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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 14 March 2021

Can The Carcass of an Elephant Be Covered By A Tiny Leaf?

1. There are many selfish bastards in umno. Although they faced numerous criminal cases they still hang on to umno.

2. By remaining in umno they drag the party into the quicksand of complicity. It makes it seems as though that umno supports their crime.

3. By doing so they hoped they can overturn negative legal results by the force of numbers.

4. It clearly shows they don't respect the law if it's not in their favour. Why should we continue to support transgressors?

5. If you are Muslims please heed the warnings of Allah. Allah said curses were pronounced on the Israelites because they are transgressors. When they saw their friends committing all kinds of wrongs they swept all under the carpet. For that, they received God's condemnation/laknat.

6. If you believed you are an umno member and is therefore shielded from punishment, remember that God's promises are never reneged.

7. The problem is you have taken the fear of God from both the transgressors and complicitors. Its now necessary to put the fear in both.

8. The transgressors must be punished as severely as the law permits. The complicitors must be punished by some law.

9. That's why I looked askance when some misguided fools collect money for Najibs tax evasion. That man stole billions, and you want to part off with your hard-earned money. You are not a fool but a bloody fool.

10. You are furthering the commission of some felonies. Therefore, you must be punished. You are abettors after the fact.

11. More than that, it shows the values' system among the umno lumpenproletariat is wrong. A wrong is a wrong no matter what.

12. Therefore, it is unconscionable for those facing criminal charges to fall back on the party. The political party must not be a partner in crime.

13. The party must therefore jettison off these criminals.

14. Those facing criminal charges must volunteer to cease being a party member for the time being. Don't hide behind the principle of innocent before found guilty. As a politician, you must subscribe to a higher principle. The higher principle is the reverse.


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