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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Get Real Mr Prime Minister!

Like many others, I read somewhat amused at PM Najib’s war cry that he is confident of getting back the states now under the opposition. I say war cry because here we have a PM seized by an extreme bout of paranoia declaring that we are at war. With who?
He has to stop the charade. It’s not like UMNO and BN people are gifted with extraordinary talent that reserves them the right to govern the country. Who can argue against facts? The top 3 states which drew the highest level of FDI are Pakatan led states. Just under one term, Pakatan governments can achieve these good things which no other BN lead states have ever achieved is an incontestable testimony that Pakatan people are more talented.
This is what UMNO and BN and the UMNO president fear most. That people are slowly but surely realizing that there is life without UMNO and what’s better- there is a better life without UMNO. Let’s repeat this once more there’s life without UMNO and there’s a better life without UMNO indeed. Tell your friends, neighbors about this- let us kick out the kleptocratic maniacs out of Putrajya and forge a new future. Let’s square off with Najib as the opposition leader. We will see he is a paper tiger who without a scripted text, cannot respond to out of pre-approved questionings.
I felt vindicated somewhat when Daim came out with his only 3 states are safe for BN. I have been writing about what the Oracle of Syed Putera has been saying to me every month. My views culled from my interviews with the Oracle of SYed Putera are like the moving instances in a video camera. The interview by Utusan Malaysia and the other mainstream papers are snapshot views of an instance. So when we compare instances with an instance, I would say that the conclusions reached out of instances are more valid that conclusions arrived from just one instance. I meet the Oracle almost every month- Utusan people meet Daim once a year. You judge which observations carry more legitimacy. By the way- just so one feller doesn’t lose sleep; The Oracle isn’t the earthy Sanusi Junid. Can we imagine Charles Bronson playing the role of Superman?
It was also the Oracle who told me BN can lose as many as 16 parliamentary seats in Sarawak and up to 12 parliamentary seats in Sabah. Every other states in Peninsular Malaysia- Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Kelantan, Terengganu- all these states are tough battle grounds for BN. so they can talk big for all they want, when they go to the battlefield, they will get a reception never known to them before. The era of paying your way through to win elections is over. Now, as the Oracle told me- people are asking where are you taking this country to. For over 50 years, you have lost you way, how can we believe you now know where to go?
A few months ago, he mentioned about even if our bodies are crushed, we must defend Putrajaya at all costs and if others dispute the position of Malays, there will be ethnic cleansing. Let us, the people answer him this way.
He does not own Putrajaya and the only people harping about the imagined assault on Malay position are UMNO people themselves. Its Murphy’s war adopted by UMNO apparatchiks.The only people who have violated the trust given them by Malays is UMNO!

Is this the type of PM we want who thinks he can transform Malaysia? He can’t even transform UMNO with its culture of warlordism and tenderpreneurship. The fact is UMNO does not have a cause, they make things up as they go along. UMNO is like Jack Sparrow. A pirate to the core. Yesterday- Malay supremacy, today champion of Islam, yesterday royal basher, today royal bootlickers.
His ETPs are nothing but a compilation of 5-year business plans of various leading businesses, artfully re-packaged by Idris Jala and his team of kopi O pemandus. Oh yes- maybe here and there re-touched by Mckinsey boys and Ethos people.
Are we at war? Perhaps we are- because Najib and the BN stand on the side of the oppressors, we from the Pakatan Rakyat stands on the side of the oppressed. Elsewhere, everywhere in the world, the oppressors are taking a beating and are on the retreat.  We will fight them on the beaches, in the trenches, everywhere.
But who are the opposition? In 5 states, he and BN are. In other words, what he’s saying, if he retains the states now ruled by BN that would be a relief. When he speaks in Selangor, he forgets that the BN and he ARE the opposition.
I won’t join others who challenged Najib to call for elections if he is so confident. I wanted to ask a similar question but from a different perspective. If Najib is so upbeat, I want to ask him why are his business friends cashing out?
30 years ago, when Proton was culled up from the fertile imagination of the then PM, the great Dr Mahathir, the birth of Proton was hailed as a national project. Proton was justified on the basis of pride of the nation, and of course the fruits of Mahathir’s loins. Since its inception generations of Malaysians have been drilled and instructed with the idea, that Proton is a national project. Now, in 2012, Proton, our National Project was sold to a BN friendly party by the name of Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhari. Word on the ground has it that, what really happened is that; Proton is actually sold to the man who thought about the idea- Dr Mahathir Mohammed.
Lang Botee Lang ! Kui Botee Kui !  Han Yu Pin Yin Ren Bu Xiang Ren ! Gui Bu Xiang Gui !
How can u say that about the great helmsman, the man who can walk on water? That’s blasphemous. It can cause some fat slob with the lard layered brain lose sleep the entire night. How vicious!
Why, because, friends in the know about the sale of Proton tell me, the price tag by which Proton was sold, was dictated by Dr Mahathir himself. This is the price, you take it. Now, who is to dismiss the suspicions, that after the sale, the buyer gives UMNO some reimbursements?
What about the cannibalization of MAS. I wrote about this sometime ago in an article titled A Sting in the Air. The idea of dismembering MAS so that a group of people can make a lot of money was thought of 2 years before the press conference about the share swap took place. This means, the idea of cutting up MAS was planned a long time ago and was done even during the time Idris Al Dunlap Jala did his famous hatchet clean up the book scam in MAS. This is another question I want to repeat asking- what has Idris Jala actually done during his tenure as MAS CEO? If he has done a splendid job as everyone claimed, why is MAS in its present mess? If Jala was seen doing a sterling job, why was the disemboweling of MAS planed by some people while holidaying in the land of fish and chips imperialism?
When I asked the Oracle of Syed Putera about the AA-MAS share swap, he had no hesitation saying it was all an elaborate scam of insider trading. Of course, as in the sale of Proton, the buck returns to UMNO and BN coffers.

What of the upbeat note that PM Najib appears to play up? It’s funny that he said those words in Selangor. Many people hold the perception that when it comes to Selangor, despite PM Najib being the Liaison Committee Chairman, he doesn’t know what’s going on in Selangor. Selangor is a case where there are too many cooks spoiling the broth. Zain Badak who hails from Melaka can’t dream of becoming the MB. Noh Omar is embroiled in so many personal issues with the other Selangor warlords that he will be stopped in his tracks en route to becoming MB. The other warlord, Satim Diman can’t be considered a winnable candidate as he has been proven to be behind many dubious land transactions.
Where is the candidate in Selangor, hailing from Selangor who can take over as MB for the opposition BN camp? There seems to be none. FD Iskandar the man leading the Glomac property development giant could have been a winnable candidate had he been born in Selangor. And Najib has proven to be totally ignorant of the groundswell among Malay Selangorians disgruntled as the overwhelming Java-nising of Selangor UMNO. Hence it’s true, like what the Oracle of Syde Putera told me some time ago, as far as Selangor goes, Najib isn’t aware of what is really going on.
He gets an A++ in the art of posturing. Substance? Nyet! Nahi! Nein!


bruno,  21 March 2012 at 21:03  

Dato,Najib can thank his lucky stars if Umno/BN can hold on to the states they have under them now.Negri Sembilan is sure to fall this time.A few states under BN is touch and go.Najib can consider himself lucky if Umno/BN lose only one more state this coming GE.

bruno,  21 March 2012 at 21:31  

Dato,Najib is no paper tiger.Even paper tigers have paper teeth.Najib has real teeth,teeth that cannot bite.He has no substance,lack fighting spirits and leadership and has no backbones.

He let himself be surrounded by overpaid yesmen who only say things that the PM likes to hear.And when it comes down to proving that they have real talents they behave like apemen playing in a kindergarden.

Just a simple example.Najib's daughter's engagement party. Billionaires like Najib and Rosmah do not need handouts from the rakyat for their daughter's engagement party for a meagre sum of 420,000 ringgit and much negative publicity.

