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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 28 July 2021

Truth And Reconciliation Comission. Part 1.

1. One of the things Mandela did was to establish a Truth And Reconciliation Commission.

2. Its primary objective is to examine and evaluate the atrocities done in the name of apartheid. From there, to recommend appropriate remedial action.

3. In a sense, its violence in the form of a Truth And Reconciliation Commission. There must be consequences.

4. It's a tooth for a tooth. Responsibility is followed by accountability. An action produces an equal reaction. The chickens come home to roost.

5. Like SA we need to have our own Truth And Reconciliation Commission. It will investigate 3 things:-

  • 6. the pervasiveness of corruption in the government and civil service. 
  • Racism
  • political crimes.

7. The transition from one government to the next cannot be a smooth affair. It's not like eating Mee Abu in Alor Staq or Pesembur in Penang or eating Nasi Ganja or vangay in ipoh.

8. There must be some form or violence involved. A Truth And Reconciliation Commission is our form of violence. Confound those who say that is a political vendetta or political McCarthyism.

9. Where the hell that these mothereffers got the money to hire a helicopter to buy 36 miserable packs of nasi ganja from Ipoh? The rope is probably more expensive than the ape!

10. Or the immigration officer arrested for having a fleet of cars, including some Bentleys. These things happen during the regime of Din sembab.

11. Corruption is endemic in our country and has become full-blown under Din sembab. Take the case of the police officer betting RM400k, on the betting table without even blinking an eye. Where did he get the money. Ohh like Rosmah,he saved from small, did he?

12. Or the army general who inflated the price of chocolate bars. If he can do it to chocolate bars, imagine what can happen to conventional and specialised arms. Our soldiers will be fighting with toy guns, man.

13. Was corruption at the top caused some civil servants selling free vaccines? The teacher urinates standing, the pupils urinate while running.

14. Did professional negligence, fatigue or even corruption the cause of some frontliners injecting empty syringes? The vaccine can always be rebottled and resold later.

15. Was corruption the reason behind the ministerial decision to allow Pharmaniaga to buy COVID-19 vaccines in bulk and retail them? And now the decision to sell the vaccines to the highest bidder?



16. We have one word for all these. The prices have been umnonised. Umno is synonymous with corruption, and Zahid Hamidi does not feel any shame about it.

17. These sobs and dobs should be hauled up before the Truth And Reconciliation Commission. Bare all, then we heal.

18. In lieu of not going to jail, the corrupted sons and daughters of bitches must surrender 80% of their ill-gotten gains to the government. Immediately, they must retire and not re-enter their respective jobs. They must not re-enter politics or be employed. They have to pay tax of RM5 million. They forfeit all their pensions and benefits.

19. Those who think they can get lucky in law, we now promulgate a law that says all appeals must not exceed one year. If they lose, slap them with the maximum sentence.

20. That's how we get the truth, reconcile and heal.


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