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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 20 August 2022

A court comedy

1. I try to refrain from commenting on Najib's court drama, but can't. I felt compelled to say something about an ongoing case. As Mr Sithambaram says, rules are broken everyday-suggesting that the courts choose to ignore them. Hence, I will also be one of the lawbreakers and be a nuisance big mouth.

2. First, I think changing horses as it were at the 11th hour is an ominous sign.

3. Of course as the litigant and appellant, Najib has the right to change lawyers which he did. But that personal right does not extend to a right of forcing the federal court to do as he wishes.

4. Najib wanted to produce 'new' evidence and new extension for arguing his case, as he has a new lawyer.

5. the federal court doesn't buy his new evidence posturing. Such evidence would have been presented at the court of appeal. He did not produce them then. Why?

6. Because the court knows the evidence is all balderdash and would be mere verbiage.

7. Najib's new evidence is predictable - implicate everyone in sight. He is a victim. He is sanguine.

8. Najib new evidence has always been outside the court. Apply extra judicial pressure. Character assassinate everyone who matters.

9. Remember that he attempted to destroy the integrity and credibility of justice Nazlan? Started of course by the royal fugitive now ensconced safely in the UK?

10. Najib of course later withdraws his allegation of corruption, knowing that it has no merit. His withdrawal is just a pompous show of magnanimity, designed to impress the makciks out there.
Allah, baik nya DS Najib. I want to have your kid.

11. Knowing his 1 mil allegation can longer hold water, he wanted to show nazlan has a conflict of interest by being a counsel to Maybank.

12. Where is the link between being a counsel to Maybank and najibs sakau of SRC funds?

13. Hello, being a counsel predates the SRC embezzlement, mah. Maybank has no prior knowledge that Najib would sakau src money.

14. This underhanded tactic of casting aspersions on the character of persons who matter, has gone to a ridiculous extent. The 1 mil allegation in nazlans account started by a beret wearing fugitive,is superseded in it's idiocy by a police report made by najibs supporter that the chief justice's husband is an alleged pH supporter.

15. Nang bohtee nang,kui bohtee kui. Orang bukan orang,hantu bukan hantu,is a fitting description of Ali babavum Najib.

16. The Najib shuffle is designed just to waste court time. Despite the humble and pious assertion by najibs present lawyer that it isn't designed to procrastinate, it remains as his own subjective view. In the eyes of the public, it's another delay tactic.

17. Najibs earth-shattering new evidence is this. The federal court ought to hear it la.

18. Because of that, in a shocking development, the federal court reverses the decision of the high court and the court of appeal.

19. Have we forgotten that the judgment of the high court was upheld by the 3 judges of the court of appeal? It's unthinkable that the federal court would overrule the judgments of 4 judges. There's only 1 ending for Najib.

20. We may see Najib employing an old tried tactic.

Najib dah mula sakit belakang. Tiada pakar di M'sia...kena dapat rawatan di luar negara. Drama sudah bermula...


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