Running here,there and everywhere like a crazy donkey,and getting to nowhere.All the wartalk from Najib with all the warlords of Umno getting the wrong messages,and fighting among themselves wanting to get on the winnable candidates list.With such friends and allies who need more enemies.

Anonymous,  21 March 2012 at 21:35  

I read your blog everday

You are one hell of good writer.
Never feel bored reading your story with the kind of words used, blend of artistic, homourous, touching, wisdom, factual, etc

good work

Anonymous,  21 March 2012 at 21:47  

So we might have a situation where all the states except Sarawak and Johor falling to Pakatan, and the Federal government is still BN? How strange.

Anonymous,  21 March 2012 at 21:49  

Only Allah knows what is in store for the future. No earthly weakling, or Daim can foretell the future.

But UMNO/BN must win by hook or crook.It will never concede defeat at the polls.If it does, Malaysia will be turned to be another Myanmar.

Anonymous,  21 March 2012 at 21:50  


I am extremely offended and upset with you. How dare you equate Najib to Jack Sparrow!!! I am a big fan of Jack.

Jack is definitely more intelligent and has so much more integrity than Najib. Jack's like ice-cream while the other person is more like the little piece of turd that refuse to fall from the axx-hxxx.

Anonymous,  21 March 2012 at 21:54  

Dato'Sumah Bong Kang,Bo Exh Say'!

Anonymous,  21 March 2012 at 21:56  

why are Pahang folks so dumb and stupid and oblivous to the BN tragidies that are being unearthed and exposed by concerned citizens every now and then that the oracle predicted that BN will have an easy and smooth sailing in the next election. since you are from Pekan Pahang, wahat's your comment about the stupidiness of Pahang folks. are they blind, deaf, mute or crippled that tehy are unable sniff and smell the sins and misfortune of the present BN? your comment Dato'

Anonymous,  21 March 2012 at 21:57  

Will the rise of the Malays enough to overrun the newly created citizens from Bangla/Indo?

Anonymous,  21 March 2012 at 22:40  

what a load of crap spewed by a vindictive and disgruntled ex UMNO whose contribution to party is zilch, nein, nada!! just like Kadir guy, "empty can makes lot of noise"

so, keep on talking crap. As they say any crap that come out of dirty asshole is just plain shit!!!

Anonymous,  21 March 2012 at 22:42  

Najib bukan legasi Tun Razak.Dia bukan anaknya yang baik.Dia kaki perempuan dan ceraikan isterinya utk bersama isteri org lain.mungkin itu balasan kepadanya.isterinya bukan org baik dan mentor2 najib,veteran dan royalty pahang boleh saksikan sendiri perangai isterinya.mereka berkunjung ke seri perdana selalu boleh tengok perangai ashram anak mereka dan tak terkejut tengok gambar anaknya berparti dan student kita tau betapa lavish dan bongkak anaknya kepada student dan embassy kita.hidup najib suatu kegagalan,rakan rapat Tun Rahah pun ada ceritakan pilunya Tun Rahah dan jawatan PM bkn pengubat pilu itu.
Najib gagal tadbir UMNO pekan.ketua penerangan sekarang tak tau apa dan sibuk berprojek.ketua pemuda bergasak dgn exco.ketua puteri dan wanita buat hal masing2.kalau najib bukan PM,dah lama najib kene guling di pekan.isu peribadi najib dan kegagalan tadbir keluarga yg patuh kpd Allah,gagal tadbir negara kerana percaya penasihat dan kaki rasuah drpd team anti pak lah dan kerana polisi mahathir diutamakan,kesalahan didiamkan,gagal tadbir umno pekan krn pegawai2 beliau besar kepala semacam tim KJ dahulu.bukan rahsia Mr X dlm UMNO akn gulingkn najib jika najib menangkn BN simple majoriti.bukan rahsia 99% wanita umno anti rosmah mansor.lihat dan rakamkan sejarah PM paling pendek memerintah.orang pekan dah terima najib bkn legasi tun razak yg bakal dan tak mahu ikut cakap rosmah nak angkat ashram naik di politik.legasi tun razak adalah pada cucunya,anak najib dan isterinya dahulu.

Quiet Despair,  21 March 2012 at 23:36  

Oh Lord, please invoke DS Najib to hold the GE soonest. May is still too long to go, Ya Allah.
We are tired of this poll guessing date. We are also jaded with the constant drumming that our beloved government will go.
We want to know will he still be our PM? How can he not, Allah, when he did everything to please us, the rakyat.
My Lord, my friends here do not want to believe our PM's popularity rating of 69%.
Yet they believe a soothsayer who predicted that the ruling party will win only in Pahang - Najib's home state, Malacca and Johor.
Show them the truth, My Lord.
Show the way to Najib to overcome the odds and guide him to a better victory.
Continue to shower his blessings on him and our county, Ya Allah.
Please give peace of mind to our beloved bro Sakmongkol who looks uptight, My Lord.
Please grant him the wish to be our legislator.
Amen. Thank You My Lord.

Good Night bro and pals. I sleep well and easy, bro.
Gotta re-read the book on Lincoln by Doris Keanes Goodwin - Team of Rivals.

timor 21 March 2012 at 23:41  

Salam Dato,
Keep going!
Hit them hard.
Awaken the Malays to reality.

Anonymous,  22 March 2012 at 00:57  

I'm hoping for a knockout - all states falling to PKR!

I'm sure every Malaysians both at home and overseas will give 100% vote to PKR!

Come on Malaysians...let's us make the change for a better and new Malaysia!

And thank you Sak for that juicy piece of article! They are well written..... Keep it up Dato! May God Bless You!

Suci Dalam Debu 22 March 2012 at 03:18  


Change can only come when all of US, yes, ALL OF US, do out part in convincing out next-of-kin and friends to be strong and have wisdom and courage to vote out UMNO/BN.

We must put in time and effort. Internet is still not enough because we have no control over the MSM.


Ministers:99%cow brain,1%human brain for stealing,  22 March 2012 at 03:19  

Let,s topple the corrupts BN govt for our next generation and beloved country.And the time is...NOW.. before its too late.All PR supporters should stay indoor after casting their vote and don't celebrate if PR conquers Putrajaya.Just in case..who knows..

Donplaypuks® 22 March 2012 at 03:22  

'Get Real PM" will have to become "Get A Real PM" if the nation is to be saved from a PM who seems intent on piratisation and civil WAR to hold on to power.

Good God, what did we ever do to inherit or deserve the Rosemajibs?

Come on Malaysians, rally together. The PEOPLE have to save themselves.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

bruno,  22 March 2012 at 04:08  

Quite Despair,

Lord cannot help Umnoputras this time as judgement day is just around the corner.

Anon 22nd March,2012 00:57

Just giving some face to Jibby.Perak is another sure state to fall.

nick 22 March 2012 at 09:06  

No matter how hard, despairingly teary eyed UMNO fanboy prays, the situation on the ground isn't going to magically reverse it self in favor of UMNO and BN (this is the realm where religious bribery; such as giving alms from stolen money or false piety; such as performing pilgrimage to mask criminal conduct doesn't carry weight, asking GOD for favors, I mean, and being a hypocrite makes it worse). More to the point, the prayers of those who are oppressed, victimized, stolen from, cheated and discriminated, not withstanding their faith, are the ones likely to be heard by The Almighty NOT the prayer of pirates, thieves, hypocritical oppressor and pseudo intelligent unconscionably immoral beings (aka UMNO loyalist aka zombies). So, please stop with all those hypocritical "alim2 kucing" (didepan rakyat dia yg paling alim, tapi dibelakang rakyat, dia lah si ZALIM) stage acting and praying because it doesn't work anymore. PERIOD. UMNO is synonymous with everything corrupt and corruption, NOT Islam and NOT piety (All Malaysian will testify to that statement not just TDM). So drop the act and go away, QUIETLY!

