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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 3 July 2021

Yiddins Diarrhea. A Pictorial View.

1. I promised myself that I would write at 1 or one and a half week intervals, but I can't resist 'butting' in a particular topical issue.

2. The particular topical issue I refer to is the admission to hospital of the PM for a case of gastroenteritis. Or simply diarrhoea.

3. We wish him a speedy recovery. But I can assure you not a few wished the worse for him. Now, don't be angry if some people wished him otherwise. This is a free country. The fact is, many disliked him.

4. The above is a typical example of the PM's 'endearment '.

5. If the PM suffers from diarrhoea, may I offer him a solution as follows:-

6. If he suffers acute diarrhea, it maybe potentially infectious. Then as my blogger friend Shahbudin says, not only Yiddin suffers from it, the whole cabinet may suffer from diarrhea. They will be excreted too. Which is inevitable!

7. On hindsight, he may have not sought advice from experienced kaki. If he did, he may not go to hospital.

8. But it seems strange that yiddin suffers from acute diarrhoea immediately after the YDPA has commanded that Parliament be convened before 1st August or ASAP. I assumed it's acute. Otherwise, there's no need for hospitalisation is there?

9. May I remind readers that ASAP does not mean As Slow As Possible. Only yiddin and taqi seem to think so.

10. Could it be that yiddins deliberate misunderstanding of the concept of ASAP is his effort of delaying the reconvening of parliament? It could mean the death knell for him. So delay.
May I remind readers that ASAP does not mean As Slow As Possible. Only yiddin and taqi seem to think so. 

11. The decree by the YDPA must have caused him great stress and therefore the diarrhea.


12. Naughty boy Fuad Zarkashi must have refused to send some durians from Batu Pahat. That would have helped. Poor yiddin.

13. As a result of eating durians from elsewhere, the PM has suffered some memory loss. What la, Fuad.

14. But all the same, why not use the diarrhea to delay parliament?

15. The PM doesn't care as long as make the headlines. Confound parliament!

16. The mysterious diarrhea has provided the PM a reprieve.

17. In the meantime, yiddin rests and sings



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