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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 30 March 2021

In memory of Dear Friends. Part 1.

1. I am taking a break from writing about politics. Instead, I want to write about two friends who unfortunately passed away. May they rest in peace and may God bless their souls. Aamiin.

2. The first friend is Tuan Haji Ahmad bin Jaafar. Almarhum. Like I, he was a one term adun of Kuala Tahan Jerantut.

3. I called him affectionately Tuan Haji or simply Ustaz. He was a jovial fellow and fun to be with.

4. He hails from Jerantut and was a graduate in Islamic Studies UKM. What field exactly I don't know.

5. In the Dewan Undangan Negeri he would spice up his speeches with jokes. That would leave everyone in stitches. I have never heard him proselytize (berdakwah) but I suspect, he did them with jokes too.

6. After not being selected as ADUN for a 2nd term, not many knew that ustaz did some direct selling for a while. He was bitter not needed any longer. When the government wanted religious trained people they were recruited in droves. When the government got stronger its like the proverbial when the honey is finished the honeycomb is discarded.

7. All of us the one term aduns were bitter about being ditched. But we had not a single harsh word against the then MB Dato Adnan Yaakob. We believed he was and is kind-hearted albeit having an unwelcoming exterior. He only looked a fierce man.

8. Whenever he was up in KL, and I was around he never failed to look me up. He also became close to one of my few friends Kamarudin Endot. He would also ask the whereabouts of Wan Iqbal whom we addressed as adinda.

9. We were happy for him when he was appointed as a special officer to Dato Adnan. Through that office he can still be in touch with the new ADUNs then. And to stregthen relationships with old adun colleagues.

10. Whenever we met up, we would discuss a wide range of subjects. We would talk about politics, he would clarify some religious issues, about life and man stuff. In between jokes he said he will get a jampi from someone in Jerantut that's good for the libido. We certainly asked to get it with much enthusiasm.

11. It was around 2017 that he began to talk about recontesting in the next GE(2018) in an opposition party. He was disillusioned with umno.

12. He had made some sort of comeback in Jerantut umno, but he knew deep down that he won't be chosen to recontest. He even tried to contest for a seat in umno's MKT but lost. Those experience may have steeled his desire to contest as an opposition.

13. Ustad, I said a person like you will not fit in the DAP culture. You are better off at a party like PKR. Yes he said I plan to talk to the Pahang PKR chief.

14. We talked about this a few more times. There are many things you have to consider ustad. Chiefly the sensitivities of Dato Nan.

15. If I do decide on that course of action I will have a heart-to-heart talk with Dato Nan. I owe much to him. I was glad he stayed the course and did not join any opposition party.

16. When I was struck by a stroke later that year he visited me. Being religiously trained he recited some prayers for me. Little did I know that was the last time I would see him.

17. He is sorely missed. I wish I could tell him, hey ustad I have found the jampi you were looking for.
May God place his soul among the virtuous. Aamiin.


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