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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 25 February 2021

The Country That Has Lost Its Soul: Part 1

1. Asking Najib about the direction of UMNO and our economic recovery is like imagining an angel descending from heaven. But metamorphoses in our dream as a nightmarish apparition.

2. That's how I see Astro Awani's decision to ask Najib these important questions. It's an exercise in futility. What intelligent answers do you expect from a fellow who only knows how to turn the country into a personal ATM machine?

3. It fortifies my belief that the media like Awani is an instrument for the oppressive Malay bourgeoisie class. Such as that represented by baby face Najib.

4. By asking Najib, Awani is perpetuating the decadent and reactionary ideas of Najib which are simultaneously bourgeois and dumbing down.

5. Najib's ideas must necessarily reflect the views of his class- big brotherly and feeding off innocent and ignorant others. That, in itself is exploitative.

6. Whereas UMNO is the party of the lumpenproletariat, the common man uninitiated by the trickery and machination politics of people like Najib and his ilk. Najib therefore cannot represent the views of the common man. Maybe he represents the views of the conman.

7. So why the hell ask that buffoon Najib? Not that his anwers are earth-shattering. Of course if the grassroots want it the leaders must accede. Might as well ask Halim Yazit, Fendi Kelana or Awi Ikan Duyung about UMNO than ask Najib.

8. So if Awani does not yet know who the F**k Najib is, I will be pleased to tell the mother-effers at Awani who the fellow is.

9. The deference given to convicted felon Najib, can only mean there are some candy ass lickers at Awani. The same treatment ought to be given to some jailbirds at penjara Penor, Kuantan.

10. So hiding behind the tattered banner of journalistic or press freedom, Awani is just giving voice to the oppressor class.

11. It will also be responsible for the dumbing down of the Malay common man. Having to listen to the archaic ideas of people like Najib.

12. Najib is just a fun-loving stud, predisposed to sowing his wild oats here there and everywhere. Including possibly into the unfortunate C4red Altantuya.

13. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth given by a man perhaps responsible for the 513 infamy. His views are therefore shaped by his decadent lifestyle.

14. The rotund man with the superlicious smile. Thinking he knows more than everyone else. Unashamedly walking the corridors of power ignoring the sword of Damocles hanging over his head. The sword in the form of a sojourn in Sungai Buloh perhaps.

15. So why ask Najib about where UMNO is going? UMNO wants to govern Malaysia in the right way, is the answer. As for Najib he would rather turn the country into a giant ATM machine.

16. It is the party that decides where it is going. It cannot be determined by one person nor by a committee like UMNO's MKT. In that manner, it is wrong for the MKT to decide on the PM candidate. If the fate of the party is decided in such a way, then those mediums have usurped the rights of the grassroots.

17. The party must decide whether it wants to govern the whole country or become a mere cog in the wheel.

18. If it decides on the former which must be, then it has to do several things.

19. The first order of things is to get rid of all the feudalistic minded, court plagued and dinosourish leaders like Najib and his band of thieving UMNO leaders. Even Mohamad Hassan is not blemish free.

20. Getting rid of such leaders would result in no dire consequences. The sky isn't going to fall down. It's akin to bloodletting. It would involve expelling bad blood to get a healthier body politic.

21. Unfortunately, under the clueless leadership of the Jawa Penorogo of Bagan Datoh, umno is devolving itself into insignificance. It's not behaving like the largest Malay political party at all but a man drowning clutching straws.

22. What convoluted logic is he blabbering about? A sprinkling of Arabic words does not make the rubbish he's talking about elevated or esteemed. The man is constantly talking in riddles never finishing his sentence hoping others to complete his shit!

23. He's hinting about Alliance 3.0 lah. He's blabbering about muafakat, mufarakah and other bull lah. Alliance with whom? With losers? Remember what Cao Cao said. When losers combined, what can they achieve?

24. Talking in verbal semantics like this, confirms the necessity of getting rid of Mandarin like leaders like Najib, Zahid, Anuar Musa et al. to be done in great haste!

25. Don't be coy about it. New political realism demands aligning with winners. Don't be sentimental about MIC and MCA. You can't walk with an albatross around your neck!

26. If MIC and MCA can't prove themselves, ditch them. Accordingly, we see the unfounded and unthinking admonition of 'No DAP No Anwar' as a death wish and should be discarded as cat's vomit.

27. In Part 2 we will analyse the issue further. It's not asking where UMNO is going that is the relevant question. Its asking where the country is heading is the more pertinent question.


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