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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 26 August 2022

The ego is unbowed

1. I don't like kicking a dead horse. But when I heard Najib speaking to his supporters, after the guilty verdict, makes my blood boil.

2. What he said, showed the egoistic person that he is. He remains petulant, unrepentant, showing no remorse. His reddened face betrayed the spoilt rich brat who did not get what he wanted.

3. As usual, like the patrician and manufactured aristocrat that he is, Najib chooses to speak to a submissive audience whom he knows will accept his every word.

4. In English, people would say he is just playing to the gallery. Or dressed up to the nines.

5.and the responses from the captive audience were predictable. There were plaintiff cries of zalim,mahazalin mari kita doa....

6. Najib, of course, didn't want to listen to those words. He just wanted to put across his 'I am a prisoner of Auschwitz message across.

7. He said he tried his best, all that he asked were denied. So I redha..

8. Just exactly what was the best did he do? The answer is, he did his best to wriggle out of the tangled mess he weaved.

9. First, he tried to unearth all the dirty linen of justice Nazlan. From the unfounded allegation that RM 1 m mysteriously went to the judge's account. Later there maybe a conflict of interest as the judge had served as general counsel to Maybank.

10. Even to the extent of doubting, the judgment of Nazlan couldn't have been written by the judge. It was too long-a ghostwriter must have written it for him. Tun Sufian and lord Denning never wrote lengthy judgments. Although lord Denning wrote a book on the profumo case. Looks like him, writes like him, but it's not him.

11.may I remind readers, that the judgment of Nazlan, was affirmed and upheld by the CA. The 3 judges of the CA were not chopped liver either.

12. You think Najib gave two hoots about the wailing supplications of the makciks from kampung ketepang, parit, Pahang tua or lamir in Pekan?it probably was no skin off his nose. All he wanted was to get the message that he is a victim across.

13. Now, what is the all he asked that were denied? First was an extension to prepare this case. . 2nd, he asked the CJ to recuse herself. What brazenness!

14. I wouldn't know how to describe this as artfully and in a fanciful manner like lawyers do. But doesn't it mean that once you accept the brief, it means you are ready?

15. When a lawyer accepts a brief, he or she is assumed to be ready. The lawyer knows of the hearing date. The federal court repeatedly mentioned of it.

16. The lawyer can't come before the court, with a poker face asked for a 3-4 month extension. If the lawyer is not ready, as my secondary school teacher used to say, it's your own funeral.

17. I like the English idiom quoted by Lord Denning, having made the bed, you must now lie on it.

18. And I find it heart-warming, the balsy statement by the current feisty chairperson of the bar council. She is sounding more credible with each passing day.

19. That any lawyer pulling a fast one can be subject to some disciplinary measures. Let's see whether Hisyam Teh is disciplined.

20. The other shitty request made by Najib was to ask the CJ to recuse herself. It was denied because the request was, well, shitty .

21. To infer bias because of a spouse's involvement in some unrelated court matters, is mischievous.

22. There are many case laws that demolish such a pedantic, finical and flimsy request.

23. It seems to me, the only basis to accuse the bench misconducting itself is because it disagrees with the defense counsels request. The request is devoid of any legal substance. Can it be said that because the bench disagrees with you, it is therefore lousy?

24. Sorry mate, Najib comes across as an unbowed person, not in the Churchillian sense, but a person unbowed by his egoistic self.

25. He wasn't interested to hear the wailing of the makciks many of whom he doesn't know, but was only interested to spread his Goebbelsian gobbledegook.

26. Hey, he couldn't care less if the umno ladies in Pekan were to run amok or cry until their eyes are swollen or roll on the floor pulling their hair or pulling off their kain batik lepas . He's only interested if these suckers stormed the gates of the istana just as the mob stormed the Bastille a long time ago. Many umnogok want to be a Robespierre.



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