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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Trapped Between the Lash and the Gun.

1. The news making the rounds now is the intention of Zahid to expel 2 umno turncoats. They are members of Umno's MKT.

2. The reasons for the intense umbrage on the part of Zahid are because the 2 Benedict Arnolds have the mouths of a vase.

3. These two idiots were said to reveal information to Muhyi. They acted as sounding board to the swollen face elected pig.

4.Obviously they are ingratiated with Muhyi. Either they were given money or were given positions. They were given an offer they can't refuse.

5. Anything is possible from the tempe eating Pagoh man. The man who seized power through a political coup d'├ętat, cheated the Agong and who can sell all land except the plot of his mother's grave. His is a backdoor government which doesn't know how to wish Salam. Jumping through the window like a thief.

6. His only means for longevity is through subterfuges and the continuance of the dedak culture.

7. Netted in his subterfuges and kickbacks are the sexual predator Shahidan Kassim and khaidiriah 'Dira' Abu Zahar. There are probably more. Easily identifiable by their constant assuages and apple polishing of Muhyi's government.

8. Probably included in the rouges' gallery are people like it's not that I love you less, but that I love umno more' town planner, Anuar Musa, the Siamese boygirl grinning like a monkey, Hishamudin Hussein and many more.

9. With no tempest and gushing wind, the sexual predator MP from Arau issued a warning that Perlis umno is willing to be excommunicated from main umno whose religion is corruptilogy.

10. That sounds to me like a pre-emptive strike from a guilty party. Perhaps that Dira lady is planning to shashay infront of Zahid?

11. Only after being castigated all round by Perlis umno, did he retract his prematurely ejaculated ultimatum.

12. Even so, the retractment seems phony and hollow. Despite the proclamation that umno Perlis will stay loyal to the mothership, it still contains hints about the foolishness of not working with Muhyi's Bersatu. Can the voice of the majority of umno divisions be drowned by one voice of the Perlis menace?

13. Whenever, however and whatever Shahidan said, is an act of defiance, insubordination and mutinous. Can the umno Bounty countenance such mutiny?

14. It seems that sissy Zahid is trapped between the lash and the gun. What is he to do? Everybody knows his brain is like a baby carrot. Or as the Malay would say:- To swallow is like letting your mother die, to regurgitate is like letting your father die.

15. The umno president must show he is made from sterner stuff. He cannot tolerate such waywardness. He must represent the voice of 3 million members.

16. He has no choice but to bite the bullet. Expell the 2 idiots to serve as examples. But don't do it alone. Haul the two idiots and others before Umno's disciplinary committee and let them expel the bastards. Sanitize your hands.

17. Shahidan can still light up his fat Havana cigars. Dira can go act in dramas portraying a woman with a 7-Eleven mouth. That never closes!

18. I tell you, in these turbulent times, you need a voice of reason and sanity to lead umno. Whether you agree or not, only Tengku Razaleigh can do that. He's the PM and umno president you never had.


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