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Wednesday, 11 August 2021

What Must UMNO Do?

1. It will be interesting to see what Mr Thicky Zahid will do to the umno traitors-the umno Benedict Arnolds.

2. In case readers don't know, Benedict Arnold was initially a hero of the American war of Independence, but later turned infamous traitor and fought with the British.

3. Just like the umno driftwoods who fought for PN now.

4. That group is led by il duce Ismail Sabri, Anuar 'Budu' Musa, Hisham Aw Aw, the man who lied about his qualification, Zahidi 'sawadeekarp' and others.

5. What will umno do to them? The looked drunk KJ has problems with Zahid. Some say they istiqamah and will stay with, PN. Let them.

6. How will Zahid treat those who hunt with the hounds and run with the hare?

7. Zahid must remember:-
a. Size let them rule. If these people are out, umno will not be diminished at all. 
b. Betrayal must be avenged and 
c. Unity with the rest of umno, is strength. Without them.

8. Sure, only now Anuar Musa says that umno is an open party. Not so opened when he had a bone to pick with umno. Sure, open to reject him. He can still be friends with umno right?

9. Would umno consider an ustable political chameleon like this?

10. Najib once called him 'brother'. He now calls Najib, bastard. That may be right, but unbecoming of Nazri.

11. These people can read the writings on the wall. We can detect a mellowed tone from them. Soon they will sing a different tune about umno.

12. When Mahiadin resigns, the entire cabinet will gulung tikar it's not as if umno can just take over and form another back door government. There must be an interim government.

13. Umno must wait until the next GE. In the meantime, it must undertake reforms.

14. Expulsion of the umno traitors is one part of the equation. The other part, the more important one, is that the court cluster must volunteer to quit the party.

15. The destiny of umno is no longer in the hands of the elite and the neo feudals. It is in the hands of 3 million ordinary Malays and their right-thinking delegates.

16. Do what is right for our beloved country!

17. The right thing to do is to rally behind 'Gu Li'.

18. It's crazy if Puff Abah calls for the dissolution of parliament. The covid pandemic spread like wildfire because of the Sabah elections. Unless he doesn't care.

19. The most honourable thing for Puff Abah is to commit the ultimate political seppuku-resign


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