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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 11 March 2021

Pak Sontoloyo.

1. When I was small, my late mother would always use the term 'wak sontoloyo' derisively. As when we dressed up shabbily. Or when we do work in a cincai manner.

2. My late mother who was born in Pontian Johore doubtless picked up the term from the Javanese community in Johore.

3. It is a term used to describe something you do, anything you have done in a shoddy and lousy manner or done out of touch with reality.

4. Hence, if you wear baggy baju Melayu and wears your songkok across and not along the head, you are said to dress like Pak sontoloyo. Pak sontoloyo is akin to Pak Pandir.

5. The first person to apply the term sontoloyo on Islam was Soekarno. He was assailing againts official islam ignoring political and social realities.

6. At that time Islam failed to use its dogmas to free the Indonesians from their own vicious circle of allround backwardness.

7. For failing to function as It should be, It became a shackle and a fetter. Therefore, it's referred to as Islam sontoloyo.

8. The same thing is happening in Malaysia today. The tenets of Islam are not used to lift up the Malays out of their malaise, but instead their energies are dissipated in non-productive pursuits.

9. The fault lies with the leadership and people with vested interests in the religious industrial complex. That is to keep the religious industry as a repressive and indoctrination tool.

10. It simply means you have got the wrong people in positions. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) says when that happens wait for the day of destruction.

11. Like the mullahs screaming berserk over Sajat's renunciation of Islam. The chap has chosen to go to hell. If these people are so concerned about one Sajat, accompany Sajat to hell.

12. Not to be outdone, there's a mothereffer in Perak, the PAS information chief who uttered something ridiculous. In celebration of Women's Day he said the best gift a wife can give to her husband is another lady. There's thinking with the dick for you!

13. Thats the kind of thinking that keeps the Malays down. Previously under umno now under Wak Muhyi.

14. The thinking that produced an imbecilic Malay who elevated Najib as Amirul Mukminin. Both he and Najib are dickheads.

15. Even that cannot beat the presence of Pak Sontoloyo personified. His name is Abah Moo from Pagoh. The most hated PM thus far eclipsing even Mr albino Red Lips.


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