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Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Resigning And Retiring.


1. The AG says there no clear signs that Mahiadin has lost the confidence of the majority of mps.

2. Then all the PM has to do is to appear before parliament to test that claim. Get that vote of confidence as Apandi Ali said. Then he ought to get the clearest of signs.

3. We must sympathise with the AG. He may be suffering from acute myopia or extreme mental blockage. We must pray for him.

4. If the PM doesn't feel he commands majority support of MPs, then in accordance to our constitution, he must tender in his resignation.

5. If the PM resigns, then the whole cabinet including the DPM ceases to function. That's in accordance to the constitution.

6. Its not as if Mahiadin resigns, Ismail will take over. It's not like Baton passing. It doesn't work that way, Mr. Shahrir. Not according to the constitution.

7. Let's not use the constitution argument. Sharir and I are not lawyers. If it works that way, then Wan Azizah would have taken over when Mahathir resigned last time. Right?

8. It's a different issue if Mahi were to retire. But even to retire involves a timeline. Mahi must give notice for the transition. 3 months? Six bulan? A year?

9. Shahrir seems to be confused between resigning and retiring.10. But even that is politically implausible. If I were a Bersatu PM, would I hand over the PMship to a non Bersatu member?

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