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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 28 February 2021

The Country That Has Lost Its Soul. Part 2.

1. The redeeming feature about the Awani program is asking about our economic revival. At least that's asking about national interest. It's the concern of all of us. Asking about umno is not about national interest however big the party is.

2. Except asking Najib about it, is like asking Mr Bean. Mr Bean will pull out the main plug and the whole shopping mall suffers a total blackout.

As for Najib he'd rather form a giant ATM machine.

3. The only economics Najib knows, is how to line his pockets. He didn't even graduate from Nottingham. Ask anybody then. So asking red lips is an exercise in futility.

4. Who then shall we ask? What's good for our country? One man's meat is another man's poison.

5. Do we ask old man by the sea Mahathir? He's had 22 years of continuous leadership after which he left a dubious legacy which even the sissy Mukhriz can't even follow.

6. He has the pompous belief that only he can solve the problems faced by Malaysia. The doctor's prescriptions are no longer workable. Perhaps his beliefs are only sustained by copious consumption of ketom transported from Alor Stak.

7. Shall we ask puffy faced Wak Muhyi? The man who became PM not because he was voted by the people but rose to power through a coup d'├ętat.

8. The person who secures the loyalty of sycophants by paying political dowries.

9. As he stands on shaky grounds he has to hide behind the declaration of a false emergency.

10. Can we ask about the future of this country from a person whose DNA is founded on devilish machinations, paying off mercenaries, and who will do anything to save his own skin? A person who has no scruples whatsoever. Might as well ask Jinjang joe

11. The person whom Musa Hitam once said will sell off any land except the grave plot of his mother.

12. The man who will lie, cheat and even ill-advised the Agong to subvert democracy. If he can do that to the Agong, who cares about the common people? They can eat Mee Abu.

13. As the Alpha Male he sets the tone, pace and direction of governance. The tone he sets is that everything is solvable by kickbacks. The whole administration operates on the principle of what's in for me. The pace is to make hay while the sun shines. Because he knows by the next election his unelelected government is out. Unceremoniously. The direction -all monies into my pocket.

14. So ask him at our peril. Better ask him about birdies. The peril seems to grow exponentially as the golf games increase.

15. Let's ask the Java Man from Bagan Datoh. He has the unenvious largest number of court cases in this country. He has two chances to extricate himself. Slim and none. He is not a person to be trusted and most likely to abuse public office.

16. Let's investigate his possible involvement in the visa requirements for tourists from China. Heck, I would even investigate all his previous business ventures to see whether Bumiputera quota allocations went to him first.

17. The whole point of this argument, is that you give the position of power to such a man, he is likely to abuse it. It goes further than that. It suggests that there is something defective in your constitution. You were never taught about honesty and integrity in your upbringing. You suffer from serious character flaw.

18. Retaining him as leader shows that umno is a poor judge in character. Know this- the power to do good, means also the power to do evil. The Zahid character is likely to do more evil than good. Dump him.

19. Moreover, the Java Man will forever be Najib's minion. He served as the embezler in chief's political secretary when the former was Minister of Defence. He is likely to be cut from the same cloth. Ever heard him saying anything distancing himself from the Malaysian Clyde?

20. The answer will be no, nein nyet, nahin na, bu, illai, gak, tiada, etc.

21. The man has got this habit of talking in riddles, sprinkling his speeches with some exotic Arabic words. That's how he masks his duplicity to the captive and servile audience. And the irony is, they are not aware of Wak Jahid's duplicity.

22. Can you therefore trust the destiny of this nation to this duplicitous man? As Mrs Jiggs would say- Horrors!

23. Shall we ask the ayam den lapeh man? He is said to be the least corrupted umno man. What does the least corrupted mean? That he is only 10% corupt?

24. Because of that he's alright? Oh, I didn't rape the girl. I did not have full penetration only one quarter.

25. Wasn't he the joker who sent RM10 million through a money changer? The fact he didn't send the money through banks which will have official records mean he has something to hide. And where did he get the bloody RM10 mil?

26. Let's ask the smooth player from Bera. He has stayed clear from the umno-MN rift. That suggests he's more interested in keeping his ministerial position. His personal interest is more important than the country's.

27. Let's tap the wisdom of the younger chikkus. Ask KJ for example. He's like the man full of ringworms/kurap drifting downwind.

28. Always playing to the gallery he's like the lawyer and the jellyfish. One is spineless and poisonous and the other is a form of sea life.

29. He's making a big brouhaha about becoming the first person to be injected with the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer. He wants to become the village champion. From Tamil Nadu no doubt.

30. In that case, let the person with the drunkard Indian look, who had a few bottles of thali merah with unshaven facial hair, quarrel with Bung Mokhtar.

31. The Sabah neanderthal had also wanted to be injected first. I hope both get injected with Pfizer's viagra instead.

32. So lets ask the 'aw aw' man from Sembrong instead. I am afraid he's late for our appointment. He's more at home answering questions on Game Box, Sony PlayStation or the latest PS2. The destiny of this country is but a game.

33. So there you are- we have a smorgasbord of characters in charge of the destiny of our nation. All of them are sampah sarap. We are asking the fox fo guard the hen pen. We will be robbed to the last kopek.

34. We have the man of God wanting to find some verses in the Quran justifying corruption. That's like the 15 men who raped a girl. All of them brought before the shariah court. The qadhi says he can't say whether the 15 men are wrong. But from the evidence the girl had sex many times. You must be sentenced to stoning. The 15 men will do the stoning.
The rapists like the graft taker are justified in what they did because a man of god says so.

35. These mother effers think they can bleach themselves white by going for the customary umrah. While they do that with all the pomp, can we, the people sleep?

36. We can go to sleep, close our eyes, but we dare not open them. For to open our eyes, we will see the evil wreaked by these people. It has become stage 4 cancer. And there's no stage 5.

37. That's the sad story faced by our country. The men who are exasperated stand aside and watch the rot. Those who don't give a damn have left. Men who are serious, have substance and want to do something, like Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, can't.

38. They are blocked all the way by the party commissars and the low level party stooges and apparatchiks.


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