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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 25 March 2021

Umno, Own Up!

1. Here are some things Malays don't realise and never learnt. Let me, say them bluntly and in plain words.

2. After 60 years of uninterrupted rule, umno and its insignificant BN partners were voted out.

3. The person who presided over umnos defeat is Najib. Read my lips-Najib Razak. Najib is the first umno PM causing umno its first defeat.

4. Najib and his bloody team. There must be something in him that causes people to find him revolting.

5. He cannot just claim all the glory like he did in the SRC trial he must also claim responsibility. By the way, all the claims in the SRC trial was his duty as PM. What do we pay him for? To scratch his balls?

6. The fact is that Najib lost the election. Don't forget and excuse him for that. Tell everyone. The phony Bugis issue lost the election.

7. Equally, liable are the senior umno leaders. These would include the deputy president, the 3 VPs ,the information chief, the treasurer, the auditors heck all the office bearers. They are all accountable.

8. They should all resign en block and get the hell out. Let new faces replace you all. The sky will not fall down if you do.

9. That's the way of democracy. There's no democracy where's there's no accountability.

10. By choosing to stay on, they are only showing their true nature. They are really totalitarian and closet despots.

11. These mothereffers have lost touch with the people. They lived disengaged. Years of living comfortably and deceptively have alienated them. They believed they are invincible.

12. Then came the 2018 GE. The smirk illusion was shattered. They were voted out of office.

13. Why should the people give them a second chance? So that can live out their deceit and lead us into another round of debauchery? You are finito fellas. Get it into your brainless skulls.

14. Expectedly these discredited leaders have their lackeys and running dogs cleaning their shit cleansing and excusing them.

15. But no amount of chlorox can bleach them. The filth is so deep-seated and interwoven in the fabric that it's better to throw them away. You can't put back the toothpaste in the tube. You know what they say about this kind of politicians -they are like diapers. You throw them away for the same reasons.

16. The storyline from the hired spin-meisters are so bizzare and unbelievable. These mothereffers stole, are corrupt or abused their powers because they are victims of some conspiracies. Those are the reasons given by the shyster lawyers of the Menendez brothers who killed their parents citing emotional and physical abuse.

17. Hence, the pompous and haughty generalissimo Lokman Adam spun the story that Clyde Najib stole because of some conspiracies and grand machinations by Mahathir and now Muhyi. Who is this goat trying to kid?

18. It's like saying that Najib boinked the murdered Altantuya because Mahathir conspired. Hello, that conduct is wilful, fool!

19. It's not as if the people woke up one morning and decided they don't like the faces of these mothereffers or don't like the umno logo. The simple truth is they don't like dishonest people. Ada faham?

20. Some umno fools said they asked people how they(the people) feel about umno. These fools concluded things are favourable now and people will come back to umno. Well, they must have asked the deaf and dumb.

21. Some people told me they will go back to umno if leaders like Najib, Zahid and their thieving cohorts are thrown out!

22. So umno people, decide which entity you want to save. The few mothereffers or umno as a whole?

23. Sorry folks. My style of writing is in your face and take no prisoners type. I hit them and hit them hard.
I expect those who disagree with me to do the same to me.


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