It is a fact that UMNO and BN have ruled this country for over 5 decades and what have they to show for that? Corruption (UMNO terms it as "NON HARAM" money politic and "kamsen") is rife and becoming normal and necessary as breathing, to the government of the day. Abuse of power and manipulation the constitution is the order of the day to prolong their hold on the rein of power. Mismanagement of resources and economy is a matter of fact when rent seekers and tenderpreneur sit at the top of the pyramid of need and distribution. Chronic poverty, racial misunderstanding, religious intolerance and bigotry becomes the tool of governance NOT prosperity, harmony and understanding.

In short, UMNO have managed to do everything that is WRONG and OBJECTIONABLY CRIMINAL in their half a century rule. UMNO and BN have done everything opposite of what is expected of a government and still insist that it (UMNO and BN) is doing a great job as a democratically elected government. Ironically and absurdly , UMNO and BN is forcing the people to elect them for another term through economic bullying, outright bribery, fictional enemy scaremongering and the worse, racial and religious intimidation. UMNO and BN clearly doesn't deserve to be in the running for government. Heck, from its past and present behavior and conduct, UMNO and BN doesn't even deserved to be Malaysian. UMNO and BN only deserved to be incarcerated in a jail for as long as the same period they have wrecked havoc on the country and even that is too lenient. UMNO should be be kicked out from government and then cremated until it is nothing but a pile of ash. UMNO is only good for ABU and nothing else!


P.s We shall fight to the end and we will prevail, InsyaAllah!

Anonymous,  22 March 2012 at 09:09  

Tun Razak : Bapak Pembangunan

Najib Tun Razak : Bapak Pengumuman

Your comment?


Anonymous,  22 March 2012 at 09:20  

"That people are slowly but surely realizing that there is life without UMNO and what’s better- there is a better life without UMNO."
Well said Dato. Reading your articles uplift my spirit. When we though everything is lost, you give us hope. That counts for a lot these days. And I certainly pray that you are spot on in your prediction. I really don't understand why the country is govern in such pathetic way. are Umno leaders so thick that they cannot see that the rakyat are saying enough is enough. It's not Najib alone but the whole bunch of nincompoops. And the plundering of the nation wealth not only continues but is running into a frenzy. They are not even shy about it because it's become so blatantly exposed. In a more managed country, they would be all retired to a cell in prison.

Anonymous,  22 March 2012 at 09:30  


I respect Dato as an educated person.

I have heard few ceramahs of AI in youtube regarding his effort to save Malaysia from corruption, whereby if Pakatan can take over Putrajaya, then billions of ringgit can be saved for the nations future.

Among other problems faced by the rakyat, I think EDUCATION is one of the most important factor in the nation building.

But .... the dilemma of higher education or tertiary is the problem of financial of low and middle income group when making decision to send their son or daughter. Yes, there are PTPTN and other loans, but still not enough for certain and various reasons. We don't want after graduates chased by hutang after study, yet no jobs.

I hope if Pakatan can take over PUTRAJAYA, why not as per my suggestion, do something and research further to enable Malaysia as a country that can provide FREE college education to all it's citizen regardless of race and religion etc. Example Sweden or Germany provide free college education.

If AI can say... save billions of ringgit, well.... a slice of the billions can be offer for free college education at least for diploma and degree level.

Well .... for rich people they can sent their kids to prestigous or Ivy League universities overseas, but our kampung folks only manage to sent to local universities or for some reason still cannot manage financially. When graduated, some big companies recruit graduates from overseas and local IPTS but less on IPTA. i think Pakatan Rakyat think tank should put more effort on this issue.

We rakyat wants EDUCATION to put RAKYAT as the top priority, not merely commercial oriented as we can see very crazy fees by some IPTS.

Besides that, local IPTA should make more collaboration with TOP universities from around the world.

The last one ..... if Pakatan Rakyat take over PUTRAJAYA, JPA should give accreditation to Degrees studied through online learning from Accredited universities oversea. Because, we are in the 21st century, where certain countries such as USA and UK top universities also provide distance learning. Why not JPA of Malaysia cannot thinkg of this?

Not all people can leave their job for study. So, Online Learning can sole the solution.

Just my thoughts and suggestion from RAKYAT.

Anonymous,  22 March 2012 at 09:49  


Like I said you certainly came out with your guns blazing. This time you don't pull no punches. Keep punching until the opponent gets a knock out.


Anonymous,  22 March 2012 at 10:26  

I hope PR dont take Daim's prediction about the 3 safe Bn states story and become complacent.

I believe it is his way of making PR feel overconfident and a jolt on the backside on BN, for them to work harder.

So be careful PR!!! must work much more harder than BN.

Quiet Despair,  22 March 2012 at 10:43  

Buddy Bro

Let's join me in my daily prayer from now till May.
Ya Allah, let the journey of FOREVER PM, of that certain someone, ends with NEVER.
You know better Lord, the true from the fake. THE Omega watch and the Alpha Omega copy. Amen.
Seven people say this prayer and it will come true.
My swain, swagger Bruno. It does not become you to be peacock-strutting.
That berth is reserved for the neophyte trooper troll Nik Kelate, the card-carrying Anu-war groupie.
Remember buddy, pride comes before a fall. But no worries. I will be there to pick you up.
That pseudo-smart fanboy is quoting Mahathir to suit his purpose.
Didn't we hear from him before that Tun M is Maharaja Korupsi UMNO.
Go quietly into the night, Awe Nik. Toksei bisng-bising.

Yang mulia bro Sak

Nampok sede jatuhkan Najib. Kaeh nampok jerigh, entaknya.
(For non-Pahangnites, it means looks easy to topple Najib, but it sure is tough).
Get Real MR AK47.
CikuNgah is nodding and my Kampungman uncle nampaknya senyum kambing.Woot!

Anonymous,  22 March 2012 at 10:53  


PM Najib's popularity is 69%, I mean 69% and not the 69 position in the kama sutra. So how can a PM with 69% popularity vote and chosen by his beloved UMNO to lead UMNO and this 1Malaysia lose in the coming elections.

No way Jose! PM Najib and BN will not lose in the elections after giving out so many goodies to the civil servants including BRM1, RM100 to school kids to buy "Angry Birds" school bags and other votes buying schemes. PM Najib and BN will still be smiling all the way to Putrajaya on the backs of the 2 million "legal illegal foreigners suddenly turned 1Malaysians" votes. Wait for the elections and these 2 million overnight 1Malaysians will find their way to the polling stations.

Anonymous,  22 March 2012 at 11:41  

Dato, it is not that Pakatan people are talented (they are honest CATS maybe)in running their respective State. It is just that the UMNO fellas are super talented at making money from State Budgets. Day in day out, they dream of projects to make money. Where do they have the time to manage the State? Slowly but surely, the Rakyat is beginning to see their crooked ways and I hope that PR takes power in the next GE... and the BN fellas in jail!

Kampong man,  22 March 2012 at 12:28  

Ariff harus jangan terlalu taksub dengan Oracle of Syed Putra ini.Saya lebih selesa dengan the Oracle of Mahbub ,Bangsar kerana beliau orang lama dalam politik Malaya ini.Itu pun saya akan tapis dahulu.Saya pun tidak berminat hendak ambil tahu siapa gerangan Oracle Sak ini.Cukuplah nanti orang tuduh Sak conceited dan arrogant pulak.Dalam politik semua boleh terjadi.Dahulu kawan sekarang lawan dan bermacam lagi boleh terjadi.
Kenapa Sak terlalu mudah menerima apa yang bomoh Oracle Syed Putra jangkakan tanpa analisa yang realistik dengan kehilangan 16 dan 12 MP seats di Sarawak dan Sabah ini ?.Dalam bahasa Mathematics kita gunakan extrapolation atau intrapolation apa yang terjadi di Sabah dan Sarawak di 2008 dulu, jikalah boleh di kaitkan dengan PRU 13 nanti.So it is not your prediction then ? I take it that it is yours as well as you had said it so in the Pekan speech.I will come back to prove you wrong after PRU 13 insyallah.

