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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 28 March 2021

The mountains moved.

1. I have been saying constantly that the only person who is fit to lead and save umno is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. I have been unflinching in my conviction. I don't give a damn if others don't agree.

2. He has got the wisdom, intelligence and sensible to know what the grassroots want. Zahid and Najib are too engrossed in their personal interests. Ku li can put umno back on first principles.

3. My nom de guerre on my blog has AK47 on it, named after the Kalashnikov favoured by Freedom fighters all over. But the real 47 is the Jawa ponorogo Zahid. He's got an unenviable 47 court cases.

4. Don't tell me out of the 47 at least one will not stick? He's a goner. He will spend a long sabbatical in Bamboo River Resort.

5. He is untrustworthy, dishonest and a bloody crook. Remember he is going to jail not on account of his kindness but because of his lawbreaking activities

6. Clyde Najib, one half of the infamous Malaysian Bonie and Clyde couple is the embezzler in chief. He thinks by roping in Zetis husband and asking for bank documents he can do a Houdini. He will also be a guest of the government. But unlike Aziz Ishak who was guest for political reasons Najib is one for criminal reasons. I will advise him not to bend down in the communal bath.

7. So what do I make when the two goons meet up with the hermit of Langgak Golf? I wouldn't read chicken entrails and decipher too much from the meeting.


8. They may have just talked about party matters. Or the two goons may have gone to kiss the hand of Don Corleone. He is the godfather of umno politics.

9. But there's no denying that 189 out of 191 divisions agree with Ku Li. To break off the flirtation with the illegitimate Bersatu and end the tryst with PAS. Both are unchaste.

10. Their(Zahid and Najib) physical presence at langgak golf is open to many interpretations. To me, it means the mountains have moved.

11. In Kurosawa's Kagemusha when the mountain moves it leads to a loss. And boy, the two goons have lost on many grounds.

12. On the legal front both Zahid and Najib have all but lost. They will spend jail time at either Bamboo River Resort or the kajang Hilton.

13. If they had entertained any thoughts of Consummating their flirtation with PPBM the grassroots have spoken against them. They cannot defy the grassroots.

14. They have overestimated spineless pas which is but a political whore. By the latter's actions its clear pas is a closet totalitarian riding on religion.

15. But most importantly by going to Langgak Golf they have implicitly acknowledged Ku Li as the de facto leader of umno.

16. So stop being selfish bastards. Leave the leadership of umno by placing umno in the hands of Ku Li. To save and resurge umno.

17. Can they leave their seats to their children while they sort out their legal problems? No they can't. The seats are not theirs to give at their pleasure.

18. It's not them who decide. It's the people who do. It's time for the people to exercise their own 'call out' culture. That is to ostracise the crooks and bad leaders. Be stoic and elect Ku Li.


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