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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 19 August 2021

Decide, Free From Political Cartels.

1. As I understand it, the King and his brother rulers will meet this Friday to decide on our next PM.

2. Today, all our MPs have sent in their SDs. They are just like stock market ticker tape ribbons which can later be thrown like confetti.

3. Now more than ever, our PM cannot be determined by pieces of paper. Sending in the SDs just mean all our MPs participated in the process of determining our PM by Your Majesty. That is all.

4. The acid test, as Your Majesty has pointed out, is to get the vote of confidence in the Dewan. See if that person can command majority support.

5. Also, now more than ever, all Malaysians are banking on Tuanku to decide. Decide wisely on our behalf. We beseech Your Majesty. We have no one else. Your Majesty with the concurrence of the other Hrhs the Malay Rulers.

6. In my lowly opinion, Your Majesty's decision ought not to be made on the basis of someone being able to commandeer support from his bloc.

7. Hence, Ismail Sabri is supported by kleptocratic umno and Anwar by 'hope for the wrong thing' Pakatan.

8. In essence, support from political parties as such is just like cartel induced support. Not much different from organized crime induced support. With their proxies.

9. Our PM and the future of Malaysia cannot be determined in such a manner. By cartels, but in the more refined forms of political parties. Or to put it more bluntly, by political gangsters.

10. Choosing our PM on the basis of the 'cartelisation' of the race horses, will only produce the business as usual things.

11. It will inevitably produce corruption, theft, power grabs, incessant interparty squabbles and so on.

12. Deciding and choosing in such a manner is the same wine in a new bottle. Do something different, please Your Majesty.

13. Please choose a good person free from the tentacles of respective political cartels. A good person means a person who will not use his office to pursue his personal interests, perpetuate his rule etc.

14. Your subject, a lowly being, beseeches Your Majesty to do the right thing. Your Majesty is our only hope.

15. The good person, if this lowly being is allowed to say his piece, is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. A thousand pardons, your Majesty.

16. He can save our country and set things right.

17. Ampun Tuanku beribu ribu ampun.

18. This writing was inspired by my friend, Dato Zaid Ibrahim. Bless him.


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