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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 27 October 2021

The Sad Race.

1. 'The first thing we do' said Dick the butcher, 'is let's kill all the lawyers'. I am not accepting the line to mean how lawyers stand in the way of violent mobs. Rather, our society is meek and acquiescent.

2. Rather, I take it to mean how lawyers contrived to protect the rich and the powerful. It also means how the rotten bureaucracy aids and abbets an injustice. Finally, to me, it also means a perversion and travesty of justice.

3. Oh, I am sure it became a moot subject by tipsy lawyers, over glasses and jugs of beer, perhaps in Selangor Club. Or it could become a subject of debate by the Gauche Caviar, the Hampstead liberals The Café Latte Crowd, the Bollinger Bolsheviks, The Smoked Salmon Crowd, the Salon socialists etc.

4. It has not reached a tipping point where I see lawyers marching on the streets or the bar council protesting. The Muslim lawyers would probably condone the gallivanting of felons.

5. Nor did I hear of the subject being debated by our elected pigs in the Dewan Rakyat. Never mind the use of the pejorative term. I have been called DAPig and Kit Siang's dog before.

6. Some of us were indeed shocked that Najib and the missus were allowed to travel to Singapore. I wrote a bit about it in my blog in an article entitled the lost tribe. Perhaps it was regarded as obiter dicta though.

7. The accused in high-profile cases can enjoy freedom of travel where common folks and PTPTN students were denied such privilege.

8. How can I not agree with Mr Dick the Butcher?

9. Especially when lawyers from the AGC meekly said, let the matter be dealt by the judges. This was just a CYA strategy.


10. Clearly, the Singapore netizens are more politically conscious and sophisticated. They protested vociferously on the internet, over the presence of the Malaysian Bonnie and Clyde couple.

11. The response here, especially from the Malay heartland, was Neanderthal. They saw the evidence based prosecution of the discredited couple as continued persecution by some Non-Malay lawyers led by Shri Ram.

12. And the protests from Singapore netizens were seen as an inconvenience caused by Chinaman provocateurs.

13. Thus, the Malays, with their bunker mentality, reduced the whole situation as a public row between non Malays and Malays. The situation was embellished by mosquito internet portals. 'Tekaan liike dan shaare'.

14. Forced to see the situation in that racial context, the passports of the accused impounded by the high courts, sprm and lhdn were dismissed. How can the appeal court dismissed the decision by 3 institutions?

15. It seems that where a situation is reduced to a clash of races, produces a judicial decision, no matter how absurd and illogical it is. Is that the ratio decidendi?

16. Mind you, Mein Fuhrer Najib owes more than 1 billion Ringgit to LHDN. The monies owed by common people and graduates are a pittance.

17. Najib mocks and ridicules the courts further by asking the courts to delay his travel plans. This is because he has been tasked to manage the Melaka prn. He determines what the courts can and cannot do. Isnt that ridiculous?

18. What has that got to do with his trial? I am glad a reader from Pekan texted me to say if only Singapore can jail the bugger. There are still sane people in Pekan. Furthermore, he can still be ably represented by tiger lawyers. He should be tried in absentia. No hal.

19. That means his trials are further postponed. His trial seemed to be taking forever. How can the courts entertain such shenanigans?

20. That being the case, people are wondering if there's something seriously wrong with our justice system. Isn't justice delayed, is justice denied?

21. People are not stupid, only uneducated. They are talking loudly that if the laws do not protect you from the authors of avarice but protect them from you, then society is doomed. Ayn Rand said this. Rafidah Aziz said this.


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