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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 7 October 2021

The Scourge Of corruption.

1. One expatriate investor, amongst many, was asked why he left Malaysia. He said he left because of the odious level of corruption.

2. When he first arrived, corruption was a crime. The country was following the rule of law. That suited him fine.

3. He became exceedingly nervous, when corruption later become acceptable. Or, in the language of Din sembab, it's the new normal.

4. And he said he'd better leave before corruption becomes compulsory. Many others did the same thing. As a consequence, Azmin Ali was left cupping his genitalia.

5. He looked askance when FDI dropped in Malaysia. Many of us were and are not surprised.

6. The dangerous level is reached when corruption is treated as a given. Much like as when Lee Kuan Yew said incarcerating political opponents is like making love to a virgin. It's painful the first time, but gets pleasurable the subsequent times. Perhaps Shahidan Kassim can enlighten us on that.

7. The expatriate community as are us are shocked and appalled at some Malaysians'adulation to corruption. And to the blokes who perpetrated the scourge of corruption.

8. As though it's a virtue and, to Muslims, does not contradict Islamic values. It's theft, for God's sake and the people who commit it, are thieves.

9. Therefore, it's a crying shame and facetious to call Najib, for example, as amirulmukminin.

10. It must be an inappropriate humour and flippant remark. But more serious, it might reflect the cincai attitude of the Malay.

11. It seems that corruption if committed by a Malay, preferably an umno Malay, is permitted. By extension, that would mean it's alright for a Malay and more so simultaneously an umno appatchik, to enter our houses and sleep with our wives and daughters.
Rejoice and give thanks to God for that! Is that it?

12. So now corruption began as a crime, accepted as a new normal, became legal and soon to be compulsory. Provided it's done by a Malay and preferably an umno dolt.

13. The way corruption is cavalierly treated, it is both incredulous and also comical. In fact it has become a national shame, same in rank as Britain's massacre of Africans. It's our poetic injustice.

14. Just where do these sobs want to bring their nefarious and ill-gotten gains to ? Najib and Zahid with their millions and probably billions? Can najib feigned imbecilic ignorance? Can Zahid back-pat his way past the ominous figure with the scythe?

15. Can the immigration officer, with his fleet of cars including Bentleys, plough his way past Munkar
and Nakir and maybe mow them down?

16. Can the government officers, who rented a plane to air freight some packs of nasi ganja, smoked their way past the angels of death?

17. You all will bring nothing to your permanent domicile, except wrapped in burial shroud.


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