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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 5 March 2021

UMNO's 'el cucuy': Xenophobic Nationalism.

1. Umno must carry out its own revolution. It must:-
A) expunge its xenophobic nationalism
B) free itself from religious bigotry and reactionary religious interpretations
C) reject corruption
D) reject elitism

2. The idea of using irrational hate towards a particular race is both abhorrent and unconscionable.

3. But that is exactly what the umno bigwigs do. Using unfounded fears and ethnic differences to stir up resentment.

4. Primal fear and ignorance is used to justify hating others. It's also used to justify and hide a host of litanies committed by the Malay elites.

5. Hate is anathema to the Malay psyche. They are naturally tolerant and accommodative. Its also so againts one principle in Islam which so guided the Malays.

6 . There are in fact so many principles that shaped the Malay psyche, but we cite two. Didn't the Quran says that God created the different races of different sex so that the Muslims could befriend them? And isn't Islam claimed to be the religion of peace?

7. So if Islam is the religion of harmony and cordiality and religion of peace how can the Malays commit all the atrocities, violence and corruption and other intransigences?

8. If it is not permitted to do that on its own flock, it also cannot do it on non Muslims. But here in Malaysia the chinese in particular are subjected to Malay COON-ization.

9. If it's not a natural part of the Malay psyche where does it come from?

10. It's drilled onto the receptive minds of umno members by its feudalistic minded leaders. Who thrived and prosper and derived political longevity on the first 4 letters of feudalism and its variants-viz FEUD.

11. A minority has hijacked the Melayu ness and self appoint themselves as spokesman for Malay ness.

12. By hijacking the Melayu- ness they are able to convert the usual placid Malays into instantaneous hate groups, belligerants and bellicose groups.

13. They are just inciters and agent provocateurs by any other name.

14. To be sure, not to assume the majority in umno is not just a pliable putty to be shaped at will, there are elements of Malay supremacists among them.

15. Ready to accept the prognoses of the false prophets as comforting fodder. Its comforting to be able to blame someone for your shortcomings.

16. Hence all forms of shotcoming-poverty, missed business opportunities, missed educational opportunities, are stolen by the 'chinks'.

17. Masking behind this gnarling belicosity, these mothereffers are able to commit a number of intransigences with impunity. All under the name of Melayu- ness

18. The plunder at MAS, TH, felda, felcra and 1MDB were done by Malays. All possible because of xenophobic nationalism. Wrongs commited by Malays are excusable otherwise they will be done by the yellow menace.

19. To be fair and to show that this not a love fest for the Chinese, there are indeed chauvinistic elements among them. But that can be dealt with by the full force of law. They hardly require a bunker mentality and the building of mental ramparts in the form of xenophobic nationalism.

20. How did this kind of xenophobic nationalism reign supreme? First to my mind, the agent provocateurs constitute a foreful but most conniving minority. They were able to leave their imprimatur thus.

21. The umno main body politic, provides the enabling environment because there is already a sizeable number of Malay supremacists among them. Moreover being able to blame someone for your shortcomings provides you a comforting element.

22. The umno people can pull the plug out of the socket . Never allow themselves to be bamboozled by the minority. Raise their political consciousness and see through their hypocricy.

23. They asked you to be hostile to the Chinese while they have Chinese business partners and girlfriends.

24. Lets start your own 'cancel culture'. This refers to ostracizing an indidual or groups out of your circle because they have done some unconscionable acts.

25. So you know what to do to Zahid, Najib and their cabal. Just kick them out!

Next. Islam Sontoloyo.


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