Regardless how many times you meet the Oracles it is no longer important.It has been written many times.On the same note no matter how much Daim said favouring BN in the MSM it will not have much impact on the final result ultimately .It merely affect the fence sitters somewhat.The more you hit Najib personally here and during the campaign, just because you know him too well being your ex-boss, while he is promoting the transformations the more it will have an adverse effect on your DAP campaign.Orang Melayu kita tidak suka cara begini dan saya harap kita semua boleh berkempen dengan cara bersih dan berhemah.Saya juga tidak setuju gangguan dari mana parti juga apa yang terjadi di Pekan dulu kalau betul mereka menggangu.Ini ditujukan kepada semua parti termasok UMNO.Pengundi ingin tahu dan mahu membuat keputusan yang betul nanti.

Tuan Walla hero kita disini masih ragu dengan EC (Malah ragu dengan banyak lagi agensi Kerajaan )sebagai tidak bersih malah mencadangkan pula Bersih 3! pula.Kepada Walla usah menambahkan masaalah untuk memenangi pilihanraya.Rakyat sudah bosan dan demonstasi jalanan tidak akan memberi kesan lagi saperti 2008 dulu.Cukuplah dengan himpunan Bersih 2 dulu.Anwar gagal mengubah fikiran rakyat majoriti di jalanan ala Mesir,Libya dan negara arab yang lain kerana Malaysia sunggoh demokratik dan Malaysia bukan Libya,Syria dan Mesir !!.Mana tidak ,Pembangkang masih boleh berjaya di Selangor,Penang,Kedah
dan Perak ooppps..ya .Perak di tangan BN hasil ketidakpuasan hati MP PR terhadap parti mereka itu sendiri.

Kita mahukan kesinambungan, ketenteraman dan kemajuan Malaysia mengharungi ekonomi dunia yang tidak menentu sekarang.Malah Zeti meramalkan perkembangan ekonomi Malaysia anggaran 4 ke 5 % tahun ini.Adalah penting kita mencapai pertumbuhan konsistan 5 % setiap tahun bagi pencapaian matlamat negara maju.Pertukaran Kerajaan akan menggagalkan usha ini dan usha DAP yang mahu mengurangkan penjawat kerajaan sekira berjaya menghantui mereka yang mungkin hilang mata pencarian bagi keluarga.Bukankah satu tanggungjawab bersama kerajaan juga berusha membuka sebanyak ruang pekerjaan untuk rakyatnya degan menggalakkan pelaburan dan aktiviti ekonomi di luar bandar terutamanya.Kita harus pandai melihat apa yang tersirat dan tersurat dari DAP dengan laungan begini.Wallahwuaalam.

@ Adalah tidak mudah bagi orang orang Islam hilang menjadi kafir dan murtad tetapi terlalu mudah ia terperangkap sabagai MUNAFIK.Kita semua dan juga Sak boleh hayati AL Nisa Ayat 144 juga Ayat 148-149.Dari ceramah tafsiran Ustaz Izhar di surau kami semalam .Hanya untuk peringatan saya dan rakan rakan seagama.

P/S Kampong man sangat menghormati pakar Ekonomi yang satu ni.Siapa lagi kalau tidak Professor Di Raja Engku Aziz.Tak ubah macam resmi padi pandai menyesuaikan diri.Semoga Alah memberinya Kesihatan yang baik baginya.Ameen.Salam.

newyorker2 22 March 2012 at 12:30  


newyorker2 22 March 2012 at 12:33  

say your prayers jibby..
altantuya's ghost is here to haunt u till eternity..!!

Anonymous,  22 March 2012 at 13:59  

Let us think for a moment what is plausible in all these forecasts. Firstly look at the quality of leadership in BN n PR. In BN we have not seen new blood charismatic or not since mahathir Pm days, save for khairy n mahathir son and we know what good they are, a discredited lot. While on PR, all 3 component parties, we have fantastic charismatic untainted bright personalities like in Pas( dzulkifly, Khaiid samad, husam , sallehuddin, Latefa, Nizar, Mafuz, Fuziah, etc), PKR( Rafizi, William LeOng, Nadzi, Suvarasa,

Anonymous,  22 March 2012 at 15:50  

to anon 2012 22:40

tu je yang kau boleh komen... "zilch, nein, nada.."

it is true indeed... "any crap that come out of dirty asshole is just plain shit!!!"

you are truly crap anon 2012 22:40

Anonymous,  22 March 2012 at 18:05  

Kampong man,

‘Kampong man sangat menghormati pakar Ekonomi yang satu ni.Siapa lagi kalau tidak Professor Di Raja Engku Aziz.’

Ya-loh, this pseudo pakar ekonomi’s scheme to add markah buta so that all his kindreds ‘scholars’ could ‘graduate’.

BTW, this hp6 Turk is a constitutionalised Melayu!

Graduate they did & many become ‘experts’ longkang that mess up almost all the socio-economical issues of the bolihland.

Down went the academic status of U Malaya as he piloted the continuation of that scheme to perfection.

Meanwhile those longkang experts also further the political agenda of the umnoputras, so that they could jaga nasi periuk sendiri. Bcoz, without umno, they r nobody. No in anywhere, with their so called expertise.

Perhaps, Kampong man is the product of that scheme?? So mesti balas budi, Yes????

Anonymous,  22 March 2012 at 18:38  

Najib thinks he can win the elections by himself. He runs hither and thither like a headless chicken.
And he thinks he is loved by 69% of the population.
He might get a heart attacked when the GE13 results are announced.
79,000 new voters in Pekan is not going to help be the PM. Perhaps Opposition Leader.

Anonymous,  22 March 2012 at 19:43  

Anon Mar 22 3.05,
Sedeh juga DAPig memang suka memperlekehkan Melayu .Kalau Pak Engku pun susah hendak terima kerana mata kurang sepet kot siapa yang awak boleh terma?.Tak ada tempat untuk racistmacm kamu di Malaya ni.Tui..

Anonymous,  22 March 2012 at 20:03  

Dear Dato,
All the PKR supporters should get real! Do not get excited or big headed just because Mr Diam says that only three states are safe for BN.
The crafty BN/UMNO will resort to all sorts of tricks, including filthy tricks, to to make sure that it will continue to call the shot in this country.And Najib has to wrestle Selangor at all costs.
Guess what Mike Tyson has been lobbying Mr Hadi to have his man fielded as a PKR candidate in the GE13.You guess is as good as mine, as to what will happen post election should that candidate win in GE 13.Was it not Mr Hadi who was bent on forming the unity Govt with UMNO, in Selangor post 2008GE.Hassan Ali was negotiating the deal with Mr Toyo.It took Nik Aziz to put a stop to it.

So long as PKR is not "one" party as BN is anything could happen to that loose arrangement of PKR.

OneMalaysian,  22 March 2012 at 20:58  

Dear Sakmongkol

“I read somewhat amused at PM Najib’s war cry that he is confident of getting back the states now under the opposition.”

This is to be expected. He has to keep his troops ready and psychologically primed for a sudden election, the date of which he himself does not know.

What he does know is that he is not ready, meaning he is not confident that he can win back the 2/3 majority. That’s the bar that he has set for himself, or rather, UMNO has set for him. Failure to get that 2/3 might mean the end of his UMNO career. He could face the boot. So merely winning by a small margin is not good enough.

Why so? Because if BN wins by a slim margin, it means that BN Sarawak and Sabah would have won more seats than UMNO. This implies that UMNO has lost the Malay mandate to rule, and would be ruling with the goodwill and cooperation of East Malaysian BN parties. Conversely, it would mean that Pakatan Rakyat has won more Malay votes and Malay seats in Peninsular Malaysia. Knowing how capricious East Malaysian political parties can be, this is not a tenable position for UMNO.

Najib’s dilemma is this: if he calls the election now he might lose or won’t get that 2/3 majority, at least he is not confident; if he waits things might improve, but they could also deteriorate. It’s a bit like poker – you draw a card hoping to improve your hand, but so can your opponent. As in poker, it is with politics. Najib can only wait so long. In 12 months he would run out of time. So the pressure is building day by day. You could almost see the sweat building on his brow.

