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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 23 January 2014

This Country Needs You! Lets Kick out UMNO from Putrajaya.

LOLROTF- laughing out loud and rolling on the floor. That’s how I felt like doing when some people think they can advise Najib. To do what? To pronounce the Islamic terms correctly? To turn off the lights in the house so that it the bill will not be RM6000 a day. To save water bill? To stop using kangkung as reference?
Sometime ago, a prominent former finance minister told me, Najib is beyond advise. Why should he listen to his underlings? He pays them. His only credit is the fact that he is the son of a former much-loved PM. That was what he resorted to- his last line of defence when UMNO delegates attacked his hare-brained 1Malaysia and New Economic Model. UMNO Malays do not want his 1Malaysia and the concept has remained what it means- a slogan and a song. UMNO Malays rejected his NEM because they wanted all the special privileges that come along with being UMNO Malay- licenses, Approved Permits, negotiated contracts, and so on and so forth. UMNO is a party by, of and for the top 20%. It’ s no longer a political party even- but a club for rent seekers at every level.
Why should Najib, leader of the finance and political aristocracy listen to those beneath him. The only language Najib understand is the language of kicking him out of Putrajaya. So, if Anwar Ibrahim wastes our time trying to secure a deal with Najib, Anwar Ibrahim is truly, as Zaib Ibrahim says- the quintessential UMNO man. Closet UMNO man.  
Malays must progressively dissociate themselves from UMNO. Indeed as fast as they can. It’s now peopled by every armchair warrior, fascists, reich-wing nationalist, bloodthirsty conservative, war-crazed Malay supremacist, God, King and country bumpkin, mullah moralist, just about any person who supports the Finance and Political aristocracy. And then of course the lumpenproletariat.
Knowing that UMNO is actually the voice that speaks for the interest of the top 20%, the rentier class and supported by and large by the clueless lumpenproletrat, we are not surprised that UMNO Penang has mustered an abusive and violent demonstration. The leaders behind the spontaneous outpouring of defence of Kim Il Najib are some personalities who don’t look Malay, sounded untypically Malay, are in fact not Malay but still accepted as UMNO members.
Curiously, the Malay hoi poloi don’t seem to mind the true identity of these people for as long as they can hear something pleasing to the ears and reassuring. What else can be more reassuring and pleasing to the ears than a reaffirmation of the supreme rights of Malays over and above the others?  The reich-wing  nationalists have taken over.
The otherised group- Chinese, Indians and natives of Sarawak and Sabah do not have as much rights as Malays despite having article 153 containing provisions for protection of their interests too. Don’t tell Ibrahim Ali I am telling you this- I am already condemned as betrayer to my race. What else can be pleasing and enthralling than a confirmation of the infallibility of the great Kim Il Najib? So you Chinese, Indians and East Malaysian natives, if you don’t accept and acknowledge your othersised nature, we will unleash May 13 upon you.
The object of their abuse and derision is the PKR ADUn, Lee Khai Loon. He had dared push a bunch of kangkung into an effigy representing Kim Il Najib. For the UMNO supporters, most notably the select and anointed few, the manufactured and artificially grafted Malays and their lumpenproletariat supporters, this action is almost sacrilegious and therefore blasphemous. Doesn’t Najib represent what is morally upright and pure? Doesn’t Najib represent the Malays and making fun of his effigy, is tantamount to challenging the supremacy of the Malays? Najib is morally superior to the boy-lover who can’t even enter kinky-sexed Japan.
But have the police acted on the report made by several PR lawmakers on the seditious presentations of the UMNO supported roughnecks? Isn’t involving a threat of another 13 May seditious and may fall under the purview of the PCA?
If the mamak gang politicians in Penang want to do a MGR inspired theatrics, please do so, but please don’t drag the Malays into this political quicksand theatrics. It is a sad day if Malays become willing participants albeit indirectly, in this maniacal outpouring of adulation because being UMNO is not the same as being a Malay. UMNO and Kim Il Najib do not represent the 18 million Malays in this country. The majority of us don’t want accreditation from a Kangkung standard PM and his equally kangkung minded party.
The government of, by and for the 20% has been silent as warmongers bring us closer to social catastrophe. Perhaps people now understand that Kim Il Najib is a bloody hypocrite. He is running with the dog while hunting the hare. He speaks about the concept of 1Malaysia; well speaking as a concept anyway while keeping deaf and mute on racist tendencies that could lead to open confrontation. He does this, because the actions of the reich-wingers, the mullah purists , God, King and Country bumpkins and others on the same bandwagon, serve a purpose- to intimidate and pummel the people into submission. Let’s face it; I know Najib is the biggest hypocrite.
On his handling of delicate social matters, religious bigotry and economic management of this country, what’s happening to this country presently confirms what I have been saying about him; if Najib can become PM, anyone can.
Where does it say that UMNO is synonymous with the Malays? There is an increasing number of Malays who don’t want the association with UMNO. The Malay race is much bigger than UMNO. UMNO is just one of the political choices available to the Malays. It is no longer the preferred choice except for the reich-wingers and armchair warriors and the people in Perkasa.  
The false argument that Malays have returned to UMMNO is just that- patently false. Everyone now knows that Najib is a liar. He never keeps his promises. Why should we believe his explanations?
In GE13 which I have often mentioned, the UMNO candidates who must all be Malays only got 3.25million votes. The 3.25 million voters were not all Malays- because some Uncle Tom Chinese and Indians did vote for the UMNO bradah. Assuming that 90% of those voters were actually Malays, then all UMNO candidates got were 2.93 million Malay voters. 2.93 million of the 5.24 million votes BN got is 56%.
We now have a strong assumption, that 56% of all voters in GE13 were Malays. In GE13, the total number of voters was 11.23 million. 56% of the 11.23 million voters were Malays which is 6.29 million. In GE13 Malay voters numbered 6.29 million voters. How many Malay voters did BN get? It got 2.93 million. Subtract that from 6.29 million, we have the number of Malay voters who did not vote BN. how many were they? 3.36 million. More Malays did not vote for BN and UMNO in GE13. If UMNO means that they got more Malays than they did in GE12, then, that argument is maybe acceptable. But it is hardly proof that UMNO got more Malay votes than PR.
But Teflon skinned UMNO has no shame in claiming that it has captured more Malay voters. It’s good for their politics to claim UMNO is the preferred choice of Malays. Would a right thinking Malay want to support fork-tongued Najib?  
Now here is the fact that UMNO despises. If BN secured 2.93 million Malay voters, what happened to its 3.4 million UMNO members? The number of Malay voters who voted for BN in 2013 is smaller than UMNO’s membership. This proves that even UMNO members deserted UMNO in GE13.
UMNO Malays.


