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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 19 March 2021

Pas and Political Prostitution.

1. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, the man who should lead and save umno described Pas as a political prostitute. That is a most derisive description that is unfortunately apt.

2. That encapsulates pas's proclivity of sleeping around with so many political parties. It has shared beds with semangat 46 and umno once. It slept with PH and cavorted with DAP. It formed union with umno through MN. Now it sells its body to Muhyi's ppbm.

3. Comfortable and cushiony life has edified the ideological sharpness of pas. Many of their leaders are compromised.

4. Many have become ministers. Haji Hadi became the ambassador to the Middle East promising to bring in Arab investments but just hot air thus far. Many got body guards, got to travel overseas and not a few casting their lusty eyes planning to take another bride. Bismillah.

5. Protecting their jobs and positions become the overriding objective rather than implementing Islamic principles.

6. Instead of proselytizing umno with Islamic principles they abandoned that role. They are closer to ppbm than with umno. Umno suddenly finds itself as the jilted old wife and consigned to the maids room in the kitchen. While in power pas is silent about article 355.

7. Pas has jilted umno and has become the unabashed apologist and justifier of all the egregious policies of the Muhyi's government.

8. Thus, Haji Hadi is strenuously trying to find some verses in the Quran or some thinking by some obscure Muslim jurists that justify corruption. Maybe he can look for something that justify prostitution too.
Taqiyudin is looking at some dusty law books
that support defying the Agung and letting parliament to adjourn sine die permanently.

9. The bitter truth is that pas is a closet totalitarian and fascist. It uses any means necessary to justify its chameleon like position at any one time.

10. Pas has a, ready bogeyman to blame for all the predicaments facing the Malays -DAP. DAP is the spectre responsible for all the ills befalling the Malays. Sap sap suey ma!

11. Hence, pas is our spiritual big brother watching over us. Most damaging, regimenting and straight jacketing our lives.

12. So when Tengku Razaleigh likens pas to a political prostitute, it is most appropriate. Pas accommodates the 'size'of our problem.

13. Only an unrepentant and romantic fool like the MB of Kedah, whom I suspect is reading allergic(he is allergic to reading) and therefore ignorant waxes lyrical over the unholy union between satanic pas and umno

14. Which century is he living in? In about 10 years we Muslims will be about 85%.

15. All the suppression, oppression and plundering against the Malays and Malay institutions, are done by Malays.

16. Look at Tabung Haji, Felda felcra, Mas and even Jakim-who did the shit there? All inspired by spiritual licensing.

17. So don't trust these holier than thou blokes in flowing robes. They got their dicks concealed.

18. The Kedah Neanthertal also sarcastically said an 80-year-old man would be better off advising the party to unite. Why form an onholy union fool?

19. Half the brain of the 80-year-old, is probably worth more than the whole body of the Kedah ignoramus.

20. Tengku Razaleigh is still polite comparing pas to a prostitute. He is a refined and a noble man. He looks at the issue at his level. But I am a country bumpkin. Looks at the analogy at a rougher level.

21. To me a country bumpkin, a prostitute has more morality and principles than pas has. Pas is worse than a prostitute.

22. The gentleman describes the analogy better than I can:-

#Prostitutes dont take your money and sleep with someone else unlike the politicians who takes your votes and support someone else

#Prostitutes dont disguise themselves as virgin nun unlike the politicians who disguise themselves as holier than thou and end up raping the people.

#Prostitutes serve you as promised unlike the politicians who's promise in their manifesto are all lies

#Prostitutes use their body to give you satisfaction unlike the politicians who use promises to trick you.

So, please don't compare them with some of our politicians. They are way more noble, professional, and ethical.
By Karuppiah Indra

23. Talking about prostitutes remind me of a poem by WS Rendra entitled 'bersatulah pelacur2 kota jakarta'. Enjoy some excerpts:

Katakan kepada mereka
Bagaimana kau dipanggil ke kantor menteri
Bagaimana ia bicara panjang lebar kepadamu
Tentang perjuangan nusa bangsa
Dan tiba-tiba tanpa ujung pangkal
Ia sebut kau inspirasi revolusi
Sambil ia buka kutangmu

Mogoklah satu bulan
Dan mereka akan puyeng
Lalu mereka akan berzina
Dengan isteri saudaranya.

24. So please don't lecture me on these holy dicks. Don't tell me to unite only to plunder the voiceless.


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