Anonymous,  22 March 2012 at 22:12  

as much as we like to see ABU happening, in the end UMNO/BN will still triumph; why, because the 13 GE will turn out to be a'buy election'. PR elected will be sorely tempted to jump ship if the money is big enough. let's pray it won't happen...

rance,  23 March 2012 at 00:10  

Dear Dato'Sak Now this is my prayer for my country. Pls dear God give us leaders who have.."strong minds,great hearts,true faith n ready hands,
Men whom the lust of office does not kill,
Men whom the spoils of office cannot buy,
Men who possess opinions n a will,
Men who love honour,men who cannot lie"

Anonymous,  23 March 2012 at 00:12  

haha been a long time since i read comments .. neways tok sak is doing great n hopefully more will join dap .. peace be upon u

Anonymous,  23 March 2012 at 05:28  

Memang benar,Kebanyakan pencacai PR di blog ini adalah mereka yang terlalu DESPERADO hendak menang PRU 13.Maka terdapat banyak kaldai kaldai ini tidak dapat menggunakan bahasa yang baik dan sopan.Saya jangkakan Akan ramai MP PKR,PAS dan DAP keluar parti bersama BN saperti di Perak,Penang dan Kedah dahulu.

Pakatan kelamkabut dan penuh dengan FITNAH peribadi ini memang sentiasa busuk hati kerana kuasa.Mereka tidak pernah dapat menjadi kerajaan apa
yang mereka tahu bagi mentadbir negara.Teruskan perpecahan ummah Biarrkan bangsa asing gembira dengan percakaran kita.Melayu oh Melayu !!DAP bukan untuk orang Melayu.Pengajaran silam telah banyak memberi kesedaran.Negara Malaysia Akan menjadi Republik Malaysia apabila bermula nya Melayu yang gagal dalam hidup saperti Sakmongkol boleh di beli dengan wang.It is about money right Sakmongkol and not about Party.Kamu Akan di kenang sebagai PENGKHIANAT bangsa,Ingat tu !

NGO Felda

nick 23 March 2012 at 08:10  

Well, true to form, UMNO, its followers and fanboys will scurry back behind the robe of race and religion when their argument are lost on points and facts. Still trying to convince us rakyat, that UMNO and its leaders are true pious men who are of the highest integrity, huh? And that includes yourselves too, QD? And was that anger when I quote TDM proclamation that "UMNO is corrupt to the core"? Angry because that proclamation has a ring of truth (make that a billion rings of truth)? Or you are angry because when I use it, your utterance of "doa" or prayer sound as hollow as an empty 1Malaysia brand of tong gas? (Sorry wenger, borrowed the "jenama tong gas 1Malaysia" without permission). It sound mighty pretty but useless nonetheless and makes no difference whatsoever!

And why shouldn't I use TDM's own word? We all know that "hanya jauhari mengenal manikam" and since TDM created UMNO baru, he (TDM) should know (or the expert) what goes on inside it and what it has become (corrupt to the core). That fact is not lost on me and so does to the millions of Malaysian out there! And since there was no mass resignation of UMNO's thousands divisions and branches top leadership in the past 5 years, UMNO is still brimming with the corrupt and the incompetence and paraphrasing TDM, "UMNO is STILL corrupt to the core" and there's no way of denying it without losing credibility or respectability, not that you ..err..UMNO have both in large quantity!

So, go on and use your guise of a praying pious UMNO man seeking divine intervention for the welfare of this nation and its people (with the main intention of hoodwinking the general population of UMNO's honest to goodness struggles for "agama, bangsa and negara"- the sham of it even makes me nauseous writing it. UMNO fighting for malays, islam and Malaysia? That'll be the day). BUT don't EVER think that we, the rakyat will fall for that ruse ever again. All of us have seen UMNO true face and to tell you the truth, we are sick with UMNO and it's corruption. We feel nauseous whenever UMNO tries to appear clean, honest and pious! We feel disgust whenever UMNO tries to mask it's corrupt stink with religious scriptures and quotation. We feel anger when UMNO tries to hide it's uselessness and incompetence in governing Malaysia by blaming others! All in all, we have not an iota of amiable feeling for UMNO anymore. So sorry QD, looks like you're barking up the wrong tree!


Anonymous,  23 March 2012 at 08:45  

Anon 22 March 2012 19:43

Still in denial mode, ye?

Yr pak Engku has conned u people big time. Ignore the legacy s**t left at UM , just search through the mess in Angkasa Coop & look for the true papeteer, would u?

& yet troglodyte like u still wanted to turn this accountability issue into a racial one!

Perhaps a mata sepet could see much further & clearer than yr myopic colored eyes.

Betul cakap ni – ‘Tak ada tempat untuk racistmacm kamu di Malaya ni.Tui..’

Anonymous,  23 March 2012 at 09:29  

"It can cause some fat slob with the lard layered brain lose sleep the entire night. How vicious!"

Anjing Besar????

Anonymous,  23 March 2012 at 09:33  

Anon ngo felda - pencacai umno seperti anda tidak akan membawa negara malaysia kemana2 melainkan ke ambang kehancuran dengan sikap rasis yg teramat tebal. Bukan suatu keganjilan melihat pencacai umno begitu tebal rasisnya kerana sikap inilah yg selalu disemai oleh pemimpin2 umno kerana tanpa pencacai2 seperti ini rasanya sudah lama parti umno berkubor. Mereka tidak akan hidup tanpa menyemai sikap2 rasis dan saling memusuhi antara satu dgn lain. Mca dan mic juga tidak akan hidup hingga sekarang jika tidak menggunakan islam sebagai hantu palsu untuk menakut2kan orang cina dan india sebagaimana umno menakut2kan org cina dan india dgn isu2 islam. Umno tidak mempunyai perancangan yg jujur untuk membawa negara mencapai negara maju seperti yg dilaungkan hari2 oleh pemimpin mereka. Mereka mencipta kroni2 yg mendapat tempias dari projek2 haram mereka untuk menjadi pencacai membela apa juga salahlaku yg mereka lakukan. Mereka amat berjaya mencipta generasi robot yg berpelajaran tinggi tetapi tidak mampu berfikir secara rasional melainkan akan bermati2an mempertahankan setiap perbuatan jenayah mereka. Apa yg malang ialah penyertaan org cina dan india di dalam gabungan BN tidak mampu menjadi faktor pengimbang kepada kerakusan umno akan tetapi mereka juga turut sama menjadi lanun dgn menipu bangsa masing2 semata2 untuk mengaut lebihan2 yg ditinggalkan oleh umno.

NGO felcra

Anonymous,  23 March 2012 at 11:49  

Tahniah Dato!
You shook up Najib so much that he asked for 20,000 more voters as reinforcements!
DSAI on the other hand, can easily spare 10,000 votes. And so can TGNA, LGE, etc etc.

By the way, UMNO is no Jack Sparrow lah. Jack is much, much more affable, intelligent and funny too. UMNO is more like the treacherous Blackbeard!

Quiet Despair,  23 March 2012 at 12:16  

Nik Kelate

Here's a K.I.S.S and S.U.M.O.
You are what Americans call Okie from Muskogee.LOL.
Salam 1Malaysia dari ana untuk ente.
Cepak gi mesjid. Tok Ghu tanyo gapo tak terbit-terbit.
Takdi dok ngato ogheng puro-puro ni dah Awe pulok ikut dio. Gongla mu.
Lepas ni kita main kat sini ok. Or you nak gi with Nuar. See ya.

Anonymous,  23 March 2012 at 12:41  

The only UMNO has done for the malays for the last 52 years is producing a lot of malay tenderpreneurs.

In this globalised and wired world we are talking about technopreneurs.

What a f...up country

Juraimi Zainal 23 March 2012 at 15:02  

I'm voter in S'gor.. MB TS Khalid such a good leader especially on managing S'gor wealth.. Me & friends will always support the leaders who has the accountability & integrity...