UMNO secret funding 23 January 2014 at 08:40  


Are you not aware that UMNO belief "dari dulu, kini & selamanya", that even effigy has souls in them?

Come on Dato, don't pretend that you are unaware of UMNO "song & sang" beliefs all these while!

By the way, Dato, allow me to correct you that UMNO belief is in the mantra of ostracize.

Hafiz Ahmad 23 January 2014 at 08:54  


The million dollar question is how many right thinking Malays are there?

Malays only think about Supremacy

Anonymous,  23 January 2014 at 09:07  

Get rid of Anwar,Azmin,Lim Kit Siang .I thing PR will win 1/3 of the battle.

Anonymous,  23 January 2014 at 10:10  

Dear Datuk Sak

Not only do UMNO Baru
fail to understand basic economic principles such as supply and demand, it appears that they also do not understand basic mathematics.

P.S. We have one of the best education systems in the world.

Phua Kai Lit

the mean machine,  23 January 2014 at 10:43  

Dato,Malaysians will not accept boy lover as PM,because he is of no PM calibre.If boy lover was of PM calibre,Umno/BN would have been given the big stick in the backside in GE 13.

Anonymous,  23 January 2014 at 12:18  

We have to all sit down and ponder and agree that this present cabinet is the worst cabinet in the history of the country.

Anonymous,  23 January 2014 at 12:50  

Kisah pertelagahan antara Khalid Ibrahim dan Azmin Ali bukanlah

satu rahsia lagi. Di dalam PKR sendiri telah wujud 2 kem samada

yang menyokong Khalid atau Azmin. Kini timbul lagi cerita mengenai

pergolakan dalaman PKR. Daripada maklumat yang diterima melalui

sumber dalaman PKR, telah ada perancangan untuk menjatuhkan

strategis parti itu, Rafizi Ramli. Sumber berkenaan mendakwa,

beberapa maklumat mengenai kegiatan Rafizi yang sumbang semasa

berada diluar negara sedang dikumpulkan.

Pok Li,  23 January 2014 at 17:02  

And the latest biggest joke is an ex-UMNO minister advised Najib to appoint Tun M to be his mentor. Let's LOLROTF...

Anonymous,  23 January 2014 at 19:56  

Najib is not only a hypocrite but also the most useless PM ever in our country. Compare to his father, he is a total failure.

Anonymous,  23 January 2014 at 22:18  

But there are also many Malay voters who voted for non-Malay BN candidates from MCA,MIC, etc. Has this been accounted in your analysis?

The three amigos,  24 January 2014 at 00:11  

Before GE13,Najib with his Umno/BN promised the rakyat the moon,if they help them retain federal government.Now that they are re-elected again as the federal gomen,all they have given back to their supporters are kangkung,bible chasers,May i3 ghosts,toll hikes,GST and many others.

the gugu guy,  24 January 2014 at 00:51  

Ungku Aziz had his sarong index.So do Najib who has his kangkung index.And see what he has done to the country.He has made Malaysia the laughing stock of the international community.So much for kangkung.

Greenbug 24 January 2014 at 03:16  

Why are all the mamaks in UMNO Baru and not in KIMMA or in MIC? Look at the violent demonstrations in Penang the past few years - its always Shaik Hussain Mydin, Ridzuad Azudeen, Reezal Merican Naina Merican, Musa Sheikh Fadzir, Abdul Ghani Jiman and friends... at the forefront... are these representing the voice of the Malays? Where are the true Malays?

