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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 29 March 2021

Fake News Portals. Najib's Handiwork.

1. I am amazed at the adulation of some people at crooks like Najib and Zahid. Every day, we are deluged by some sycophantic media coverage congratulating these two, especially Najib on some insignificant things. Like Najib's opinion on the continued adjournment of parliament.

2. Congratulations Najib on this and that screamed these cheap tabloids. The best news to Najib. Yay! For all you know these news portals are paid for by Najib. Like the one proclaiming that crook Najib will stand as umno president.

3. Ironically the portal proclaiming that Najib will stand as umno president showed Najib reading some material behind bars. Behind bars! Now, that's symbolic of what's to come.

4. I urge the Malays to think carefully. Would electing a certified crook like Najib, win umno a national election?

5. Out of a population of around 32 million there are about 3 million umno members. Can the obnoxious umno members convince 29 million other Malaysians(both Malays and Non Malays) that a crook like Najib is vital for Malaysia?

6. Don't we find it detestable jokers like Lokman Noor Adam or an Ahmad Maslan with their look down attitudes talking to us about the crook Najib? Or the despicable Anuar Musaa pontificating to us? We feel like throwing up.

7. Suddenly you find many of these ball polishing news portals mushrooming after the rain? But unmistakably pro Najib? Obviously financed by the embezzler in chief.

8. The Goebbelsian imprimatur here is obvious (after Joseph Goebbels nazi propagada chief). Repeat the lie continuously, eventually people will accept it as the truth.

9. Our poor, poor Najib is a victim of a grand conspiracy. He is our messiah done in by his political enemies. He is a good person. We won't be able to enjoy his red pouting lips any more. Confound his enemies.

10. The falsity of some of these mosquito news portals are easy to spot. They are overenthusiastic and unashamedly pro Najib. They ignore the fact that Najib is a plunderer and philanderer. Clearly they are written by hired dullards. The intellectual value is nil hiding their falsities behind sensational headlines.


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