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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 1 August 2021

Parliament of Piffle. Part 1

1. The first we do, is let's kill all the lawyers. Dick the Butcher.

2. What do I, a layman, make of the statement 'the king must act on the advice of the cabinet'?

3. The PMO said it had acted in accordance with the constitution. Yeah, except actually advising the King. Which constitution, I would like to ask?

4. That's an admission that the PM nor the cabinet have not advised the King.

5. The Pagoh Neanderthal is inviting all of us to think the King a liar. That's treasonous.

6. It's logical to think the Emergency Ordinances(EO) have not been signed. Anuar Budu said it's a work-in-progress. Taqiyudin says he will answer on Monday. These people are running around covering their asses.

7. Of course, the clincher is the flat denial from the King. His Majesty has not given his consent nor signed any documents to that effect, i.e. annulment of the EO.

8. Just to humour Wak Mahiadin - let's say he has advised. The process can only be deemed completed when the King has signed, consented, and I might add gazetted. That is considered notice. Both direct and imputed.

9. When the PMO cited the ruling that the King only acts on the advice of the PM or cabinet, they are really digging their own grave.

10. They are using the constitutional provision to seek refuge because 

  • A: They have not actually advised and 
  • N: They think they are at liberty to withhold advice.

11. It's like saying the King cannot act because we have not advised and b) we don't want to advise, what can the King do? So what?

12. The king can respond in many ways. One, is to issue press releases which are enough to send Mahiadin scurrying like a headless chicken and causing the speaker and AG to have nightmares.

13. The point is Mahiadin says he has annulled the EO as of the 21st of July. Which implies he has advised the king, got consent, signature and gazetted the annulment. All of which he has not.

14. That makes Mahiadin a liar, nay- a congenital liar. Just as Najib is a serial pirate.

15. The particular provision that says the King can only act upon the advice of.... must be given its ordinary meaning.

16. To me, it does not mean the PM or cabinet is at liberty to withhold advice, but means MUST give the required advice. Its imperative, mandatory.

17. By default, the issuance of the statement was an admission of guilt. No advice was given and none taken. Mahiadin lied to everyone and the lie, was compounded by the PMO.

18. The response by the PMO was a naked display of arrogance, defiance, intransigence and treasonous. All the officers authoring the statement ought to be tried.

19. By now, people know that lying is second nature to Wak Mahi. He lied about Nika Gee. He lied to the king the first time. Now he's lying again. Would you trust him?

20. Don't trust someone hiding behind fake piety, but cant seem to hide his dick in his pants. The fake piety is a just a book cover hiding the real 'Shades Of Grey' contents. The same goes to all who use religion as a cover. Takbir!

21. But what puzzles me is how can Mahiadin think consent from the king is a fait accompli? It's as though he behaves like a King below whom all shall obey? Has he been Molly-codling the king?

22. Forgive my impertinence to the King. Whether he has been compromised or not, I have to read Tamrin Ghafar or Steady Aku 47.

23. The King won't sully his hands to sack Wak Mahi. Parliament will have to do a no confidence vote to unceremoniously remove this petulant Neanderthal.

24. Like I said earlier, the transition from this government to the next can never be a smooth one. There have to be consequences. Wak Mahi must face the music. Perhaps he can be buddies with 'Baby Face' Najib.

25. What can we charge Wak Mahi with?

  • Lied to parliament
  • Ordered Taqi to mislead parliament. Following orders does not absolve you. Hitler's underlings were following orders, but were still convicted. That is the ratio decidendi.
  • Lied about annulment of EO.
  • Lied having got consent.
  • Lied about getting signature.
  • Ordered PMO officers to behave treasonous
  • Ordered PMO officers to issue treasonous statement
  • Lied to the Malaysian people.
  • Other charges not thinkable by me.

26. Wow! In memory of Pak Sako.


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