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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 10 December 2021

The Malay Enigma. Part 1.

1. I am at odds to explain the bizarre mindset of the Malays. In a way, they have a death-wish. The famous saying attributed to Hang Tuah 'takkan Melayu hilang didunia', means exactly the opposite. Malays will wither as in layu.

2. They will eventually perish if they refuse to adapt. Its adapt or perish. That is the rule of all living organism.

3. Unfortunately, they refuse to adapt to changing social, political and economic changes. They feel comforted with their closed minds. The late Sanusi Junid said the main preoccupation of the Malays is finding ways on how to increase their libido.

4. The observation by the eminent Malay thinker, Zaaba that the most salient feature of the poverty of the Malays, is poverty of the mind.

5. Their homes are devoid of reading material. They prefer reading' Gila Gila' and books on ghost stories. They read, on average, 2 pages a year.

6. Hence, like Zaaba said, they are more moved by all sorts of tahyul, pelesit, bajangan, will 'o' the wisp, etc. Rational thinking is non-existent.

7. The same is generally true of the East Malaysian natives. How they react to the elections is interesting. Or are they more interested in erections? Will they throw rational thinking out the window?

8. As a result of their refusal to adapt and their laziness to cultivate their minds, their brains become stunted in relation to their bodies. Body like a buffalo, brain like a pea.

9. If the government of the day promises to upgrade 1000 schools, electrify and supply water, wouldn't whoever becomes government be able to do the same?

10. Because of these afflictions, among others, the Malays developed dinosaurich features. Most notably, a smallish brain incapable of rational and right-thinking.

11. Because the Malays refuse to adapt and adopt honest and for the common good thinking, they will sadly suffer the same fate of the dinosaurs -go extinct!

12. If we Spinosaurus, with no backbones, want and continue to elect Tyrannosaurus, what more can we do? We reap what we sow.

13. We elect a tyrant when we allow such a bugger to foist the government's incompetence, injustice, blatant racism, endemic corruption which is acculturalised and accepted as a norm, a country riddled with its 1MDBs- such a decision is tyranny on ourselves.

14. We are sadists and masochists, enjoying hurting ourselves and deriving orgasmic pleasure from it, what can we do?

15. And allow me to be blunt and speak with candour. The people, chiefly to blame for the mess and implosion we are now in, are the Malays. They are responsible for the outcome of our politics.

16. If they choose to elect a Malay led government that is incompetent and corrupt, they can only blame themselves for it.

17. Isn't it the tanah melayu that they dream of. Decadent and incompetent, filled with all kind of Intransigences?

18. The warnings about placing the country under mismanagement is evidenced in one of the celebrated passages in the Quran.

19. The verses in question are verses 15 to 17 from the surah Saba'.

20. One possible interpretation is this. They tell us of a story about the people in a country called Saba'. They were initially blessed with fertile lands where they were able to draw bountiful living. Their lands were divinely blessed.

21. They soon become haughty and forgot the meaning of sabr, dilligence, syukur and forgot to offer benedictions. They elected an evil government and countenanced its corruption, decadence and debauchery. The voices of upright men were ignored. They rebelled against God.

22. Divine retribution came quickly. God sends a great flood that turned the once fertile land into a desolate and barren place. The once prosperous country became a poverty-stricken nation.

23. Its society imploded, the country destroyed, while the leaders fiddled as the country burns because of 3 reasons.

24. First, the people voted in an evil government. 2nd,the people countenanced and acquiesced in the evil. 3rd,the voices of upright people are ignored.

25. What's happening in Malaysia parallels what happened in Saba'. Our country is moving in that direction unless we change our mindset. Woe betide us.

26. Didn't Allah says in Ar Ra'ad: 11, that he will not change the destiny of a people unless they change what's inside the first?

27. Instead, the Malays seem to have a new Weltanschauung:-

28. The first order of the day is:let's form an HONEST government. When Kishore Mahbubani was asked about the secret of Singapore's success, he answered: MPH.

29. That stands for Meritocracy, Pragmatism and Honesty. Except in our country, we need honesty first before we can apply meritocracy and pragmatism.


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