Anonymous,  23 March 2012 at 16:19  

Yang sebenarnya sasih memikirkan rasional NGO felda mengatakan DAP telah membeli sakmongkol sebagaimana umno/BN membeli org yg rendah moralnya dan tiada berperinsip seprti ezam mohd norr, anwar shaari, roslan kassim, umi hafilda, nalla karupan dan sebgainya. Ini adalah kerana semua rakyat malaysia kenal individu2 yang tak berguna ini yg diangkat oleh najib menjadi senator. Apa yg saya faham ialah bagi umno apa juga perkara yg akan dilakukan mesti melibatkan duit/wang yang banyak untuk membeli apa saja termasuklah apa yg sedang najib lakukan sekarang ini kehulu kehilir membawa kantong wang untuk diberi kepada sesiapa saja yg sanggup bersekongkol dengannya untuk bersama2 menjadi teman sepenjenayah. Walaupun sudah terang lagi bersuluh semua jenayah2 yg mereka lakukan, namun masih terdapat ramai penyokong umno yg tidak dapat melihat hakikat sebenar kelakuan buruk pemimpin mereka.

NGO Felcra

Eyes Wide Open 23 March 2012 at 16:39  

The BN may win GE13 yet, which is promising to be the dirtiest election ever, what with secret transfer of voter districts, and suspicious spikes in no.s of voters.

I have an anecdote on the reason for voter increase in Selangor. This is not speculation, I actually got this info from someone who is actively doing this.

This innocent 20-something girl asked when the elections was going to be held. She was told that it could be in June. When asked why she wanted to know, she said she wanted to see if she had enough time to register her friends.

When asked why she needed to register her friends, she innocently mentioned that UMNO is selling citizenships for votes to 3rd World foreigners who are currently residing in Malaysia.

There are thousands and thousands of citizenship forms being offered, with priority given to:

1. Foreigners whose home countries have worse governments than Malaysia.

2. Muslims

Forms are being sold to these foreigners at a rate of RM6k to get a red ic, and RM10k for a blue ic, with condition they vote BN.

This is part of the BN's "Take Back Selangor" campaign. Not sure if it's a nationwide campaign too.

There are hundreds of head agents holding thousands of forms each. These head agents will sub-contract the sales duties to naive people, like this girl.

This girl has sold some forms to her Somali friends from college already.

God knows how many others are being bought.

Our country is literally being sold off by UMNO.

Anonymous,  23 March 2012 at 21:40  

Eyes wide open,
I think you have this fear of loosing Selangor already maa...BN government cannot be that dirty maa...Malaysia is not Myanmar you fool !When the British left us you fool they left a legal and an administrative system that is almost at par with Britain.It will not be that easy to secure citizenship in Malaysia.Again Malaysia is not a cowboy and a kacang puteh country understand.BN will take over at least Selangor and Kedah without any problem.

walla 23 March 2012 at 22:50  

A: 'Sir, what do you think of Daim's latest statement that BN has only three safe states in Pahang, Melaka and Johor?'

B: '(rubs chin) Sofea, you're too young to have seen it but i remember there was one tv ad in days long ago where, after imbibing something rather strong, the actor at the end said with an imperious nod that "kum ma (or golden horse) will win!". Daim reminds me of that actor.

But racecourses aside, Daim has flip-flopped again in his prediction, don't you think so? At this rate, we might as well summon an african witchdoctor.

Look, a few months before GE12, he said Pakatan could take Selangor, Penang and Kedah while retaining Kelantan.

Now why did he leave out Perak? Wow, did he know about the subsequent theft of a state even back then?

Anyway, later in June 2010 and after GE12, he said Pakatan could lose Selangor and Kedah.

Next, in February 2011, he said Pakatan would retain Penang and Kelantan but there would be mortal kombat for Kedah, Perak and Selangor.

A month later in March 2011, he said the worst was over for Barisan.

One year later, first week of this month in fact, he became even more optimistic and said Barisan has a good chance to claim back all the Pakatan-held states while retaining the ones it was running.

And then just days ago, he said Barisan will have it easy only in three states.

So Sofea, any reason not to wonder what was his management forte during the time he was minister of finance Malaysia?'

A: '(twirls lock of hair) Hmm, maybe he wanted to do a three-in-one.'

B: '(grins) Go on.'

walla 23 March 2012 at 22:51  


A: 'His latest statement that Barisan was only safe in three states was to lull Pakatan into some sense of overconfidence while panicking Barisan to rally its troops and in the meantime weaken the stock market so that he can make another killing ahead of GE13.'

B: 'That's assuming our Umno members will rally together to circle the wagon. Now, why should they? Except for a few taking the rakyat for a ride on their money, the majority of Umno members don't see anything good in Umno anymore.

Sofea, they too have woken up. If our Malays in Pakatan parties have woken up so seamlessly and easily even when there was nothing for them personally, why not our Malays in Umno who also have been having nothing for themselves too? Hmm?

Let's take those three so-called easy states.

First, Pahang. The Lynas fiasco is a second albatross on Najib's shrinking neck. When even the western australian government won't take back the waste of the same ore from its site on the flimsy excuse of some commonwealth clause, how can Najib continue to rub the rakyats' concerns into the mud by just forming another committee and as an afterthought, this time to spin how safe the plant will be? Especially after the AELB had clownishly spun that the Bukit Merah waste site would be safe enough for a public park. Oi, they take the rakyat for fools, ke?

Note i said fools, not saiful. By the way, where's that kid now? See?! It's all about scheming and sabotaging.

Sofea, just think what will happen if the Lynas TOL has to be ultimately rescinded and Lynas sues? The lawyers at the Hague will make another killing on top of the ruinous compensation for a plant that cannot be used for anything else except perhaps as another addition to Umno's museum of failed projects which includes that multimillion ringgit phallic symbol sticking out of the water.

Therefore, Umno will try to drag this matter until after GE13. Which means our Barisan voters of Pahang are going home on this one on polling day to register their disgust with Umno's greed and callousness. Mana tu people-centric benda, you can ask on my august behalf?!

At this juncture, I shall delay talking about the Felda listing. Sofea, things are afoot. Try a thunderbolt.

Next, Melaka. It's such a small state you can course it in a day's drive. Except for the honda and solar panel plants, some new roads and buildings here and there, there's been practically no spiffy addition to income generation for decades. Maybe for its MB, rumored by others to be the richest man in the state. But how can that be when his salary cannot be bigger than Najib's dua puluh dua ribu sebulan? Sometimes one wonders how people become wealthy so fast in this country? Me blur sotong, you know the answer, Sofea?

Sayang that the Melaka people are simple-minded folks still stone on folklore. But one can't progress materially and income-wise on just a diet of Umno-spun history, yes?

Lastly, Johor. The headlines splash tall buildings on the coastline overlooking Singapore. But the developer and the state government are only hopeful that investments will come in faster on such brochure-ware without at the same time remembering the costly and painful lessons of Port Dickson. Uptake remains slow.

And there's absolutely none of the transparency in the Johor deals shown by Penang where Umno has to eat crow now that the tender details are out.

Meanwhile the Iskandar projects in Johor are again mostly construction employing indon workers. Locals can't afford the Lego admission fee just as they will soon find out how costly the ESL toll will be to them when most have to make a daily living across the causeway which itself is the clearest indictment of the Umno-run state government. Just stand at the pedestrian bridge in the morning and look at the flow of masses exiting JB, heading for that dot.

walla 23 March 2012 at 22:51  


The same theme pockmarks Umno's administration of this country - its economics only ends up making things more costly for the majority, causing most to fend for themselves, leaving behind only a handful of deal tenderizers desperately living off the crony crutches of a feudal Umno set-up whose leaders are only best at jostling for positions so that they can make another pile another day out of rakyat money.

Like that how to jalan terus, Sofea? And they talk big words like transformation. If transformed, you'd wonder why Daim has to ask where are Umno's soldiers. No? Yes? Betul? Salah? Mustahil?!

A: 'So, Sir, are you saying that even Daim is over-optimistic when he said Barisan will have it easy in those three states?'

B: 'I am not a high-achiever like him, Sofea, so i can't respond to your question. Besides, i don't have a trident marking on my roughened palms. His is sharp and pointy.

