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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 16 October 2021

The Pandora Papers. The Speaker Sins Again. Bertaubatlah! Part 1.

1. Two quotes that were embedded in my mind are as follows.

2. The first came from Karl Marx. Yes, from Uncle Commie himself. Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways, the point is to change it.

3. The second came from a witty and somewhat eccentric Economics professor of mine. Statistics, he says, is like a bikini. What it reveals is suggestive, but what it hides is vital.

4. That's how I propose to approach the voluminous data revealed by the Pandora files. Are we going to suffer a brain freeze as a result of the deluge of data therein?

5. Combining the two quotes, the question then is- what are we going to do with the information?

6. We are glad that some people have prepared the Pandora Papers and shared them with us. We are shocked to see the names of Malaysians there.

7. We are more glad that brave and conscientious soul like Mamu Anwar wants this urgent and specific issue debated in parliament. Kudos to him.

8. Unfortunately the repugnant speaker refuses to have the issue debated. That seems to be his habit and vocation. Otherwise, he occupies his time scratching his balls.

9. All right-thinking Malaysians are aghast at his refusal. This is an important issue. His refusal only confirms he has no conscience.

10. The speaker must be suffering from Baldrick's disease. The Pandora Papers were mistakenly taken to be Baldrick's trousers.

11. Things can get a little whiffy down there. Accordingly, the speaker is right when he charged Anwar not to open Baldrick's trousers.

12. But we are not talking about Baldicks trousers here. The speaker is right; there is nothing of interest therein, especially to a chauvinist pig like the speaker is.

13. We are talking about the Pandora Papers. The Greeks wrote, in legend, of a container in which all the evils of the world are contained. They call it Pandora's box, which to us is the Pandora Papers.

14. If opened, it will unleash all the financial tomfoolery that was visited upon us.

15. So the issue is urgent, specific and of public interest. The refusal by the speaker to have the motion debated is unconscionable. It's clear on whose side he is on.

16. I am no supporter of Mamu Anwar because of personal judgement. But on issues based articulations, in this instance he is heroic.

17. Perhaps of little notice, save for some attentive sleuths, were the disingenuous answers given by Fart Harun, the partisan speaker.

18. We are not impressed when he quoted the House of Commons. First, he is no Betty Boothrroyd or John Bercow or Tip O'Neil or Nancy Pelosi.

19. He employed a bit of sophistry when he distinguished between Illicit money outflows and, presumably, legitimate share holdings.

20. Whether its€5 or €5 million, all the more reason to have the motion debated. To establish the truth, not continue to deceive. In any case does the value of the shareholdings comes out of thin air?

21. Let's not forget the unashamedly solipsistic slant of his arguments. He thinks reality only exists if it's thinkable by him.

22. Accordingly, he thinks that the reality of the Pandora Papers is according to his reading and what he thinks of it.

23. The indisputable point is dear readers, reality can exist independently of his thinking and reading. His reading is limited, and he is not that clever.

24. He is stoically conceited. That conceit and hubris are induced by the fact that he occupies the speaker's chair and is flanked by obedient bentara.

25. He has erred yet again. He falls into a hole he himself has dug. He has to excavate more dirt to lift his big arse out of it. He is hoisted by his own petard!


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