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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 9 March 2021

Islam Sontoloyo.

1. The political reality is that the Malays are trapped in a vicious circle of general backwardness.

2. I would have thought that the dogmas of Islam would have been used to free the Malays out of the circle.

3. But it is not to be. Instead, the energies of the people(both mental and physical) are dissipated in pursuits not directed at taking them out of the vicious circle. But they are employed by the mental retarded ustazs to hold the umno masses back.

4. We are pontificated on unproductive mental pursuits such as what is the shariah ruling on watching porno films, that corruption is permissible according to deeper shariah meaning, that's it's permissible to masturbate because you are far away from the wife, that heaven is filled with scream of virgins because the pious are busy deflowering them. Sheesh!

5. Why are we not preached on the importance of education and skills, on being productive, to be rich is glorious, business as a devotion etc.

6. Official Islam is run by dullards, the Ustaz wa retards, who like nothing better than to have their dicks suckled by some unfortunate harlots. While they issue nonsensical imprisoning edicts.

7. Haji Hadi for instance, would very much like somebody hide underneath his xxl robe while he finds some obscure reasoning to justify corruption.

8. They are mostly sexual perverts practising multiple standards. While they huff and puff like pigs over Sajat's decision to renounce Islam they are quiet over other possible lbgts like Azalina, Khaled Nordin or Hishamuddin. Perhaps they get some cheap orgasms too.

9. This suggests that official Islam is run as a matter of convenience according to officialdom's wishes. Never directed at freeing the Malays out of the vicious circle.

10. This is the reason why official Islam is portent. It is beyond questioning. They are the words of God albeit beng transmitted by dullards.

11. The truth is that official Islam can only thrive under a totalitarian regime. What it says, even though coming from the cerebrally challenged, are accepted without question.

12. That is why the claim that Islam is a total solution is repeated ad nauseam. The irony is total is the first five words of TOTALITARIAN.

13. Unfortunately there's an inverse relation between what it claims and what it wants to do. When it says it wants to cure society's ills it actually causes more ills.

14. The inverse relationship happens because true Islam in intermediated by mortal minds. Now, where there is intermediacy by mortal minds, the actions by the Islamic industrial complex are always challenge-able.

15. Because their actions are unchallengeable their misfeasances, malfeasances and their nonsensical spending are never questioned. That could only happen under a totalitarian regime.

16. Rather than being a religious gendarme spying on couples in seedy hotels, allowing Muslims to eat frozen kangaroo meat, greedily issuing halal certificates and so on, the religious departments are better off seeing they are well-equipped and have well-trained personnel.

17. But perhaps some of these religious brown shirts, get their orgasm watching couples copulating and cavorting. Some people!

18. Because they neglect the supervision of religious schools, madrasahs and pondoks some of these places become harems to rape young boys and girls. Some ustazs can't keep their dicks under the robes.

19. What is the response of official Islam if you challenge and defy them? They will quickly declare you an apostate and a heretic. They are happy unchallenged and content being conferred a monopoly over the lives of others.

20. Not to liberate people or free them from the vicious circle but keep them mentally shackled. They become a repressive tool of the ruling class. After all they are financed by the ruling class.

21. Just look at JAKIM. They got lots of money through the recent anti people Budget. What do they do?

22. To sow the seeds of dissension, exhorting Muslims to defend Islam. Against whom? In about 10 years Muslims will be about 85%of the population. Thus, the only threat to Islam will come from their own reactionary dogmatism.

23. Accordingly, they get Muslims all ruffled up on issues not at all related to political realities such as debating excitedly about what are the sexual organs of Sajad? Is that productive?

24. The money they got will definitely be used up to live out their sexual perversions. They asked ladies to dress accordingly while they looked lewdly at certain parts of the female anatomy. They asked women to wear hijab, burqa, veil and so on, but can't wait to grab them by the pussy. Anyway that is the way to ascertain the sex of the other person, isn't it?

25. So what is our objection to the indoctrination of official Islam? As practised by umno for a good part of its 61 years and now continued by the dressed stupidly and looking stupidly, man from Pagoh?

26. First, for failing to provide the Malays an ideological basis to free themselves from the vicious circle of general backwardness.

27. Because of its glaring dereliction of duty, it becomes a repressive tool of the ruling class holding the people back, acting as the priestly big brother.

28. We also find it objectionable by it unilaterally conferring upon itself absolute authority. Not to be challenged or questioned.

29. By stealing the right of the Malays, the right to challenge and question it is unmistakeably behaving like a totalitarian entity. Under such a regime every type of intransigences are permissible by the religious commissars.

30. That, the Malays cannot accept. Like a poet once said. Later the light in high places will be extinguished. And people will get more drunk. For the transgressors God is dead!


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