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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 20 August 2021

A Plea To Our HRH The King. Long Live The King!

1. If the King summonses those umno people supporting Ismail Sabri to the Istana, it can only mean the King does not trust their choice.

2. How could that be? That bugger is too associated with the previous failed government and has caused bitter internal enmity in umno to be even considered.

3. Has umno gone off its rockers? Thus, despite its loud claims of loyalty and fealty to the King, It's possible for them to turn traitorous.

4. Thus, despite Ahmad Maslan's external claim that umno is following its hierarchy, the decision is seen as faulty.

5. The umno decision flies in the face of logic. The umno general assembly had rejected working with Din sembab's Bersatu, PKR and DAP(wrongly), umno has embraced Bersatu. Umno even regarded Ismail as traitor.

6. Umno now sleeps with the enemy. But more damaging that, the double-dealing means the umno people cannot trust their leadership and its forked tongue culture foisted onto the Malays.

7. Umno is untrustworthy to the bone. How do you reconcile its present stance with the many diatribes by umno leaders towards Bersatu and Ismail ?

Aw, don't hide behind the farcical 'let bygones be bygones' saying. The cut may heal, but the scar remains. Let's make up and forget the past, is it?

8. It would mean that Ismail was really a trojan horse? All along, umno was planning to grab power by the backdoor?

9. Your Majesty has said no backdoor leaders.

10. I am sorry but Ismail who is my friend, is playing the role of an insidious Trojan horse.

11. Just so Your Majesty won't think that this lowly being is opposing for the sake of opposing, listen to the following:-

I believe whoever becomes PM ( Ismail Sabri or Anwar) will not last. Assuming, on Friday, Sabri is appointed. He may be voted out by the confidence vote in Parliament next week. Then Anwar becomes PM. He too won't last long as a few groups will also hold Anwar ransom if Anwar don't give in to their ridiculous demand (like Zahid's demand on TSMY). I believe a political government cannot work now in Malaysia. Too many frogs jumping, ugut, ransom holding....I believe, Agung will prolog the Parliament when all the chaos, stabbing, cheating, betrayal are done for a short period. Then, Agung will appoint Ku Li as the PM of a Caretaker government until GE15. Ku Li got a free hand to appoint anyone to be in his cabinet. Not threat or ransom holding. Ku Li need not get MPs to be his ministers. Then there will be peace. I can bring in FDI to help Malaysia recover. Free, I talk to you on my economic plans that Malaysia can excel in view of US/ China trade wars. Let the clowns show to be over first. Stay at home and be safe. TS Lau

12. Ampun Tuanku beribu ribu ampun!


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