this juncture of time.

Here, I would like urge ourselves, our Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indian, Sarawakian and Sabahan fans and supporters of Sak, Sdr Aspan’s
being in DAP, to serve the rakyat better to support any worthy cause in the near future, in recognition of our dedicated contributors like Walla, Bruno, now even, Zaidi ( thanks ), FMZam, Donplayuks and a long list.

Doesn’t the desperation in us to have the best of brains in our system of
education inspire, us the rakyat, all the more, to vote for Pakatan in GE 13. My mind is quite saturated, so i need to take a brief sojourn.

What is on your mind, but to vote for Pakatan ? Thank you.

Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 12:08  

Dear Walla,
To preserve the elegance and the precision of your writing, would you consider being your own editor and publisher, and sure, many of us would be honored to write a commentary for you. You will give us the invaluable publicity to be quiet famous, ha ha ha. Perhaps, there will one or two fans here who would have the pleasure to assist you with creative visuals for your book.

I have read an inspiring book by a local writer about his voluntary work, done in this way. His printer was an entrepreneur, hence it cost him about 20 K for ten thousand copies ( soft cover ) m sorry I can’t recall the exact details. Within a period of less than several months, all were sold out to raise fund for the poor children’s education.

Walla, it is also feasible to print some hardcover copies to be sold to all universities. Hmm, do many pay to read electronic copies ? Sad, isn’t it as they are intellectual copies produced by tears, sweat, isolation thinking, reflection, endlessly research and some in needs of a stable income to support their families.

Like Sak, i alongside many of us think, you are truly a remarkable writer. And I always pause to read your masterpieces intently, until I forget that I have to reread. Hilarious.

I am very happy for you, why should ones be envious, if ones are confident of their own talents, multi- talents, and pleasant, inclusive of celebrating others’ talents. If ones are mature enough, not necessarily in age, we begin to the see the beauty of complementing each other, in any place, in any mission to make a positive difference.

I saw and we put that in action, daily, in the international organisations I had served abroad as well as in our friendship with others. Do you remember how some professors and tutors, even good colleagues were, and they still are, in abroad, ever so willing to share the expertise in the field of our course, and learn from us as well ? That is the flame that sparks peace, the intellectual ecstasy, the tenacity to create good things for the human race.

No problem, it’s a great pleasure to help, to share, but it is maddening frustrating to see the reverse in many other local and government departments here, though the latter has shown some improvement due to our pressure in the opposition, ha ha ha.

Many of us will begin to see the impact of positive collaboration; however, the receivers must be self - yielded to be grateful to pay forward. Honest. If we slow down, though it can be quite challenging for the touch and go, feel good persons, but there are times, ones have to, in regards to matters of the heart, to take a few minutes and ponder over coffee, espresso, teh tarik or tomyam, of course alone thinking quietly. ha ha ha, otherwise it is not thinking.

This jealous “sikap” has to be discarded by Melayu through self – restraint, to wanting to make a difference to all people in the office, in business, in friendship,in own family, in submission to Him, really, if we want betterment.

That includes each small, medium sized, or large organisation to improve, and in sincere collaboration and involvement with our multiracial Malaysians with fairness.

I pray that you are blessed the best, more wisdom, such gracious humility, happiness, good health and protection to continue writing. And blessings for your family,too. Amin.


Anonymous,  27 April 2012 at 12:36  


And some successful, WEALTHY Malaysian Chinese and their children will have to learn to share more of their expertise, their blessings with their own poor beyond their gated homes and create employment for all Malaysians.

A FEW of them are real painfully arrogant like the elite Malays when they dine out, or out socializing even to their lesser kind. Real showy, maybe it is everywhere in any nation, even in Indonesia. I don't experience that in abroad, sure,that are a few nuts as in any nation and community.

To be fair - minded, the wealthy Chinese are doing some good work, but more can be done. Inclusive of helping Malay and Indian in needs, once you have seen, enjoyed how sincere we want to be with you, beside you in creating a better Malaysia for all.

A lot of meaningful positive works can be seen tangibly now for our communities. That is because of the urging from the mindful, patriotic people everywhere, regardless of race and religion.

Thanks. With this, i take a brief sojourn.

Sorry for writing so much, Sak. Thank you to you and bloggers for your patience and graciousness.

Merci, Adieu my dear friends.

Stk,  27 April 2012 at 22:22  

QD,orang pandai yang berpelajaran tinggi,tetapi pikiran nya macam typical orang kampung dan kebanyakan orang2 Felda. Sudah kena tipu umno tak apa,tetapi berterima kasih kepada kerajaan pulak ?
tu lah akibat baca beret MSM,tv3 suku dan cerita2 hantu. Pergi lah blog2 proumno saperti big dog ,wzhz pasti jadi hero kat sana sehingga di panggil ayahanda,perjuang negara. I rasa QD memang suka al juburi nua tu,kerana asyik minta minta,nanti aku buat appointment dengan nua dulu baru ku contact you ok,you suka pakai ky jelly ke,atau Vaseline, tak apa nanti saya si saiful dulu ok?

Anonymous,  28 April 2012 at 21:03  

QD, with all he is, as an antagonist to us, the good Malays, our fellow Malaysians who want to end UMNO- BN, is not even fit to carry their cangkul.

... was at Bersih 3. 0 Sogo area this afternoon; seeing the Felda folks in their maroon t-shirts, and fellow elderly brothers with their weather beaten faces and coarse hands, drove this analytical mind away, visibly moved; what they only have is their dignity, simple, honest people despite being barbarically cheated by UMNO - BN. Enough.

So supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – an intriguing word never heard of, yet, a hilarious navigation on YouTube .... The English Way brought a little cheer.
Thank you.

Anonymous,  30 April 2012 at 00:31  

THE CN has come out blurting venom and sting...want to know why!
He has an agenda!


It is no secret, the PM was a Min Of Def for donkey years.

He hand-picked all his Lts way back then!

He will have to rely on his Jokers at the very last moment!

helis - to fly off
tanks - to defend
sub - to evade detection
ARMY - to protect

SO what is there to talk about SECRETS?
Open to all to SEE as bright as the early morning SUN!

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