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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 21 November 2021

The MOA is a Sucker Machine.

1. Right from the beginning, I had a bone to pick with the ph-government MOA. To me, it's nefarious.

2. It's just Mamu Anwar's wet dream to appear gentlemanly. For what? The government gets a licence to do anything it wishes. Certainly Mamu Anwar cannot contemplate the shenanigans the government hides.

3. You think we are comforted when you say that despite the MOA, it does not mean PH supports the government or without the MOA, this government wouldnt last 3 months. Its no comfort at all, Tuan.

4. MOAs are not legally binding. And so if either party does not honour it, its no skin off their noses. Its like you write something on a toilet paper,wipe your buttocks and throw it away expeditiously!. Thats probably what the government does with it.

5. Your objective,dear PH sirs, is to overthow the goverment by democratic means. By acquesing, you are not being revolutionary enough. By any means neccessary, says Malcolm X. Political power grows from the barrel of a gun says Chairman Mao. Compare to these , you are mild still.

6. The political detente or armistice has only allowed the BN government to surreptitiosly does what wants until its too late for PH to realise. PH is left cupping their balls.

7. I will cite 2 examples. The first is,3 or 4 months ago,the government quietly withdrew its appeal on the corruption charges it proffered against Teuku Adnan Mansor. The government is not balsy at all. It cowers before the rich and powerful.

8. Instead of pursuing its apppeal vigorously and dilligently,the government wilts. Perhaps it has not taken the blue pill.

9. PH was caught off guard. It wasnt leading right thinking Malaysians in opposing this grossly unfair decision. To impute innocence on the fake Tengku, is indeed insulting to our intelligence.

10. The other issue I refer to, is the following:-

Revealed: Najib to get free house worth RM100 million in posh KL neighbourhood

11 . Rightfully,it has elicited the following responses.

‘Bina bangunan untuk banduan’, Dewan Rakyat kecoh Najib mohon rumah RM100 juta

KUALA LUMPUR: Menteri Kewangan Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz mengesahkan penerimaan permohonan oleh bekas Perdana Menteri, Najib Razak untuk mendapatkan rumah bernilai RM100 juta dan akan dimasukkan dalam bajet tambahan jika dana mencukupi.

Kami ingin tahu sumbangan beliau (Najib). Dia seorang banduan…dan kerajaan mahu balas budi.

“Wang yang dicuri diberikan semula. Inilah kerajaan baharu. Hadiah itu harus dijelaskan.

“RM60 juta untuk beli tanah dan RM40 juta untuk membina bangunan untuk banduan ini,” soalnya.

12. Dont add insult to injury. Dont feign shock and dismay. Its bridge under the water. Its like the Malay says. The house is completed, the chisel wants to make noise.

Kenyataan Media
18 November 2021

Mengejutkan tatkala mendapat pengesahan daripada Menteri Kewangan bahawa Kabinet sebulat suara telah menerima satu permohonan untuk menghadiahkan sebidang tanah dan sebuah rumah kepada Ahli Parlimen Pekan yang dianggar bernilai RM100 juta.

Perkara ini tidak pernah dibincang atau dimaklumkan kepada kami dalam sebarang pertemuan dengan wakil pihak kerajaan.

Pada saat rakyat sedang menderita, para doktor kontrak yang masih tidak jelas nasib mereka, anak-anak B50 berdepan pelbagai rintangan dan halangan untuk belajar, dan begitu ramai rakyat Malaysia yang hilang pendapatan, tempat tinggal, malah juga nyawa, tindakan Kabinet untuk ‘menghadiahkan’ tanah dan rumah kepada seorang yang telah disabitkan kesalahan oleh mahkamah ternyata keputusan yang paling tidak bermoral dan langsung tidak masuk akal.

Rakyat pasti tidak lupa bagaimana Ahli Parlimen Pekan telah mengakibatkan kerajaan dan rakyat Malaysia terpaksa menanggung hutang setinggi RM32 bilion akibat kebobrokan dan kecurangan 1MDB.

Malah beliau sehingga hari ini tidak dapat menjelaskan bagaimana sejumlah wang dan barang kemas yang dianggarkan bernilai ratusan juta ada dalam milikan beliau dan isteri.

Keputusan yang amat mengejutkan ini memaksa kami untuk mengkaji semula segala bentuk persefahaman yang wujud sehingga kini.


13. PH must have wished, to show sincerity to the MOA, the goverment should have discussed the matter with them.

14. The MOA should have veen predicated on sincerity. Only then has it got, meaning.

15. As things have developed, better to burn, baby burn. Burn the MOA. 


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