We cannot blame anybody but ourselves if we let others usurp our race and speak out for us and hope that everything will be fine. Right now, even in Islamic affairs, its non-Malay voice (although he claims he is one) like Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah is speaking louder than the true Malays..

So what's happening?

Anonymous,  24 January 2014 at 05:30  

in the civil service, to go far and to be promoted as a head of this that dept or in GLCs, never ever question, so it is only for peons, angkat beg tangan, puji- memuji, solicit funds, air tickets, honorary titles, play golf, melawat sambil belajar ke antartika ? whiii whiii hebat betul, yg betul - betul ahli saintis sanggup duduk di sana bertahun- tahun utk buat kajian terperinci!! dulu siapa sekeluarga melawat ke Disneyland ? lain kali kelaurga hanya di approved pergi melawat ke Legoland, JB

Anonymous,  26 January 2014 at 00:27  

Dato Sak, tidak ada ape lagi yg tinggal di Felda sekarang. Ekuiti Koparasi Permodalan Felda Bhd atau KPF dlm Felda Holdings sebanyak 51 peratus sudah lesap dikebas oleh FGV. Sejak sekian lamanya KPF menjadi tempat peneroka melabur yg saban tahun memberi pulangan dividen purata15 peratus. Satu ketika KPF mengalahkan Bank Rakyat dan KPF antara koperasi terbaik di dunia. Sekarang KPF tinggal hampas. KPF dipaksa menjual ekuitinya dengan harga yg terlalu rendah rm19.61 sesaham dgn jumlah rm2.2 billion. Sedangkan FGV sanggup membeli Pontian Plantation dgn harga rm142 sesaham berjumlah rm1.2. KPF meraih untung dari Felda Holdings purata rm400 juta, sedangkan Pontian hanya untung tak sampai rm30 juta setahun.
Peneroka sebenarnya terlepas mendapat durian runtuh. Ekuiti KPF dlm Felda Holdings dinilai tidak kurang rm6.2 billion sedangkan FGV menipu peneroka dgn hanya membayar rm2.2 peneroka. Dgn penjualan secara paksa ini masa depan KPF malap dan gelap. Tangan2 UMNO menjadi pengkhianat di sebalik penjualan ini. Sekarang KPF punya tunai yg banyak dan dipaksa pula membeli saham FGV dari Felda. Untuk rekod sekarang Felda memegang 18.6 peratus saham dlm FGV. Dana Felda makin kering. Tunai Felda dari penyenaraian FGV dulu sudah kontang dan terpaksa menjual apa yg ada untuk membiayai gaji kakitangan & prog peneroka serta generasinya. Duit Felda sudah kering dan bajet sudah defesit ni kerja siapa? Macam cerita kartun menjual segala harta nak tamping belanja ibarat tarik kain di atas tersingkap di bawah....
FGV sekarang sudah gemuk kekeyangan setelah mendapat habuan harta kartun KPF. Sahamnya mungkin melonjak tetapi tempoh yg singkat. Masa itu lah berlumba2 org menjual. Bila ramai menjual, mungkin ada yg sanggup membeli secara pukal. Tanah Felda 360 ribu hectar, 70 buah kilang sawit, instolasi, refinery dan lain2 yg dulunya dimiliki Felda akan terlepas di tangan org lain. Org UMNO biasa lah, dah kenyang jadi senyap.
Najib menjaga Felda sejuk 2005 konon nak teruskan legasi ayahnya. Konon nak buat transformasi. Konon nak berbudi pada peneroka. Sudah hampir 9 tahun menjaga Felda apa hasilnya? Berganda kah naiknya pendapatan peneroka? Berganda kah harta Felda yg dikumpul oleh Raja Alias? Banyak mana baki tunai Felda? Apa jadi pelaburan luar negara US Canada yg hampir rm1 bilion? Sudah kah dilangsaikan hutang KWSP rm6.5 bilion? Berapa banyak hutang yg terbeban kpd peneroka?
Projek2 yg dibuat oleh Felda hanya untuk melepaskan nafsu isa semad, bapak perasuah yg menjaga Felda. Berapa banyak dana dari Felda di salurkan kpd Yayasan Felda tempat isa bersantai bersama isterinya. Felda membeli hotel di London rm500 juta, beli tanah, hotel KK, Melaka, beli saham Iris Corp, KAF Dis, buat hotel lantik kontraktor runding terus telah menelan belanja berbilion sedangkan hasilnya belum pasti. Dulu Najib kata Felda tak boleh niaga kerana dasar GRIB konon. Sekarang macam2 pelik meniaga. Pendek kata atas nama PM semua isa samad boleh buat. KP/ CEO Felda jadi keldai. Org tak cerdik dilantik jadi Ketua, lingkup lah Felda. Kaki boros, joli dan jenis tyrant pun boleh dilantik jadi CEO.!!! Berapa banyak salah laku depan mata tak disiasat SPRM?
Rumusannya Najib adalah pengkhianat yg meruntuhkan Felda. Percaya lah legasi Felda hanya tinggal nama saja. Satu hari nanti Felda akan menadah tempurung meminta sedekah dari org lain!!!

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