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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 28 November 2021

The Post Hoc Fallacy.

1. No sir, there's no any sort of silence over alleged Zetis involvement in 1MDB money. There's no deafening, hushed or muted silence from anyone, more so from anti kleptocrats.

2. The reference to anti kleptocrats is an inadvertent admission that kleptocracy, which every conscionable Malaysian must oppose, does exist.

3. Unless, of course, that heinous activity, is supported by Shabery Chik the keropok lekor vendor. That besmirches the good name of other keropok lekor vendors.

4. Indeed, by asking that patronising and rhetorical question, Herr Shabery shows that he is an unabashed supporter of kleptocracy. Nnatang mung!

5. There's no mystery over the lack of action now, awang wok. How do we bring Zeti or members of her family to court, if there's no investigation and the AG has not proffered any prosecution against her?

6. That the AG has not done anything yet, shows that the government is a laggard and does not have the political will to extinguish corruption and kleptocracy. And Shabery is an unrepentant and an unapologetic supporter of such a regime.

7. There's no RCI, no investigation by PDRM, SPRM, the AGC chambers etc. Why should the opposition be expected to do the government's dirty work? The opposition marches to the beat of its own drum, not Shabery's. Certainly, they are not going to apologise for the lacklustre and mediocrity in these departments. Nak buek camno, jang?

8. Instead of asking the question to the anti kleptocrats, which means most of us, direct the question to the government and the prosecutorial supporting departments. Guana mu!

9. Clearly those parties asking for RCI or any sort of investigations on Zeti or any other persons of interest, have more sense than drooling at the corner of the mouth man from Kemamang.

10. And don't think we don't know what Najib and his psychophantic supporters are trying to do. By imputing guilt by association onto others, Najib is employing scorched earth and diversionary tactics to mitigate his own wrong doing. It doesn't work that way, sir.

11. By trying to rope in others into your own orbit of infamy, doesn't absolve you from your own wrong.

12. Have you heard of the post hoc policy? As in post hoc ergo propter hoc? If Zeti, Mahathir or others caused some misdemeanours, it does not mean that they caused Najib to do SRC and 1MDB. I hope the judges do not misdirect themselves because of these frolics of Najib.

13. Be assured that there is no love lost against anybody who commits corruption or kleptocracy. If investigations provide foundation for prosecution and consequently their guilt, so be it. Let Zeti or Mahathir get their comeuppance.

14. No, Sir, we are not silent. Not deafening, hushed or muted.


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