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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 24 October 2021

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah:Umno's Lost Leader.

1. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah ( from henceforth TRH) wrote about the lost umno or in Malay, umno yang hilang.

2. To many, it's not just about a return to the halcyon days, but a real re embrace of true umno values. Of course, to his detractors, the call is dismissible and just a will o the wisp.

3. Born of royal family and immersed in corresponding etiquette, he has had the interest of the common people at heart.

4. He wants to see the Malays progressed but not through the repression or suppression of other races or conferring self entitlement edifices.

5. The robust Malay who rises through open competition, hard work, talent and ability.

6. Such a Malay would find it absurd and preposterous to impute a 30% handicap in employment, education, wealth creation, the banning of sending Christmas cards by Muslims, the unnecessary banning of Oktoberfest, depriving minority races of places in public universities etc.

7. Perhaps the common people's interest first, was honed in by the person who opted for Anderson school in Ipoh instead of the usual bourgeois MCgaygay.

8. Any umno Mrs Williams would find such egalitarian thinking dangerous and destructive to a feudalistic umno.

9. Remember the liberal Mrs Williams mate? I was studying in England when Mrs Williams was prominent. Blimey!

10. I was watching a video on Tony Benn entitled Tony Benn: Labour's lost leader. Well to me, TRH is umno's lost leader.

11. it's the levelling and democratic ideas of TRH that are dangerous and threatening to the bourgeois and feudalic umno financial oligarchy. For that, TRH must be marginalised at all costs and by any means necessary.

12. It's saddening and funny, the person who is a royalty adopts egalitarian ideas, but the umno leaders who rose from poverty become the bourgeoisie and undemocratic. It's Franz Fanon's The Wretched Of The Earth. The oppressed becomes the oppressor.

13. I have read a facebook posting by a well-meaning person. He says that TRH is a consummate gentleman. This, and other fine qualities, ought to make TRH the leader of this country.

14. I could not agree with this person more. Only that I think trust on TRH should not be based just on the pious hopes and pleadings of a plaintiff.

15. Support for TRH based on pious hopes and pleadings maybe ephemeral. Support based on beliefs and convictions are unshakeable. They are more preferred.

16. First, there must be a complete and total rejection of the culture of corruption that has paralysed umno. It signifies a total loss of pride and self-worth. It also means our reward system is wrong.

17. We must reject a reward system not based on diligence, hard work, talent and ability. We must be aware that our reward system is based on shortcuts, subterfuges and plain blackmails. They are intrinsically wrong, not wrong when caught only.

18. In part 2 we shall examine the principles upon which umno is founded. They must re- assessed or rejected altogether .


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