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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 15 August 2022

The LCS scandal.Part 2

1. The LCS scandal is known to the public for some time. Yet the parties tasked to prosecute those responsible for the scandal, SPRM, AG chambers, the government don't want to stop the scandal.

2. We have a kind of death-wish or what, waiting for the scandal to run its full course? We seem to not have the resolve and sense of urgency to stop all the nonsense.

3. In the littoral combat ships project, we know something is gravely wrong, yet we continue with it. As though we have personal interests interwoven with the project, we don't want to stop it. We continue to reward corruption and mediocrity. That being so, our society is doomed.

4. let's cut the chase, the main contractor, bastard naval shipyard(boustead should be called that) is the chief wrongdoer. Kick it out!

5. Instead, we fall back to the usual sob sob story, we can't do that. Because we are risking the lives of workers and vendors.

6. Bull, that's a fallacious argument. We are taking out the chief mischief-maker, bns. Not the workers and vendors.

7. It's the sapura and Chrysler argument all over again. Save the main contractor to save workers and vendors.

8. Anyway, let's get back to the main story again. In 2013 or circa, the government gave a contract to boustead to build 6 high-end patrol boats over a 10 year period.

9. The high-end patrol boats are known by their fancy name littoral combat ships. That's the LCS project costing RM9b, 6b has been paid thus far.

10. So, LCS refer to littoral combat ships. Its main contractor is boustead naval shipyard -BNS.

11. Up to now, 5 ships should have been delivered. None has been yet we have paid rm6b.

12. Yet in 2017, the then defence ministers, the computer aficionado, Hishamuddin Hussein, welcomed the 1st ship.

13. He tweeted and photographed it. It seemed real. Hurrah, and bravo!

14. Except, of course, the ship did not exist. He lied to the whole country. Elsewhere, such a minister would have resigned. In Japan, such a person would commit hara-kiri.

15. Yet we find the Malaysian naval chief insisting that the ship is real. Well then, the navy would have no problems inviting multipartisan MPs to verify its existence. Right?

16. If the navy chief is perpetuating a vicious lie, he too must be removed. He can then row a sampan to fish or jump into the ocean.

17. By now, you have guessed it right. The most unique technological feature, the LCS have, is their ability to disappear from our radar. And with them, rm6b

18. It's not funny you know .you have heard about migs stranded in a desert somewhere in the USA, about rumours that the scorpene submarine cannot submerge and £1b being paid for our submarine and missing jet engines.

19. This lcs scandal is even bigger than 1mdb and it's inconceivable that Najib may not be involved. It's not as explosive as the scorpene case where altantuya the Mongolian was c4red. But the kickbacks may be more than the rm500m commission for the submarine.

20. Najib is just sabre rattling and putting up a show saying he's not involved and is not afraid. Well, a detailed investigation will bare all.
The issue of revealing state secrets does not arise at all. Strategic interests are not najibs concern alone and he must not turn it into a racial issue. Ini semua DAP punya hal. be continued.


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