But this i know, the rakyat of Malaysia in every state have had it with Umno and its Barisan kaki's.

This time they will root for Kum Ma wearing the Pakatan colours. As we all have realized by now, the dacing has been loaded to favour some over all, to cheat most in order to serve a few, to create so many double standards you would no longer be surprised that even such body like the EC that is supposed to safeguard the integrity of the voting results can have double voter databases at the same time!

On which matter, what if in the days leading to GE13, the EC's own 240,000 staff just look the other way as the wrong database gets populated more with dubious registrants - and then used on GE13?'

A: 'Dua ratus empat puluh ribu?'

B: 'Probably from using the same employment policy as that to recruit our super-sized civil service, no?'

A: 'But our abang-adik deputy finance minister said our national debt ratio is still one point two percent short of defcon-IV stage so semuanya still ok, no?'

B: 'Why he omitted the government-guaranteed loans which if you look at their composition are sure bad debts? In which case, the ratio is sixty five percent. Instantly mati, this sovereign state, Sofea. And i mean sekarang.

Why bluff the rakyat like that, one? And by the way, what has happened to his personal bank account case?

See, mana ada transparency in the way Umno is running this country?'

A: 'And yet our PM is putting his support for Shahrizat.'

B: 'Only because he fears to lose Umno Wanita en bloc.

A: 'I hate to say this, Sir. In sticking to Shahrizat, Umno Wanita has committed hara kiri. By associating with such a person, the entire Umno Wanita membership is saying it condones cronyism and nepotism. The voters look, the voters see, the voters realize it is all about the money tree.

If Umno Wanita can do that for its leader, it can do that for all other members. Corruption will then multiply. This is what Umno has been doing.

And by saying he supports Shahrizat, Najib is saying he supports that and showing how weak a PM he really is so one would wonder how he got that confidence he is trying to exude.'

B: 'Bravo, Sofea! I already came to the conclusion when he tried to bargain with the rakyat over the need for cabinet members to disclose their assets. Which PM in the world will try to do such a thing - blackmail his country's own citizens to vote for his party in exchange for disclosure of assets as a reflection of integrity?! Does he mean it is not the norm to be clean?! Hah! There you have it, kena cubit lagi satu kali!'

A: 'You are so the cute, Sir.'

B: '(sigh). I wonder if Miss Kedah 19xx still thinks the same of me.'

A: '(eyes darken) As i was about to retort, all the same Najib has come out to try and solve some of the problems of the rakyat.'

walla 23 March 2012 at 22:52  


B: 'Please lah, Sofea. Trying to be a white knight over problems caused by deliberate negligence is the second oldest profession in the world.

I guess you mean today's headlines. Heritage building, Lynas and Chinese schools. What of these? If Unesco all the way from Geneva can confer heritage status to two of our places, answer me what our culture ministry has been doing locally? Sleeping? And if he's now saying Lynas will be stopped if the committee finds out it is unsafe, what have his people been doing when the proposal was submitted? Is he saying the proposal has suddenly darkened in texture because of radioactive emission or is he saying the committee will let the plant proceed and then if people start showing symptoms, saying twenty years later when Umno will still be in power, then Lynas will be stopped? See?! And as for the Chinese schools problem, where is his bovine sidekick? Too rebellious to be seen to do what would be against his 1Malay image, is it?

Sofea, stay focused. Any government worth its salt is supposed to operate by principled systems. Not let problems fester and then come out to offer belated and ad hoc solutions as afterthoughts in order to curry support from blinkered voters. Do you understand what i have just said?

All that Umno today is doing is playing to sentiments. If its government has been doing things efficiently and with real concern for the rakyat, none of any issues today would have materialized to the stage they are in. Betul, tak?

So if our saudara-saudari like Kampungman says it is better to have Barisan and Umno for peace and stability, why not send them to Rwanda as peackeepers?

At pains of repeating myself, there is no war and instability in Pakatan-run states. Selangor and Penang are doing better than Umno-run states. Kelantan would have sprung up like a golden phoenix if it had its wang ehsan like Terengganu. Perak would have been as well-run as Penang - clean, efficient and trustworthy, to rub the salt in. And but for Umno's FT minister, KL would not its budget for roads cut by thirty percent this year.

Oh you better believe the rakyat of Malaysia in every state have opened their eyes and ears and connected all the dots tanpa was-was lagi.'

A: 'I'll take that on advice, Sir. I've been meaning to ask you. Do you think Pakatan's peoples are better?'

B: 'Sofea, you'd know me by now. I roll it out straight and i don't flip-flop. And i read thought processes like reading open pages and see through men's motives faster than most.

So let's say i have accidentally met some of Pakatan's higher echelons and youth members. They are sincere, intelligent and race-agnostic. You get the comfortable sense that you've finally met real Malaysians in a way you can't with Barisan people who look at you with a racial lens, and from a political non-rakyat angle. Pakatan are rakyat. Barisan i no longer know for whom.

As an example, i met the upcoming Rafizi Ramli. The College's top scholar. His bini is equally smart. It is people like them who offer hope of a better and more professional leadership for the whole country. Not the adhoc half-past six and a half bunch of louts who have messed up everything and then try to cover up using rare earth from another country.

walla 23 March 2012 at 22:53  


Let me ask you another simple question, Sofea. Won't you think the route that NPC will take will soon look eminently similar to that of another project in the past? Sukom!

Where are the accounts of Sukom, Sofea? If we ask Mahathir, he will say he forgets. But the money is gone and the rakyat don't even know how much of it was leaked.

Let me ask you another question just to keep QD, Kampungman and that abomination of an anon still in their chairs.

What do they think about our home minister's performance regarding the Copgate case still present?

When encountered by the rakyat, he said show proof. That's his first gaffe. When told proof has already been submitted, he said the case is closed. That's his final gaffe.

On matters of integrity of our PDRM, there must be no question about putting it on top priority. What he did was to show he didn't know what he was talking, and then when found out, brush off the chance to right a massive and critical wrong.

And he heads the home ministry which runs the PDRM which walks the streets to protect the rakyat?

Now, please tell me does Umno have any winnable candidate at all, including Najib aka kuda putih sementara?

Where are Muhyiddin, Rustam, Ghani, Noh, Zahid, Apdal, Awang, Khairy and the mamaks of Penang and mines wonderland these days? Are they still winnable candidates? To what statistical level of confidence, these, possible escapees from the Royal London Circus?

As our blogger has taught us, narng boh ti narng, kui boh ti kui. With apologies to teh boh sendirian berhad.'

A: 'Thinking harder on what you've said, Sir, i agree we are in for a flip-flop future that Umno is trying to cover up now with its cloak of deceit.

Some of my economist friends have said there are structural distortions in Najib's ETP.

They said half of the program's forecast 3.3 million new jobs are classed as skilled but the country only produces 90,000 graduates even with diplomas. They noted further that 80% of the workers have only a high-school cert and 75% are low-skilled.

They added that productivity is hampered by inadequate skills and low R&D investments which would explain why our labor productivity has only grown 2.9% in a ten-year period while that for China was 9.2% and for India 4.4%.

And since we don't have any knowledge workforce to talk about, the country spent only 0.6% of GDP on R&D in contrast to 1.4% for China, 2.3% for Singapore and 3.2% for South Korea.

walla 23 March 2012 at 22:53  


They further said that there are significant challenges to mobilize finance for the ETP, 60% of which is supposed to be from the private sector, 32% from SOEs and 8% from the government.

Now, as a first example alone, the biggest one, the RM50 Billion MRT project, looks like 100% government funded and that based on assumed full commercialization of nearby land.

They noted that the total market capitalization of the SOEs is only half the size of the ETP contribution needed from them. Furthermore their total debt remains astronomically toxic.

Add to these factors, the reluctance of local banks to take on long-term ETP debt so that the Najib government is cornered to having to depend on offshore banks and capital markets whose rates will be higher and adding another debt financing charge on top of that incurred at present by the half a trillion ringgit national debt!

As a sign of much discouragement, FDI Asean has also been shifting to Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand instead.

Najib should know his economic vision is built as stilts on sand. All he needs to do is to ask his brother what transpired in the recent CIMB roadshow to Europe. Most have become underweight on the country and are looking at their sensitivity calculations of its downside scenarios.'

B: '(eyebrows rise and get locked again) I'm impressed, Sofea. Maybe you can point your economists to Kong Soh Hai so that they can help him to explain why Umno spent two billion ringgit more of the rakyat money to build KLIA2 just by moving the site to a place it already knew is peaty.

Copy the invite to the MACC so that they take their eyes off their computer screens’ latest offering, namely Last Tango In Paris.'

A: 'Hmm, how come you also know they watch that?'

B: '(eyes look at the ceiling). I know everything, Sofea.'

A: 'Just a question, Sir. A while back, you mentioned Najib had a second albatross...what was the first one?'

B: 'Let's say the scorpene deal will have an explosive effect on the future of this country.

For the love of all our rakyat, may the Almighty have mercy on us.

Good night, Sofea.'

nasir,  23 March 2012 at 23:30  

Assalamu'alaikum Dato'
You are basing your arguments on the feelings of the Malaysians at large.
You forgot about the FOREIGNERS who have been recently made voters who know nothing about the politics of PR. You also forgot about the POSTAL VOTES votes, now increased by the spouses. You also forgot about he increased RELA members who will do postal voting. These are the real third forces who will vote for BN. Not much efforts have been taken by PR to invalidate these voters. PR thinks that it needs only the legitimate voters to win; it better think a lot more than that. The third forces will ensure the BN stays in power

jeebong,  24 March 2012 at 00:51  

Merdeka centre ni pun satu hal,buat survey berbelit2 berlapis lapis. Kenapa tak ambil contoh survey di USA atau Eropah? go straight to the point. Instead of asking how popular laki rosmah is; just ask a simple question:
"If the election is held today who would you vote for, BN or PR?" and track it monthly. Itu baru betul.

Najib 69% popularity? tapi bini dia? 9% popularity pun dah kira lebih! Kalau Najib tak boleh tadbir perangai bini dia, apatah lagi nak tadbir negara.

Mungkin cara dia kontrol bini dia agak sama dia kontrol rakyat Malaysia. Bini dia mengamuk nak beg baru, dia beli beg baru. Rakyat nampak makin lari dari UMNO dia tabur RM500 dan sebagai nya.Same strategy.

Anonymous,  24 March 2012 at 01:00  

QD,a hard working man is a hardworking man.A lazy man is a lazy man.An honest man is an honest man.A corrupted man is a corrupted man.

It is one's own doing and destiny on which path one want's to go.There is no such thing as asking for Lord's or Allah's help.Grow up QD,and stop acting like a boy and quit dreaming for help from above.You are like a replay of Ghani going to Mecca to ask for forgiveness on a ticket from a benefactor.And coming back and doing the same shit over and over again.

apanama pun boleh,  24 March 2012 at 02:31  

Majoriti komen2 penyokong UMNO adalah bersifat rasis,primitif dan nilai tong sampah akibat bertahun-tahun dicuci sabun cap dacing.Macam pemimpin2 mereka,mereka ingat negara ni bapak dia org punya.Kalau tak nak menang dan kuasa buat apa bertanding?Baik duduk rumah,bodoh.

nick 24 March 2012 at 07:54  

Huh? What happen QD? Not doing the teary eyed praying in front of the people anymore? The act is not fooling people one bit? Told you so! Maybe you should go back to sleep and dream about those millions of illegal wealth!


nick 24 March 2012 at 08:16  

Dear Walla,

With some embarrassment, I do concede that Melaka is full of simple minded folk still stoned with myth and folklore of a bygone era BUT all is not lost. We shall do our utmost to sober up those stoner and maybe yet produce an upset. It's not over till the fat lady sings and Najib is even too scared to announce the date of the opera let alone attend the performance. Time is on our side not Najib and especially not UMNO!


Anonymous,  24 March 2012 at 17:01  

from passerby :-

precisely dato'

the BR1M and all the money given out are not merely printed or conjured from thin-air.

It is money from the tax-payers/national's coffers.

After all these buy-elections and spendings; are the rakyat notwithstanding the bumi/non-bumis so gullible to believe that the government won't ask back 2x what was given?

you read me right; the GST; the cut in subsidy for the average people and the INCREASE in subsidy for the rich and IPPs and cronies' big fat contract all has to come from the people's sooner or later.

there are no such things as free-lunch; if for once you people all believe so; sorry for being so gullible and deserving of the government you believe into.

Quiet Despair,  25 March 2012 at 11:36  

Salam BRM1 Nick Kelate

Who's to say I am the benefactor of the millions from the ETP. That is why I am always dreaming.
Dude, what did you do with the RM500? Gave to PAS like the man I know who contribute to the DAP?
Oghe Kelate is the highest beneficiary of the BR1M with three in one households receiving it.
so much yeah for ridiculing the Aid. LOL.

greenbottle 25 March 2012 at 18:36  

Kelantan people should get a whole lot more than what they are getting now. It is an insult to buy Kelantan people with RM500.

UMNO says that they fight for the malays but Kelantan is 99% malays and yet kelantan has been punished for all these years just because they are not supporting umno/bn.

My god! some people are giving too much credit to QD.he can't be a benefector of millions from umno/bn.(legally-rarely- or illegally -the norm-). he is quite straight and rather silly but he is not a sly person like KJ for example, and that's good for him too. i guess may be he's a mid level government officer retiree . his nick 'quiet despair' says it all.

he despairs of umno but not bright enough to contemplate that there is a viable alternative.

nick 25 March 2012 at 19:02  

Another incoherent rambling from someone who has nothing to offer in term of topic and point. What are you LOLing about? QD, go back to sleep!


Geronimo 25 March 2012 at 20:19  

Dato', I believe Najib must have seen "Braveheart" several times over where William Wallace gave that rousing speech before the battle of Stirling.

Anonymous,  26 March 2012 at 09:17  

Nick and Greenbottle and some of you are so stupid to fall into QD's trap.
You guys are new to this blog and don't know how QD operates.
Just ignore this half-baked half breed boy who just loves to provoke and poke fun of you. He is an attention-seeker UMNO lover.
From the start he prides himself on being an agent provocateur.
Shame of you old men to be fighting with a boy wet behind the ears.
I like QD because he is honest and knows how to put you in a proper place without insulting you all like you did to him.
Learn how to be like him. QD is an intelligent fine young man, brought up differently from all of us. So we never can understand him.

Anonymous,  26 March 2012 at 11:37  

because it more accurately reflects the government's political stance....
A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next
generation, protects a bunch of dicks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually being screwed! Damn, it just doesn't get more
accurate than that!

Anonymous,  26 March 2012 at 16:14  

Keep going Dato. How the hell he is getting real jika beliau di kelilingi oleh penjilasusah nya t kelas satu. Semua nya munafik kelas paling tinggi. Yang menjadi lebih teruk beliau sendiri p[un munafik paling besar. Lebih2 lagi di ulit oleh wanita gemuk yang sangat dashat perangai nya. Botton line 'kehancuran'.

Anonymous,  27 March 2012 at 13:51  

As a Selangorian voter for TS Khalid, I like his competent and caring leadership too. My family and other flat dwellers can save some money from the free water.

I am very thankful to Allah for the blessings of good leaders in Selangor. My family and like his very sincere and humble personality. The best is we never see his wife, spending our money or having grand celebrations.

Allah bless our beloved Sultan many blessings and many more good years because he respects Selangor voters' wishes Amin for good leaders with integrity, very hardworking and caring to the people. Now our Sultan's birthday celebration, festival dos are simple, because TS Khalid tells him the truth, saving money for the rakyat. They prefer to celebrate with the simple rakyat. So it is grand for us.

My near neighbours and I will vote for him and his party again because we want many more good things to happen for Selangor. The police to be very hardworking with integrity to catch and put all pencuri and perompak in jail.

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